Top 10 Best variable annuity 2019

So you have decided to Buy variable annuity and you are looking for the variable annuity to use?

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What if I tell you that choosing the perfect variable annuity should not be so confusing?

Even though there are a lot of variable annuity out there on the market?

Sounds interesting right?

Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these variable annuity!

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If you buy the one which we suggest, then you will surely be having the best variable annuity!

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Best variable annuity 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 variable annuity

1. WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw With Flexible LED Light

Unique design accepts blades in two directions (standard and 90 degrees) to allow for infinite ripping capacity

By :- WEN

  • Remember when your scroll saw could cut in two different directions? Take on the most intricate and artful cuts with the WEN 16-Inch Variable Speed Two-Direction Scroll Saw.
  • Adjust the speed anywhere from 550 to 1600 strokes per minute with the simple turn of a knob.
  • The adjustable air pump clears saw dust from your work area to give you a clear line of vision as you cut.
  • The saw also includes a hold-down foot clamp for securing your project in place along with a flexible work light that bends and adjusts to whatever position your heart desires.
  • For pinned blades, simply pop the pins out of the front holder and turn the blade 90 degrees.
  • On top of that, our removable pinless blade holder design tightly grips blades to prevent them from coming loose during operation.
  • The 9/16-inch stroke saws through hard woods up to two inches thick.
  • The cast iron base prevents vibration and walking during operation while the spacious 16-by-11-inch table bevels up to 45 degrees for angled cut.
  • This combined with the 1-1/2-inch dust port keep your work area clean so you can focus on your woodworking.
  • This unique blade holder accepts both pinned and pinless blades while also allowing users to change the direction of their cut to accommodate their particular workpiece.
  • Now, your cuts are no longer confined by the 16-inch throat of the scroll saw.
  • Onboard blade and holder storage creates simple organization solutions between jobs.
  • And because its a WEN product, your scroll saw comes backed by a two-year warranty, a nationwide network of skilled service technicians and a friendly customer help line, all to make sure you remember WEN.

    2. DEWALT DWE6423K Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander, 5″

    3.0 Amp motor spins the pad at 8,000 – 12,000 OPM

    By :- DEWALT

  • The DEWALT DWE6324K 5″ Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander features a 3.
  • Its shorter height allows the user to get closer to work piece for sanding.
  • A separate counterweight design reduces vibration for improved comfort and an improved dust-sealed switch to protect against dust ingestion for longer switch life.
  • The dust bag has one-hand locking system – and the port is designed to fit directly to DWV010 or DWV012 dust collectors.
  • Commonly used for sanding wood, sanding metal, sanding plastics.
  • 0 Amp motor that spins the pad at 8,000 – 12,000 OPM.
  • It has a rubber over-mold in all of the critical areas of the sander to reduce user fatigue.
  • Improved dust collection that interfaces with our vacuum locking system.
  • To attach dust port to other vacs with 1 1/4″ hoses use WV9000 universal quick connector.
  • Includes: Sander, Dust Bag, Owners Card, Carrying Case (bag).
  • 3. Comotomo Silicone Replacement Nipple, Variable Flow, Y-Cut (thicker Fluids), 2

    Naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples that are ideal for breastfed babies

    By :- Comotomo

  • The world continues to change right before our eyes.
  • We proudly introduce ComotomoTM Replacement Nipples.
  • Each pack comes with 2 silicone nipples designed to most closely mimic natural breastfeeding.
  • Each replacement nipple also has two truly innovative vents that are built in to prevent colic, while totally eliminating leaking issues.
  • Inspiring products are born only when we think with a mother’s heart & experience through a baby’s eyes.
  • Comotomo Nipple Packs are replacements specifically designed for Comotomo Baby Bottles.
  • Our naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle feeding.
  • But why is it that baby bottles are the same old unflattering tools? After all, isn’t the baby bottle one of the first objects that your baby experiences through all five senses? Why should mothers have to worry about toxic plastic & colic-inducing design for something so basic & important? We found no good reason & decided to challenge the status quo.

    ComotomoTM Replacement Nipples grow with your baby, and are available separately in 4 stages: truly Slow Flow (1 Hole) for ages birth-3 months, Medium Flow (2 Hole) for ages 3-6 months, Fast Flow (3 Hole) for ages 6+ months, and Variable Flow (Y-Cut) for ages 6+ months (thicker fluids).

    Easy Feedings, Happy Baby: – Naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples – ideal for breastfed babies – Designed to eliminate nipple confusion issues – Dual anti-colic vents prevent unwanted air intake and reduce colic – ComotomoTM replacement Nipples grow with your baby Easy to Clean: – Safe in microwave, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilizers Safe Feeding: – Made of 100% safe, hygienic silicone.

    4. WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

    Infinitely variable speed ranges from 580-3200 RPMS. Mechanical variable speed delivers equal torque throughout the range. LED read out displays speed.

    By :- WEN

  • Remember when power tools were actually powerful? WEN’s 12-inch swing, variable speed drill press with laser centering device, is a powerhouse for your shop.
  • This bench-top, cast iron drill press has the power to drill through metal, wood and other materials.
  • The variable speed feature allows you to target in the exact speed (infinitely from 580-3200 RPM) that works for your project.
  • No pulleys and belts to change! Our design uses a mechanical variable speed which allows for the same power and torque through the entire speed range.
  • Constructed with a rigid frame consisting of cast iron: head, table, and base, ensures accurate holes.
  • The 5/8” chuck with MT2 spindle taper gives you versatility with a variety of bits and features on-board chuck key storage, so you never have to hunt around for it.
  • Base has predrilled holes for mounting onto a bench or work stand.
  • The X-pattern laser locks-on to your drill points saving on guesswork and sparing expensive materials.
  • Since 1951, WEN has proudly produced innovative powered tools focused on value delivering meaningful features that will help you complete and enjoy the work as much as the project.
  • Packed with features that you’ll find in larger more industrial type drill presses.
  • Max drill capacity is 5/8” in 1” thick cast iron.
  • While you are working you simply move a lever and adjust the speed as needed.
  • A digital readout powered by LED’s displays the running speed.
  • Its powerful induction motor features ball bearings for an extended life and it all comes together with smooth and balanced performance even at high speeds.
  • Worktable bevels 45° left and right for those tricky operations for the perfect right angles consistently.
  • Slotted table allows for mounting clamps and vises for effective mounting.
  • A versatile and valuable tool for any shop especially when you expand its range of use with optional accessories such as mortising attachments, drum sanders, circle cutters, etc.
  • Remember when you could drill with laser precision? Remember WEN.
  • 5. WEN 4280 5 Amp 8″ Variable Speed Bench Grinder With Work Light

    5-amp variable speed motor goes anywhere from 2000 to 3400 RPM

    By :- WEN

  • Compact yet powerful, the WEN 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder provides reliability even in the face of the most difficult tasks.
  • With our quiet 5-amp motor, expect quick startups and smooth performance.
  • The faster speeds are ideal for deburring unwanted material and rust removal while the lower speeds help achieve a precise sharp edge to knives and tools.
  • The included eye guards can adjust to prevent them from interfering with your project while the flexible work light helps to illuminate your grinding for an increase in accuracy and precision.
  • Remember when your blades could actually cut through something? Remember WEN.
  • These machines allow for simple resuscitation of dull blades, scissors, screwdrivers, and more.
  • Our package includes two 8-inch by 1-inch wheels: an 80-grit wheel for material removal and general purpose grinding and a coarse 36-grit wheel for faster material removal.
  • Change the variable speed anywhere from 2000 to 3400 RPM with the simple turn of a knob.
  • Built with you in mind, our design makes wheel guard removal as simple as possible for easy wheel changes.
  • And because its a WEN product, your 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder comes backed by a two year warranty, a nationwide network of skilled service technicians and a friendly customer phone line.
  • The WEN 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder with Work Light revives all of your tools back to their sharp original state.
  • Remember when you spent all that money replacing dull rusty tools? From deburring ragged edges to cleaning objects to sharpening blades, the WEN 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder with Work Light is the ideal companion for any workshop.

    6. Variable Star (Tor Science Fiction)

    By :-

  • A never-before-published masterpiece from science fiction’s greatest writer, rediscovered after more than half a century.
  • And when she finally agreed to marry him, he felt like the luckiest man in the universe.
  • She told him that her name wasn’t really Jinny Hamilton—it was Jinny Conrad, and she was the granddaughter of Richard Conrad, the wealthiest man in the solar system.
  • To Jinny’s surprise, and even his own, he turned down her generous offer and then set off on the mother of all benders.
  • When Joel Johnston first met Jinny Hamilton, it seemed like a dream come true.
  • His only goal in life was to become a composer, and he knew it would take years before he was earning enough to support a family.
  • And when Joel asked her what they were going to do for money, she gave him a most unexpected answer.
  • And woke up on a colony ship heading out into space, torn between regret over his rash decision and his determination to forget Jinny and make a life for himself among the stars.
  • At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
  • And now that she was sure that Joel loved her for herself, not for her wealth, she revealed her family’s plans for him—he would be groomed for a place in the vast Conrad empire and sire a dynasty to carry on the family business.

    He was on his way to succeeding when his plans–and the plans of billions of others–were shattered by a cosmic cataclysm so devastating it would take all of humanity’s strength and ingenuity just to survive.

    7. Variable Annuity Pros & Cons (60 Minute Financial Solutions Book 2)

    By :-

  • • The 10 essential features of variable annuities and how they’re commonly misrepresented (reveals their real worth).
  • • 3 key characteristics of variable annuities that could make or break your investment decision.
  • • The 5 situations where variable annuities make sense–and why all other investors should avoid them.
  • • 3 things you can do if you already bought a variable annuity–but wish you had not.
  • In one evening you’ll understand:• The critical differences between variable annuities and fixed annuities.
  • • A 17-question, step-by-step guide that simplifies your investment decision.
  • • 14 questions that could indicate you’re a victim of variable annuity sales fraud (and what you should do about it).
  • This is the information your variable annuity salesman doesn’t want you to know!Discover how to simplify these complex investments to just the essential principles so you can make an independent, intelligent investment decision.

    Don’t trust the salesman! Get an unbiased, insider view in this handy consumer’s guide that simplifies these incredibly complex investments into words you can understand so that you can make a smart investment decision.

    8. Why Variable Annuities Don’t Work The Way You Think: Hidden Dangers That Can

    By :-

  • Annuity salespeople certainly know how to deliver a persuasive sales pitch.
  • Our viewpoint is unique and quite frankly, goes against the industry grain.
  • And you will discover better ways to invest that will put you in control of your financial future and get you ahead of the game in the long haul.
  • I am not trying to present a balanced discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of variable annuities.
  • IF you choose to buy a variable annuity you should do so knowing all of the facts and, more importantly, the implications of those facts.
  • In this book, I will go into great detail explaining:1.
  • Alternatives and Better ChoicesFrom start to finish, you should be able to digest the following information in an hour or less.
  • Contrary to what some other advisors might believe, an informed investor is in the best interest of everyone.
  • One of the most highly touted benefits of variable annuities these days is the Living Benefit Rider that guarantees a lifetime income stream.
  • If you have been pitched a variable annuity and are particularly attracted to it because of this benefit then you can skip straight to my discussion of it on page 8.
  • But this report is designed to give you the other side of the variable annuity story.
  • Granted, many respected advisors firmly believe that variable annuities are good for consumers.
  • In the end, only you can decide what is best for your situation.
  • Once you’ve read this book, you will no longer be an easy mark for commission-hungry advisors.
  • Let me tell you right up-front that this book is biased.
  • My purpose in this book is to provide a contra-argument to the presentations you’ve likely already heard for these products by the financial services industry.
  • I do not like variable annuities and have not recommended them to a client for years.
  • Congratulations on taking the first step to protecting your retirement lifestyle: research and education.
  • These are often accompanied by a provision that most investors believe guarantees they will earn at least 6% or 7%.
  • You’ll quickly learn that the way you think it works may be considerably different from the way it actually does.
  • But if you don’t know all the facts, how can you make an informed decision?I’m going to give you facts you can’t readily find anywhere else, certainly not from the advisors that sell variable annuities.

    9. Variable Annuities

    By :-

  • Variable Annuities will provide an overview of all the relevant aspects of Variable Annuities (VA) products from an insurers perspective.
  • The market is of huge interest for US, European and Japanese insurers.
  • Some of these life insurance products are aimed at providing investment possibilities, such as with-profits endowments and annuity products.
  • All these problems can be addressed with so-called unit linked products at the expense of not providing investment guarantees any more.
  • While these products clearly address the issues mentioned above they typically do not provide any investment guarantees any more.
  • These products are new to Europe, except in some locations, where they have been widespread, e.
  • , Switzerland, and have generated a lot of interest as they can address the weaknesses of the traditional life products.
  • It will be a collection of contributions from several authors, co-ordinated in such a way that it covers all relevant areas with minimal overlap and a consistent level of detail.
  • For several hundred years, the insurance industry has offered a tremendous variety of life insurance products.
  • These products typically provide substantial investment guarantees, which is one of their main advantages, along with tax privileges and the fact that the assets are managed prudently.
  • The obvious step now is to build investment guarantees into unit-linked products this is what Variable Annuities provide.
  • New sales volumes are encouraging and we can witness the creation of a new product class, after the unit-linked products have entered the European market some decennia ago.
  • The success of these products can be traced back to the fact that together with the distribution model, directly approaching potential customers, these products are ideal for the clients that are either less sophisticated in planning for their retirement, or do not want to invest efforts in this planning or have avoided to address this topic at all.

    But there are some clear disadvantages, which may not be relevant to all, but to some customers and the forces of competition lead companies to develop new products, which addressed these disadvantages, which are: The opaqueness of the investment process The lack of customer-control over the investment process The not sufficient profit sharing of returns above the investment guarantee and the opaqueness of this profit sharing mechanism Over time it has become apparent that there is an additional disadvantage from a company perspective, which is the substantial required risk capital these products generate due to the guarantees they provide.

    Unit-linked products invest the savings part of the premiums of the policyholder transparently in investment vehicles, mostly internal or external funds and let the policyholder participate fully in the investment returns of these funds the upside as well as the downside.

    Variable Annuities combine the advantages of traditional life insurance products long term investment guarantees, with the advantages of unit-linked products transparency of the investment and full upside participation.

    This of course comes with a price: The policyholder has to pay a premium for the additional investment guarantee The shareholder has to manage the substantial risks generated by such products Nevertheless these products have had a tremendous success in the US and in the past few years we have seen these products being offered in the European markets.

    This book will cover: * History of the VA market * Current VA market environment in North America, Europe, Australasia * Valuation of VA contracts * Risks and Risk Management of VAs * An analyst and rating agency s view of a VA writer * Insurance regulations governing VAs * Liquidity in global derivatives markets * Effectiveness of hedging programs during the market turm.

    10. Guaranteed Income For Life: How Variable Annuities Can Cut Your Taxes, Pay You

    By :-

  • “One thing is for certain: Variable annuities have become a part of the investment landscape and show no signs of going away.
  • The investing public’s love of variable annuities has soared so high that The Wall Street Journal started a weekly column on annuities, “Annuity Watch.
  • Variable annuities give investors the opportunity to receive money every year of their life, no matter how long they live.
  • Guaranteed Income for Life explains the benefits of variable annuities.
  • this informative book: Shows specific ways that variable annuities can help investors achieve lifelong financial security; Proves how variable annuities are in many ways superior to more commonly understood mutual funds; Explains the different types of annuities, with tips on how investors can pick the best product for their unique situations.

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