Top 10 Best stadium blankets 2018

So you have decided to Buy stadium blankets and you are looking for the stadium blankets to use?
Yeah I know!
What if I tell you that choosing the perfect stadium blankets should not be so confusing?
Even though there are a lot of stadium blankets out there on the market?
Sounds interesting right?
Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these stadium blankets!
I have one promise to make!
If you buy the one which we suggest, then you will surely be having the best stadium blankets!
Sounds Interesting?
Have a quick glance at stadium blankets!

Best 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 stadium blankets

1. YnM Weighted Blanket (15 Lbs, 48”x72”, Twin Size) | 2.0 Heavy Blanket | 100%

The original YnM weighted blanket offers great all-natural sleep help for adults and kids by offering the gentle sensation of being held to encourage deep, healthy, restful sleep

By :- YnM

  • Why YnM:1,YnM provide the most sizes, weights and colors of the weighted blankets, including classic COTTON, luxury BAMBOO or sensory MINKY weighted blanket and various duvet covers.
  • We keep on developing superior quality weighted blanket at a better price.
  • The heavy blanket helps relax your body by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged, making you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night.
  • Note: Please don’t use it on pregnant woman or your little ones or people who can’t move the heavy blanket themselves.
  • Optional fabric and the covers make the blanket all the more personal, allow you to choose not only your color or pattern, but also the fabric and feel as well.
  • As experienced and professional manufacturer of weighted blanket, we keep on developing updated manufacturing technology.
  • YnM is customizable to be the precise size and weight you are looking for! 2, We are the pioneer manufacturing company of weighted blanket who bring this amazing thing from institute to everyone who needs better sleep.

    2. BEDSURE Sherpa Fleece Blanket Queen Size Grey Plush Throw Blanket Fuzzy Soft

    UNIQUE DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: BEDSURE Dual Sided Super Soft Blanket with Fleece Face and Plush Sherpa reverse offers you different senses of softness to improve your sleep with one side of smooth and fluffy to the other – Bring you ultimate soft and warmth with 220 GSM Fleece top and 280 GSM Sherpa reverse blanket .

    By :- Bedsure

  • Our luxurious Sherpa blanket is super soft, thick, and plush.
  • Cuddle up in bed, on a chair or couch and it will keep you warm and comfortable.
  • At Bedsure Designs, we believe in delivering stylish, quality bedding at an exceptional price.
  • We take pride in every stitch and weave of our fabrics and develop bedding solutions that bring sophistication and warmth to your living space.
  • We want to make it irresistible to stay in bed for just another minute (or five).
  • Made from 100% microfiber yarn, it’s cozy and suitable year-round.
  • The top layer features a velvety soft mink-like fabric that comes in beautiful contemporary colors, without pilling or falling apart.
  • We’ve made it our mission to become the leading retailer of premium home textiles.
  • For chic, modern bedding at the right price point, you can count on us to deliver.
  • 3. Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover | 25 Lbs | 60”x80”

    PREMIUM MATERIAL: Our weighted blanket is made of 100% breathable natural cotton material and filled with premium glass beads. The beads are placed into small polyester pockets that keep the beads evenly distributed. To prevent the glass beads leakage, we added two layers microfiber inside, which is also breathable and designed to offer better temperature control.

    By :- Quility

  • If you are tall than 5’5″, you should choose queen or king size weighted blanket with the length over 80″ long, or your feet may stick out the weighted blanket .
  • Please be rest assured it is correct size when you see a twin or queen weighted blanket is smaller than anticipated.
  • For the first few nights, you may feel it is too heavy or too light weight.
  • Choose the blanket that weighs about 10% of your body weight plus one, 15 lbs weight is intended for individuals weighing about 140 lbs.
  • In cold days just add a QUILITY minky quilted duvet cover which can add warmth & snug feeling.
  • A weighted blanket would small than same size regular blanket because it is supposed to cover your body other than your bed.
  • It is OK when a weighted blanket can’t barely cover the mattress.
  • Getting used to a weighted blanket takes about 2-7 days, please bear with the magic weighted blanket a few more days.
  • Quility weighted blanket offers great all-natural sleep help for adults and kids by offering the gentle sensation of being held to encourage deep, healthy, restful sleep Quility weighted blanket is breathable due to the unique technologies in manufacturing so it boost better temperature control But it may also feel hot for hot sleepers in warm days due to its weight, so a fan or an AC is recommended in summer.

    A weighted blanket is supposed to on the top of the mattress and should not go over the edges of bed; when using with children or seniors, ensure the individual has enough strength to move the blanket off themselves if necessary.

    4. Cooshi Weighted Blanket Queen And Twin Size 60×80 15 Lbs – Grey – Premium Cotton

    Our Premium cotton weighted blankets are filled with a proprietary blend of glass beads for a soft and even feel.

    By :- Cooshi

  • Recent reviews:”Winner”, “Amazing” “Well made, survived the wash!” “Quality is as good as my other one that is 3x more expensive.
  • “Our weighted blankets are thoughtfully made with 100% cotton and a special blend of beads and filling to softly distribute the weight of the blanket over you.
  •   Our ultra soft duvet covers are sold separately but will protect your blanket and make it easy to clean.
  • We recommend hand washing but our blanket can be machine washed.
  •  Please look for our coupon codes for the duvet when ordered with the blanket.
  • 5. MaxKare Electric Heated Throw Blanket With Auto Shut Off, Fast-Heating Sherpa

    👍 Full-body Comfort & Fast Heating – The heated throw blanket (50*60 inches) cuddles you comprehensively and stably with snap button design while heating rapidly with 3 optional levels (95-113℉) for maximum comfort to combat cold weather

    By :- MaxKare

  • Proper amount heat that penetrates inside your muscles helps loosen stiffness, thus regaining energy and promoting health.
  • Enjoy the hug from the super-soft fabric materials and your desired temperature level among 3 heating levels to sweep away fatigue and stress.
  • 2> Set with the highest heating level, and then set with a proper level after the desired temperature has been reached.
  • 4> After using, please shut off the controller and disconnect it from the power supply, then put away the blanket.
  • ♥ If you do not feel warm enough, you can use the product with less clothes for its closer contact with the skin, or place a covering (like a quilt) for better effect.
  • The MaxKare Heated blanket, with its large size, overall warms you.
  • Product Operation Guide:1> Connect the luxury blanket with the controller first and then connect it to the power supply.
  • 3> Cover yourself in the blanket and stabilize with the snap button for better heating effect.
  • User Tips♥ After turning on the electric heated throw blanket, you can choose the highest heating level for rapid increase in temperature.
  • ♥ Do not use at the highest heating level for long.
  • )Included:1 x Large heated blanket1 x Controller1 x User manual.
  • Temperature Range:Mild temperature (~35±5℃ / 95±9℉) (Green)Medium temperature (~40±5℃ / 104±9℉) (Orange)High temperature (~45±5℃ / 113±9℉) (Red)(By no means would the skin experience the risk of burns within this temperature range.

    6. Brookstone Nap Weighted Blanket, One Size, Grey

    Designed to simulate deep touch pressure-like a really good hug or gentle squeeze

    By :- Brookstone

  • 44 kg) tough day relax… the Nap weighted Blanket will take it from here.
  • The Nap weighted blanket—wrap yourself up in a hug designed to simulate deep touch pressure—like a really good hug or gentle squeeze Super-smooth Nap fabric feels luxurious against your skin can help relax and soothe you, leading to a better night’s sleep great for anyone who wants to feel more Calm and relaxed removable Nap cover is machine washable specs: measures 54 x 72 in (137.

    Perfect for curling up at the end of a long day, Brookstone’s Nap weighted Blanket is not only one of the softest, coziest blankets ever, it’s also—you guessed it—weighted, which can help you feel more relaxed in minutes.

    This super-soothing Blanket simulates deep touch pressure to help promote a feeling of Calm as well as better sleep… plus, it just feels really nice (especially since the removable, machine-washable cover is made with our ultra-soft Nap fabric)! curl up with the Nap weighted Blanket, your favorite drink or comfort food, and a good book or movie, and you’ll forget all about your stressful day in no time.

    7. Portable Stadium Seat Chair, Sportneer Reclining Seat For Bleachers With Padded

    SUPERIOR CUSHIONED COMFORT: Built with a study steel frame, this portable stadium seat is made with 420D polyester covered cushion with inner cotton stuffing, for comfort at any outdoor event such as a picnic, beach, stadium, park, patio etc.

    By :- Sportneer

  • Cheer your little one at their first ball game, or watch your favorite team at the kickoffs in comfort that transports you straight back to the comfy couch at home.
  • Designed for maximum comfort, this outdoor folding stadium chair is a roomy 17.
  • The polyester and inner cushion stuffing give for pillow-like coziness, with a cushioned backrest and armrests that allows you to really sit back and enjoy the game.
  • Packs in easily, and is perfectly portable for the stadium, camping, outdoor concerts, sporting events, sunny days at the beach and more.
  • That’s why if something’s not up to 100% satisfaction connect with our customer service team and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you within 24 hours.
  • With the Sportneer Stadium Seat with Polyester and Cotton Cushioning, escape the pain of seating on the hard bleachers even look forward to overtime.
  • Water-resistance blocks the water from penetrating the stadium seat and damaging it, and boasts handy side, back and armrest pockets that keeps your possessions tidy and within reach.
  • Specifications – Item Material: steel + 420D polyester + cotton + PVC – Item Weight: 3.
  • 7 x 20 in – Item Color: Black Package Contents 2 x Sportneer Stadium Seat Warranty Guarantee: Here at Sportneer, we look to bring the best of an active lifestyle to you.
  • And because we always put our money where our mouth is, we promise you our: -12-Month Replacement Warranty -30-Day Money Back Guarantee -Lifetime Support Guarantee.
  • 8. Game Zone Super Stadium Baseball Game With Realistic Baseball Action

    GOODBYE HOME RUN: Launching levers and hidden contraptions make this miniature baseball game a real crowd-pleaser! Step up to the plate and swing for the fences! Realistic baseball action allows you to hit singles, doubles, triples, and homers with the spring-loaded bat.

    By :- International Playthings

  • You get everything you love about baseball without leaving the table.
  • Your opponent won’t be able to predict the type of ball.
  • Includes (1) playing field, (1) bat, (1) pitcher, (3) base runners, (7) fielders, (3) score pins, (5) balls, score sheet, and instruction manual.
  • If you want to play baseball everyday even when it’s raining or night time, the Super Stadium Baseball Game is perfect for you.
  • Dual Pitching lever controls curve balls and changes speed.
  • You can throw a fastball, slider, sinker, change up, or whatever your preferred pitch is.
  • Package contains (1) Game Zone Super Stadium Baseball Game with Realistic Baseball Action.
  • Launching levers and hidden contraptions make this miniature baseball game a real crowd-pleaser! Step up to the plate and swing for the fences! Realistic baseball action allows you to hit singles, doubles, triples, and homers with the spring-loaded bat.

    The Super Stadium Baseball Game has everything of a real baseball game including Dual breaking ball lever, switch hitter feature, disappearing miracle ball, score pad, adjustable fielders positions, batter counts and the ability to choose pitches thrown.

    9. DOWN UNDER OUTDOORS Premium Large Waterproof, Windproof, Quilted Fleece Stadium

    NEVER FEAR THE WINTER WEATHER AGAIN stay warm and dry in the bleachers, while lovingly supporting your kids at the football, soccer, hockey, softball, other sports or family event, boat, festival, or enjoying the great outdoors; your all purpose blanket has a tough blue water and wind resistant polyester backing and gray 250 gsm anti-pill polar fleece to give you the best cosy feel


  • The 2 big advantages are that the blue side is waterproof in most situations and that the 2 layers are ultrasonically quilted together to prevent the surfaces sliding on each other.
  • In some circumstances if water is allowed to pool on the non waterproof fleece side for several hours, some moisture may be drawn through the water resistant backing.
  • If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we offer a lifetime warranty because we believe in excellent service as well.
  • Our blanket has been designed to be a problem solver.
  • A secret weatherproof zipped pocket, stuff sack & the best quality premium fleece, are all a result of our desire to provide a product that meets a need with excellence.
  • WHO SAYS ADVENTURE HAS TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE? We love adventure and have raised our kids to love it too, but we also like to be comfortable, whether camping, at a festival, concert, baseball or any other sporting event.

    10. Hood River Fleece Stadium Blanket Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Soft Warm Poly

    WATERPROOF – KEEP DRY – 100% impermeable polyester backing keeps water away – Whether the ground is wet or rain is falling from the sky.

    By :- Hood River

  • Being outdoors is awesome – If you have the right gear.
  • The outer layer is made from a waterproof windproof polyester while the inside is a plush poly fleece.
  • It’s perfect for the football games, tailgating, outdoor concerts, the beach, camping, picnics etc.
  • it rolls up to a compact 12″ x 6″ with its own carry handle.
  • Keep one of these stashed in your trunk and be prepared for all the fun (or emergencies) that life throws your way regardless of the weather.
  • Whether the ground is wet or rain is falling from the sky, you will stay warm, comfy and dry with the Hood River Waterproof Outdoor Stadium blanket.
  • This combination makes it extremely warm and extremely practical.
  • Generously sized at 59″ x 79″ Big enough for two to sit comfortably and the perfect size to throw over your shoulders to beat the cold, rain wind and snow.
  • protected by our Lifetime warranty against defects and wear.
  • 11. Mambe Extreme Weather 100% Waterproof/Windproof Hooded Blanket With Premium

    100% WATERPROOF/WINDPROOF. An amazingly effective alternative to a basic stadium blanket. Stuff sack included for convenient storage and transport.

    By :- Mambe

  • The Mambe Hooded Blanket is a warm wearable blanket/cape with comfortably fitted shoulders, hood, and large internal pockets allowing you to wrap yourself from head to toe.
  • No need for an umbrella! The interior is made with soft, thick, warm Polartec300 fleece and a heat reflective lining so you’ll stay warm and dry in even the worst weather.
  • Soccer (and baseball, hockey, football, lacrosse, ski racing, crew) Moms especially love this product! Unisex sizes are Youth/Petite, Large (fits most adults up to 6′), X-Large, and XL-Tall.
  • Color name indicates outer shell color and interior fleece color.
  • The Mambe Hooded Blanket is an amazing and effective alternative to a basic stadium blanket and even cold weather jackets.
  • Premium stuff sack included for convenient storage and transport.
  • 12. Oak Mountain Outdoor Gear 58″ X 84″ Waterproof & Windproof All Purpose Stadium

    100% WATERPROOF & WINDPROOF – The ripstop nylon waterproof side will keep you dry and block out the wind.

    By :- Oak Mountain Outdoor Gear

  • Who We Are and Why This Stadium Blanket Was Created We are a sports-loving family that was looking for a blanket to keep us warm and dry while watching our daughter’s fall soccer practices and games.
  • – The fleece layer is made from a thick and comfortable 350gsm fleece which is much thicker than other blankets.
  • – The blanket is 58″ x 84″, which is large enough to comfortably cover two people.
  • – Our blanket will hold water for days if used as a liner.
  • When we couldn’t find one we really liked, we went out and created our own!And we are so happy that we did because the reviews show so many different uses, including- Spring outdoor baseball- Riding on Razors- Movies at the park and festivals- For pets- And of course.

    soccer games!We started with gray, but then also added the beautiful blue blanket to match one of our daughter’s favorite soccer teams! And why Oak Mountain? Well, the inspiration to create this blanket came to us while on a family reunion in Birmingham, Alabama – spent in Oak Mountain!We hope you love this blanket as much as we do! Here are some more details about the blanket- The waterproof and windproof layer is made from 250D ripstop nylon and coated with PU3000mm to make it 100% waterproof up to pressures of 10 feet deep.

    13. Mambe Extreme Weather 100% Waterproof/Windproof Outdoor Blanket, Camping Blanket

    100% WATERPROOF/ WINDPROOF. The warmest and highest quality cold weather stadium blanket available.

    By :- Mambe

  • The Mambe Extreme Blanket is designed for colder conditions where maintaining body heat is essential.
  • Consider it the integration of the original “space” emergency blanket technology and the comfort and durability of a Mambe blanket.
  • Warm fleece on one side and soft waterproof nylon on the other side.
  • Premium Mambe drawstring stuff sack included for convenient storage and transport.
  • It is made with genuine Polartec« Classic 300 fleece and includes an innovative reflective lining that helps block the loss of radiant body heat.
  • You’ll be amazed at the performance of this innovative solution – only from Mambe Blanket Co.
  • 14. SANJENG Extra Large Waterproof Blanket, Windproof Blanket, Throw Blanket,

    Dual Layers:one side is leakproof windproof treatment oxford backing and another side is compact warm fleece,premium quilted avoids layers sliding ensure safety

    By :- SANJENG

  • Dual Layers:One Side is Water Repellent Treatment Oxford and Another Side is Fleece,Premium Quilted Avoids Layers Sliding Ensure Safety.
  • All Seasons Blanket:Oxford Keep cool in Summer and Fleece Stay Warm in Winter, When Family and frends Enjoying Outdoors.
  • Generously Sized:59″X71″ (150cm/180cm), Enough Large with Your Friends or Family.
  • Multiple Purposes: Take them to Beach,Picnic,Camping,Stadium or other outdoor Concert to Protects you from Wind,Rain,Lawns or Any other Unexpected to Stay Warm and Dry,You Can Enjoying Outdoor Scenery.
  • Washed by Machine:Enjoy Beach and Picnic with Your Childs,Blanket Can be Washed by Machine from Oil Stains and Sand.
  • 15. Topps 2018 Stadium Club Baseball Retail Display Box

    24 Packs Per Box.

    By :- Topps

  • Parallel sets: Black Foil 1:8, RETAIL ONLY Sepia 1:8, Red Foil & Rainbow Foilboard (#’d to 25).
  • Inserts: Never Compromise (parallels > #’d to 99 or less; Autographs, Orange parallel > #’d to 5), Power Zone (parallels > #’d to 99 or less; Autographs, Orange parallel > #’d to 5), Special Forces (parallels > #’d to 99 or less), Chrome (Refractor parallel), Autographs (parallels > #’d to 50 or less; Chrome > #’d to 10, 1-of-1 SuperFractor parallel), Beam Team (parallels > #’d to 99 or less; Autographs, Orange parallel > #’d to 5), Co-Signers Autographs (#’d to 10 or less), and Lone Star Signatures, Orange parallels > #’d to 5).

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