Top 10 Best suntan lotion 2019

So you have decided to Buy suntan lotion and you are looking for the suntan lotion to use?

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What if I tell you that choosing the perfect suntan lotion should not be so confusing?

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Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these suntan lotion!

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Best suntan lotion 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 suntan lotion

1. GoPong SF-02 Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask-2 Secret 8oz Suntan Booze

WORKS LIKE A CHARM: Includes 2 convincing sunscreen flasks that hold 8oz each

By :- GoPong

  • GoPong’s ‘Tropic Tan’ Sunscreen Flask was designed to look like a regular bottle of sunscreen so you can fill the bottle with your favorite alcohol and take it to any outdoor event.
  • We do not condone any illegal uses, but like you, we hate paying 12 for poolside drinks.
  • Its screw cap provides an air-tight seal to prevent any leaking of liquid or odors.
  • This 2 Pack includes an ‘SPF 15’ and an ‘SPF 30’ so you can sneak 2 kinds of alcohol around.
  • Any suspicious eyes will quickly look over your bottle of sunscreen and allow you to bring your flask almost anywhere.
  • Each flask holds 8oz and can easily be filled though its extra wide mouth (small funnel included).
  • Once you are ready to drink, simply unscrew the cap and mix with your favorite beverage.
  • The flask will pay for itself after one use, so get yours today! Please remember to always obey all local drinking laws.
  • 2. Jane Iredale PurePressed Base SPF 20 Mineral Foundation Refill, Suntan

    Vegan and gluten free

    By :- jane iredale

  • A pressed mineral foundation that is slightly more sheer and matte than the loose powders.
  • An SPF foundation, powder and concealer with broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sun protection.
  • Contains antioxidants such as Pine Bark Extract and Pomegranate Extract (a potent antioxidant that aids in minimizing UV damage).
  • *SPF 20 – shades: Amber; Autumn; Bisque; Caramel; Fawn; Golden Glow; Golden Tan; Honey Bronze; Ivory; Latte; Light Beige; Natural; Radiant; Riviera; Satin; Suntan; Sweet Honey; Teakwood; Warm Sienna; Warm SilkSPF 15 – shades: Cognac; Velvet; Mahogany; Bittersweet; Cocoa; Warm Brown.

    3. Suntan


    By :- Strand Home

  • By the time summer arrives, though, the island has turned into a thriving, wild vacation spot with nude beaches and crazy parties.
  • Before long, Kostis is spending nearly all of his time getting drunk, partying hard, and even making out with Anna.
  • Suntan celebrates the beauty and strength of the youthful body, while simultaneously embracing its inevitable decay.
  • As the newly appointed doctor of a tiny island, Kostis spends a dreary winter alone.
  • When Kostis meets the beautiful and flirty Anna, he falls hard for her and goes out of his way to conquer and impress her.
  • What starts as a rediscovery with his lost-long youth, though, slowly turns into an obsession as Kostis is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his Anna.
  • 4. Organic Sunscreen Natural Biodegradable Minerals. No Titanium Dioxide Non-Nano

    ORGANIC WATERPROOF SUNSCREEN: Zinc oxide spf and uv sunblock for children, toddlers, adults and teens

    By :- LureLux

  • ORGANIC WATERPROOF SUNSCREEN Lurelux is proud to offer you our exclusive micronized zinc oxide and fresh organic, hand filleted aloe vera leaf, sunscreen.
  • NATURAL OUTDOOR SPORT SUNBLOCK Our water resistant suntan lotion is a must for boating, biking, or the beach.
  • The organic ingredients and non-greasy, oil-free formula are ideal for children and adults with sensitive skin or certain allergies or sensitivity to dyes or perfumes.
  • Protect you or children when swimming or outdoors without the sting and tears caused by chemical based sunscreens and lotions.
  • All natural extracts protect even the most sensitive skin from sunburn and blistering while moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin’s natural radiance and glow.
  • 100% free of BPA and parabens our sunscreen is the natural choice for those looking for superior sun protection without compromise.
  • Perfect for outdoor sporting events such as youth soccer, baseball, or intramural sports.
  • GRAPEFRUIT PINEAPPLE AND COCONUT Organic pineapple, grapefruit, and coconut extracts combine to give your skin a natural water resistant barrier of cyrus moisture and soothing sunburn protection.
  • – Includes 4 Fluid Ounce Bottle – Safe For Children and Adults – Made In The USA .
  • This high performance water based sunscreen is packed with vitamin D, minerals, and natural organic fruit extracts to give you and your family both UVA and UVB protection from the sun’s harmful rays no matter where life or leisure takes you.

    SOOTHING ALOE VERA LEAF EXTRACT Our hand filleted aloe vera leaf extracts are cool and soothing to touch bringing fast acting relief and powerful ultraviolet protection to your face, lips, arms, and legs.

    BPA AND PARABEN FREE SUNTAN LOTION Unlike other suntan oils or lotions Lurelux organic sunscreen applies smoothly and evenly without oily residue or greasy patches which can stain towels or clothing.

    5. Angelus Brand Leather Dye W/Applicator – 3 Oz, Suntan

    Tough dyes perfect for decorating and staining smooth leather, vinyl or anything permeable

    By :- Angelus

  • Angelus Leather Dye Angelus leather dye is a permanent liquid dye used for changing the color of all smooth leather articles.
  • They are excellent for re-coloring shoes, saddles, belts, purses, and much more.
  • (The Preparer-Deglazer should never be used on vinyl.
  • This dye has stronger pigment than all leather dyes on the market.
  • These dyes are guaranteed to penetrate the leather, and form a lasting color which will not peel or crack or wash off.
  • We strongly recommend preparing the leather with Preparer Deglazer.
  • ) Leather Dye can be thinned with the color Neutral.
  • 6. Sun Tan Lotions For All Skin Tones, Organic Self Tanner With Color Guide! Indoor

    MEDIUM ♦ FORMULATED WITH A NATURAL BLEND OF INGREDIENTS: We have searched the farthest corners of the world for this wondrous blend of totally natural ingredients not only to provide your skin with the best sunless tan possible but also to nourish, revitalize, hydrate and enhance the elasticity of your skin all at the same time, And all Paraben Free!

    By :- Sun Labs

  • ☼ Shower and use Sun Labs exfoliator, this will remove dead skin cells, and it will reset the bodies exfoliation period for a longer lasting tan.
  • ☼ When applying the self-tanner, apply in a circular motion to avoid streaking.
  • ☼ After you have finished the application, allow a minimum of 5 hours before taking a shower, for best result wait 8 hours.
  • ☼ Color will continue to develop even after the eight-hour period, we recommend 8 hours before showering, for it takes the pores hours to absorb lotion through the three layers of the epidermis.
  • ☼ Put on your tanning mitt, or vinyl glove, for the hand palm does not have pores and your hands will get stain.
  • ☼ Use less self-tanner on the elbows and knees, for these part require less to get the perfect tan you are going for.
  • ☼ The self-tanner has a cosmetic bronzer to give a you visual of where you have applied, after you have waited before showering you’ll notice the cosmetic bronzer wash-off.
  • Self Tanner with Pump comes sealed and in a protected box that can be used for storageSun Laboratories established in 1983 is a family owned and operated company created by envisioning a technique of making, tanning an instant process that is free of the harmful rays from the sun.

    Sun Laboratories runs its own laboratory in Chatsworth, CAPREPARATION: The body has an exfoliation period of seven-days, the face does it in one-day, so we recommend that you do following preparation for longer lasting results☼ Shave, sharp blades accelerate the exfoliation process, and you’ll lose color in your legs quicker.

    APPLICATION: The best time to apply your self-tanner is after you shower, for your pores open ten-times more, and the bronzer will be able to develop deeper in the epidermis for longer lasting results.

    7. Bronzo Sensualé SPF 8 Certified Organic Carrot Suntan Lotion 8.5 Oz.

    Bronzo Sensualé is brimming with Carrot Seed, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Allantoin, Squalene, Vitamin E, and a natural, botanical stress relieving aromatherapy fragrance.


  • Approved by PETA, Leaping Bunny and related organizations worldwide.
  • We finally had a perfect product but we were stuck figuring out the perfect name.
  • Produced in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.
  • But the European’s didn’t approve of the American brand name suntan products with all their chemical ingredients.
  • It made a lot of sense and I experimented using different natural oils, extracts and scents, including sunscreens derived from cinnamon oil, Asian fruit tree bark and natural crystals.
  • Later on, I converted as many as possible of the naturals to certified organic ingredients to achieve the utmost in nutritive value for your skin.
  • We wanted to see European suntan products firsthand, so we set off on a biz-vacation to Paraggi, Italy.
  • An interview with Keith Charney, former owner of three beach shops in South Beach and creator of BRONZO SENSUALÉ (Sensuous Suntan): “Back in the early 90’s, South Beach was the American Riviera for tourists from Europe, but mostly unknown to Americans.

    ‘We don’t understand why you protect your skin from the sun but not from chemicals?’ I asked what they use in Europe and found out that their sun care AND baby care products were made with natural olive or carrot oils and not mineral oil (the main ingredient in American tanning and baby oil products and derived from petroleum).

    After months of conferring with leading dermatologists, nutritionists, beauty professionals, and cosmetology chemists, I finally developed unique skin-loving carrot based sun care formulas containing the highest quality botanical and natural remedies.

    While strolling on the beach, an Italian gentleman commented on my wife’s stunning bronze suntan (thanks to my concoction) and he remarked ‘Bella, Bronzo Sensuale,’ (Beautiful, sensuous suntan) and the rest is history.

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