Top 10 Best valet tray 2019

So you have decided to Buy valet tray and you are looking for the valet tray to use?

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What if I tell you that choosing the perfect valet tray should not be so confusing?

Even though there are a lot of valet tray out there on the market?

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Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these valet tray!

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Best valet tray 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 valet tray

1. PU Leather Desktop Storage Organizer, Catchall Tray, Valet Tray, Nightstand Or

Multipurpose tray, make your life easy meanwhile enhancing the decoration.

By :- Ms.Box

  • Box pu leather desk storage organizer is presented by professional design team based on high standard manufacturing, product quality is well guaranteed.
  • Benefits and highlights ORGANIZE IN STYLE: This cosmetics organizer is perfect for neatly arranging your perfumes, jewelry, make up and more on your dresser and vanity for quick access.
  • This multi-use tray was designed with purpose for simplicity, elegance, and utility.
  • 8 inches Use: Storage and decoration Package : 1 x decorative vanity tray .
  • Box is a professional home&office product supplier, focuses on supplying all kinds of stylish and attractive products to help improve your life and working efficiency.
  • Worry-free Warranty: 12 months worry-free product guarantee for every purchase from Ms.
  • Box Material: High quality PU Leather Color: Brown Size: 10.
  • 2. HOUNDSBAY “Victory Valet Tray For Men With Large Smartphone Charging Station

    6 Specially Designed Compartments to organize your daily life


  • We created the HoundsBay Big Valet Tray as a way to organize our daily items.
  • The answer is this Big Valet Tray specifically designed with the following 6 compartments: The large compartment on the left is perfect for pens, sunglasses, watches, or a small shoe horn.
  • The middle rectangular compartment is for a wallet or credit cards.
  • In the front catch-all you can throw in coins and keys.
  • We are proud of this valet tray’s quality, as we built it with a heavy base, felt bottom, leatherette exterior, and faux suede interior.
  • Many men that wear a few items of jewelry also use this as a jewelry tray.
  • After researching other valet trays and mens jewelry trays, we realized consumers wanted a larger tray, particularly one that can hold very large smartphones.
  • The lid-covered compartment in the back is perfect for a watch, membership cards, coupons, cash, or receipts.
  • The square compartment is great for rings or cufflinks.
  • And the giant compartment on the right is for dropping in a smartphone, which can be charged from the top or bottom via the dual charging notches in the sides.
  • This valet tray makes a great gift because everyone has a place in their home where they need to organize their daily items, and almost everyone’s smartphone will fit in it.
  • 3. SPSHENG Valet Tray Jewelry Organizer,PU Leather Watch Box Coin Change Key Tray

    Large Valet Tray-Made of PU leather with velvet,lightweight and easy to clean.

    By :- SPSHENG

  • Stop scattering your pocket change and keys all over the house.
  • Less stress, less frustration, items organized in SPSHENG valet tray Highlights 1.
  • Make You Organized-You can empty your pockets right into this men valet box.
  • It’s perfect for home or in the office, even for travel.
  • Easy Collection – When it’s not put together it is super flat and easy to store in a drawer, luggage etc.
  • Save Your Time-When you go to company for work at the begain of the day,spend less time searching for your keys, cellphone,wallet in this nightstand organizer.
  • It organize your jewelry, key, coin, watch, phone, and EDCs on it to keep them all in one spot.
  • SPSHENG PU leather valet tray is easier to keep track of your EDC and watch how much more organized your life becomes.
  • 4. HOUNDSBAY Admiral Dresser Valet Box & Mens Jewelry Box Organizer With Large

    THE “ADMIRAL” IS THE ULTIMATE DRESSER VALET BOX – Patented by HOUNDSBAY, this classic organizer box combines an oversize charging station, catchall tray, compartment lid and accessory watch drawer all in one.


  • We engineered the HoundsBay “Admiral” Big Dresser Valet Box to accomplish 2 things: 1.
  • The bottom drawer slots are 60mm across, which makes them wide enough to hold the popular Large Face Oversize Watches that men wear today.
  • The drawer slots also go all the way back, creating nice hiding place.
  • It consists of a Coin & Key Catchall, a Gigantic Smartphone Area with notches for a charging cord, and an Elevated Lid that reveals 4 suede-lined compartments.
  • Every one of these Valet Boxes is Hand-Crafted with High Quality Materials and inspected.
  • Spaciously Store a man’s watches and jewelry underneath.
  • Keep a man’s everyday carry items organized on top.
  • They are Deep from top to bottom so the watches will not scrape when shutting the drawer.
  • These compartments can hold just about anything: wallet, money, receipts, credit cards, rings, cufflinks, pens, glasses, sunglasses, pocketknife, money clip, etc.
  • We are confident that this is the best Jewelry Organizer Dresser Valet Box for Men on the market today.
  • 5. HOUNDSBAY Navigator Big Dresser Valet Tray For Men With Watch Box Jewelry

    FRONT AND CENTER Angled-Up Smartphone Ramp with a Charging Notch; This makes it easy to view phone notifications while your phone rests in the tray and charges


  • But when we get home from a hard day, we do need a place to throw our Every Day Carry (EDC) items, and we need somewhere to store our few watches, rings, and cufflinks.
  • And a Big, Angled Smartphone Charging Station, Front and Center.
  • So gather your watches, rings, cufflinks, pens, sunglasses, wallet, and pocketknife, and get them into this fine, handcrafted, work of genius.
  • This HoundsBay “Navigator” Valet Tray is the answer.
  • This way you can see all those important notifications as you walk by.
  • We are confident that this is the best Valet Tray/Jewelry Organizer Combo for Men on the market today.
  • 6. JackCubeDesign Multi-Functional Night Stand Black Leather Jewelry Box Catch All

    EXCELLENT QUALITY CARBON STYLE LEATHER – High quality black carbon design finished synthetic leather outside and velvet finished inside

    By :- JackCubeDesign

  • Unique, attractive and fashionable design to add for the home.
  • Do you have important stuffs to organize? And are you looking for the perfect organizer for next to bed, dressing table, makeup room and home?Then, here is perfect one which is JackCubeDesign Multi-Functional Night Stand Black Leather Jewelry Box Catch All Valet Tray Organizer Storage Case Tray with Drawer and Charging Hole(Black, 11 x 10.

    EXCELLENT QUALITY CARBON STYLE LEATHERHigh quality black carbon design finished synthetic leather outside and velvet finished insideENOUGH STORAGE FOR VARIOUS STUFFS5 Compartment for upper place with cover for eyeglasses with charging hole for smartphone and tablet, 4 Compartments for lower place with a drawer to store jewelry, watches, bracelet and etc.

    Makes a great gift for any occasionCHARGING HOLE AND DRAWERCharging hole to charge very comfortably for smart phones and any tablet and under drawer to protect your valuable stuffs and display visiblySIZE11 x 10.

    7. Alta Andina Leather Valet Tray/Catchall | Full Grain, Vegetable Tanned Leather

    HANDMADE: Rustic copper rivets hammered by hand. Hand burnished edges with natural beeswax. Our handcrafted products make great gifts.

    By :- Alta Andina

  • Our products are crafted by hand, using only full grain, vegetable tanned leather.
  • We operate within a local Andean supply chain, sourcing and manufacturing everything in the Andes of South America.
  • We use a thicker, higher quality and longer lasting thread.
  • The grain is the outermost protective layer of the hide, where leather gets all its strength and longevity.
  • We never use chromium, a toxic, heavy metal used to make 90% of the world’s leather.
  • Natural Aniline Dyes: Our Miel and Café colors come from natural aniline dyes, we never use paint or synthetic finishes on our leather.
  • The term genuine leather is used to differentiate bonded leather from PU leather, or polyurethane.
  • Bonded leather is made up of leather scraps that are mixed with chemicals and plastics to produce “leather.
  • “Learn more about Alta Andina’s environmental and social impact in detail at our website.
  • Alta Andina crafts high-quality products using natural and recycled materials.
  • Full Grain: The highest quality, longest lasting leather on the market.
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather: Our vegetable tanned leather is made using Quebracho and Mimosa, which are natural tannins that come from trees native to South America.
  • Since our leather is 100% natural, it is safer for the environment, leatherworkers, and you.
  • We don’t call our leather “genuine leather” – why not?Genuine leather is one of those misleading marketing terms used to make bottom of the barrel leather sound high quality.
  • Polyurethane contains no actual leather, it’s plastic.
  • ” Saying genuine leather is real leather is like claiming fast food burgers are “100% real beef.
  • Our vision is to shift consumer demand and industry standards toward responsibly sourced and manufactured products while conserving the environment, traditions, and heritage of the AndesHand Stitched: Every seam is stitched by hand.

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