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1. Robin Williams: Comic Genius

All five HBO stand-up specials together for the very first time

By :- Time Life

  • Robin Williams was truly an out-of-this-world talent and now all his most memorable stand-up and television performances are together in one collection, Robin Williams: Comic Genius.
  • Bullet Points:- All five HBO stand-up specials together for the very first time- Never-before-released footage from Robins USO tours, including appearances by Lewis Black, Kid Rock, and others- Robins best talk show and late-night TV appearances- Rare, never-before-seen clips- Plus the critically acclaimed 2018 HBO documentary, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, and the “Robin Williams: Uncensored,” 24-page, full-color memory book, and so much more!.

    2. THE GUARDIAN: Seventy-Seventh In A Series Of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess

    By :-

  • Jess is on the hunt for Cliff Radish, and after he puts him down, he ends up taking the body to the town of Duston, Texas.
  • While there, two men gun down the marshal and he’s unable to perform his duties.
  • Jess finds himself dealing with hired guns, whores, drunken cowpunchers and drifters coming to town.
  • He quickly finds himself helping Muller transport the women, but trouble seems to show up at every turn.
  • The town marshal there happens to be Cliff’s older brother, Ernie.
  • Ernie Radish calls on Jess to protect the town until he can get out of bed and to make matters worse, a huge cattle drive will arrive in a few days.
  • He pins his United States Marshal’s badge on and takes over the law in Duston.
  • Before Jess leaves town, he realizes that three outlaws are trailing the wagon of women.
  • He has to deal with ambushers, gunslingers and men with a grudge against him.
  • The cattle drive leaves and the working girls try to hire Jess to escort them safely to Oklahoma City, but instead, he recommends they hire Rick Muller, a gambler and gunslinger from California, who happens to be hanging around Duston.

    3. One Pot Of The Day (Williams-Sonoma): 365 Recipes For Every Day Of The Year

    Weldon Owen

    By :- Weldon Owen

  • This tempting collection of 365 recipes offers a one-pot meal for each day of the year.
  • From slow-cooked stews and quick stir-frys to paellas and pilafs, the spectacular array of dishes in this cookbook will serve you through the seasons.
  • Endlessly versatile and easy to prepare, one-pot meals are the ideal solution to what’s for dinner.
  • Fresh spring vegetables, like sugar snap peas, leeks, and tender asparagus bring new life to baked pastas, creamy risottos, and fluffy frittatas.
  • In autumn, root vegetables take a leading role in pot roasts, gratins, and rustic tarts while classic comfort foods, such as meat loaf and baked ziti with sausage, are back-to-school favorites.
  • Williams-Sonoma One Pot of the Day offers 365 recipes for delicious, seasonal food that is made or finished in one pot, including many meatless and oven-to-table selections.
  • From January to December, you’ll find a variety of one-pot dishes to satisfy any craving and suit any meal, with accompanying notes offering ideas for variations, garnishes, and other tips.
  • Full-color photographs enhance many of the recipes to help guide your cooking.
  • From January to December, you’ll find fresh inspiration and a seasonal dish to satisfy any craving or suit any occasion.
  • In summer, the garden bounty stars in lighter fare like braised meat dishes with diverse flavors, roasted and stir-fried seafood, stratas, and enchiladas.
  • Rich and savory dishes like meat pies, fall-off-the-bone lamb tagines, spicy curries, herbed cassoulets, and warming stews feed a crowd and keep winter’s chill away.
  • Colorful calendars at the beginning of each chapter offer an at-a-glance view of the dishes best suited for the ingredients, occasions, and typical weather of the month.
  • With this comprehensive book as your guide, you’ll discover an enticing recipe for every day of the year.
  • You’ll be amazed at the wide range of dishes from which to choose—just open this book, check the calendar, and discover an exciting new one-pot dish to try.
  • No matter what you are in the mood for—comforting casseroles, braised meats, creamy chowders, frittatas and risottos, hearty pot pies, cheesy gratins, baked pastas, or spicy gumbos, curries and tagines—you’ll find an enticing meal that can be made or presented all in one vessel.

    Whether it’s slow-cooked short ribs, a hearty casserole, or a healthy stir-fry bursting with seasonal vegetables, the collection of main course recipes found in this book will provide inspiration throughout the year.

    4. The Williams-Sonoma Cookbook: The Essential Recipe Collection For Today’s Home

    Free Press

    By :- Free Press

  • Williams-Sonoma has compiled over 370 of the best recipes and 200 photographs from the top selling Williams-Sonoma Collection to create the ultimate cookbook.
  • The increasing availability of high-quality, local, and exotic ingredients has transformed the way we cook with delicious results.
  • These include: Appetizers; Soups; Salads; Fish and Shellfish; Poultry; Beef and Veal; Pork and Lamb; Vegetables; Breads; Desserts; and Breakfast and Brunch.
  • No matter the occasion, The Williams-Sonoma Cookbook will provide the perfect recipe and plenty of inspiration for many years to come.
  • This comprehensive volume, with its tremendous breadth of recipes, reflects this new diverse interest in food.
  • In short, The Williams-Sonoma Cookbook celebrates the pleasures of cooking in all its forms.
  • The recipes are organized into twelve chapters so you can easily find the right dish for your needs.
  • Sumptuous photographs for every recipe will show you how the finished dish should look.
  • Cooking today is multidimensional: it’s about creating soul-warming comfort food for friends and family; making healthy, flavorful meals in a limited amount of time; inviting the flavors of ethnic cuisines into our kitchens; and preparing tasty, sumptuous meals for holidays and special occasions.

    Among its more than 370 recipes are time-tested classics, fresh new favorites gleaned from restaurant menus, popular ethnic dishes customized for the home cook, and dozens of breakfast and dessert choices, from the simple to the spectacular.

    Whether you are stir-frying a spicy basil-scented chicken dish for a simple weeknight supper, grilling fish steaks for a summer cookout, preparing a standing rib roast as the centerpiece for a multicourse special-occasion meal, or simply looking for a recipe for classic chocolate chip cookies or the ultimate cheesecake, this book is the perfect resource.

    Dozens of photographed sidebars throughout the book illuminate cooking techniques, explain how to work with unfamiliar ingredients, and suggest flavorful sauces or condiments to accompany the main recipe.

    Among the recipes are classics that you will come back to again and again, like stuffed mushrooms, Cobb salad, potato gratin, Louisiana-style gumbo, bistro-style roast chicken, eggs Benedict, and devil’s food cake.

    You will also find many dishes inspired by international flavors, such as pot stickers, gazpacho, tabbouleh, carnitas, tandooristyle chicken and tiramisu — all destined to become new favorites in your home.

    Look, too, for plenty of kid-friendly recipes such as baked macaroni and cheese, chicken potpie, spaghetti and meatballs, and chocolate brownies, all of which could become some of the most-requested dishes in your cooking repertory.

    In addition to the recipes, a comprehensive reference section in the back of the cookbook offers dozens of the basic recipes you’ll need for stocks and sauces, bread, pasta, and pie doughs, and dessert sauces and frostings.

    Also included are a full glossary of cooking terms and ingredients as well as cooking charts that will make it easy for you to find ingredient substitutes, doneness temperatures for meat and poultry, measurement equivalents, and more.

    5. The Instant Pot Cookbook

    By :-

    This compact, yet comprehensive guide to the Instant Pot is your new go-to-guide for fast and fresh homemade meals! Featuring special sections on Instant Pot care and maintenance, and chapters on Chicken, Pork and Beef, Seafood and Vegetarian, and Breakfast and Dessert recipes.

    Sample recipes: Thai Chicken Noodle Bowls; Orange Chicken Lettuce Wraps; Sesame Scallion Ribs; Beef Gyros with Tzatziki; Chorizo Paella; Pork Tamales; Truffle Gruyere Mac and Cheese; Sriracha Deviled Eggs; Summer Corn and Zucchini Chowder; Pasta with Tomatoes, Basil, and Mozzarella; Prosciutto, Pea, and Mushroom Risotto; Lemon Blueberry Cheesecakes; Chocolate Lava Cake; Pumpkin Hazelnut Steel Cut Oats.

    6. Healthy In A Hurry (Williams-Sonoma): Simple, Wholesome Recipes For Every Meal

    By :-

  • With over 100 accessible recipes and tons of practical advice, this cookbook shows busy cooks how to incorporate nutrient-packed foods into every meal of the day for optimum nutrition and wellbeing.
  • This solution-oriented cookbook targets 30 super healthy foods and shows you how to make the most of them in delicious dishes, any time of the day.
  • Everyone is looking for ways to fit wholesome, good-for-you meals into their busy schedules.
  • Organized by course—including breakfast, starters and snacks, lunch, dinner, vegetable and grain sides, and dessert—the recipes are packed with nutrients and simple enough to prepare in under 30 minutes.

    Loaded with useful tips and friendly advice on shopping, prepping in advance, and cooking smarter, this book offers real solutions for getting food on the table (or even packing it to go) during hectic weekdays.

    Table of Contents: Intro Letter The Basics of Everyday Nutrition A Guide to Superfoods Chapter 1: Breakfast Chapter 2: Starters & Snacks Chapter 3: Lunch Chapter 4: Dinner Chapter 5: Vegetable & Grain Sides Chapter 6: Dessert Pantry Basics Healthy Cooking Tools & Techniques Glossary Index Sample Recipes: Buckwheat-blueberry pancakes Easy egg sandwich with baked egg, wilted greens & Manchego cheese Sweet corn & edamame salsa with crispy baked tortilla chips Kale chips with sea salt Chicken & mango salad with cashews Quinoa-black bean burger with chipotle mustard Whole wheat spaghetti with a tangle of garlicky greens Baked tomatoes stuffed with tuna, capers & parsley bread crumbs Stir-fried beef & bok choy Broccoli slaw with apples & pecans Whole-grain couscous with dried fruits & almonds Mixed berries with ricotta cream Oatmeal–dark chocolate bars.

    7. Williams Sound PPA R37N PPA Select FM Receiver With Belt Clip Fits With PPA T46,

    Fits with PPA T46, PPA T45, PPA T45NET and PPA T27 transmitters

    By :- Williams Sound

  • Digitally synthesized for even greater audio clarity and stability.
  • 6oz (73g) w/o batteries Battery Type: (2) AA Alkaline or 2 x AA NiMH Current Consumption: 52mA nominal Temperature Range: – 0 to 50°C Intermediate Freq.
  • The PPA Select FM receiver features easy-to-use, seek-button channel selection with access to 17 pre-set wideband frequencies between 72-76 MHz.
  • Williams Sound PPA R37N PPA Select FM Receiver with Belt Clip Fits with PPA T46, PPA T45, PPA T45NET and PPA T27 transmitters, Seek-button access to all 17 wideband frequencies in the 72-76 MHz bandwidth Flexible and simple.

    5mm stereo/mono jack allows for a variety of earphone and headphone options, and is neckloop/telecoil-equipped-hearing-aid compatible Key Features Fits with PPA T46, PPA T45, PPA T45NET and PPA T27 transmitters Seek-button access to all 17 wideband frequencies in the 72-76 MHz bandwidth Channel-lock capability Battery-saving sleep mode Low-battery indicator Field tunable Includes: (1) PPA R37N Receiver and (1) CLP 015 Belt Clip Specifications Dimensions: 4.

    : 75 kHz FM Deviation: 75 kHz De-Emphasis: 75 µS AFC Range: ± 120 kHz Sensitivity: 2 µV at 12 dB Sinad with squelch defeated Input Overload: 100 mV Frequency Response: 200 – 15 kHz Modulation: FM, +/- 75 kHz peak deviation Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 65 dB min @ 100 uV Receive Antenna: Integral with earphone/headphone cord Audio Output: 35 mW max, peak into 16 ohms Auto Shut-off Enters sleep mode after approx 6 mins of no RF signal.

    8. Williams: A Different Kind Of Life

    By :-

  • Frank Williams’ team was on the verge of winning the Formula One World Championship for the third time when his life was turned upside down.
  • The racing car constructor was on his way to Nice Airport on a spring afternoon in 1986 when he lost control of his car, suffering horrific injuries in a crash that left him a quadriplegic.
  • In A Different Kind of Life, Ginny tells her story with honesty and humor, set against the glamorous backdrop of Formula One racing.
  • A testament to the power of compassion and perseverance, A Different Kind of Life is a moving and inspirational story.
  • For his wife, Ginny, the accident meant taking on new and unwanted roles as head of the household and family decision-maker, while also struggling to overcome the anger and grief she felt after the accident.

    She documents life before and after the devastating accident – from falling in love with Frank at first sight to learning how to cope with his needs after he became severely disabled but remained fiercely independent.

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