Top 10 Best shoe horn 2018

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Best shoe horn 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 shoe horn

1. 24″ Inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn (Black)

24 inch Extra Long Handle Shoe Horn – Perfect For Putting On Your Shoes or Boots While Standing

By :- Shacke

  • It is 24 inch long made from a sturdy high tech plastic, making it possible for anyone to put on their shoes without bending or leaning.
  • It comes with a big round handle so that your whole hand can wrap around it.
  • The grip of the handle is slightly tilted from the rest of the body of the shoehorn making it the ideal angle for putting on your shoes or boots.
  • It is ideal for the elderly that need some assisted mobility or anyone that wants to avoid the hassle of putting on their shoes.
  • This handle makes it easy for anyone to grip and hold.
  • Tired Of Bending Over When Putting On Your Shoes? Avoid Back Problems Forever Using Our 24 Inch Easy Grip Extra Long Shoehorn A good shoehorn has one purpose and one purpose only and that’s to make putting on your shoes a breeze without bending, back pains, or aches.

    Shack 24 Inch Shoe Horn Overview: -Extra Long 24 Inch Shoehorn -Super Big and Easy Grip Handle -Made from Sturdy High Tech Plastic -Perfect Tilt from Handle to Shoehorn Body -Ideal for Assisted Mobility.

    2. STRATTON MEN’S CEDAR SHOE TREE 2-PACK (for 2 Pairs Of Shoes) (Large, 2 Pairs,

    Top Quality –  Premium Red Aromatic Cedar Wood Shoe Trees protect the leather, fabric, stitching and soles from moisture damage.

    By :- Stratton

  • ABOUT THE MANUFACTURERThe Stratton corporation was founded by a group of World class shoemakers and carpenters.
  • Today the Stratton Corporation is expanding there premium men’s accessories, and cedar products using are philosophy of quality, service and integrity.
  • No detail is too small, because supreme quality is the cornerstone of are name.
  • In fact, we stand behind our craftsmanship with a lifetime guarantee against mechanical defect.
  • Use of our shoe trees is the ultimate way for a gentleman to protect and extend the life of his shoes.
  • They preserve the shape of the shoe by a gentle spring-loaded spreading action.
  • TOP RATEDOur award-winning Top Rated status is testimony to our integrity of quality and design, by thousands of worldwide customers.
  • Their joint effort and expertise resulted in the award winning shoe tree.
  • Taking shoe tree making to the level of an art form, each pair of Stratton shoe trees are carefully crafted by hand in a process that includes 57 separate production steps.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEEDSuch uncompromising standards bring out the lasting beauty of our natural cedar products.
  • ON SALE! STRATTON CEDAR SHOE TREES FOR MENOur split toe is one of our most popular shoe trees, with an extremely functional automatic spreader, which enables our shoe trees to fit every shoe regardless of size.

    Made from the aromatic heartwood of premium red cedar, these shoe trees work their magic by absorbing the odor and moisture into the wood, and then allowing the moisture to escape through the exposed wood in the self- adjusting split toe area.

    3. FootMatters Expander Shoe Horn Extra Long Handle Stainless Steel Twist To Lock

    TWIST AND LOCK: Simply twist and lock handle in 3 different lengths to fit your comfort level, extends from 16 to 31 inchesTWIST AND LOCK: Simply twist and lock handle in 3 different lengths to fit your comfort level, adjustable, extends from 16 to 31 inches

    By :- FootMatters

  • FootMatters Locking Expander Shoe Horn is the best and most adaptive long shoe horn on the market.
  • High quality stainless steel is durable and strong, yet light weight and portable.
  • Use while standing or sitting without bending over, perfect for the elderly, pregnant or disabled and those with back pain, hip pain, arthritis, sciatica and other mobility problems.
  • If there are any problems our shoe horn, just let us know and we will replace it or refund your money.
  • Expands from 16 to 31 inches, locking in place to 3 different lengths to perfectly fit your preferred size and comfort.
  • Flex end spring makes taking your shoes and boots off easy from any angle.
  • 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee means that you do not have to worry about your purchase one bit.
  • 4. Shoe Horn Pro Comfort – Extra Long Handled Telescopic, Personally Adjustable 16″

    ADJUSTS TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL LENGTH – Metallic & black in color with a brushed aluminum finish, the ‘Shoe Horn Pro’ benefits from a technologically ‘Advanced Personal Adjustment System’ where the long handle can be extended or elongated in a smooth telescoping movement to choose your own personalized extension between 16

    By :- Shoe Horn ProGuide

  • No More Pain – Never Bend Down Again! The Shoe Horn Pro can be utilized when either sitting or standing.
  • – Protects feet & shoes against heel bruising, damage and crushing.
  • Stand or sit and personally adjust to your preferred length to put on any type of footwear in an instant.
  • It conveniently collapses down to 16″ for the ultimate travel accessory.
  • NEW FOR 2018 – Larger, Stronger 304 Stainless Steel Paddle & Reinforced Spring Arthritis, Back Pain, Pregnancy or Mobility Problems Giving You Shoe Difficulties? Make shoe and reach problems a thing of the past! This luxury, black telescopic shoe spoon extends up to an incredible 31″ inches meaning you never need to bend down again.

    Introducing The “Shoe Horn Pro Comfort” – Our fully-extendable, collapsible, extra-long shoe horn is made from durable stainless steel with an anti-slip rubber handle and ergonomic paddle that guides your feet into any type of shoes or boots.

    – It is lifetime guaranteed against breakage & snapping unlike cheap plastic or wooden imitations – It’s super-slim, lightweight, less than 4oz design means it can be conveniently carried in your travel luggage.

    – Adjustable thru 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″, 22″, 23″, 24″, 25″, 26″, 27″, 28″, 29″, 30″, 31″ inch Lifetime Guarantee All our products are backed with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty.

    5. OrthoStep Metal Shoe Horn 7.5 Inch (Antique Brushed Brass)

    A BETTER WAY TO “SHOE” – Keep the heel of your shoe intact and free of wear and tear with OrthoStep’s 7.5″ Shoe Horn! Our metal design is ruggedly sturdy, and makes putting your shoes on a breeze

    By :- OrthoStep

  • We’ve all run into the issue: a beautiful pair of shoes ruined by constant bending of the heel when you put it on.
  • We make their life just a little easier, and they will most definitely thank you for it! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON NOW!!.
  • 5” durable and long lasting shoehorn is the premier choice to preserve any type of shoe.
  • Best of all, it takes so much less effort to apply a shoe with a shoe horn, making us the best choice for your favorite grandparent.
  • Whether it be those hard to put on cleats, or expensive heels, we’ve got the tool you need to funnel those feet in with ease, and keep your footwear looking great! GRANDPARENT’S BEST FRIEND Let’s face it, as we get older, we like those slip on shoes for a reason: they are just easier to put on! Now, you can make every pair of shoes slip on.

    6. GGI International Set Of 2 Metal Shoe Horns, 7.5″ Long

    SET OF 2 SHOE HORNS- Contains 2 – 7.5″ shoe horns


  • This set contains two shoehorns plus the newly added bonus travel shoe horn.
  • 5″ inches long, making them perfect for everyday use.
  • The strong metal construction guarantees they will not bend while trying to slide on your shoes.
  • They are sure to make putting on shoes easier for anyone having difficulties due to shoe shape or mobility.
  • Mens Collections is the proud manufacturer of the Velette line of signature shoe horns.
  • These shoe horns are made of solid metal for strength and durability, and are perfectly angled for ergonomic ease of use.
  • The travel shoe horn measures 4″, the perfect size to conveniently stow in a purse or a pocket.
  • These shoehorns are perfectly angled for ease of use, and easy gliding for your feet.
  • We take great pride in our quality craftsmanship and design.
  • Also adding to their aesthetic appeal is their brilliant shine, and their signature Velette logo stamping.
  • 7. Extra Long Metal Shoe Horn – 23 Inch Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Shoehorn By

    HEAVY DUTY DESIGN: Our extra long shoe horn is the strongest, thickest, heaviest metal shoehorn on the market. This shoehorn is 2.0mm thick and weighs in at 307 grams. That’s about 11 ounces or 2/3 of a pound of stainless steel! It won’t bend, break or let you down when you need it most, such as after Back Surgery, Knee Surgery or a Hip Replacement procedure

    By :- Comfy Clothiers

  • Introducing the 23″ EXTRA LONG METAL SHOE HORN made by Comfy Clothiers.
  • That’s about 11 ounces or 2/3 of a pound of stainless steel! The extended length of this long handle shoehorn will enable you to put on and take off your shoes easily without having to bend over.
  • This shoe horn is made of HEAVY DUTY STAINLESS STEEL to never let you down when you need it most! Our long handled shoe horn the strongest, thickest, heaviest metal shoehorn on the market.
  • As such, it’s GREAT for anyone who is RECOVERING or REHABILITATING from a HIP or KNEE SURGERY (post-surgical) and also works great for anyone with ARTHRITIS or just general aches and pains when bending over to put on shoes.

    The perfect GIFT IDEA, this shoe horn is designed for easy storage with a hole on the handle for hanging on your wall, in your home, closet, office or can easily slide in your vehicle for quick access.

    8. HOUNDSBAY 31.5″ Extra Long Handled Metal Shoe Horn With Comfort Grip (Black)

    Save Your Back; Put on your shoes Without Bending Over with this Extremely Long Shoe Horn


  • Considered the “Cream of the Crop” when it comes to Extra Long Shoe Horns, the popularity of this shoe horn is due to the ultra long 31.
  • The great length of this metal shoe horn makes it very easy to put on your shoes without bending over.
  • This shoe horn will last a lifetime and makes a great gift.
  • 5 inches of smooth Heavy Duty Stainless Steel metal.
  • The handle is a comfortable grip material which feels nice on your hand compared to cold steel.
  • Due to its incredible size, it makes an impression on people and will definitely draw some comments from friends and family.
  • 9. 21″ Extra Long Metal Shoe Horn Solid For All SizeShoes Boots With Loop Handle

    ★[21 INCH EXTRA LONG METAL SHOE HORN ] 3″ high of the handle loop, 2″ wide of the streamline bottom design, 21″ long , make the daily life more easier. No bending over anymore when dressing shoes,specially for elderly Women or those with lower back problems. More durable than plastic or wooden shoe horns, no rust, no broken

    By :- ROYI

  • This Heavy Solid Metal shoe horn is strong and durable.
  • Our shoehorn is great for ease of reach and ideal for Assisted Mobility and Seniors.
  • specially for elderly and those with lower back problems.
  • User-friendly Design With a loop handle easy to hold and makes the shoe horn easy to hang within reach.
  • Perfect for Silver Spoon Aid – Shoe horn For Men, Women, Seniors, and the Elderly.
  • Easy to Use It’s 3″ high, 2″ wide, 21″ long, long enough to make it easy to use without bending over.
  • High Quality Material Made from high quality heavy solid metal stainless steel, makes it durable for a lifetime.
  • Nicely smoothed around the edges, perfect angle for sliding feet into shoes.
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