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1. Infinite Wonder: An Astronaut’s Photographs From A Year In Space

By :-

  • Kelly’s photos prove that this perspective–from 250 miles above earth–while hard-won, is also almost unspeakably beautiful.
  • Kelly’s artist’s eye helped make him a social media sensation, and here his photos are collected alongside his own commentary, which sets the images in their proper contexts, human and cosmic.
  • He presents snapshots of life and work on the International Space Station, from spacewalks to selfies.
  • He mastered the rare art of microgravity photography.
  • 4x magnifying zoom lens, he panned the camera as the shutter released in order to compensate for the space station’s velocity: 17,500 mph relative to the earth.
  • Kelly captures sunsets, moonrises, the aurora borealis, and the luminous, hazy tapestry of the Milky Way.
  • But above all–or floating amid all–he takes the earth itself as his celestial muse.
  • From the record-breaking astronaut, national hero, and best-selling author of Endurance, a breathtaking collection of photos documenting his journey on the International Space Station, the vastness of space, and the unparalleled beauty of our own home planet.

    One’s perspective shifts when one lives for an entire year–as Commander Scott Kelly, and no other American astronaut in history, has–in the isolating, grueling, and utterly unforgiving vacuum of space.

    Here are hurricanes, wrinkled mountains, New York City shining like a galaxy–glorious photographs that are, in themselves, a passionate argument for the preservation of our planet in the face of climate change and environmental destruction.

    2. Acrodo Space Saver Travel Bags For Clothes – 10-pack For Compression Packing

    INCREASE STORAGE SPACE BY 300%. Your purchase includes 5 JUMBO (27.5 x 19.5 inches) plastic space saver bags and 5 LARGE (23 x 15.5 inches) storage bags. Perfect for condensing shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, blankets, pillows, towels, and more! No need to struggle with your suitcase zipper or try to cram too much in your backpack. Our roll-up compression bags make packing easier and more efficient, adding extra space and reducing packing frustration for your next trip.

    By :- Acrodo

  • Packing can be a frustrating chore, especially when there is a lot to pack in a small space.
  • With the Acrodo Roll Up Compression Bags, you can increase your packing capabilities by THREE TIMES.
  • Simply place your belongings in the bag, zip, and roll! The valve at the end of the bag compresses the air just as efficiently and tightly, without the hassle of a vacuum.
  • You’ll be able to operate your new space-saving bags within seconds.
  • Maintain fresh and clean clothes and linens throughout your travels.
  • Oftentimes travelers are forced to leave belongings behind due to lack of storage space in their luggage.
  • Eliminate your packing hassles and make traveling and storing easier! SAVE SPACE CONVENIENTLY with our no-pump, no-vacuum bags.
  • EASY TO USE with our step-by-step instructions and How-To Video.
  • Your personal belongings will be safe from dust, mold, mildew, dirt, bugs, and bacteria.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns about your product.
  • 3. Anna Home Collection Anna Home Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags Large, 4 X Medium Space

    ✔️4 x Large (32 x 24 Inches), 4 x Medium (28 x 20 Inches) vacuum storage bags – Perfect for storage comforter, blanket, duvet, bed sheets, towels, clothes, and more! Save up to 80% your storage space than other storage bags.

    By :- Anna Home Collection

  • At Anna Home Collection, we strive for perfection and nothing less.
  • we offer high quality, hassle-free vacuum storage bags at competitive prices.
  • The industry’s best lifetime warranty to back a rock-solid product.
  • Never worry about suitcase not having enough space again! high quality material: our space saver vacuum sealing storage bags, constructed of multi-layer antimicrobial materials.
  • This goes for our products As well as our customer service.
  • When there is a problem, We go the extra mile to fix it.
  • Other vacuum packing bags let air back in and defeat the purpose.
  • save 80% more storage space: vacuum Pack bags save up to 80% of space than other clothes storage bags! Vacuum packing bags for travel, bedding, sweaters comforter, Blanket, duvet, bed sheets, towels, clothes storage.

    user-friendly plastic vacuum compression bags: The vacuum seal travel space bags can be applied to any household vacuum cleaner, make the compression convenient and easy! double security Zippered storage bags: The airtight storage bags have unique double-zip seal and the triple-seal Turbo valve design to get all the of air out of the bag in the suction process and nothing gets back in! Perfect for long-term storage.

    package included: 4x medium size: 20″x 28″ 4x large size: 24″ X 32″ 1x Hand pump lifetime warranty! If in any case These vacuum suction bags Leak, Please contact us and we’ll provide you free replacements.

    4. Jumbo Vacuum Space Saver Storage Bags. [Bonus] Travel Vacuum Hand Pump. Jumbo

    HIGH QUALITY: Our Vacuum Space saver bags are high quality and great for long term storage and minimizing space for travel. 3X more space in your closet or suitcase. Simply put your clothes or Linen and remove the air with a regular vacuum cleaner or our bonus Hand Vacuum pump

    By :- EcoGreen Storage

  • – Jumbo Size bags make sure you can fully pack to the brim.
  • The Patented double zipper makes sure you can fill and no air leaks out – Thick bags, not flimsy and do not rip easily.
  • You will see people complaning of flimsy ripped bags that constanly leak.
  • When purchasing EcoGreen Storage Vacuum Space Bags you can EXPECT quality.
  • Depress as much air out of the bags as possible and then use the travel pump to vacuum all air out.
  • We made sure to build our Bags with premium thick plastic, Add extra bags and threw in a bonus Hand Vacuum Travel Pump to make sure you get as much value for your dollar as possible.
  • ADD EcoGreen Storage Vacuum Space Bags With Bonus Travel Pump to you cart today and start saving space and money !.
  • Store anywhere and do not worry about smells, insects or odors.
  • Looking at reviews of other Vacuum Space bags on Amazon.
  • We made sure to use premium material and include a double zipper on ours.
  • BONUS EcoGreen Storage Travel Vacuum hand Pump We added our Travel Vacuum Hand Pump as a bonus! Great for when traveling and no vacuum or electricty is availble.
  • EXPECT MORE, PAY LESS We care about Quality and your Satisfaction.
  • We make sure to follow up with every transaction to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our products.
  • EcoGreen Storage Vacuum Space Bags With Bonus Travel Pump Perfect For Long Term Storage, RV, Camping and Traveling Easy to use Vacuum Space Bags With Bonus Travel Pump – Get More Space Out of Your Closet and drawers Save 3X the space.

    5. Space Base

    Dice Game where players build their own chart of rewards

    By :- Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)

  • “An intergalactic dice Game of fleet management for 2-5 space base Commodores.
  • Use cargo vessels, mining ships, and deploy carriers to earn profits and expand your influence.
  • Admiral of the fleet! Space base is a dice Game where players draft ships into their space base.
  • Space base has you involved and engaged on every player turn, from the first roll of the dice to the last!”.
  • As the Commodore of a space base, Your job is to draft new Ships into your fleet to work and Patrol the 12 sectors under your watch.
  • Only one space base Commodore will be promoted to U.
  • Every turn, No matter whose turn, players harvest rewards from their space base, Whether those rewards are an increase in your baseline income, credits for the next turn, influence or some other powerful effect that will lead you to victory.

    6. TAILI Hanging Vacuum Space Saver Bags For Clothes, Set Of 4 (2 Long 53″x27.6″, 2

    Come with 2 Sizes (2pcs 53″x27″ & 2pcs 41″x27″) , available to store suits or jackets, whether short or long.

    By :- TAILI

  • The TAILI vacuum sealer bags are created from the unique design of a gusseted bag that allows you to fill the bag upright.
  • Position the vacuum hose over the valve and use the vacuum to suck air out of the bag.
  • The bags are strong and durable, designed to be used over and over again.
  • Remember these bags are not only for storage and space saving, but also for beautifying your home! * Save 3X more space in your closet and drawers * Transform bulky clothes into flat pieces you can store * Compatible with all regular vacuum cleaners * The lock is 100% sealed and will keep your vacuum and flat volume * Anti-odor, Anti-insects, Anti-dirt * Air-tight and Water-tight * Easy to use – Fill, Seal, Vac * Large and Reusable for all types of clothes Please always follow the instructions below to ensure that the bags are used for maximum efficiency.

    7. EMGM Vacuum Storage Bags 12 Pack Jumbo Reusable Space Saver Bags – Save 85% More

    THE PERFECT SET: You can now get everything you’ll need to perfectly store your linens, save space in your luggage or in the closet! This unique set will provide you with 12 jumbo vacuum storage bags, perfect for every use! You can use them to store clothes, pillows, blankets, duvets, towels, sheets and more. Space saver bags, vacuum storage bags, storage bags, large reusable bags, double zip seal bags, organization bags.

    By :- EMGM

  • Premium Quality The EMGM vacuum storage bags are crafted to perfection with the best quality materials so they can be incredibly durable.
  • Easy To Use You can pack your clothes and linens in no time with these waterproof air tight bags.
  • Maximum Results The vacuum storage bags will help you save up space for easy and convenient storing of clothes, pillows, blankets, towels and duvets.
  • They are reusable for long lasting results and they are waterproof so they will perfectly protect your clothes and fabric from mildew, mold and bacteria.
  • The vacuum storage bags have a double seal zip for maximum safety and a leak valve.
  • The waterproof air tight bags can reduce the volume of your clothes up to 85% for your convenience! So Hurry Up And Get Yours Now! Just Click “Add To Cart”.
  • The Space Saving Solution You’ve Been Looking For! Are you looking for a way to fit everything in your suitcase with no hassle? Do you want to protect your clothes and linens? Do you need a space saving solution that is easy to use? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered! The EMGM vacuum storage bags are exactly what you need! Amazing Set Forget about inconvenient sets that provide you with tiny bags or only a few of them that are never enough.

    This is the best and biggest vacuum storage bag pack you can find on the market as it provides you with 12x JUMBO bags that are very large and convenient for easy use, so you can have perfect results with no hassle.

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