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1. 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones Hi-Res Headphones With High Resolution,

THREE DRIVERS- These headphones have two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver. Together they deliver an extremely accurate listening experience with unsurpassed dynamic power and clarity from deep bass to sizzling highs.

By :- 1MORE

  • Highlights * Balanced sound for full range – highs, mids and bass.
  • * Great for pop music, blues, jazz, orchestral music and folk songs.
  • * Extended highs with high resolution for layered instrumental audio.
  • * Work in excellent harmony with gentle female voice.
  • As the world’s first THX accredited headphones, 1MORE Triple Driver headphones are delighted by music lovers for the vibrant human vocals and clear instrumental audio combined with remarkably balanced sound.

    Driven by one bass driver consisting of “PET + aerospace metal layer + PET” design, a double-tweeter unit protected by durable silicon covers and two metal resonant cavities, these pairs belch out shocking sound with no distortion but high fidelity sound even during sudden volume-up.

    2. Energizer AAA Batteries, Triple A Battery Max Alkaline E92DP2-24 (48 Count)

    48-pack of Energizer MAX alkaline AAA batteries

    By :- Energizer

  • Long-lasting power and innovation is what the Energizer MAX family is all about.
  • They also hold their power for up to 10 years while in storage, so you have power when you need it most.
  • So, when it comes to toys, digital cameras, and other valuable devices, you can feel confident knowing you have the long-lasting power and protection you expect from Energizer.
  • If exact replacement is not available, devices may be replaced with a product of comparable market value at the time of claim.
  • Energizer reserves the right to deny claims of damage caused by misuse or modification of the batteries or device.
  • Meet our longest-lasting AA and AAA Energizer MAX batteries yet.
  • Plus, the AA and AAA sizes are designed to protect devices from leakage of fully used batteries up to 2 years.
  • Leaking battery and damaged device must be provided to Energizer as proof of claim.
  • *Energizer will repair or replace, at our option, any device damaged by leakage from Energizer MAX Alkaline batteries either during the life of the battery or within two years following the full use of the battery.

    3. ACDelco AAA Batteries, Triple A Battery Super Alkaline, High Performace, 48

    48 AAA batteries; each battery has 1.5 volts of power

    By :- ACDelco

  • ACDelco AAA Super Alkaline Batteries are equipped with advanced technology you can count on.
  • ACDelco alkaline batteries are designed for long shelf-life with stainless steel pre-coating that prevents leakage and advanced ingredient formulation that helps maintain power over time.
  • A trusted national brand, ACDelco offers a wide variety of batteries you can count on, including alkaline batteries, lithium coin cell batteries, rechargeable batteries, and car batteries.
  • ACDelco alkaline batteries perform better than the competition in high-drain and super high-drain devices, and they provide consistent discharge performance.
  • This pack includes 48 AAA batteries great for a variety of household devices, including clocks, remote controls, and toys.
  • 5-volt batteries contain no mercury or cadmium, making them a smart choice for your family and for the environment.
  • 4. Big Nate Triple Play Box Set: Big Nate: In A Class By Himself, Big Nate Strikes

    Harpercollins Childrens Books

    By :- Harper Collins

  • Three exclusive Big Nate paperbacks by Lincoln Peirce in one box! Big Nate, a New York Times bestselling series, is bigger than ever in this awesome box set.
  • This Triple Play box set includes Big Nate: In a Class by Himself, Big Nate Strikes Again, and Big Nate on a Roll.
  • These books are available in paperback only in Big Nate Triple Play!Discover the three books that started Nate’s crazy novel adventures! Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney says, “Big Nate is funny, big time!”.

    5. Triple Bristle Best Sonic Electric Toothbrush – Whiter Teeth & Brighter Smile –

    CLEANER TEETH & A WHITER SMILE IN 1/3 THE TIME – Our PATENTED 3 sided sonic toothbrush means 1/3 the time spent cleaning. Triple Bristle has been scientifically designed to clean your teeth better in 1/3 the time of an ordinary sonic toothbrush.

    By :- Triple Bristle

  • The constant back and forth motion that most people use just does not work and the brushing is adequate at best.
  • Our brush does all the work for you!PARENTS and CAREGIVERS of Autistic & Special Needs – Our 3 Sided Sonic Toothbrush can work wonders.
  • We feel this is the Best Sonic Toothbrush ever made!* Cleaner Teeth & A Whiter Smile in 1/3 the Time* Stimulating Sonic Vibrations Create Cleansing Micro-bubbles* Designed and Used By Dentists Across the United States* Perfect for Dental Implants, Gum Health, Crowns, Bridges, Braces* 2 + Week Rechargeable Battery, 3 Brilliant Brush Modes, Quadrant Brushing Timer* Expertly Cleans All Surfaces of your Teeth Like a Brushing Robot* Gets into every crevice of your smile for perfect oral health* 3 Brush Heads Surround Your Teeth for the Ultimate Clean* Brush Head Automatically Adjusts to Teeth of All Shapes and Sizes* Use the Toothbrush Dentists Use Themselves* Experience Easier Dental Cleanings * Get Compliments from Your Dentist * Expertly Positioned Bristles Sweep Away Plaque, Stains and Bacteria* 31,000 Powerful Strokes Per Minute Create Stimulating Micro-bubbles* Better Checkup Guaranteed* Feels like a professional dental cleaning every time you brush* 3 Independent Brush Heads Provide the Ultimate Deep CleanTriple Bristle’s PATENTED 3 Head Design Cleans Like No Other Brush By focusing the toothbrush to clean all surfaces of the teeth at the same time, the brush ensures complete cleaning – even in those hard to reach places inside the mouth.

    Most kids love it, people with arthritis love the ease of motion and if you are a care giver to someone it makes your job easier of effectively cleaning their teeth!Once in a generation a significant improvement comes along.

    6. Bronson Vitamin K Triple Play (Vitamin K2 MK7 / Vitamin K2 MK4 / Vitamin K1) 180

    FULL SPECTRUM COMPLEX: Provides both Vitamin K1 and two forms of Vitamin K2, Vitamin K2 MK4 (Menatetrenone-4) and Vitamin K2 MK7 (Menaquinone-7).

    By :- Bronson

  • Vitamin K consists of a group of structurally-similar, fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin K1 and vitamin K2, which are essential for helping build strong bones and providing support for a healthy heart.
  • In the 1970s, vitamin K-dependent proteins were discovered, which showed vitamin KÕs role in bone and cardiovascular health.
  • Vitamin K2 is a range of K2 forms collectively referred to as Òmenaquinones,Ó which are distinguished by a number designation according to the number of repeating 5-carbon units in its side chain.
  • Vitamin K2 has also been shown to be more bioavailable and remain biologically active in the body longer than vitamin K1.
  • * Vitamin K Triple Playª is provided in easy-to-swallow capsules, which supply a total of 550 mcg of vitamin K1 and vitamin K2.
  • * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • * Discovered in 1929, vitamin K was originally identified for its role as a coagulation cofactor.
  • Phylloquinone, also known as vitamin K1, occurs in plants.
  • While both vitamin K1 and K2 are beneficial to the body, only vitamin K2 is available to and utilized by soft tissues and systems beyond the liver due to its molecular structure.
  • Each daily serving delivers 100 mcg vitamin K1, plus 450 mcg of two different forms of vitamin K2: Menatetrenone-4 (MK-4) and Menaquinone-7 (MK-7).
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Bronson Vitamin K Triple Playª is a full spectrum vitamin K complex that provides multiple forms of vitamin K, including vitamin K1 and two forms of vitamin K2, and is formulated to help build strong bones and support a healthy heart.

    7. Fishman TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Guitar Controller

    TriplePlay is the composing, performing and recording system that puts an unlimited palette of instruments and sounds at your fingertips – all with the freedom of wireless control

    By :- Fishman

  • The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery has over 20 hours of life – plenty of juice for a full day of composing and a night of gigging.
  • Easy setup, easy removal TriplePlay can be installed or removed quickly, on virtually any electric guitar, with no permanent installation necessary.
  • Complete Software Suite Included TriplePlay comes complete with all the software you’ll need for recording, editing and playing back your music.
  • With the easy and blazingly fast note encoding, preset editor and mixing console, you’ll be mixing your own music in no time.
  • Switch between instruments, or play up to four instruments at the same time.
  • Easy to use The controller’s durable, low profile design fits neatly behind your guitar’s bridge, and it’s wireless, so no heavy 13-pin cables to trip over.
  • Accessible onboard menu navigation buttons, volume control, and the guitar/mix/synth switch make it easy to change settings or instruments during performances.
  • Take full advantage of powerful MIDI features with your guitar.
  • Unlock your guitar’s potential! TriplePlay is the composing, performing and recording system that puts an unlimited palette of instruments and sounds at your fingertips – all with the freedom of wireless control.

    8. Triple Homicide: From The Case Files Of Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, And The

    By :-

  • bomb threat, the Women’s Murder Club investigates a millionaire’s death, and Michael Bennett hunts down a Thanksgiving Parade attacker in this collection of detective novels.
  • A cruel hoax or the real deal? By the time Alex Cross and his wife Bree uncover the chilling truth, it may already be too late .
  • A shooter blows away the lover and wounds the millionairess, leaving her for dead.
  • Born): Someone attacked the Thanksgiving Day Parade right in front of Michael Bennett and his family.
  • Detective Cross: An Alex Cross Story: An anonymous caller has promised to set off deadly bombs in Washington, DC.
  • The Medical Examiner: A Women’s Murder Club Story (with Maxine Paetro): A woman checks into a hotel room and entertains a man who is not her husband.
  • Is it the perfect case for the Women’s Murder Club — or just the most twisted?Manhunt: A Michael Bennett Story (with James O.
  • The news called it “holiday terror” — Michael Bennett calls it personal.
  • 9. Triple 8 The Certified Sweatsaver Helmet For Skateboarding, BMX, Roller Skating

    Dual-certified skateboard helmet with high impact-absorbing EPS foam, thick dual density soft foam, and plush moisture-wicking Sweatsaver fabric

    By :- Triple Eight

  • Two sets of moisture-wicking, stink-free Sweatsaver liners in two different sizes are included-mix and match for a customized fit.
  • Chin strap is adjustable, and fastens with a side release squeeze buckle.
  • To determine proper size, measure the circumference of the head starting in the middle of the forehead (use a soft measuring tape or string).
  • The plush terrycloth liners attach with Velcro and can be removed for washing.
  • The Triple Eight THE Certified Sweatsaver Helmet is available in three sizes: XS/S fits 20 – 21.
  • Sweatsaver liners should be used to further customize the fit.
  • Triple 8’s THE Certified Sweatsaver Helmet for Skateboarding, BMX, Roller Skating, and Action Sports offers comfort and safety with high impact-absorbing EPS foam, and thick dual-density soft foam Triple 8 Sweatsaver fabric liners.

    Dual certified to comply with US CPSC Bike and ASTM F-1492 skate safety standards, it’s the ideal helmet for biking, skateboarding, inline skating and rollerblading, roller skating, roller derby, scooters, BMX, and other action sports.

    10. Chadwick’s Triple Play 32 Oz Bottle

    TRIPLE PLAY was formulated out of necessity. The advanced formula and design will provide the results of a professional detailer in only 30-45 MINUTES.

    By :-

  • TRIPLE PLAY IS THE ONLY PROTECTION YOU WILL EVER NEED! The “Old Way” Say goodbye to the 2-3 hour process of using soap and water, claying the car, and then applying the protective wax.
  • Proven Protection Every time you apply Triple Play another layer of protection bonds to itself and WILL NOT cause clouding or hazing.
  • This process has proven to be very abrasive and does damage to your finish every time you use it.
  • The advanced formula and design will provide the results of a professional detailer in only 30-45 MINUTES.
  • BENEFITS INCLUDE: Reduced Time and Effort Deep Acrylic Glass Finish Continuous Protection Erases and Protects Against Fingerprints Showroom Shine Extensive Testing Our experts took over 3 years of testing and reformulating to design the PERFECT SOLUTION which will provide maximum results for you! DON’T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING BUT THE BEST PROTECTION! Scroll up and click “Add to Cart” to have Chadwick’s Triple Play bottle shipped to you today!.

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