Top 10 Best vacation rental sites 2019

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Best vacation rental sites 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 vacation rental sites

1. Vacation Rental Success (Vacation Rental Success Series Book 1)

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  • Joel is a seasoned guide who is ready and willing to show you the way”, – Brian Sharples, CEO and co-founder of HomeAway, Inc.
  • Joel will help you get in on the ground floor of an industry that is growing exponentially every year.
  • This first book in the Vacation Rental Success series shows you everything you need to know to go ‘From Start to Profit’.
  • Vacation Rental Success is the definitive handbook for those who are considering short-term property rentals either as an additional source of income, or the platform to redesign your lifestyle.
  • Converting residential property to vacation rentals is the great secret to creating real estate wealth, and you can learn how! Short term rentals can profoundly change the math of real estate investing, and author and successful owner Joel Rasmussen will show you the way.

    As the President and founder of one of North American’s largest vacation rental owners associations, Rasmussen has seen the best and worst practices first hand, and condenses that knowledge into a no-nonsense book “packed with advice from some of the smartest people in our industry.

    2. The Vacation Rental Goldmine: How To Maximize Your Rental Income With Great

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  • “Are you getting the maximum income from your vacation rental property?” The Vacation Rental Goldmine Book gives you everything you need to get every dollar possible from your vacation home.
  • The Vacation Rental Goldmine leads you step by step to get the most profit from your property.
  • The keys to this system are great guest experience and detailed instructions on how to make it happen.
  • The Goldmine System starts with the guest and works backwards through everything, from shopping for a vacation rental to post vacation communication.
  • A full rental calendar of returning guests coupled with effective marketing will increase your bookings, rates and income.
  • Get every dollar from your vacation rental by putting the Vacation Rental Goldmine Book and System to work for you today!.
  • Whether you are experienced or new to vacation rentals by owner, these strategies can make big impact with the profitability of your vacation rental business.
  • These strategies can put thousands more in your pocket by truly making your vacation home stand out from the competition.
  • Most Vacation Rental books cover concepts and leave the reader to figure out what to do and how.
  • The author walks you through instructions and tips to create great guest experiences.
  • The Vacation Rental Goldmine includes: • Creating your vacation rental Marketing Plan • Pricing your vacation rental right • Creating an exceptional listing • Designing and building a great vacation rental website • Building the best guest experiences • Finding the right local team to care for guests • Tracking and using data to drive financial decisions • Communicating and connecting with your guests This book can make the difference between mediocre rental income and runaway vacation rental success.

    3. Vacation Rental Planner And 2019 Tax Organizer: Includes Easy To Use Monthly

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  • It offers complete management and bookkeeping with monthly calendar system for your vacation rental business including tracking income/expenses and tax preparation.
  • With over thirty years of experience in the financial and real estate industries, Marie continues to assist other property owners.
  • This All-in-One organizer is specifically designed to streamline the rental process between owner and renter.
  • And, so compact, it’s always available at your finger tips.
  • Questions? Marie can be contacted through her website, HowToRentVacationHomes.
  • Are you a newbie to the vacation rental business? Are you wondering how to track your income & expenses easily? And, how to know what’s tax deductible? This book will walk you through the process from receiving inquiries, to bookings, to tracking income & expenses.

    4. The Definitive Study Of Vacation Rentals: Leaves No Stone Unturned…

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  • I’ve spent the better part of the last 2 ½ years completing “The Definitive Study of Vacation Rentals”; written after 30 years of serving guests.
  • Hardrock Condo Hotel, San Diego) I was hired by Hardrock to testify about what would be considered a fair distribution to unit owners.
  • I presenting typical financial statements that allow condo-hotels to earn a fair profit and while paying distributions of 44%-45% to “homeowners”.
  • The vacation rental and condo-hotel business models are virtually the same.
  • I also provide an analysis on tools available that can help you streamline your operations.
  • Driving revenue through channels that each have a different cost allows you to optimize your profitability.
  • I provide a comprehensive review of how to achieve success in managing revenues.
  • Key Performance Indicator driven tracking is key to success.
  • org by entering my name in the search prompt “Richard B Evans”.
  • I dare humbly say that this is “the Definitive Study of Vacation Rentals” and leaves no stone unturned.
  • I provide a document that all vacation rental companies can use to create this important contract between you and your staff.
  • As an expert witness in the landmark case (Unit Owners vs.
  • As is known, without having to purchase condo-hotel “space” vacation rental company owners can distribute 65%-75%.
  • The book provides excel worksheets that allow vacation rental companies to determine profitability before they commit to bringing new “homes” into their programs.
  • Finally, revenue management is a key ingredient in achieving success.
  • I’ve written articles over the last 8 years that have been published globally on revenue management with tens of thousands of views.
  • You can see many of these articles on hospitalitynet.
  • More importantly, I’ve been part of many successful endeavors that produced real results by following these rules, learned over decades.
  • We all know that our businesses should have an Employee Manual but time constraints and money have many push this off.
  • From essential Rental Management Agreement and Rental Agreement clauses to the step by step analysis provided toward profitability, it’s all under one cover.
  • It’s a book filled with essential contract language, checklists, real metric studies, vacation rental financial statements, labor tips and real life consequences that can trip up otherwise successful vacation rental operations.

    5. Money Making Vacation Rentals: Market And Manage Your VR For Maximum Income

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  • From purchase to guest reviews, this guide is the only one you will need for a stellar vacation rental that people will clamor to stay in.
  • Come away with VR expert Beth Carson, with input from Cranmore Cottages owner Sandra Cloer, for a fun and informative read.
  • How to Research to find a real estate bargain Decorate stylishly on the cheap Write marketing copy for best results Stage your dream home for evocative photos Manage your home for maximum income Choose the best Social Media tools Respond to a negative review and much, much more are all explored.

    6. Master Of Vacation Rentals: 10 Steps To Hosting Success Using Airbnb + Other

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  • Master of Vacation Rentals is a comprehensive and easy to read guide to become a successful and profitable vacation-rental host on Airbnb or any platform.
  • He’s here to help by breaking down the hosting process into 10 simple steps for you to succeed and profit in the new home-sharing landscape.
  • Jeff’s knowledge and experience has allowed him to perfect a technique to have his properties constantly booked and achieving 5.
  • Learn the necessary tasks and thinking to follow for you to become the next vacation-rental success story!.
  • From finding and improving a property to using design, deals, pricing, and calendar tips, Jeff shows you through true stories and examples how to achieve great reviews for profit and growth.
  • This book contains the insights you need to achieve financial rewards through satisfied guests.
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