Top 10 Best planners 2019

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Best planners 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 planners

1. Blue Sky 2019 Weekly & Monthly Planner, Flexible Cover, Twin-Wire Binding, 8.5″

January 2019 – December 2019, featuring 12 months of monthly and weekly view pages for easy year-round planning

By :- Blue Sky

  • Add professional appeal to your desktop with sleek design.
  • Simple page designs add a touch of sophistication and offer plenty of room for all of your important information.
  • Durable coated tabbed dividers are long lasting and make accessing information a breeze.
  • This stylish planner will keep you organized everywhere you go.
  • High quality white paper provides clean writing space for jotting down your appointments, to-do’s and reminders.
  • Use this dated planner to stay on track for appointments, and to jot down notes and ideas in one place.
  • Blue Sky creates modern and sophisticated organizational planners and calendars to fit the scheduling needs of busy people – whether business professionals, college students, teachers, or anyone with appointments to make note of.

    Please find our other products including desk pad calendars, wire bound tabbed weekly and monthly planners with contact and notes pages to accommodate your scheduling needs, and laminated two-sided wall calendars, all in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your lifestyle and personality.

    2. AT-A-GLANCE 2019 Monthly Planner, 9″ X 11″, Large, Black (7026005)

    YEAR-ROUND PLANNING – Large planner covers 15 months from January 2019-March 2020. Keep track of important deadlines, special events and more with clear and simple organization.

    By :- AT-A-GLANCE

  • Keep track of important deadlines, special events and more with clear and simple organization.
  • Plan your schedule without fear of distracting ink bleeding.
  • Great for long-term planning, each month covers two pages.
  • Planner has a black, premium, simulated leather cover and wirebound design to help keep pages secure for prolonged use.
  • The AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Planner covers 15 months from January 2019-March 2020.
  • Our improved, high-quality paper is designed for superior ink bleed resistance, which keeps plans neat and legible.
  • Features unruled daily blocks for open scheduling and six months of reference calendars.
  • Expand your organizational skills with specialized pages.
  • 3. AT-A-GLANCE 2019 Weekly Planner / Appointment Book, 8-1/4″ X 11″, Large, Black

    YEAR-ROUND PLANNING – Large planner covers 13 months from January 2019-January 2020. Keep track of important deadlines, special events and more with clear and simple organization.

    By :- AT-A-GLANCE

  • Keep track of important deadlines, special events and more with clear and simple organization.
  • Plan your day without fear of distracting ink bleeding.
  • Weekdays have ruled columns for detailed planning, while Saturday and Sunday share a column for weekend freedom.
  • Planner has a winestone, premium, simulated leather cover and wirebound design to help keep pages secure for prolonged use.
  • The AT-A-GLANCE Weekly Planner covers 13 months from January 2019-January 2020.
  • Our improved, high-quality paper is designed for superior ink bleed resistance, which keeps plans neat and legible.
  • Pages measure 8-1/4″ x 11″, with one week per two-page spread.
  • Expand your organizational skills with specialized pages.
  • 4. The High Performance Planner


    By :-

  • ” This Planner helps you do that by accounting for your entire life’s progress, not just your daily to-dos.
  • His pioneering research with the High Performance Institute led to Amazon’s Top 3 Business & Leadership Book of 2017, High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way.
  • Best of all, the Planner helps you install the personal and professional habits proven to lead to long-term success.
  • Best-selling author Brendon Burchard says, “High performance means succeeding over the long term without compromising your health or positive relationships.
  • This combination planner-and-journal helps readers strategize their lives and increase their performance via writing prompts, self-assessments, and calendars–all backed by science and the author’s 20 years coaching the highest performers in business, athletics, entertainment, and beyond.

    The High Performance Planner is a 2-in-1 day planner and journal based on the world’s largest study of how high performers increase productivity, set goals, prioritize projects, outperform their peers, and create the positive mindset and habits needed to win the day.

    Through morning mindset journal prompts, daily goal boxes, evening scorecards, weekly habit assessments, monthly project planning, and proprietary whole life balance sheets, the Planner helps you think more strategically, prioritize like a pro, achieve your goals faster, and become more focused, happy, and productive.

    The High Performance Planner was created and field tested by Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high performance coach and a #1 New York Times best-selling author, whose books include The Motivation Manifesto, The Charge, and Life’s Golden Ticket.

    About The High Performance Planner:  *  2-in-1 planner features day schedule + morning and evening journal prompts  *  60 days, undated, so you can buy now and use any time of year  *  Daily Pages feature the Morning Mindset Process and Evening Review Scorecard  *  Weekly Pages include the High Performance Habits Assessment  *  Monthly Pages help you align to long-term goals and strategically think ahead  *  NEW: Includes free online assessment to track your habits! ($97 value!).

    5. Bloom Daily Planners 2019 Calendar Year Day Planner – Passion/Goal Organizer –

    DIMENSIONS: 6″ wide (with binding) x 8.25″ tall x .4″ thick, 10 oz.

    By :- bloom daily planners

  • bloom daily planners creates inspirational organizational products.
  • Specifications and features include: DIMENSIONS: 6″ wide (with binding) x 8.
  • We hope our products inspire and empower others around the world to bloom into the best versions of themselves! Our 2019 Color Blocking Marble Calendar Year Planner runs from January 2019 through December 2019.

    Calendars run from January 2019 through December 2019 Monthly tabs! 2 page monthly spreads followed by spacious weekly views Vertical style pockets on front and back inside covers Sturdy metal binding allowing your planner to lay flat on your desk 12 beginning of month reflection questions integrated into the weekly pages Inspirational quotes and monthly goals & notes lists on each monthly view Shaded weekends, holiday flags and special icons on select holidays Supplemental pages including: (1) personal info page with yearly mission statement prompt, (1) yearly goal setting page, (1) reasons for a party list, (4) weekly scheduling templates, (7) notes pages, (4) things to do pages, (4) address book pages, (1) how I plan to bloom in 2019 page, (1) important dates for next year page 2019 & 2020 yearly views printed on front and back inside covers Check out our other planner sizes and layouts, planner accessories such as stickers and bookmarks, matching binders, notebooks, desk calendars, to-do pads and much more in our store by clicking “bloom daily planners” in blue under the listing title at the top of this page! Show us how you’re blooming! Tag a picture with #bloomgirl or #plantobloom on social media! Thank you so much; we really appreciate your business!!!.

    6. Panda Planner – Daily Planner, Calendar And Gratitude Journal To Increase

    ★ GET MORE DONE. FEEL BETTER – Most people struggle to keep up with the demands of modern life, leaving them feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and robbed of their passion. Panda Planner is a scientifically designed daily planner that will empower you to take back control, reclaim your happiness and flourish in every way

    By :- Panda Planner

  • UH OH, DID YOU FORGET SOMETHING ELSE? It’s easy to do isn’t it? Without any sort of organizational planner it’s so easy to miss the things we need to do most, which only adds to your daily stress.
  • **This Panda Planner is designed to last 3 Months if used everyday** GUARANTEED Remember, we’re here for you if you need us.
  • Thousands of People are Already Enjoying the Benefits of Panda Planner.
  • If you’re not happy, we aren’t either and promise to make it right whenever you need us.
  • Finally, there’s a simple, easy-to-use system that practically cures procrastination and helps you get more done, in less time! Introducing Panda Planner; born out of necessity by a once-struggling entrepreneur,Panda Planner is based on scientific studies that are proven to increase productivity and happiness over time.

    PANDA PLANNER MAKES YOU PRODUCTIVE & HAPPY! Improve productivity, end procrastination and feel happier everyday with the Panda Planner! The design is based on principles from scientific studies proven to increase productivity & happiness over time.

    FOCUS & ORGANIZATION, ALL IN ONE PLACE Our unique planner system will help you PRIORITIZE your tasks and keep you ACCOUNTABLE! It’s time to get organized! CRUSH YOUR GOALS Not only are you getting one of the best planners out there, you’re getting 6 different ebooks and a video series to help you hit your goals FAST, absolutely free! – How to Cure Procrastination
- How to be a Straight-A Student
- How to Get Rid of Anxiety
- How to be a Well Paid Freelancer
- A Billionaire’s Top 5 Productivity Secrets – How to Get in Shape Fast Plus Get Access to a Video Mini-Course that will 10x Your Productivity.

    7. Planner 2019 – Academic Weekly, Monthly And Year Planner With Pen Loop, To

    ❉ BEAUTIFUL PLANNER – The durable soft Faux Leather cover is environmentally friendly and soft touch. With simple and elegant design, the planner is the perfect choice for organising your life.

    By :- Lemome

  • Large capacity to meet your diversified needsThe A5 planner can be used to plan every day, make life and work more efficient.
  • Planing carefully and witness the progress of growthThe multifunctional planner can be use for work, life, diary, writing.
  • For the details, to do best is our goalThe planner with a firm pen loop, so the pen is not easy to fall down and loose.
  • There are double bookmarks, then you can distinguish the plan of monthly and weekly.
  • The planner is designed with an intimate back pocket.
  • In addition, we also give you the tabs and planner stickers as gift.
  • In addition to the plan of monthly and weekly, we also added 58 pages for NOTES.
  • Feeling the change of yourself by the planning of daily, weekly and monthly.
  • It can help you to quickly find the place you want to write in.
  • 8. Law Of Attraction Life Planner – 2019 Planner To Increase Productivity &

    ✅ IS A LIFE PLANNER, A BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEUR PLANNER ALL IN ONE showing you how to become the best possible version of yourself on a mental, physical and interpersonal level.. We make our habits and then our habits make our life. Change habits that aren’t relevant to your goals. It takes 66 days to 90 days to make something a habit. The special designed positive habit creator will help you stay on track and create positive habits. With over 200.000 users around the world!

    By :- Freedom Mastery

  • Imagine a life planner for 2019 that will help you plan every part of your life: It helps you handle the big questions, like finding your life purpose.
  • Next, and this is a key area most people miss, this planner makes sure you stay motivated every day.
  • You can set priorities for your goals and keep a schedule for appointments, as well as for creating positive habits.
  • Then, in a few easy steps, it guides you with crafting a vision, setting big goals, and creating a step-by-step plan to guarantee you will reach your goals.
  • It shows you the easy way of creating a strategy to keep you focused and driven.
  • The habit building process designed into the planner leads you through the same process NASA used for reprogramming astronauts, proving that it will definitely work for you! This will help you reprogram your mind for success, and eliminating any obstacles holding you back.

    You will feel yourself being focused and applying the law of attraction for making the universe deliver the life of your dreams – quickly, naturally, and joyously What is all inside this planner: Law of Attraction Roadmap: 8 steps to design your dream life Awareness and Self-discovery Guide Craft Your Vision & Mission Statement Guide Annual Goal Setting Guide Out-foldable Vision Board Strategy & Planning Guide Reprogram Your Mind & Unlock Your True Potential Create Your Life Statement Create a New Supportive Story Feel Good Guide – Energy Tuning for Faster Manifestation Chunk Bigger Goals in Smaller Goals (mind mapping) Weekly Planning Overview (56 weeks) Monthly Overview, Goals and Priorities (12-months) Planner Dated January 2019 to December 2019 Monthly Reflection Page (12- months) Calendar for 2019, 2020 & 2021 100 gsm Thick Paper (+265pages) B5 Size PU Vegan Friendly Leather Soft CoverBack PocketEco-Friendly FSC Certified.

    9. Full Focus Planner By Michael Hyatt – The #1 Daily Planner To Set Annual Goals,

    DESIGN YOUR DAYS & ACCOMPLISH YOUR BIGGEST GOALS – Plan your year and live out your goals each day like never before. Keep your priorities in clear view and achieve what matters every day with a planner designed for high achievers seeking an intentional, fulfilling lifestyle.

    By :- The Full Focus Planner

  • Are you frustrated that you didn’t reach the big goals you set at the beginning of the year?You’re busier than ever, but you never seem to make progress on achieving your goals.
  • Finally, there’s a way to connect your annual goals to daily productivity so you stay focused on what matters most.
  • The planner incorporates research-backed goal-setting and productivity principles.
  • Goal Templates – to detail the specifics of your goals and help you reach them faster.
  • Monthly Calendars – to get a glimpse of the entire year when you plan your big goals.
  • Daily Rituals – to design routines for your mornings and evenings that make you extra productive.
  • Weekly Review – to look back, correct what went wrong, and make the next week better than the last.
  • The planner also includes tutorial videos so you can implement the goal-setting and achievement system as fast as possible.
  • The whirlwind of daily responsibilities leaves you overwhelmed.
  • Introducing The Full Focus Planner- a planner developed by productivity expert, Michael Hyatt, to help you distill your big goals into daily actions and priorities.
  • With sustained momentum each quarter, you can accomplish all of your annual goals and never lose track.
  • Ideal Week Template – to plot out what your perfect week should look like.
  • Rolling Quarters – to get a closer look at your quarters when planning.
  • Daily Pages – to plan your days with your to-do lists and priorities separated.
  • Quarterly Review – to celebrate the wins of your quarter and move forward with confidence.
  • Join the 100,000+ customers around the world achieving their goals with this planner.
  • Built for a 90-day achievement cycle, the Full Focus Planner keeps you focused on achieving the goals set out for one quarter, so you don’t get overwhelmed from planning and tracking goals 12 months at a time.

    10. Day Designer For Blue Sky 2019 Daily & Monthly Planner, Flexible Frosted Cover,

    January 2019 – December 2019, featuring 12 months of monthly and daily pages for easy year round planning. 6 bonus monthly pages (July 2018 – December 2018) are included

    By :- Blue Sky

  • Whether you’re a working professional, full-time mom, a teacher or a diligent student, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions.
  • This planner isn’t magic and it can’t live your life for you.
  • It can be a trusted tool for setting goals, creating a plan and taking action each and every day.
  • It will teach and guide you with a clear path and directions to organize your day, your tasks, assignments, to-do’s and achieve your goals.
  • You will feel more organized and in charge of your hectic schedule, while carrying this harmoniously built Day Designer for Blue Sky planner.
  • Created by designer Whitney English, Day Designer for Blue Sky is a simple and easy system created to help you find balance, focus and productivity.
  • But it can, through a simple, guided framework, help you figure out a focus for intentional living.
  • This exceptionally built planner exudes quality, design elements and inspired productivity in one well-organized ensemble.
  • This planner is ideal for business professionals, teachers, professors, administrators, students or anyone involved in education.
  • It will also make a subtle fashion statement with friends and peers around you.
  • 11. Passion Planner Pro Dated Jan-Dec 2019 – Goal Oriented Daily Agenda, Appointment

    ✨ MORE THAN JUST A PLANNER – This tool will help you define and breakdown your short and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life. Create the life you’ve always wanted! Start chasing your passions and achieving your dreams TODAY.

    By :- Passion Planner

  • WHAT’S INSIDE – Passion RoadMap: Annual exercise that helps you define, and create actions for your goals in 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, and throughout your life.
  • Every day, broken down into 30 minute sections to help you manage your time.
  • – A motivational quote and challenge to inspire positive action.
  • – “Space of Infinite Possibility” where you can take notes, draw, create, write, brainstorm or customize to your needs.
  • About twice as thick as a standard sheet of printer paper.
  • – Weekly layouts (Sunday – Saturday) that run from January 2019 to December 2019.
  • – Weekly plans from Sunday – Saturday, 6 AM – 11 PM.
  • – “Good Things That Happened” section to keep you focused on the positive.
  • – Personal and work to-do lists organized by priority to encourage student/work/life balance, because very often we forget to take care of ourselves.
  • DETAILS – Soft and durable faux-leather cover; animal and vegan friendly! – Super smooth high quality thick paper (120 gsm).
  • – Annual and monthly overview calendars – Monthly reflection questions to keep you focused on your progress – 20 additional blank pages – 20 additional dotted grid pages WEEKLY LAYOUTS – Weekly and daily focuses to keep your attention on the most important tasks.

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