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1. Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Gift Set

This great value set is comprised of both figures and furniture

By :- Calico Critters

  • Red Roof Country Home Gift Set, the large, red-roofed Hopscotch Rabbit Family home set, includes both figures and furniture.
  • Closing up the house creates the appearance of a wonderful home, no matter which angle you look at it from, with light spilling out through the windows making quite the sight to behold.
  • The second floor room on the left side, and the roof on the right side are removable.
  • Both Hopscotch Rabbit Girl and Hopscotch Rabbit Mother are included.
  • Connect to Red Roof Cozy Cottage to create a large, three-story house (sold separately).
  •  Red Roof Country Home Gift Set can be opened up for play at 90-degrees, 180-degrees, and any angle in between.
  • Placing this room on top of the roof, or placing the roof on top of the terrace creates a large, three-story house to play with.
  • Have fun using the furniture included to create and play with a kitchen, children’s playroom, bedroom, etc.
  • Have an even more enjoyable experience playing with additional figures, furniture, cars, etc.
  • Main Unit, Chimney Room, Large Roof, Small Roof, Stairs, Entrance Porch, Window Frame A x3, Window Frame B x2, Small Fence x3, Large Fence x5, Lamp A x2, Lamp B x1, Hopscotch Rabbit Girl, Hopscotch Rabbit Mother, Table, Dining Room Chair x4, Car, Bread Box, Basket, Coffee Maker (Top), Coffee Maker (Bottom), Toaster Oven, Pot, Pot Lid, Mixer, Mixer Lid, Hot Plate, Hot Plate Lid, Rice Cooker, Rice Cooker Lid, Place Mat x2, Plate x2, Mug x2, Cup x2, Strawberry Jam, Marmalade, Fork x2, Spoon x2, Jam Spreader, Wooden Spatula, Bread x2, Child’s Desk, Child’s Desk Chair, Pen Stand, Color Pencil x2, Piano, Piano Stool, Oven, Frying Pan, Adult Bed, Blanket (a total of 72 pieces)3.

    2. Fiddler On The Roof (30th Anniversary Edition)


    By :- EMI Music Distribution

  • ‘ Topol who repeated his starring performance as Tevye from the London stage version wasn’t as funny as Zero Mostel who created the part on Broadway but gave it more gravity.
  • (Williams won the Academy Award for musical adaptation for his trouble.
  • But the appeal of the work continued to be the wonderful songs ‘Tradition ‘ ‘Matchmaker ‘ ‘If I Were a Rich Man ‘ ‘To Life ‘ ‘Sunrise Sunset ‘ and ‘Do You Love Me.
  • Occasionally on the soundtrack he sounded so tired though that he barely got his.
  • Originally released as a double-LP set and now on one CD the gold-selling soundtrack album for the screen adaptation of the long-running Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof which became the top-grossing film of 1971 stretched out Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick’s song score with musical adaptations by conductor John Williams who used a giant orchestra and chorus that sounded like it was far bigger than the population of the little village of Anatevka.

    3. Ohuhu 21 FT Adjustable Height Twist-n-Lock Telescoping Snow Roof Rake With 6″ X

    ❄ Extendable Snow Shovel: Remove snow, wet leaves and other debris from your roof with your feet still standing safely on solid ground, so you won’t have to risk crawling on the roof and injuring yourself or having moments where the snow comes crashing down on you

    By :- Ohuhu

  • Lucky for you, the Ohuhu Telescoping Roof Rake/Snow Shovel helps you to remove the snow without having to risk your life scaling the roof.
  • What’s more, it’s designed with durability that’s also lightweight, so clearing up won’t leave your arms aching for the next few days.
  • and while real life doesn’t come with dramatic battles, our battles are with the insane build-up of snow that prevents Santa from coming ho-ho-ho-ing down our chimneys.
  • Specifications -Poly Blade: 6 x 25 inches – Maximum Length: 21 feet – Product Weight: 4.
  • Prevent the structural and water damage that results from heavy snow left on your roof all from the ground, with the telescopic design that extends up to the roof, and is easily collapsible for storage.

    4. The Roof: The Beatles’ Final Concert

    By :-

  • Ken shares in The Roof: The Beatles Final Concert, the sense that something special was taking place before his eyes that would live on forever in the hearts and souls of millions.
  • He shares his insights into the factors that brought them up onto that roof and why one of the greatest bands of all time left it all on that stage.
  • As the US manager of Apple, Ken Mansfield was on the scene in the days, weeks, and months leading up to this monumental event.
  • Join Ken as he reflects on the relationships he built with the Fab Four and the Apple corps and what each player meant to this symphony of music history.
  • HE WAS THERE! Apple Records former US manager Ken Mansfield takes a touching and comprehensive look back on one of Rock’n’Roll’s most significant events, while bringing an insider’s perspective to the days leading up to those 42 fascinating minutes of the Beatles monumental Rooftop Concert.

    There are moments in time that cause us to stop and take notice of where we were and what we were doing when they happen in order to commit the experience to memory—how it made us feel, who was there with us, why it felt important.

    There are those who were on the periphery of the event that day and heard what was going on; but as one of the few remaining insiders who accompanied the Beatles up onto the cold windswept roof of the Apple building, Ken Mansfield had a front row seat to the full sensory experience of the moment and witnessed what turned out to be beginning of the end.

    5. Rhinomed Turbine Nasal Dilator For Athletic Breathing, Medium

    Pack of 3 Medium Turbine dilators

    By :- Rhinomed Limited

  • Turbine is a soft, pliable polymer stent that dilates your nose, resulting in increased airflow to the lungs.
  • It is designed to fit comfortably inside the nose and gently open each individual nostril to allow more airflow during sport, physical exertion or focused breathing (such as yoga and meditation).
  • Once properly fitted, you will naturally experience greater breathing efficiency.
  • This improved breathing efficiency means you can use less energy to breathe during exercise, allowing you to focus this energy on other muscles.
  • Turbine comes in three different sizes, and each device has individually adjustable left and right stents to further refine the fit.
  • Turbine units can be reused approximately ten times.
  • The next-generation technology outperforms ordinary nasal strips and provides an instantly noticeable difference.
  • Turbine has been proven in clinical trials to increase air flow through nasal passages, on average, up to 38% over nasal strips.
  • Turbine not only increases the amount of air you can inhale through your nose, it reminds you to breathe in a more controlled and efficient way.
  • We recommend first buying the trial pack to help determine which size Turbine offers the best fit for you.
  • 6. Happybuy Wind Turbine Generator 400W DC 12V Businesses 3 Blade With Controller

    Rated power: 400W; battery voltage: DC12; controller: 20A Hybrid charge controller

    By :- Happybuy

  • The 400W wind Turbine is durable, low maintenance the wind Turbine is incredibly easy to set up, very quiet, highly efficient.
  • 2M(4′) rated speed: 800R/min[rpm] Tower diameter >80 mm(3.
  • Its DIY set-up instructions & with all the materials needed provided for, you will be able to set the wind Turbine up in no time at all.
  • 5M/s(35’/S)# of blades: 3 material of wind leaf: carbon fiber compositerotor diameter: 1.
  • 400W Hybrid wind Turbine generator 20A Hybrid charger controller home powerIntroductionThe 12V DC 400W wind Turbine is our economy level wind Turbine, made specifically for off-grid residential use in mind.

    This is the model for you, & the most versatile option for homes, businesses, & industrial energy supplementation! Specificationsrated power: 400W rated voltage: dc27-54v battery voltage: DC12/24V start-up wind speed; 2.

    5M-10m(15-33′) battery capacity: 200ah-400ah product life: 15 years Features Made for both land & marine permanent magnet synchronous wind TurbineEasy DIY installation Methods with all materials provided integrated automatic braking system to protect from sudden & high wind speed package includes1 x wind Turbine 1 x controller 12V/24v(only wind) 3 x blades 1 x nose cone 1 x instruction manual 1 x set screws & nuts.

    7. 4M 3018 Wind Turbine Science Kit

    With 4M’s Wind Turbine Kit, you can harness the power of wind and convert it into electricity by building your own turbine.

    By :- 4M

  • Toy smith’s mission is to supply quality toys and gifts while delivering superior customer service with the core belief that children learn through play.
  • Watch the Wind Turbine capture the wind’s energy and turn it into light.
  • When completely assembled, the blade has a span of 13.
  • The Wind Turbine Kit from Toy smith requires an empty two-liter soda bottle and a small Phillips head screwdriver (not included.
  • With Toy smith’s Wind Turbine Kit, you can harness the power of wind and convert it into electricity by building your own turbine.
  • This kit will teach you how this vital renewable-energy technology works in a fun, recreational way.
  • ) This item is recommended for ages eight years and up.
  • 8. The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual

    Valuable collection of material for transitioning to turbine aircraft

    By :- Brand: Aviation Supplies Academics, Inc.

  • The book is like an operations manual for these complex aircraft, detailing pilot operations that include preflight, normal, emergency, IFR, and fueling procedures.
  • It addresses high-speed aerodynamics, coordinating multipilot crews, wake turbulence, and navigating in high-altitude weather.
  • Designed for the pilot of piston-engine aircraft who is preparing for turbine ground school, the transitioning military pilot studying for that first corporate or airline interview, or even the old pro brushing up on turbine aircraft operations, this manual covers all the basics, clearly explaining the differences between turbine aircraft and their piston-engine counterparts.

    Readers will be introduced to flight dispatch; state-of-the-art cockpit instrumentation, including the flight management system (FMS) and the head-up guidance system (HGS or HUD); and the operating principles of hazard avoidance systems, including weather radar, lightning detectors, and the ground proximity warning system (GPWS).

    Updated to reflect the newest Federal Aviation Administration regulations and procedures, this new edition also includes a glossary of airline and corporate aviation terminology, handy turbine pilot rules of thumb, and a comprehensive turbine aircraft “Spotter’s Guide.

    9. Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise And Fall Of Detroit’s Coolest Creation

    By :-

  • The reasons behind the surprising end to the jet car fleet are finally explained here.
  • Despite the fleet’s amazing performance over millions of miles by test drivers, Chrysler pulled the plug on the project and crushed almost all of the cars.
  • Offering a behind-the-scenes look into the world of automotive research and development in the 1960s, this engaging narrative traces the birth of Chrysler’s alternative “jet” car and reveals the story behind its sudden and mysterious demise.

    Relying on extensive research and firsthand accounts from surviving members of the turbine car program—including the metallurgist who created the exotic metals for the engine and the test driver who drove it at Chrysler’s proving grounds—this chronicle documents the bold development of an automobile with a jet turbine engine.

    In addition to running well on virtually any flammable liquid—including kerosene, vodka, heating oil, and Chanel N°5 perfume—the pioneering engines had one fifth the number of moving parts and required less maintenance than conventional engines.

    10. Tintart Performance Replacement Lenses For Oakley Turbine Sunglass Polarized

    PERFECTLY fits for Oakley Turbine sunglass

    By :- Tintart

  • Here is only one goal in our mind, to manufacture the best replacement lenses in the universe.
  • All Tintart™ lenses provide exclusive optimized tint view to enhanced visual clarity, and made out of highest grade of lens material with Resist SeaWater corrosion & Oil Repel capability.
  • Go ahead & get the most suitable lenses now, your sunglasses will be instantly refreshed as new with Tintart™ lenses, you are making the safest & best choice to protect your vision.
  • Has been leading the replacement lenses industry for many years, Tintart Optics owns number of exclusive technologies & patents.
  • Lenses are precisely cut and manufactured by our high-tech automated production lines to fit perfectly into your frames.
  • KEY FEATURES [COMPATIBLE] Guarantee to fit your Oakley Turbine sunglasses [COATINGS] Performance: Scratch Resistance, Seawater Resistance, Oil Repel, Anti-dust & Reduces fog [VIEW TINT] Tintart exclusive optimized view [POLARIZATION] Polarized [PROTECTION] 100% UVA/B/C protection [TECHNOLOGIES] ‘PLAY ON THE BEACH’ design with new Tintart™ anti-corrosion technology [ANTI-GLARE] Polarized lenses improves contrast, increase clarity & eliminate glare [IMPACT RESISTANT] Exceeds ANSI Z80.

    3, ISO 12312-1:2013 & AS/NZS 1067:2003 standards [HANLDING] Shipped within 1 business day [MANUFACTURER] Tintart Optics (This is not an Oakley Product) [PLEASE NOTE] Purchase does not include frame Truly & Seriously: Tintart™ lenses are truly anti-corrosion coated and 5 times more SeaWater resistant than other traditional lenses, ‘OPEN .

    11. Ridge Vent 13.7inx4ft Ii


    By :- GAF Materials

  • Helps resist snow infiltration in harsh winter climates.
  • Minimize peeling and extend the life of exterior and interior paint.
  • Allows heat/condensation to escape at most effective location.
  • Flexible 3-point hinge for installation on 3:12 to 16:12 sloped roofs.
  • Quick alignment, special tabs for easy, reliable connection.
  • “EasyTear” feature allows product to be hand-torn in 3″ increments.
  • External baffles help deflect wind/rain, no end caps needed.
  • Energy-efficient, crush-resistant, with internal structural support for added durability.
  • 40′ replaces 18 conventional or ten 12″ turbine roof vents.
  • Edge overhang allows smooth, continuous coverage between sections.
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