Top 10 Best soldering kit 2018

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Best soldering kit 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 soldering kit

1. Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 60W 110V-Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering

【HEAT UP QUICKLY and HEAT DISSPATION EFFICIENCY】 -60 watts, heat up quickly(2 minutes or so). Adjustable temperature with thermostat range 200~450℃. With our upgrade steel-pipe design, the soldering iron is more efficient in a better heat dissipation.

By :- Tabiger

  • The soldering kit is an excellent kit for home use, hobbyists, DIY solderers, enthusiasts, novice, classes.
  • There are 5 interchangeable soldering tips to match all your soldering needs.
  • The tool case can avoid getting hurt by these sharp tools.
  • Prepare solder and soldering iron; Specially, it’s necessary to keep the tip clean, which should be coated with solder.
  • Use the soldering iron to heat the weldment, such as PCB leads and pads, and keep the weldment heated evenly.
  • When the temperature is high enough, put the solder wire close to the joint, the solder will melt and flow freely.
  • Please remove the solder wire when the tin is enough.
  • Take away the soldering iron in a direction approximately 45°and power off.
  • Don’t pull the soldering iron tip outward and use it in that way, which will shorten the heating element life.
  • 7 inches Y stand: steel Desoldering pump: plastic and aluminum alloy Solder wire: 60 percent tin, 2.
  • Package Includedsoldering ironsolderdesoldering pumpsoldering tips(6 in total)Ystandanti-static tweezertoolbox.
  • Tabiger welding soldering iron kit comes with adjustable soldering iron, solder wire, 5 interchangeable soldering heads, desoldering pump, anti-static tweezers, Y stand, and sponge.
  • Specification  Work voltage: 110V Power: 60W Temp range: 200 ~ 450℃ Tips model: 900M series Tweezer: ESD-15, length 4.
  • 2. Magento’s Superb 14 Pieces Set Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Gun Kit 60w

    【All-Inclusive Kit】 – This durable, high-quality kit contains a soldering iron and soldering wire, a solder sucker, pump for desoldering, a selection of soldering tips, a self-cleaning sponge stand, and much more – making it the perfect choice for all of your at-home soldering needs!

    By :- Magneto Tools

  • Why Choose Magneto’s For Your Soldering Iron? Interested in a new soldering iron? This high-quality soldering iron by Magneto is the perfect choice! Why? We’ll give you three simple reasons.
  • Incredible Quality– Our soldering irons have been built with quality in mind.
  • Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, our customizable and durable soldering iron is the perfect tool for the job! 2.
  • Using advanced technology, we’ve created a product that heats up quickly – and is cool to the touch only minutes after the heating element has been turned off.
  • Extras, Extras, Extras – This all-in-one kit has everything you need to get started with your next solder project.
  • Choose our product today – and enjoy a clean, safe, and powerful soldering that’s sure to exceed your expectations.
  • Using smart design, an intelligent heating element, and a comfort grip, we’ve truly created the ultimate soldering tool.
  • A Focus On Safety – Our soldering irons have been built to be as safe as possible.
  • And with an advanced soldering stand, auto shut-off features, and a design free of toxic metals and materials, you can be sure that your soldering iron is safe to use – no matter what you use it for! 3.

    From a portable carrying case, to a cleaning stand, and a variety of different tips, our soldering kit is the perfect choice for everyone, and has everything you need to get started! So don’t get stuck with a low-quality soldering iron.

    3. Soldering Iron Kit Electronics, Yome 19-in-1 60w Adjustable Temperature

    【SOLDERING IRON】The adjustable temperature soldering iron with ON/OFF Switch and LED indicator saves energy and uses an anti-skid silicone handle, a new heat dissipation design, and a secure base to ensure safe welding.

    By :- Yome

  • Yome soldering iron kit is suitable for beginners, easy to use.
  • So, what are you waiting for???Click the Add to Cart button to ORDER it NOW! Note: When measuring battery voltage, the range switch must be turned to DC 20V (top left corner).
  • 5V and 9V (top right corner) is used to test current of corresponding battery.
  • Remove the multimeter back cover, insert the AAA battery(Battery included).
  • Please be really careful when you are using the tools in avoidance of pricks or other injuries.
  • The iron heats up fast, so please select a suitable temperature.
  • If you like DIY or need to repair small parts, Yome soldering iron will do the job for you and is your best choice.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the purchase of Yome soldering iron, you can refund it at any time, which is no loss to you.
  • Working for long hours and high temperature may shorten its life.
  • Do not allow the iron to idle at operating temperatures for extended periods, This could burn the soldering iron and even other things.
  • If you are not sure whether Yome soldering iron can meet your requirements, you may also rest assured to buy it, because Yome offer a lifetime warranty, return, and refund policy to our customers forever.

    Package Included: Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron with ON/OFF Switch x 1 desoldering pump x 1 soldering tips x 5tin wire tube x 1soldering iron stand x 1tweezers x1 wire stripper cutter x 1electronic wire x 2 multimeter x 1multimeter pens x 2 battery x 1screwdriver x 1 PU carry bag x1 Warm Tips: 1.

    4. Dremel 2000-01 Versa Tip Precision Butane Soldering Torch

    INTEGRATED IGNITION TRIGGER – For easy start up, no independent ignition tool required

    By :- Dremel

  • The New Dremel Versa Tip is the ideal butane soldering torch for people engaged in creative and detailed projects that require precision and versatility combined with portability.
  • The Versa Tip is the perfect tool for passionate users who require a highly accurate torch for doing detailed project work.
  • The large tank capacity with standard butane gas allows for up to 75 minute run time.
  • The Versa Tip is a butane soldering iron that solders, heats, melts, cuts, welds, shrinks and makes decorative burns in a wide variety of materials.
  • The Versa Tip also features a self ignition button with safety lock and a flame lock-on for continuous hands-free operation.
  • Kit contents include Versa Tip butane tool, storage case, soldering tip, deflector, cutting knife, hot air tip, wide blower tip, shaping knife, solder, sponge, tins, wrenches and protective cap.
  • 5. ANBES Soldering Iron Kit Electronics, 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Tool,

    【Soldering Iron Support Station】- Standard dual spring soldering iron holder with sponge is a very useful tool when the soldering iron work.It has a secure base and it is more safer than any other thin soldering stand.The maximum extent to avoid the user was burned and damaged.

    By :- ANBES

  • Anbes Welding Soldering Iron Kit design for various uses,from home DIY,electrical repairs jobs and other soldering project.
  • Safety of Tools: Soldering iron stand’s dual safety design and Heat-insulated and anti-scalding silicone handle protects users from burn.
  • Specification: ★Work Voltage: 110V ★Power: 60W ★Temp Rang: 200℃ – 450 ℃ ★Tweezer: ESD-15, ength 4.
  • ②The iron heats up fast,so please select a suitable temperature.
  • ③Do not allow the iron to idle at operating temperatures for extended periods, This could burn the soldering iron and even other things.
  • Why do you choose us: 14-in-1 Set: This set of tools is complete,you don’t need to buy the other accessories from the amazon store.
  • Easy for Storage & Carry: PU carry bag is very convenient to store small tools and easy to carry,you can take it anywhere for repair or DIY.
  • Working for long hours and high temperature may shorten its life.
  • ④The 5 tips are general 900M series and you can buy replacement on Amazon.
  • 7inches ★Soldering Iron Stand: Steel ★Tips Model: 900M series ★Desoldering Pump: Plastic and aluminum alloy ★Carry Bag: PU leather Package Included: Soldering Iron x 1 Desoldering Pump x 1 Different Soldering Iron Tips x 5 Tin Wire Tube x 1 Soldering Iron Stand x 1 Tweezers x 1 Wire Stripper Cutterx 1 22awg Electronic Wire x 2 PU Carry Bag x 1 Warm Tips: ①Please be really careful when you are using the tools in avoidance of pricks or other injuries,You’d better keep it somewhere kids can’t reach.

    6. X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS-ST – 75 Watt – Soldering Iron Station With 10 Min Sleep

    75 Watt Soldering Iron with Ergonomic Grip – Temperature Range of 392°F ~ 896°F/200°C ~ 480°C

    By :- X-TRONIC

  • You can easily change the LED digital readouts from “Centigrade to Fahrenheit” for the Soldering Iron Temperature with a flip of the switch.
  • The Complete Kit is Manufactured by X-Tronic for the Intermediate as well as the Expert and Far Will Exceed your Expectations of Quality and Durability for any Soldering Station in this Category.
  • The 3020-XTS also features “Magic Temperature Compensation Technology” to maintain tip temperature stability.
  • The X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS Antistatic LED Digital Display Soldering Iron Station with 10 Minute Sleep Function, Auto Cool Down, C/F Switch, Ergonomic Heat Resistant Soldering Iron, Solder Roll Holder, Brass Soldering Tip Cleaner and Supply of Cleaning FluxThe X-Tronic #3020-XTS is a Low Cost, but Very High Quality Anti-static LED Digital Display 75 Watt Soldering Iron Station with some Fantastic Features for the price.

    The Complete Kit Includes:1 – 75 Watt Soldering Iron with Ergonomic Grip1 – Soldering Iron Controller with a Temperature Range of 392°F ~ 896°F/200°C ~ 480°C1 – Solder Roll Holder on the Side of the Unit1 – 304 Grade Stainless Steel Soldering Iron Holder1 – Brass Sponge Tip Cleaner with Cleaning Flux5 – Extra Assorted Soldering Tips Specifications: ESD SafeSoldering Iron Output: 75 Watts10 Minute Sleep TimerCentigrade to Fahrenheit Toggle SwitchBlue LED Readout on Control ModulePSD Technology (Magic Techchnology)Temperature Range: 392°F ~ 896°F/200°C ~ 480°C60 Inch 100% Silicone Cord (Virtually NO Memory) from Tip of Soldering Iron to the Main Unit55 Inch Power Cord from Wall Plug to Main UnitAC 110V/120V – 60 Hz – NO 220V AvailableThis X-Tronic unit is a Very High Quality – ESD Safe Digital Soldering Iron unit.

    7. Soldering Iron, Soldering Iron Kit Electronics, 60W Adjustable Temperature

    Soldering Iron with ON/OFF Switch:The soldering iron kit with ON/OFF Switch,it is easy to save energy and ensure safe welding.You just need to turn it off if you don’t want to use it.The insulating silica gel on the iron can effectively protect the iron from being ironed at high temperature or the iron tips dropping on the ground.

    By :- handskit

  • Soldering Iron Kit design for various uses,from home DIY,electrical repairs jobs and other soldering project.
  • If appear smoke please unplug the power supply immediately and wait for cooling.
  • The iron heats up fast, so please select a suitable temperature.
  • Do not allow the iron to idle at operating temperatures for extended periods, This could burn the soldering iron and even other things.
  • Upgrade Version:Adding an ON/OFF switch,you can turn the soldering iron on or off.
  • We have been arrange QC department to repeated examination.
  • Please be really careful when you are using the tools in avoidance of pricks or other injuries.
  • Working for long hours and high temperature may shorten its life.
  • Specification:Work Voltage:110VPower:60WTemp Rang:200℃ – 450℃Soldering Tips Material:Pure copperTweezer:ESD-15, ESD-11Soldering Iron Stand:SteelDesoldering Pump:Plastic and aluminum alloySolder Wire:60%Sn-40%PbPackage Included:Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron with ON/OFF Switch x 1Different Types Soldering Iron Tips x 5Desoldering Pump x 1Solder Wire x 1Electronic Wire x 1Wire Stripper Cutter x 1Sponge x 1Tweezer x 2Carry Bag x 1Warm Tips: Please Note the product may be in using lead to the voltage too high and result in short circuit.

    8. Whatnot Widgets 12 Piece Electronic Soldering Iron Kit With Adjustable

    Adjustable Temp Iron heat range equal to or greater than most 60 Watt Soldering Irons 200˚-500˚ C

    By :- Whatnot Widgets

  • SUCH A COMPLETE SOLDERING IRON TOOL KIT! This 12 piece soldering kit is manufactured with the same high quality standards as all other Whatnot Widgets brand name products.
  • Our Adjustable Temperature Iron can develop a temperature range greater than most 60 Watt Soldering Irons – heats 390˚ to 840˚ F but as high as 900˚+ (200-500 degrees C).
  • 5M * 1 Solder Wire Pen – 1mm Rosin Core Solder – 15g 60% SN (tin) 40% PB (lead) 2.
  • CE & RoHS Certified – complies with EU electronics safety and environmental requirements.
  • 90-day No Hassle Warranty on this product – Contact us for any issues with your item within 90 days, and we’ll replace it -or- offer a full refund for your purchase.
  • It’s great for small electronics repair at home, office, or work and is loved by experts and beginners alike.
  • Kit Includes 12 Pieces (11-in-1) 11 soldering components stored in 1 Carry Case: * 1 Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron – 30-50 Watt Range up to 900+ degrees F (200˚ to 500˚ C) – 110 Volt 2 Prong Corded Electric – Clear Plastic Handle * 1 Conical Tip * 1 Bevel (Hoof) Tip * 1 Chisel Tip * 1 Helping Hands w/ 2 alligator clips and 2X magnifier * 1 Desoldering Pump – Gold Aluminum Tube – Teflon Nozzle * 1 Desolder Wire – 2mm X 1.

    2% Flux * 1 Iron Stand * 1 Brass Tip Cleaner * 1 Cleaner Holder * 1 Hard Plastic Carry Case IDEAL FOR REPAIR OF: * cell phones, tablets, computers * tvs, radios * Xbox, other gaming devices * model trains, remote control vehicles, toys * any small electric or electronic device (speakers, monitors, etc) * jewelry, crafts, etc.

    9. Soldering Iron Kit, With Digital Tempe Control Soldering Iron With ON/OFF

    8-IN-1 SOLDERING IRON KIT: This soldering iron kit comes with a Digital Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron, Solder Wire, 5 Extra Lead-free Soldering Iron Tips, Desoldering Pump, Anti-static Tweezers, Stand with Cleaning Sponge, Wire Stripper Cutter, 2 Electronic wires and 1 Pu bag to cushion your soldering needs in your projects.

    By :- SEALODY

  • Features a safe, Inner-heated ceramic technology makes it heat up in no time.
  • The steel pipe design with fast heat dissipation holes near the tip ensures effective heat dissipation and fast cooling.
  • You can know easily and conveniently repair mobile devices, jewellery, watches, computer hardware, solder loose wires, replace TV capacitors or accessories, work on small electronics and much more.
  • Specification: Working Voltage: 110V Power: 60 wattSoldering Iron Length: 7.
  • The soldering iron is thoughtfully designed to meet UL safety standard.
  • Temperature adjustable from 200℃ to 450℃ (392℉ to 842℉ ) The upgraded heat-resistant material and the steel-pipe design helps protect the soldiering iron from melting due to overheating.
  • The solder sucker (desoldering pump) is a high-pressure vacuum tube with aluminum body frame, which allows easy one-handed operation.
  • An gifting idea for electronics fanatics, hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts or soldering beginners on any occasion.
  • 4 inchCable Length: 59 inchTemperature Range: 200-450℃- (392-842℉) Tips Model: 900M SeriesSolder Wire: 60% Sn, 38% Pb, 2.
  • THE BEST SOLDERING IRON KIT ON AMAZON- Make Your Soldering Projects SimpleAre you are looking for the right tools for your de-soldering and soldering needs in your projects? Well, look no further than this 8-in soldering iron kit which is packed with all essential tools for your soldering needs.

    38 ozPackage Inculded: 1x Digital Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron (with 900M-T-B Lead-free Soldering Iron Tips) 1x Solder Wire5x Extra Lead-free Soldering Iron Tips1x Desoldering Pump1x Anti-static Tweezers1x Stand with Cleaning Sponge1x Wire Stripper Cutter2 x Electronic Wires1x pu bag.

    10. Standard Jewelry Soldering Kit With Silver Solder Wire SFC Tools Kit-1750

    Kit Includes: Mini Butane Torch, Sparex Pickle Compound

    By :- SFC Tools

  • We put this soldering kit together with all the tools and supplies you will need to start soldering, whether you are a beginner, taking a class, or are setting up your studio.
  • Butane is not included and will need to be purchased separately.
  • You will be able to immediately solder sterling silver, fine silver, PMC3, nickle silver, copper, brass, and bronze.
  • We recommend starting with 16-22 gauge sheet and wire if you’re a beginner.
  • Kit includes: SFC Tools Micro Torch – Handheld Butane Torch, Silver Solder Wire 20 gauge – 1 foot each of easy, medium, and hard, Sparex Pickle Compound – 10 oz jar, Handy Flux – 8 oz.
  • These soldering tools are all you need to perform small soldering tasks for jewelry making and repairs, tasks such as balling headpins, soldering chain ends, pin backs and bails, soldering jump rings closed and so much more.

    jar, Magnesia Soldering Block, Copper Tongs, Precision Tweezer – AA Fine Tip, Third Hand with Cross Locking Tweezer, Tripod with Mesh Screen, Soldering Pick Titanium, Side Cutting Plier (Style and PVC color may vary), Utility Flux Brush.

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