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1. 101 Handy Tech Tips For The IPhone: Updated, Simplified And Revised For IOS 12

By :-

  • 101 Handy Tech Tips for the iPhone has the tips, tricks and suggestions you need to get the most out of your iPhone.
  • Their stories have inspired this collection of tips designed to make you feel in control of your phone and not the other way around.
  • There’s no complex language and the tips will delight beginners and impress even the most expert user.
  • Some of the things you’ll learn?From the basics, like How to Take a Screenshot (tip #20) to the advanced, like How to Change the Brightness of the Flashlight (tip #36).
  • You will love learning how to unlock the full potential of your iPhone using this guide.
  • He is also a frequent contributor to KFI AM 640 Los Angeles and a fill-in host for a nationally syndicated technology radio show.
  • Praise from the first edition of 101 Handy Tech Tips for the iPhone:As a senior technical writer — I appreciate his attention to detail and the ability to explain complex items in a simple way.
  • So I was skeptical that this book would be that useful, but I could tell right from the start that I was wrong.
  • I am a techno nerd and thought there wasn’t going to be much I could learn from this book; however, I was wrong.
  • Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro has presented TV segments on a variety of tech topics for over a decade and has fielded many emails from everyday folks struggling to understand their devices.
  • Anyone can follow the steps, understand the concepts and learn.
  • Updated, simplified and revised for iOS 12 with tips on the latest additions to the software including Screen Time, Group FaceTime, Memoji, Do Not Disturb during Bedtime, Siri Shortcuts and more.
  • Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro appears on the #1 rated KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles.
  • Rich is on a mission to help everyday folks understand technology and get the most out of their gadgets and apps.
  • – Amazon reviewAs a long-term iPhone lover, I assumed I knew pretty much everything there was to know about it.
  • Amazon reviewLearned so many cool things my phone can do! Such a deal! If your thinking about getting it.
  • Did you know your iPhone has a built-in Document Scanner (tip #87) or a magnifying glass (tip #33)?Learn how to use the new virtual measuring tape built into the latest iPhones (tip #11), cancel a subscription (tip #23) or share apps and movies you’ve paid for with other household family members (tips #76 and #77).

    2. GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart With 16 Dart Flights And 200 Dart Soft Tip Points For

    Comprised of high quality 18 Grams practice soft tip darts, 4 style flights

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  • GWHOLE soft tip darts are a great entry level dart for the dart fan of all ages.
  • Strategically placed knurling and grooves provide excellent gripping points, enhancing your control.
  • Package included: 12 x silver plated barrels 200 x Plastic Dart Soft Tip Points 16 x Dart flights(4 different style) Warranty: 90 days money back and 1 year no questions asked warranty GUARANTEE.
  • Made with precision machined barrels for Grip, added traditional core flights for superior flight to the dartboard.
  • These professional soft tip darts are designed with high quality nickel silver plated barrels that provide exceptional balance and styling.
  • The flights are specifically designed to help increase speed and reduce drag, delivering a consistent flight path and pinpoint accuracy.
  • 3. 20 Boxes Of Raw PRE-ROLLED Tips (420 Total PRE-ROLLED Tips) + 1 Regular And 1

    20 Boxes of Raw Prerolled tips (420 total tips)

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  • The tubes are made of plastic and have a rubber top.
  • Some people mistakenly call these ‘filters’ but they are NOT filters (they don’t filter anything out, they’re just a tip / spacer).
  • Prevents having soggy, sloppy, clogging cigarette ends.
  • Strengthens your cigarette and gives if better shape.
  • Prevents tobacco from going into your mouth (no “PAH-TEWing”)You will also receive 2 Authentic Rolling Paper Depot Kewl Tubes 1 Regular and 1 Extra Large.
  • This seals in odor and prevents lint, water, or anything else you have in your pockets from getting in.
  • Each box of Raw Natural unrefined PRE-ROLLED tips comes with 21 tips per box and 20 boxes per order for a total of 420 tips in this order! These tips are already PRE-ROLLED which means they are a time saver! Just put into the rolling paper or cigarette rolling machine! Rolling Paper Tips are an important part of rolling your own cigarette.

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