Top 10 Best transmission additive 2018

So you have decided to Buy transmission additive and you are looking for the transmission additive to use?

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Best transmission additive 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 transmission additive

1. XADO Revitalizant EX120 Conditioner For Automatic Gearbox & CVT Tiptronic

Rebuilds And Restores Metal Parts And Protects Them From Future Wear, Reduces Friction

By :- XADO

  • EX120 starts repairing scratched and worn metal as soon as it is added to an automatic transmission.
  • It activates the absorption process of carbon through the surface layer which results in the formation of metal carbides.
  • A new durable protective coating is formed with the help of carbides and metal particles.
  • Application: Ensure the syringe is at room temperature so that contents flow freely.
  • Some automobiles with excessive transmission wear may require an extra dose of EX120, especially when improvement is noticed, but soon after problems return.
  • It does not enter into chemical reactions with transmission fluids or change their viscosity, friction or other physical-chemical properties.
  • Revitalizant acts as a catalyst for rebuilding and repairing metal in areas of excessive thermal energy.
  • Revitalizant rebuilds parts at a molecular level, atom-by-atom.
  • Add the necessary amount of the revitalizant into the transmission fluid reservoir.
  • Revitalization is considered to be complete after 50 hours (approx.
  • Revitalizant is compatible with all types of fluids for the automatic transmissions: Dexron, Mercon, Mopar, CVT, etc.
  • The protective metal-ceramic coating is formed on any operative mechanism, however, if the state of the mechanism (part) is in critical condition (100% wear), the worn part should be replaced.
  • Diffusion of the protective layer into the metal results in an extra durable gradient coating with positive pressing stress forming along the entire treated surface in the final stage of Revitalization.

    Dosage: 5-8 ATF qts = 1 Syringe 9-12 ATF qts = 2 Syringes 13-15 ATF qts = 3 Syringes Note: A decrease in noise levels from the very first hour of operation is a sign that the revitalization process has begun.

    2. Sea Foam TT-16 Trans Tune Transmission Additive – 16 Oz.

    Does not harm or swell seals or alter the viscosity of the transmission fluid

    By :- Sea Foam

  • Trans Tune reduces rough or erratic shifting by dissolving varnish that contaminates transmission valve bodies, bands, governors, pumps and passages.
  • Trans Tune makes the perfect system flush for transmissions, power steering and hydraulic pumps, removing damaging moisture and deposits that impair system performance.
  • Trans Tune is a petroleum based product comprised of three specific oils, blended in just the right proportions to safely clean varnish deposits in transmission, power steering and hydraulic pump components.

    Trans Tune is compatible with all commonly used petroleum and synthetic based hydraulic fluids used in automatic transmissions, power steering systems, marine transmissions, agricultural equipment and industrial hydraulic lifts.

    3. Torin Big Red Telescoping Hydraulic Transmission Floor Jack: 1/2 Ton (1,000 Lb)

    1/2 ton capacity pedestal transmission jack with 49.6 inches to 68.7 inches high lift range

    By :- Torin

  • This 1/2 ton capacity pedestal transmission jack has all the quality features you want.
  • Rolls smoothly under hoisted vehicle, making it easy to remove or install any transmission from car or light truck, manual or automatic.
  • Designed to use with in-ground and above-ground lifts.
  • Adjustable saddle with corner brackets and safety chains.
  • Saddle adjusts to fit any transmission, safety chain tilts forward, backward and side-to-side, 1 piece jack handle, stable 39-1/2 inches x 39-1/2 inches 4-leg base, and 3 inches steel wheels swivel full 360 degrees on ball bearing casters.

    4. Transmission: A Science Fiction Thriller: The Invasion Chronicles, Book 1

    By :-

    What is the message? How will the world react? 
    And most of all: are the aliens coming? .
  • )” (Midwest Book Review) 
    The number-one best seller! 
    From number-one worldwide best-selling fantasy author Morgan Rice comes a long-anticipated science-fiction series debut.
  • “Transmission is riveting, unexpected, and firmly rooted in strong psychological profiles backed with thriller and sci-fi elements: what more could readers wish for? (Just the quick publication of Book Two, Arrival.

    When SETI finally receives a signal from an alien civilization, what will happen next? 
    A 13-year-old boy, dying of a rare brain disease, is the only one able to hear and decode signals from outer space.

    5. ProTecta Automatic Transmission Treatment 10 Ounce Bottle


    By :- ProTecta

  • For a smoother ride and a longer-lasting transmission select ProTecta synthetic Transmission Treatment.
  • With the popularity of the over drive transmission, today’s drivers are experiencing transmission torque converter shudder.
  • Protecta keeps working when factory fluids have lost their effectiveness.
  • Protect Your Investment! Extend the Life of Your Automatic Transmission.
  • Automatic transmissions normally operate at temperatures of 170-200°F and start up at temperatures as low as -40°F.
  • ProTecta utilizes special friction modifiers to provide smooth shifting and protects against heat especially during towing.
  • Computer controlled shifting and front wheel drive.
  • ProTecta with its unique synthetic formulation provides improved protection to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated transmissions.
  • ProTecta will restore friction and anti-shudder control, reduce sludge and formation of deposits, and improve wear protection.
  • Torque converter shudder is caused by the transmission boost valve sticking and pre-mature oxidation of friction modifiers in ATF.
  • ProTecta enhances the fluid life with a synthetic formulation for maximum transmission performance.
  • Recommended for use in most all automatic transmissions and 4 x 4 transfer cases.
  • A lot has changed with the automatic transmission in the last several years.
  • OEM’s are rapidly turning to installing synthetic ATF in their luxury vehicles.
  • ATF’s must flow easily at low temperatures, be highly resistant to thermal and oxidative degradation at high temperatures, be non-corrosive toward all transmission components, be resistant to foaming and have specialized friction and anti-wear properties.

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