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1. Anki Vector A Home Robot Who Helps Out & Hangs Out. Amazon Alexa – Coming Soon

Vector is an updating platform, Cloud connected via Wi-Fi so he’s always learning and updating with new skills and features. The first major free update is coming to Vector Robots this holiday and will include an option to access Alexa voice service.

By :- Anki

  • Aware and reactive, Vector evolves with regular updates.
  • Alive with personality, he’s excited to see you and reacts to sound, sight, and touch.
  • Independent and alert, he self-charges, navigates around objects, and avoids edges.
  • When you sit down next to him, he’s ready to take direction.
  • When you ask Vector a question, he utilizes a custom text-to-speech voice to speak directly to you.
  • Vector has touch sensors and an accelerometer so he knows when he’s being touched and moved.
  • What’s Inside Vector? AI and advanced robotics: Qualcomm 200 Platform to compute at a smartphone level.
  • Beamforming 4-Microphone Array to recognize natural speech and source.
  • 6-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit to know when he’s picked up or moved.
  • WiFi-Enabled Cloud Connection to bring new capabilities.
  • Always happy to help, he’ll answer questions, take photos for you, set a timer for dinner, and more.
  • Smart and getting smarter, he’s cloud connected for updates to bring new capabilities and features to be a better helper at home.
  • Using computer vision, he can identify people, see and remember faces, and navigate his space without bumping into things.
  • Vector’s smartphone-level processor and cloud connectivity create one powerful brain.
  • Vector has a powerful four-microphone array for directional hearing.
  • And if there is a loud noise, he’ll be just as startled as you.
  • Vector has a unique voice made of hundreds of synthesized sounds to create a language all his own.
  • You can pet him and he’ll relax, but try not to shake him.
  • Capacitive Touch Sensor to sense being touched and held.
  • Ultra-Wide HD Camera to detect motion and identify people.
  • Infrared Laser Scanner to track distance and map environments.
  • High-Res Color IPS Display to convey a wide range of emotions.
  • 2. Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra Light Pre Shrunk BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi (A2, White) See

    Due to our special gi sizing, many customers order one size down. Select your size based on the Sanabul size chart in the product images to ensure the perfect fit.

    By :- Sanabul

  • We listened to customer feedback about the original material and now use a preshrunk ultra light weight pearl weave fabric (ONLY ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT GI ON THE MARKET TO HAVE PRESHRUNK MATERIAL).
  • Ultra light weight Pearl Weave fabric perfect for a summer training, competitions, or just because you want a light comfortable gi.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or you can return your unused product for a full refund! .
  • While a few other companies offer a similar price point, their gi’s do not include some of the features that make the Sanabul Essentials Gi a great a value.
  • (reviews of the gi shrinking after washing are referring to the previous version of the gi).
  • Please note that the material is like any other preshrunk cotton material, it will not shrink on a cold wash with hang drying but will shrink slightly in a hot wash or when machine dried.
  • Even though this is a single weave bjj gi it still has the durability of a double weave kimono New size chart to accommodate most body types.
  • NEWLY UPDATED Sanabul Essentials Version 2 BJJ Gi (Kimono) The Sanabul Essentials Gi is an elegantly designed gi that is both light on the wallet and on the scale, a necessity for beginners and experts alike.

    Our gi still has a tapered athletic cut without all the excess gi material and bagginess of a traditional martial arts gi Many of our customers practice both Brazilian jiu jitsu AND judo with this gi.

    NEW UPDATED SIZE CHART Size Height Weight (lbs) A1 5’3″-5’8″ 135-165 A2 5’8″-5’11” 165-190 A3 5’11”-6’2″ 195-220 A4 6’2″-6’5″ 220-250 Click the ADD TO CART button above and start training with Sanabul products.

    3. Sanabul Essentials Long Sleeve Compression Training Rash Guard For MMA BJJ

    Antimicrobial treatment to help reduce bacterial and fungal growth. This will help prevent the spread of bacterial and fungal infections between you and your training partners. It will also extend the life span of the rash guard

    By :- Sanabul

  • This will help prevent the spread of bacterial and fungal infections between you and your training partners.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed or you can return your unused product for a full refund! .
  • Sanabul Essentials Long Sleeve Rash Guard High performance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu MMA rash guard with fully sublimated graphics infused into the fabric so they won’t ever fade, peel or irritate the skin Graduated compression in the arms and upper torso for improved blood flow throughout the muscles Ventilated mesh underarm area to help disperse heat Antimicrobial treatment to help reduce bacterial and fungal growth.

    It will also extend the life span of the rash guard UV SPF 50 protection for when you want to wear your jiu jitsu mma rash guard while surfing or during any other activity outdoors Please note for sizing these are compression rash guards so they will fit tighter than a standard shirt Size — — Height/Weight X-Small — — >5’4″ / >140 lbs Small — — 5’5″- 5’8″ / 140-155 lbs Medium — — 5’9″ – 5’11” / 156 – 175 lbs Large — — 6’0″ – 6’2″ / 176-200 lbs X-Large — — 6’3″ – 6’5″ / 201-225 lbs 2X-Large — — >6’4″ / >225 lbs Click the ADD TO CART button above and start training with Sanabul products.

    4. Elite Sports New Item IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi W/Preshrunk

    NO SHRINKING- Made from pre-shrunk fabric you’ll never have to worry about your BJJ GI shrinking after the first wash again. Just wash your ELITE SPORTS ULTRA LIGHT JIU JITSU GI in cold water and hang to dry.

    By :- Elite Sports

  • IBJJF Approved & Unisex This is an IBJJF APPROVED KIMONO.
  • This BJJ uniform has a very stylish design and is also available in all traditional colors.
  • We’ve also payed close attention to the smallest details like the stitching and the tapered fit on the KIMONO/GI itself, leaving no excess material.
  • The anti-odor treatment on our GIs means no lingering bad smells ruining your GI.
  • Display Your Personality Available in all of your favorite colors and sizes you’ll be able to find the perfect GI for you.
  • Its durable lightweight material is long lasting & prevents overheating, allowing you to train harder for longer & keep your focus when competing.
  • Available sizes are for both males and females from ages 18 to up 55 years old.
  • Free White Belt With Stripe Bar We’ve included a free white belt that comes with a stripe bar; allowing you to show your stripes as you earn them.
  • Reduce The Risk of Infection: Lightweight material disperses sweat faster & is treated against any buildup of bacteria & fungal infections such as ringworm and staph.
  • Your GI will stay fresh, you won’t have to experience rancid odors distracting you from training or competing.
  • No matter your fighting style, we’ve got the KIMONO that represents you.
  • Train Harder For Longer With The ELITE SPORTS ULTRA LIGHT BJJ JIU JITSU GI w/ Pre-shrunk Fabric: The pre-shrunk fabric means you’ll never have to worry about your BJJ GI shrinking after the first wash.

    Sizing Chart: A1 – 5’2″-5’6″ 120-155 lbs A2 – 5’7″-5’9″ 155-190 lbs A3 – 5’10”-6’0″ 190-225 lbs A4 – 6’1″-6’3″ 225-270 lbs A5 – 6’4″-6’7″ 270-305 lbs Simply Go To The Top Of The Page & Hit the “ADD TO CART” Button To Order Your Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi w/ Preshrunk Fabric & Free Belt TODAY!.

    5. Elite Sports New Item Full Long Sleeve Compression, Mma, Bjj, No Gi, Cross

    Multipurpose – your Elite Sports full long sleeve rash guard excels across a wide range of sports

    By :- Elite Sports

  • Ibjjf & ebi approved this is an ibjjf & ebi tournament approved rash guard.
  • Available sizes range from small to 2 XL and can fit both sexes.
  • Anti-slip band at the waist & sleeves will also prevent the rash guard from riding up on you.
  • In addition, the rash guard comes with a treatment.
  • We’re so confident you’re going to love your new long-sleeved rash guard, it covers any defects in materials and workmanship, provided it has not been subjected to obvious abuse, neglector misuse.
  • Boost your performance & speed up your recovery time the compression material allows for better blood flow, improving your performance & speeding up your recovery time as well.
  • In addition, honeycomb material was added under the arm & back for added strength.
  • If you’re into no-gi Jiu jitsu, this is the perfect rash guard for you.
  • The bjj rash guard has a very stylish design that will look great on any athlete.
  • Durable & comfortable the rash guard has flatlock stitching and is made from a blend of polyester & spandex.
  • Furthermore, our fully-sublimated graphics will not crack, fade, peel or irritate your skin, giving you comfortable wearing experience.
  • The Elite Sports full long-sleeved rash guard has been battle-tested by the world’s best athletes this multipurpose full long-sleeved rash guard for men excels in a wide range of sports, including mma, cross training, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing and even surfing.

    6. A Roadmap For BJJ: How To Get Good At Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu As Fast As Humanly

    By :-

  • Tips and strategies that can be applied in sparring right away.
  • How to figure out which techniques you need to learn and practice next.
  • The background you need to avoid asking stupid questions in class.
  • And a ton of illustrations, photos, and links to important articles and techniques you must know.
  • Explanations (with photos) of how to use the six most important positions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to dominate your opponents.
  • What the highest percentage submissions and escapes are for each position.
  • My best tips to maximize your training time, and to avoid injuries on the mat.
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