Top 10 Best water investments 2019

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Best water investments 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 water investments

1. Essentia Water; 12, 1-Liter Bottles; Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water;

Essentia’s electrolyte water for taste, optimized for better rehydration*, invites users to go farther for longer, whether jogging, running, hiking, walking, rowing, biking or climbing

By :- Essentia Water LLC

  • Essentia’s recyclable, BPA-free plastic water bottles invite users to drink up more of life while benefiting the planet.
  • With passion and purpose, the Essentia Nation strives to reach people around the world, unlocking their raw potential to do more, believe more and achieve more.
  • A case of 12, 1-liter bottles packaged in Essentia’s eye-catching black and white casing is a must for the team, organization, workplace or family that has an unquenchable thirst for life.
  • For 20 years, Essentia Water has pioneered ionized alkaline water for better rehydration* through a unique, proprietary ionization process that develops supercharged, alkaline water that keeps you happy and ready for anything.

    Essentia is The Future of Water with their innovative process using water from ordinary sources around the world, significantly reducing transportation and environmental impact, to create extraordinary drinking water for better rehydration*.

    2. Vita Coco Organic Coconut Water, Pure – Naturally Hydrating Electrolyte Drink –

    TASTE OF THE TROPICS | Not long ago you needed a ladder and a machete to get great-tasting coconut water. Now all you have to do is crack open a Vita Coco, the WORLD’S BEST-SELLING coconut water

    By :- Vita Coco

  • Not so long ago, you had to use a machete if you wanted a sip of pure coconut water.
  • Now all that’s left is Mother Nature’s most hydrating, refreshing, vitamin- and mineral-rich nectar.
  • That means we pick, crack, and pack fresh young coconuts directly at the source.
  • The entire process from tree to Pak doesn’t exceed 72 hours.
  • We’ve taken the machete out of the equation, which is good, because those things are dangerous.
  • After the coconuts are cleaned, the delicate water inside is flash pasteurized (and occasionally mixed with all-natural fruit puree) then poured into a shelf-stable Tetra Pak.
  • We hear the end result is a lot like sticking a straw in a coconut.
  • 3. S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, 33.8 Fl Oz. (Pack Of 12)

    Twelve 33.8 fl oz./1 L BPA-free plastic bottles

    By :- San Pellegrino

  • This journey mineralizes the water through contact with underground rocks, naturally enriching S.
  • The 1 liter plastic bottle size is BPA Free and are the perfect for lunch with coworkers or a quick bite on the go, and the convenient 12 pack ensures you’ll always have S.
  • Whether you’re meeting friends out for a meal, exploring the town, or enjoying dinner at home S.
  • Pellegrino brand has been synonymous with effortless style and Italian culture.
  • Pellegrino bottles only the finest mineral water that goes through a 30-year journey through the earth in the San Pellegrino Terme area at the foothills of the Italian Alps.
  • Pellegrino with mineral salts, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Pellegrino, providing its unmistakable taste and sublte bubbles.
  • Pellegrino has no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
  • Pellegrino is the perfect mineral water for all of life’s delicious moments.
  • Pellegrino perfectly complements the flavors of all foods, including spicy appetizers, rich entrees and decadent desserts.
  • Pellegrino’s effervescence and subtle bubbles bring out the best in every dish, making it a favorite of some of the world’s best chefs, gourmets and foodies.
  • Pellegrino embodies the essence of Italian life – the cheerful outlook and the joy of spending time together while food, laughter and conversation are shared.
  • Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water to Enhance Your Moments.
  • 4. The Black Tax: “Let’s Rebuild Our Own Communities “!

    By :-

  • However, like many things in life…” the darkness actually aids us …….
  • above individual attainment! “Let’s rebuild our own communities”!My humble suggestion to immediately change the economic conditions of the Black Community …….
  • another race of people, is going to have a reversal of direction and give us what we need thru Politics or Government benefits is insane.
  • the Bible says that there are “No New Things under the Sun”.
  • just by investing an amount that most of us freely Spent this past weekend….
  • we have the opportunity to demonstrate the Depth of our love for each other and community!.
  • Payroll, state, county, city, property, retail taxes and more.
  • This story paints a dark portrait of our economic conditions currently and suggests limitations for our future revival.
  • offered by a Nation that demonstrates a love for others and community.
  • how many times do we have to keep trying the same old plan, and expecting a different outcome? It’s not as if we don’t want to do something different.
  • nobody has a concrete Macro-economic plan to achieve our goals! It’s easy to point fingers at others, and blame them for our lack of progress today.
  • Our unique history has been well documented by many authors, yet where are the detailed action plans for moving forward? Black Tax is not a new concept entirely! But then again.
  • I have researched many investment groups around the country.
  • So No-One has any power over anyone else and stock options may only be transferred via family inheritance.
  • In fact our contribution to Economies both here and around the world greatly outweigh our percentage of the population racially.
  • A Comprehensive 5 Stage Business Plan for Reviving the Economic prosperity of Black Communities in America Like my Hometown of Flint MichiganBlack Americans are Taxed everyday of our lives and most of that tax revenue does not return to aid our communities in any positive way.

    We must create the revenue needed for Macro -economic change to Black Communities across America and eventually to the world!Useless political rallies and political Rhetoric will never change our condition!To think that one day.

    the dawning of the Collective Awakening taking place in our communities!My personal view of these groups is that though the concept of Group Economics is ”the Solution” for our Community Economic Revival, it must be simple enough for the participants to understand and affordable for all who want to help.

    Black Tax is a simple plan that allows individuals to invest as low as $100 in a needed community project, yet have equal power within the investment groups!Many times when considering a project involving investments, the poor and disadvantaged have no ability to participate! For black Tax.

    What do you think the Stock Market is? What do you think Mutual Funds are? What do you think foreign investment groups are? What do you think Communities like “Tulsa Black Wall Street” and “The Ninth Street Business District” here in Arkansas were building ….

    before their destruction by angry White Terrorist Mobs?Why were white people so mad, and why did they have to destroy these communities in the late 1800’s? Because they saw that Black America had finally figured it out.

    that the only true social right respected in this country is Capitalism!Black buying power has surpassed Trillions of dollars in 2018, yet what good is that if we aren’t on the receiving end of that revenue.

    5. WATER ROULETTE: The Truth About The Water We Drink

    By :-

  • We take a chance every time we drink a bottle of water or glass of water from the tap.
  • This in-depth discussion of H2O takes us on a journey inside the world of water purity and, far too often, the lack thereof.
  • His study and insight into issues of water are brought together in this often humorous and refreshing treatise on the often dry subject of drinking water here in the USA.
  • The travels of author, adventurer, and international jet captain Bill Strait provided the rare opportunity for us to get up close and personal with the real world of drinking water all over the planet.

    6. Water Finance: Public Responsibilities And Private Opportunities (Wiley Finance

    By :-

  • Nobody understands this better than author Neil Grigg, a forty-year veteran of the water industry, and now, with Water Finance, he shares his extensive experience with you.
  • A detailed look at the water industry and the trends that can lead to investment opportunities Water has quickly grown into a big global business, with annual revenues in the United States alone reaching over $200 billion.

    In the years ahead, companies as well as governments must find innovative ways to address important issues within this field without sacrificing basic needs, such as safety of drinking water or the reliability of water for energy production.

    Most of the water business operates under the radar, but with this reliable resource, Grigg shines a bright light on this essential area and offers comprehensive coverage of the public responsibilities and private opportunities associated with it.

    While Water Finance does contain many facts and figures, it also takes the time to pull together the various aspects of water, going far beyond water as just a commodity, to skillfully explain it as the integrated business that it is.

    Opens with a detailed discussion of the water industry before turning its focus to water handling, which includes water supply, wastewater, industrial water, storm water, irrigation and drainage, and instream flows Reveals the different driving forces, and issues, surrounding the water industry such as government involvement, privatization, law and regulations, financial structure, water and health, and workforce capacity Offers insights on water industry business, careers, and investments Organized around the idea that the water business is about all aspects of handling water, from the global environment to your tap, Water Finance contains the information you need to succeed in this dynamic field.

    7. Shaping The Future Of Water For Agriculture: A Sourcebook For Investment In

    By :-

  • Agricultural water management is a vital practice in ensuring reduction, and environmental protection.
  • More and better investments in agricultural water are needed.
  • After decades of successfully expanding irrigation and improving productivity, farmers and managers face an emerging crisis in the form of poorly performing irrigation schemes, slow modernization, declining investment, constrained water availability, and environmental degradation.

    In response, the World Bank, in conjunction with many partner agencies, has compiled a selection of good experiences that can guide practitioners in the design of quality investments in agricultural water.

    The messages of ‘Shaping the Future of Water for Agriculture: A Sourcebook for Investment in Agricultural Water Management’ center around the key challenges to agricultural water management, specifically: • Building policies and incentives • Designing institutional reforms • Investing in irrigation systems improvement and modernization • Investing in groundwater irrigation • Investing in drainage and water quality management • Investing in water management in rainfed agriculture • Investing in agricultural water management in multipurpose operations • Coping with extreme climatic conditions • Assessing the social, economic, and environmental impacts of agricultural water investments ‘Shaping the Future of Water for Agriculture’ is an important resource for those interested and engaged in development with a focus on agricultural water.

    8. Effects Of Foreign Aid In Bangladesh: Macro Performance, Fiscal Behavior, And

    By :-

  • Over the last several decades, a robust debate has raged among development economists over the macroeconomic effects of foreign aid.
  • The first essay finds econometric results that suggest that aid has reduced both real GDP growth and gross domestic savings in Bangladesh.
  • The second essay analyzes the effects of aid on government?s fiscal behavior.
  • The third essay analyzes the deficiencies of traditional planning approaches to aid-financed water investment projects.
  • This book should be useful to aid donors, policy makers, and development economists.
  • This book comprises three essays that inquire into the effects of foreign aid in Bangladesh.
  • However, when aid is disaggregated into loans and grants, it is found that loans stimulate economic growth, but grants depress economic growth.
  • This study sheds some light on the effective utilization of foreign aid –a course that holds much at stake not only for Bangladesh, but also for the LDCs in general.
  • The results suggest that grants are mostly dissipated into financing non-productive civil expenditures, but loans are utilized for undertaking physical investment projects and providing socio-economic benefits.

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