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1. Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy, 1945-1975

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  • An absorbing and definitive modern history of the Vietnam War from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of The Secret War.
  • Here are the vivid realities of strife amid jungle and paddies that killed two million people.
  • US blunders and atrocities were matched by those committed by their enemies.
  • The people of both former Vietnams paid a bitter price for the Northerners’ victory in privation and oppression.
  • No past volume has blended a political and military narrative of the entire conflict with heart-stopping personal experiences, in the fashion that Max Hastings’ readers know so well.
  • He marshals testimony from warlords and peasants, statesmen and soldiers, to create an extraordinary record.
  • Vietnam became the Western world’s most divisive modern conflict, precipitating a battlefield humiliation for France in 1954, then a vastly greater one for the United States in 1975.
  • Many writers treat the war as a US tragedy, yet Hastings sees it as overwhelmingly that of the Vietnamese people, of whom forty died for every American.
  • While all the world has seen the image of a screaming, naked girl seared by napalm, it forgets countless eviscerations, beheadings, and murders carried out by the communists.
  • Max Hastings has spent the past three years interviewing scores of participants on both sides, as well as researching a multitude of American and Vietnamese documents and memoirs, to create an epic narrative of an epic struggle.

    He portrays the set pieces of Dienbienphu, the 1968 Tet offensive, the air blitz of North Vietnam, and also much less familiar miniatures such as the bloodbath at Daido, where a US Marine battalion was almost wiped out, together with extraordinary recollections of Ho Chi Minh’s warriors.

    Here is testimony from Vietcong guerrillas, Southern paratroopers, Saigon bargirls, and Hanoi students alongside that of infantrymen from South Dakota, Marines from North Carolina, and Huey pilots from Arkansas.

    The author suggests that neither side deserved to win this struggle with so many lessons for the twenty-first century about the misuse of military might to confront intractable political and cultural challenges.

    2. 19 Minutes To Live – Helicopter Combat In Vietnam: A Memoir By Lew Jennings

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  • “19 Minutes to Live” illustrates the incredible courage and determination of helicopter pilots and crews supporting those heroes that carried a rucksack and a rifle in Vietnam.
  • Lew Jennings flew over 700 Air Cavalry Cobra Gunship Helicopter missions and received Three Distinguished Flying Crosses for Valor.
  • Over 12,000 helicopters were used in the Vietnam War, which is why it became known as “The Helicopter War”.
  • Helicopter pilots and crews accounted for nearly 10 percent of all the US casualties suffered in Vietnam, with nearly 5,000 killed and an untold number of wounded.
  • This memoir describes first-hand the harrowing experiences of helicopter pilots and crews in combat operations, from the far South to the DMZ, including the infamous Ashau Valley, Hamburger Hill, LZ Airborne and others.

    3. Vietnam: A Tale Of Two Tours

    By :-

  • An Army helicopter pilot’s memoir of his two tours in Vietnam – one at the height of troop strength in1969 and one at the very end in 1973.
  • For those who want to know what it was like to be there — without the hidden agenda, embellishment, or hype normally associated with the Vietnam War.
  • This is a detailed description of what he personally experienced in the air, on the ground, the Cambodia Invasion, tactics, leadership, and how he lived during his first tour in the Central Highlands while assigned to and flying for an Infantry Division.

    The second tour was in the Saigon area with an Air Cavalry Troop and recounts life at the final months of the War, the final cease fire events, prisoner exchanges, life in Saigon, the final flight of combat troops to leave Vietnam, and the end of American combat operations and involvement.

    4. Vietnamese Home Cooking

    Ten Speed Press

    By :- Ten Speed Press

  • Abundant photography detailing techniques and equipment, and vibrant shots taken on location in Vietnam, make for equal parts elucidation and inspiration.
  • In his eagerly awaited first cookbook, award-winning chef Charles Phan from San Francisco’s Slanted Door restaurant introduces traditional Vietnamese cooking to home cooks by focusing on fundamental techniques and ingredients.

    When Charles Phan opened his now-legendary restaurant, The Slanted Door, in 1995, he introduced American diners to a new world of Vietnamese food: robustly flavored, subtly nuanced, authentic yet influenced by local ingredients, and, ultimately, entirely approachable.

    In this same spirit of tradition and innovation, Phan presents a landmark collection based on the premise that with an understanding of its central techniques and fundamental ingredients, Vietnamese home cooking can be as attainable and understandable as American, French, or Italian.

     With solid instruction and encouraging guidance, perfectly crispy imperial rolls, tender steamed dumplings, delicately flavored whole fish, and meaty lemongrass beef stew are all deliciously close at hand.

    And with master recipes for stocks and sauces, a photographic guide to ingredients, and tips on choosing a wok and seasoning a clay pot, this definitive reference will finally secure Vietnamese food in the home cook’s repertoire.

    Infused with the author’s stories and experiences, from his early days as a refugee to his current culinary success, Vietnamese Home Cooking is a personal and accessible guide to real Vietnamese cuisine from one of its leading voices.

    5. The Banh Mi Handbook: Recipes For Crazy-Delicious Vietnamese Sandwiches

    Ten Speed Press

    By :- imusti

  • A cookbook devoted to the beloved Vietnamese sandwich, featuring 50 recipes ranging from classic fillings to innovative modern combinations.
  • Created by Vietnamese street vendors over a century ago, banh mi is a twist on the French snack of pâté and bread that is as brilliant as it is addictive to eat.
  • Who can resist the combination of crisp baguette, succulent filling, and toppings like tangy, pickled daikon and carrots, thin chile slices, refreshing cucumber strips, and pungent cilantro sprigs? Bringing a new realm of flavor for anyone tired of standard sandwich fare, The Banh Mi Handbook presents more than fifty recipes and numerous insights for crafting a wide range of sandwiches, from iconic classics to modern innovations, including: Crispy Drunken Chicken, Shrimp in Caramel Sauce, Grilled Lemongrass Pork, Beef and Curry Sliders, Coconut Curry Tofu and Lettuce Wrap Banh Mi.

     Andrea Nguyen’s simple, delicious recipes for flavor-packed fillings, punchy homemade condiments, and crunchy, colorful pickled vegetables bring the very best of Vietnamese street food to your kitchen.

    6. Vietnam War: A History From Beginning To End

    By :-

  • Vietnam War* * *Download for FREE on Kindle Unlimited + Free BONUS Inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet.
  • In the United States, it polarized public opinion and changed foreign policy.
  • More importantly, in Vietnam, as well as surrounding areas, it caused untold destruction, death, and suffering.
  • Read this comprehensive, concise history of the Vietnam War.
  • The Vietnam War remains one of the most iconic events of the twentieth century.
  • It destroyed the presidency of Lyndon Johnson and was the catalyst for a massively impactful protest movement.
  • Its origins lie in Europe’s colonial conquests, and its legacies endure to this day.
  • ✓ Vietnam’s Past✓ Exit the French✓ The United States and Ngo Dinh Diem✓ The Resistance War Against America Begins✓ “Americanization”✓ The American Home Front✓ Vietnamization and President Nixon✓ The End of the Vietnam War and Its AftermathMillions of Vietnamese and Cambodian people were killed, and many—including Americans—remain missing.

    7. The Slanted Door: Modern Vietnamese Food

    Ten Speed Press

    By :- Ten Speed Press

  • The long-awaited cookbook featuring 100 recipes from James Beard award-winning chef Charles Phan’s beloved San Francisco Vietnamese restaurant, The Slanted Door.
  • Since then, The Slanted Door has grown into a world-class dining destination, and its accessible, modern take on classic Vietnamese dishes is beloved by diners, chefs, and critics alike.
  • Featuring stories in addition to its most iconic recipes, The Slanted Door both celebrates a culinary institution and allows home cooks to recreate its excellence.
  • Award-winning chef and restaurateur Charles Phan opened The Slanted Door in San Francisco in 1995, inspired by the food of his native Vietnam.
  • The Slanted Door is a love letter to the restaurant, its people, and its food.
  • 8. The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen: Recipes For Noodles, Dumplings, Sauces, And More

    By :-

  • Russell shows home cooks how to convert the vibrant cuisines of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam into gluten-free favorites.
  •  Along with sharing approachable and delicious recipes, Russell demystifies Asian ingredients and helps readers navigate the grocery store.
  • In the Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen, food writer Laura B.
  • For the estimated three million Americans suffering from Celiac disease, wheat allergies, and severe gluten sensitivities, Asian food is usually off-limits because its signature ingredients—noodles, soy sauce, and oyster sauce—typically contain wheat.

       Authentically flavored dishes such as Crispy Spring Rolls, Gingery Pork Pot Stickers, Korean Green Onion Pancakes, Soba Noodles with Stir-Fried Shiitake Mushrooms, Salt and Pepper Squid, and Pork Tonkatsu will be delicious additions to any gluten-free repertoire.

    Beautifully photographed and designed for easy weeknight eating, this unique cookbook’s wide range of dishes from a variety of Asian cuisines will appeal to the discriminating tastes of today’s gluten-free cooks.

    9. Vietnamese Cooking Made Easy: Simple, Flavorful And Quick Meals [Vietnamese

    Used Book in Good Condition

    By :- Brand: Periplus Editions

  • Perfect for beginning cooks this beautifully illustrated Vietnamese cookbook provides easy-to-follow directions for quick and delicious Vietnamese dishes.
  • Abundant fresh herbs and greens, delicate soups and stir-fries, and well-seasoned grilled dishes served with rice or noodles are the mainstays of the Vietnamese table.
  • It is at it’s best when Vietnamese cooks strive for a balance balanced between salty, sweet, sour and hot, so no one taste outranks any other.
  • Stunning photography and simple step-by-step instructions make this cookbook the perfect introduction to the world of Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Making delicious Vietnamese food at home has never been easier!.
  • Famous for its lively, fresh flavors and artfully composed meals, Vietnamese cooking is the genuine “healthy cuisine” of Asia.
  • Even the beloved snacks or desserts are often based on fresh fruits served with sweetened rice or tapioca.
  • Along with its delicate freshness, Vietnamese cooking is also subtle and sophisticated.
  • Vietnamese Cooking Made Easy features over 50 recipes, from delicate soups and stir-fries to well-seasoned grilled foods served with rice or noodles packed with fresh herbs and spices.
  • And with the widespread popularity of Asian foods, locating ingredients is not a challenge—most supermarkets now carry such basics as fresh ginger, lemongrass and chilies.
  • From chapters introducing essential Vietnamese ingredients to sections devoted to appetizers, noodles, seafood and poultry, this handy little book features a spiral binding, making it an easy-to-use addition to your cookbook library.

    Easy Vietnamese recipes include:Grilled Lemongrass Chicken SataysGlass Noodle SoupFish in Caramel SauceSpicy Lemongrass Tamarind ChickenSesame Beef with Bamboo ShootsSweet Glutinous Rice with Coconut and Red Beans Modern cooks will find preparing a Vietnamese meal both rewarding and relatively easy.

    10. Street Food: Vietnam: Noodles, Salads, Pho, Spring Rolls, Banh Mi & More

    By :-

  • Vietnamese street food is – inarguably – one of the world’s most dynamic cuisines.
  • Throughout this book, Michael presents street food from the length of the country.
  • Learn the subtle finesse that distinguishes a Hanoi style pho from its southern relative.
  • With stunning photography of all 70 recipes, accompanied by gonzo imagery of the country itself, this is the perfect book for the armchair traveler or for those wishing to commemorate their trip.
  • As any visitor will tell you, traveling through Vietnam is a culinary awakening.
  • Street Food: Vietnam is a glimpse into these compact kitchens-on-wheels, without any of the humidity.
  • This book brings the flavor and spirit of those bustling streets to your home.
  • He owns a restaurant specializing in flavors of Vietnamese hawker-markets.
  • There’s bahn mi, rice paper rolls, Vietnamese-style omelets, lemongrass and fresh herb infused stir-fries, fresh noodle salads and so much more.
  • If these dishes can be made on a cart, in the swarming streets of Da Nang, you can be confident in recreating them at home.
  • This book is the first instalment of the Street Food series, with Turkey and Mexico next on the chopping block.
  • From Hanoi – the country’s capital, in the north – down to Ho Chi Minh, it’s easy to find where the locals eat.
  • Where the West might view street carts as specially reserved for the chronically intoxicated or intestinally masochistic, curbside vendors in Vietnam are the country’s greatest chefs.
  • 11. Little Vietnam: From Lemongrass Chicken To Rice Paper Rolls, 80 Exciting

    By :-

  • Take a trip to Vietnam without leaving your kitchen.
  • Throughout, Nhut offers practical tips on sourcing ingredients locally and mastering cooking techniques.
  • Little Vietnam brings together 80 authentic recipes that capture the energy, color and excitement of Vietnamese food.
  • In this easy-to-follow Vietnamese cookbook, Nhut introduces traditional classics alongside the eclectic street stall dishes he has tasted on his many trips back to Vietnam.
  • Acclaimed Vietnamese chef and restaurateur Nhut Huynh shares his passion for the food that sustained his family during times of war and separation, and which today inspires him to explore Vietnam’s wonderfully rich culture.

    Delicious Vietnamese recipes include: Beef Noodle Soup Salt and Pepper Squid Rice Paper Rolls Chicken with Lemongrass and Chili Crab with Tamarind and Chili And many more… Based on ingredients available at most Western supermarkets, these recipes will delight the home cook, while Nhut’s personal story will inspire all of us to take a longer look at the emerging country and its rich culinary traditions.

    12. The Food Of Vietnam: Easy-to-Follow Recipes From The Country’s Major Regions


    By :- TUTTLE

  • Learn all about Vietnamese cuisine and enjoy over 80 authentic recipes with this beautifully illustrated Vietnamese cookbook.
  • Its emphasis on fresh herbs, raw vegetables and light seasonings makes it ideal for the health-conscious cook.
  • The 84 easy-to-follow Vietnamese recipes present a diverse range of dishes from the country’s major regions—from Hanoi to Saigon, the Mekong Delta, and all the points in between.
  • Vietnamese food is fast emerging as one of the most popular of all Asian cuisines.
  • This lavishly illustrated book of recipes, gathered and photographed in Vietnam, examines the historical and regional influences that have shaped the cuisine and presents a selection of classic dishes.

    Detailed information on Vietnamese ingredients and cooking techniques make The Food of Vietnam the perfect guide for anyone interested in the cuisine of this vibrant and bountiful country, where food is a daily celebration of life.

    Vietnamese recipes include:Pork Rice Paper Rolls Lotus Stem Salad with Shrimp Clam Soup with Starfruit and Herbs Fried Tofu with Lemongrass and Five Spice Crabs with Tamarind Sauce Braised Duck with Ginger Pork Stewed in Coconut Juice Slush Ice Lychee in Coconut Milk.

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