Top 10 Best sponge mops 2019

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Best sponge mops 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 sponge mops

1. ONSON Cleaning Sponges Food-grade Antibacterial Silicone Dishwashing Cleaning

Double Sided Design:The brush side is silicone scrubbers with thick and soft bristles, easy to reach the corners of glasses and cups. The other side is heat insulation mat design, silicone brush mat with a hook hole, more convenient.


  • Feature:100% Brand new and high qualityThis soft cleaning brush is made of high-quality and environment friendly silicone.
  • No Grease! No Bacteria! Long Last! The other side: Heat insulation mat design, silicone brush mat with a hook hole, more convenient.
  • Can use this silicone brush for washing dishes, plates, pan, fruit, vegetable and so on, also it can use as a heat insulation mat.
  • Food grade siliconeSuper Easy to Clean! Restrains Germs! Can be Sterilized in Boiled water, Microwave or DishwasherStick to Sink with Suction at the Back, Speedy Natural Drying.
  • Temperature range: -60? to 230? (-76? to 500?), high quality heat resistant silicone.
  • Specification: Material: Food grade silicone Application: Home, kitchen Package include: 5pcs silicone brush mats.
  • 2. Peachy Clean Antimicrobial Silicone Scrubber (Qty 3) – Kitchen And Dish Scrubber

    ★ MODERNIZATION OF CLEANING – In just about everyone’s day to day, we end up cleaning our dishes, and now you can do so more effectively while staying sanitary with Peachy Clean’s innovative Silicone Dish Scrubber! It’s flexible enough to get into those hard to reach places, and durable enough to withstand the test of time!

    By :- Peachy Clean

  • The problem is, regular sponges hold onto debris and moisture, causing a stinky, bacteria infested mess you need to clear from your home.
  • If you have bamboo, stoneware, cast iron, silver, crystal or any number of delicate kitchenware that you simply cannot put in the dishwasher, you are definitely washing by hand.
  • Wire scrubbers, on the other hand, are rough and can scratch up and cause damage to your delicate flatware.
  • But what if you could get your dishes spotless clean without all the stink and roughness? THE BETTER WAY TO SCRUB Forget those other scrubbers that can smell and leave you with scratched cookware and join the revolution with Peachy Clean’s Silicone Dish Scrubber! It’s quality materials for an undeniable clean.

    GENTLE BUT FIRM Kind of like Good Cop, Bad Cop, our pioneering scrubber not only get the job done with excellent effectiveness against stuck on debris, but does so while keeping your hands and your dishes safe from scratches! GUARANTEED Remember, for a full 90 days, you are covered from all those nasty, stinky odors!! SCRUB BETTER TODAY, AND CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON NOW!! Made in USA.

    3. GLOGEX Synthetic Scrub Sponges (Set Of 50) – Non Scratch Cleaning Sponges

    SUPERIOR QUALITY: These Glogex synthetic scrub sponges are made from robust synthetic material and designed to last longer than regular cleaning sponges.

    By :- GLOGEX

  • Each non scratch cleaning pad is made from synthetic material which cleans instantly without leaving any streaks or marks on your surfaces.
  • This high value set of 50 cleaning sponges will last you for years to come.
  • Use the green scrub side on tough stains and stuck on grime – use the yellow sponge side for cutting through dirt.
  • These cleaning sponges work on dishes, countertops, floors, walls, cars, glass, wheels, outdoor surfaces, and anything else you can think of.
  • Need to clean your sponges? Simply place them in your dishwasher to sanitize.
  • Whichever surface you need to wash, you can be certain of a fresh, sparkling finish.
  • For speedy and spotless cleaning, use our scrub sponges to tackle any tough mess.
  • Why use poor scrubbing dish sponges that don’t hold up when you can remove dirt quickly and easily.
  • Our scrub sponges hold their shape and feel comfortable.
  • You only need a little solution to create lots of foam.
  • Their odor free material keeps them free from smells.
  • Achieve a professional clean in your home when using our set of synthetic scrub sponges.
  • Do your regular cleaning sponges fail to thoroughly remove dirt and grime? Do they fall apart after a few uses? Our synthetic scrub sponges are premium quality cleaning pads for eliminating tough stains, heavy grime, and odors.

    4. Casabella Original Mop, Painted Steel

    The Casabella original mop – painted steel is a stylish workhorse, sure to become your go to mop for all you mop cleaning needs

    By :- Casabella

  • The Casabella original mop – painted steel is a stylish workhorse, sure to become your go to mop for all you mop cleaning needs.
  • The mop features a heavy duty lever for maximum wringing and is constructed to be rust resistant.
  • There is a refill head available for the mop, it is item # 51000.
  • With focus on product and graphic design we strive to deliver products that are attractive, Intuitive and supremely functional.
  • The Casabella team is comprised of people who work hard every day to keep the company moving in new and better directions.
  • Constructed with a sturdy steel pole, it’s built to last.
  • The mop head is made with a super absorbent and replaceable 10-Inch cellulose sponge.
  • Here’s the best part, the original Casabella mop is sold with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Casabella was created with the novel idea that housewares and cleaning products could be great looking, fun and functional all at the same time.
  • That’s our challenge! we design, assemble and distribute products from our new York headquarters.
  • We believe we can always do better and strive to identify improvements in our processes as well as our products.
  • 5. Quickie Automatic Squeezing Sponge Mop

    Automatic squeezing action makes wringing a breeze

    By :- Quickie

  • The Quickie Automatic Squeezing Sponge Mop cleans more floor in less time than other sponge mops.
  • Quickie designs, manufactures and distributes over 300 cleaning products for traditional in-home use as well as contractor and DIY grade applications.
  • A dual layered cellulose sponge, maximizes the absorbency you need for a quick, thorough clean.
  • An automatic squeezing designed with oversized nylon rollers makes mop wringing easier than ever before.
  • The Quickie Automatic Squeezing Sponge Mop comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • The product line includes mops, brooms, dusters, dustpans, brushes, buckets and other supplies.
  • The cellulose provides deeper cleaning on hard flooring surfaces and absorbs more water off the floor with fewer mop passes, meaning your floors dry faster! The patented built-in front scrubber helps remove scuff marks and stubborn stains.

    6. HomsHug PVA Sponge Mop With 2 Absorbent Mop Head Refills Adjustable Extension

    PROFESSIONAL PVA MOP: HomsHug PVA sponge mop is super absorbent, it can clean your floor with a gentle mop without water marks and damage your floor; unlike other mops, it is not easy to breed bacteria and fungi. This product is easy to clean, dirty things will fall off immediately when they touch water, which can save you time

    By :- HomsHug

  • Quick drying & no water mark: When you use this mop to clean the floor, it will not only leave no water marks, but also let your floor dry quickly.
  • Easy to clean & save your time: Compared with twist mop and microfiber mop, PVA mop only needs to be put in the water, and the dirty things will fall off.
  • Anti bacterial & fungi: Twist mops and microfiber mops are easy to breed bacteria because they are difficult to dry and clean.
  • What kind of floor you can clean? Hardwood floors, ceramic tile floors, engineering floors, laminated floors, vinyl floors, marble floors, etc.
  • Clean kitchen floor tough stain: Spray the floor or glass cleaner on the tough dirt stain and grime, keep few seconds before you are wrapping; 2.
  • Remove toddler or pet pee: Mix the Pet Stain and odor remover and urine cleaner with water before you wet mop and whipping.
  • Unlike other mops, PVA mops are not easy to breed bacteria and fungi.
  • Other inferior PVA sponge mops will take 15-30 minutes.
  • What does HomsHug PVA Mop use with? Mop Bucket + Stain and Odor and Urine remover + Floor cleaner Tips for keeping your house tidy and refresh: 1.
  • Deeper clean: Mix the floor cleaner with water before wet mop; 3.
  • Are you still using twist mops or microfiber mops? Why not use a PVA mop to save your time and improve your quality of life? The 3 superiorities of HomsHug PVA sponge mop make you have no reason to reject it.

    What You Get? 2x mop head refills 1x individual detachable mop stick with snag-fit flat 1x mop stick How to use HomsHug PVA Mop? You just soak it in water for 3-4 minutes, and it will become wet and soft.

    7. NFHOME Sponge Floor Mop, PVA Double Roller Sponge Mop With Professional

    SUPER ABSORBENT – Highly absorbent, Durable and Heavy Duty

    By :- NFHOME

  • The NFHOME PVA Sponge Mop with Handle features a front pull-lever to quickly and efficiently wring the mop head after use.
  • You can clean up any spill or sticky mess in seconds.
  • Brand Introduction: NFHOME is a leading manufacturer of household cleaning products.
  • With constant focus on Quality, Reliability and Innovation, NFHOME strives to offer durable and eco-friendly household cleaning tools that will improve the hygiene of every house.
  • This PVA sponge mop head is highly absorbent with a high tensile strength and is resistant to harsh chemicals for a long life of effective mopping.
  • Since the surface of the mop actually pays dirt, dust and grime, you can mop and sweep all in one easy step.
  • Our spin mop and bucket system,PVA mop,sponges Mop and Flat mop are designed and engineered to make cleaning easier.
  • Specification: Material: ABS, PVA, Stainless steel Size:11″” sponge and total lengnth 52″” Telescoping Mop Handle Length – 35.
  • 5 inches to 52 inches Usage:Use for household cleaning Product includes: 1x Instructions 1x Stainless steel pole 1x Pva mop heads Tips: When you get package, Please check if there is any parts missed 1)In the process of installation, if you find the lock is too tight to revolve, it may be caused by cold weather.

    you can use hair dryer to make it warm, then it can be revolved easily 2)The Sponge mop head will become dry and hard when not in use for a long time, just soak it in the hot water for minutes and it will be soft and spongy 3)It is recommended that Sponge mop head should be replaced every 3 months.

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