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1. Resistance Straps Trainer Bundle | Complete BodyWeight Training Straps Kit +

✔ COMPLETE BODYWEIGHT TRAINING KIT: We always like to offer MORE. So right now, besides the Basic Resistance Straps Trainer Kit that includes: 2 x Resistance Straps, 1 x Door Anchor, 1 x Extender Strap, 1 x Drawstring Bag, 1 x Exercise Book & Get Started Guide, we ALSO offer you a strong & durable WALL MOUNT BRACKET ceiling anchor (Sold at $ 14.84) + 3 RESISTANCE LOOP BANDS (Sold at $ 12.87). The offer is limited.

By :- QonQuill

QONQUILL RESISTANCE STRAPS TRAINER ➤ START BUILDING YOUR DREAM BODY IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Package Includes: ● 2 x Adjustable Resistance Straps● 1 x Door Anchor● 1 x Extension Strap● 1 x Drawstring Bag● 1 x Exercise Book & Get Started Guide● 3 x Resistance Loop Bands – 100% natural latex● 1 x Wall Mount Bracket with 2 Pairs of ScrewsBenefits: ● Suspension Training System is using your body weight and gravity to tone your entire body● Exercising 15 minutes a day will help you burn fat, building a healthy body for an active lifestyle● Builds up strength in the core area, which makes you more stable and powerful during other exercises● Sculpt and tone your abs, arms, legs, upper body, shoulders, chest, back & butt● Improves your yoga stretching, increase balance and helps you warm up properly for exercisesFeatures: ● Five anchoring solutions are all the resistance you need for a variety of total body exercises● Hanging Suspension Straps are build from high quality nylon and premium webbing● Lightweight & Portable, when added in the drawstring bag, becomes an ideal equipment for travel● COLORED LOOP BANDS included are made of 100% natural latex, are odor free, each having different strength● WALL MOUNT anchor included is made from durable cold rolled steel and can be attached to wood or concreteTips for using: ● Use the GET STARTED GUIDE included, to see how to install all anchoring solution correctly● The length of bodyweight trainer can be adjusted for different types of exercises● Based on your body’s position you can increase or decrease the exercise difficulty● Always apply equal pressure to both handles of the training straps● Use the workout EXERCISE BOOKLET for a complete training program.

2. TRX PRO Suspension Trainer System: Highest Quality Design & Durability| Includes

TESTED BY THE BEST – TRX’s PRO3 Suspension Trainer System helps you create intense full-body workouts anytime, anywhere! The Pro3 System is used by Professional Trainers, Pro Athletes, Olympians and Fitness Pros worldwide.

By :- TRX

  • Train the entire body by combining variable-resistance bodyweight training and elements of instability with movement.
  • , the Suspension Trainer requires minimal storage space and can easily set up anywhere.
  • The TRX PRO 3 Suspension Trainer is our strongest, most secure Suspension Trainer with durable, easy to clean rubber handles, a locking carabineer to deter theft and three different types of anchors for maximum versatility.

    Challenge yourself and others with our pro trainer developed eight-week workout program, five body-part specific digital workouts, one 30-minute total body digital workout and two bonus workout videos! This may be the best, and last, piece of fitness equipment you’ll ever use.

    3. Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Trainer Kit With Pro Straps For Door, Pull Up Bar

    PREMIUM WORKOUT PRO STRAPS the Fitness Bodyweight Resistance Trainer lets you use your bodyweight with the natural force of gravity. You get exceptional workout for a much stronger core.


  • PUSH YOURSELF TO THE LIMIT to build impressive core strength.
  • We also offer reinforced foot cradles that feel comfortable on your feet and evenly distribute force so your feet don’t get sore.
  • The light weight means you can place this kit in the included black carry bag and take with you to work, to the gym, to the park, or anywhere you want an invigorating workout.
  • We believe you can lose weight, get trim, build impressive endurance, and greatly improve flexibility.
  • We back our products with an iron clad lifetime warranty.
  • You get impressive design and the very finest materials and standards.
  • You use the weight of your body with leveraged gravity for a truly solid workout that rivals what is possible in any expensive gym.
  • Simply use the integrated door anchors to attach to a door or other solid, stable structure.
  • COMPLETE OWNERS MANUAL teaches you how to set up and use this kit.
  • Every thing required for an outstanding series of workouts is included in this lean, light set.
  • THE INTENT SPORTS BELIEF is you can build a stronger body with improved wellness when we provide you with the very finest superior workout equipment.
  • These results happen faster and at lower cost when you can achieve professional workouts from home in your available time.
  • You can recommend our products to friends, family, and co-workers with the full confidence they will be getting our famous quality.
  • 4. TRX Training – TRX Ultimate Pull Up/Dip Trainer

    THE ULTIMATE BODY WEIGHT TRAINING AND CROSSFIT COMPANION: Whether you’re just starting out in the Cross Fit world or you crush WODs regularly, the TRX Ultimate Pull Up/Dip Trainer will take your workout to the next level! This specially-developed Training

    By :- TRX

  • Looking to master pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups? The TRX Ultimate Pull Up/Dip Trainer is the training tool you need — co-created with MobilityWOD founder and best-selling Supple Leopard author, Dr.
  • Take your workout to the next level with this state of the art trainer that has been shown to be a safe and powerful alternative to gymnastic rings.
  • Gymnastic rings have been utilized for hundreds of years and are a staple in crossfit boxes and programs.
  • The straight handle design also helps to ensure wrist safety while allowing for full body-weight loading, and offer comfortable, strong grip.
  • The macro-adjustability of its patent-pending infinity anchors and micro-adjustability of the mobile grips makes anchoring and changing positions for a broad range of exercises safe, fast and easy.
  • Get the most out of your cross-fit training with the Ultimate Pull Up/Dip Trainer from TRX.
  • Kelly Starrett, and used by three-time CrossFit Games competitor Kari Pearce.
  • The TRX Ultimate Pull Up/Dip Trainer’s easy-adjust straps, Infinity Anchors, and Mobile Grips provide seamless transitions into mobility, strength and core exercises for maximum results.
  • The TRX Ultimate Pull Up/Dip Trainer takes the best of Gymnastic Rings and has straight handles that are ergonomically-correct and easier to use.
  • This versatility also allows for training in different locations – indoors, outdoors, and on uneven surfaces – building on the TRX tradition of training anywhere, anytime.
  • The TRX Ultimate Pull Up/Dip Trainer broadens the accessibility and exercise possibilities for athletes of all abilities with handles perfect for pull-ups and dip training as well as foot straps ideal for push-ups and hip presses.

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