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1. The Photographer’s Playbook: 307 Assignments And Ideas


By :- Aperture

  • The book also features a Polaroid alphabet by Mike Slack, which divides each chapter, and a handy subject guide.
  • The Photographer’s Playbook features photography assignments, as well as ideas, stories and anecdotes from many of the world’s most talented photographers and photography professionals.
  • Whether you’re looking for exercises to improve your craft—alone or in a group—or you’re interested in learning more about the medium, this playful collection will inspire fresh ways of engaging with photographic process.

    Inside you will find advice for better shooting and editing, creative ways to start new projects, games and activities and insight into the practices of those responsible for our most iconic photographs—John Baldessari, Tina Barney, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Jim Goldberg, Miranda July, Susan Meiselas, Stephen Shore, Alec Soth, Tim Walker and many more.

    Edited by acclaimed photographers Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern, the assignments and project ideas in this book are indispensable for teachers and students, and great fun for everyone fascinated by taking pictures.

    2. Vivian Maier: Street Photographer

    powerHouse Books

    By :- powerHouse Books

  • The original, instant classic which set the world afire.
  • It is incredibly rare to find it in someone with no formal training and no network of peers.
  • The photos are amazing both for the breadth of the work and for the high quality of the humorous, moving, beautiful, and raw images of all facets of city life in America’s post-war golden age.
  • Presented here for the first time in print, Vivian Maier: Street Photographer collects the best of her incredible, unseen body of work.
  • The first book to introduce the phenomenon that is the life story and work of Vivian Maier.
  • It is hard enough to find thesequalities in trained photographers with the benefit of schooling and mentors and a community of fellow artists and aficionados supporting and rewarding their efforts.
  • Please note that all blank pages in the book were chosen as part of the design by the publisher.
  • A good street photographer must be possessed of many talents: an eye for detail, light, and composition; impeccable timing; a populist or humanitarian outlook; and a tireless ability to constantly shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot and never miss a moment.

    Yet Vivian Maier is all of these things, a professional nanny, who from the 1950s until the 1990s took over 100,000 photographs worldwide—from France to New York City to Chicago and dozens of other countries—and yet showed the results to no one.

    It wasn’t until local historian John Maloof purchased a box of Maier’s negatives from a Chicago auction house and began collecting and championing her marvelous work just a few years ago that any of it saw the light of day.

    3. Zhusheng Men’s Mesh 16 Pockets Photography Fishing Travel Outdoor Quick Dry Vest

    About Size: IF has a BELLY, order ONE SIZE UP. Please read SIZE CHART carefully in product description before your order. Thanks!

    By :- Zhusheng

  • Zhusheng Outdoor Fishing Photography Travel Vest is lightweight, washable and packable.
  • Equipped with buckles, you can use them to hang water bottles, flashlight, interphone and other small items.
  • This basic vest features a multi-pocket design providing plenty of storage for wearer.
  • SIZE CHART:(garment measurement) XS——-Chest: 39.
  • 77”/68cmBest Gift: it is a good choice as gifts for your father, husband or boyfriend.
  • We are dedicated to providing every customer with better shopping services.
  • Well placed pockets makes it a good choice as a fishing vest, photographer vest, journalist vest, travel vest, backpacking vest, bird watcher vest, safari vest, shooting vest, hunting vest, survival vest, security vest, outdoor research vest, etc.

    4. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Book For Digital Photographers (Voices

    By :-

  • Instead, he shares his own personal settings, his time-tested techniques, and his proven step-by-step method of learning Lightroom, so you can begin using it like a pro from the start.
  • com, and he has learned first-hand what really works and what doesn’t.
  • You’ll be surprised at what you’ll be able to do, even if you’ve never used Photoshop before.
  • And, you’ll get a killer collection of custom Lightroom Develop and Print presets to give you some of the most sought-after looks and effects, all with just one click.
  • There is no faster, more straight-to-the-point, or more fun way to learn Lightroom than with this ground- and record-breaking book.
  •   Scott doesn’t just show you which sliders do what (every Lightroom book does that, right?).
  •   Each year, he trains thousands of Lightroom users at his live seminars and through his blog at LightroomKillerTips.
  •  He tells you flat-out which techniques work best, which ones to avoid, and why.
  • Scott’s SLIM system is used by photographers all over the world and is taught at colleges and universities, because it’s so simple, straightforward, and it works.
  •   How to use Lightroom along with Photoshop, and how to make the two work together absolutely seamlessly.
  • There’s a full chapter on how to use Lightroom on your mobile device to expand Lightroom’s power.
  • You can also download most of the same images used in the book to follow right along with.
  • This is the first and only book to bring the whole process together in such a clear, concise, and visual way.
  • Since Lightroom first launched 11 years ago, Scott Kelby’s The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers has been the world’s #1 top-selling Lightroom book (it has been translated into dozens of different languages), and in this latest version for Lightroom Classic CC, Scott did his biggest update ever, sharing all his latest techniques, insights, and invaluable tips using his award-winning, step-by-step, plain-English style that makes learning Lightroom easy and fun.

    You’ll learn: His now famous SLIM (Simplified Lightroom Image Management) system that will teach you, step by step, how to organize your images, back them up, and be able to find them quickly and easily.

    How to make your images look like the pros and how to take advantage of the new RAW camera, creative, and B&W profiles—you’ll finally “get” the whole image-editing thing, and you’ll know exactly what to do, in what order, and why.

    The last chapter really sets this book apart because this is where Scott answers his #1 most-asked Lightroom question, which is “Exactly what order am I supposed to do things in?” You’ll see his entire start-to-finish Lightroom workflow and learn how to incorporate it into your own workflow.

    5. The Photographer’s Guide To Posing: Techniques To Flatter Everyone

    Rocky Nook

    By :- Rocky Nook

  • When photographing people, you can have a great composition, perfect light, and the right camera settings, but if your subject doesn’t look right―if the pose is off―the shot will not be a keeper.
  • Lindsay then covers the five most important things that ruin a pose―such as placement of the hands, and your subject’s expression and posture.
  • Next, Lindsay dives into “posing essentials,” outlining her approach to start with a “base pose,” then build on that to create endless posing opportunities.
  • In the second half of the book, Lindsay dedicates entire chapters to posing specific subject matter: women, men, couples, curvy women, families and small groups, and large groups.
  • In the final chapter of the book, Lindsay brings it all together as she teaches you how to analyze a pose so that you can create endless posing opportunities and continuously improve your work.
  • Posing is truly a crucial skill that photographers need to have in order to create great photographs.
  • In the first half of The Photographer’s Guide to Posing, Lindsay discusses how the camera sees, and thus how camera angle, lens choice, and perspective all affect the appearance of your subject.
  • If you can look out for and avoid these five things, your skills (and your images) will quickly improve.
  • She also discusses posing the face―with specific sections dedicated to the chin, jaw, eyes, and forehead―as well as posing hands.
  • If you’re looking to improve your ability to pose your subjects―whether they’re men, women, couples, or groups―best-selling author and photographer Lindsay Adler’s The Photographer’s Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone is the perfect resource for you.

    In each chapter, Lindsay addresses that subject matter’s specific challenges, provides five “go-to poses” you can always use, and covers how to train the eye to determine the best pose for your subject(s).

    6. The Ghost Photographer: A Hollywood Executive’s True Story Of Discovering The

    By :-

  • But after the devastating loss of her mother, the world of make-believe became reality when Julie captured her first ghost in a photograph and blew open a door to the Other Side.
  • In a refreshing departure from traditional supernatural tales, Julie tells her story with bold humor and total candor.
  • The Ghost Photographer chronicles Julie’s wild ride down the spiritual rabbit hole.
  • Ultimately, she discovered that what she thought she had lost with the death of her mother—unconditional love—was in fact the greatest superpower one can wield.
  • Her journey juxtaposes her down-home roots in rural America with the glam of Hollywood and her professional universe of hard, empirical data.
  • This inspirational memoir, told with uncensored Southern wit and guidance, recounts the story of a Hollywood film executive who journeys through the cosmic wilderness and, against all odds, discovers psychic superpowers that radically transform her life.

    As a senior executive at one of the world’s largest movie studios, Julie Rieger spent her days marketing the imaginary stories of ghosts, faeries, superheroes, aliens, and more fantastical creatures.

    After a series of unexpected, mind-blowing, and sometimes frightening encounters with the spirit realm, Julie was forced to face this strange awakening, flying in the face of scientific dogma and her own die-hard skepticism.

    As she fine-tunes her psychic abilities and comes to terms with the transformative power of grief, Julie is empowered to fearlessly tell her story, teach others, and invite them to share their own experiences of the paranormal and unexplained.

    She offers insights into our relationship with the spirit world, prayers and rituals for cleansing and protecting our homes from unwanted ghosts, and guidance on how to develop our intuition and sixth sense.

    7. Vivian Maier: A Photographer Found

    Harper Design

    By :- imusti

  • During her lifetime she shot more than 100,000 images, which she kept hidden from the world.
  • They revealed a surprising and accomplished artist and a stunning body of work, which Maloof championed and brought to worldwide acclaim.
  • It features images of and excerpts from Maier’s personal artifacts, memorabilia, and audiotapes, made available for the first time.
  • In 2007, two years before her death, Chicago historic preservationist John Maloof discovered a trove of negatives, and roll upon roll of undeveloped film in a storage locker he bought at auction.
  • This remarkable volume draws upon recently conducted interviews with people who knew Maier, which shed new light on Maier’s photographic skill and her life.
  • The definitive monograph of American photographer Vivian Maier, exploring the full range and brilliance of her work and the mystery of her life, written and edited by noted photography curator and writer Marvin Heiferman; featuring 250 black-and-white images, color work, and other materials never seen before; and a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Laura Lippman.

    Vivian Maier’s story—the secretive nanny-photographer during her life who becomes a popular sensation shortly after her death—has, to date, been pieced together only from previously seen or known images she made and the handful of facts that have surfaced about her life.


Vivian Maier presents the most comprehensive collection and largest selection of the photographer’s work—created during the 1950s through the 1970s in New York, Chicago, and on her travels around the country—almost exclusively unpublished and including her previously unknown color work.

    8. Wantdo Men’s Multiple Pockets Cotton Safari Photographer Vest US X-Large Khaki

    Shell: Made of 100% cotton material, which is comfortable, breathable, and durable. Suitable for spring, summer and autumn

    By :- Wantdo

  • Features: 100% cotton shell, comfortable and breathable.
  • Lightweight, doesn’t add a ton of weight to your luggage or body.
  • Straps on the waist, adjust it when you feel large.
  • 1″ When you select the size, please take into account your body type, like lanky type, chunky type, bellies.
  • Plenty of pockets to hold everything from your keys to your hooks, extra baits.
  • Super handy for fishing, camping, hiking, road tripping, or sightseeing.
  • Size Chart: Tag is for Asian size, we have converted it to US size.
  • 9. Outdoor Safari Photographer’s Vest| Travel Vest| Hiking Vest| Fishing Vest|

    MULTI-PURPOSE VEST: This Photography vest works perfect for travel, fishing, hunting, and any outdoor activity.

    By :- Nate’s Leather Co.

  • Perfect for smaller items like spare camera batteries, SD memory cards, flash drives, camera lens cleaning items and more.
  • Each pocket is stitched with fray resistant nylon threading for excellent holding power when toting heavy items like camera lenses and other gear.
  • And there’s ample room for binoculars and a small compact backup camera.
  • The last thing you want is your expensive photography gear falling out of the vest.
  • Our bird-watching Vest also features dual elastic storage slots stitched in both sides of the vest’s interior.
  • The larger side pockets fit 300MM to 400MM camera lenses.
  • Keep all of your items within reach and securely travel outdoors! NOTE: Before ordering your product, please view our sizing chart in the photos.
  • Our Outdoor vest is perfect for photography, fishing, hunting, safaris, metal detecting, bird-watching, and anything outdoors! Our Outdoor Photography Vest has multiple pockets with easy access and security.

    Equipped with Velcro, brass snap and zipper pockets, this Photography / Safari vest will keep your expensive lenses, keys, wallet, phone, and other items safe and secure when you’re on the move or hunkered down in the brush while bird-watching.

    Safari vest? Photographers vest? Or versatile Hiking and Bird-watching vest? This vest is perfect for a wide variety of outdoor pursuits! Constructed of a highly weather resistant and breathable material for maximum comfort and durability.

    10. FoRapid Safari Photo Vest Photography Travel Hiking Fishing Camping Hunting (M)

    Designed for the photographer who wants to pack a lot of gear to survive the most demanding situations while still remaining simple and easy to use

    By :- FoRapid

  • Event photographers may choose the light weight and comfortable vest to pair with the Lens Exchange Case, for swapping lenses one-handed.
  • The mesh lining allows free movement of air around the body.
  • Reach in to one of your 15 pockets, pull out your camera and take advantage of the many photo ops! This basic vest features a multi-pocket design providing plenty of storage for wearer.
  • 83″, for Height 165cm/5′ 5″ L / S: Shoulder 39cm/15.
  • 41″, for Height 175cm/5′ 9″ XXL / L: Shoulder 43cm/16.
  • 98″, for Height 185cm/6′ 1″ Available in 2 colors: Khaki, Green.
  • It provides the quick access event photographers require along with the all-day comfort demanded by the arduous nature of event shoots.
  • Worn by explorers, photographers, videographers, geologists, paleontologists, directors & journalists, it’s fade-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, packable and so much more.
  • 62″, for Height 170cm/5′ 7″ XL / M: Shoulder 41cm/16.
  • 20″, for Height 180cm/5′11″ XXXL / XL: Shoulder 45cm/17.
  • Well placed multiple pockets can hold Lenses, Batteries, Cameras, Bear Spray, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, small First Aid Kit, Snacks, Binocular, Mobile Phone, Water Bottle, Map, Passport, iPOD, MP3, and other accessories.

    It is a good choice as a fishing vest, birding vest, backpacking vest, bird watcher vest, safari vest, shooting vest, hunting vest, survival vest, photographer vest, video vest, director vest, journalist vest, travel vest, security vest, outdoor research vest, etc.

    Perfect travel vest, great for touring, sightseeing, wildlife/nature photography or any adventure ahead of you! Color: Khaki Size (Asian / US): XL / Medium Available in 5 sizes (Asian / US): M / XS: Shoulder 37cm/14.

    11. H2H Mens Cool Mesh Fisherman Vest Photographer Vest Waistcoat Yellow US XL/Asia

    Style no : #KMOV0131(p) #KMOV0149, #KMOV0150 – Mesh Cool Vests In Multiple Colors & Sizes

    By :- H2H

  • H2H is a Korean brand designed for men and women offering slim fit style with highest qualities.
  • Most of the styles are tagged in Asian size, so sizes are one to two sizes smaller than US or EU size.
  • Measurements: #KMOV0140 US Medium (Asia L)–Shoulder 15″—Chest 42″—Length 24″ US Large (Asia XL)–Shoulder 15.
  • 5″—Chest 48″—Length 26″ #KMOV0141 US Small (Asia M :95)–Shoulder 15″—Chest 41″—Waist 41.
  • 5″ US Medium (Asia L :100)–Shoulder 16″—Chest 42.
  • 5″ US Large (Asia XL :105)–Shoulder 17″—Chest 44″—Waist 42.
  • We bring customers to a different outlook on life of fashion.
  • If you are not sure about your size, please refer to the size chart listed below or let us know your weight and height in stones or lbs.
  • 5″—Chest 46″—Length 25″ US XX-Large (Asia 3XL)–Shoulder 17.
  • 5″—Length 26″ US X-Large (Asia XXL :110)–Shoulder 17.
  • 5″—Chest 43″—Length 25″ US Large (Asia 2XL)–Shoulder 16.
  • 5″—Chest 44″—Length 25″ US Large (Asia XL :105)–Shoulder 17″—Chest 45″—Length 26″ US X-Large (Asia XXL :110)–Shoulder 18″—Chest 47″—Length 27″ US 2X-Large (Asia 3XL :120)–Shoulder 19″—Chest 49″—Length 28″ US 3X-Large (Asia 4XL :130)–Shoulder 20.

    12. The On-The-Road Vest| Travel Vest| Photographer Vest| Outdoor Vest| Safari Vest|


    By :- Nate’s Leather Co.

  • 2 D-rings are attached to the front, which conveniently hold fishing lures, glasses, pens, and other accessories.
  • Keep protection within reach with Blue Stone Safety Products!.
  • Of the 14 extra deep pockets, 4 are Velcro, 2 have YKK zippers, 2 have clasps, and 6 have elastic to meet whatever your storage needs may be; 4 of the pockets measure over 8 inches deep.
  • When placing your order, please FOLLOW THE SIZING CHART in our images as we have non-standard sizing.
  • The On-the-Road Travel Vest is perfect for use as a Travel Vest, Fishing Vest, Hunting Vest, Hiking Vest, Bird Watching Vest, Rock Climbing Vest, Photography Vest, Concealed Carry Vest, Outdoor Activity Vest, and as an all around Utility Vest.

    13. Tactical Outdoor Vest Outdoor Games Hunting Shooting Men Vest Camo/Pure Style

    MULTIFUNCTIONAL POCKETS: with roomy pockets everywhere totally 16, it is great for you to carry all your essentials, like phone, keys, wallet, camera, or work supplies tools; with a zipper closure in pocket, the staff inside won’t fell out. Stylish Camouflage vest acompany with all your journey

    By :- IyMoo

  • Customer Service: Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions with your purchase, we are here to help in any way we can.
  • Product Detail: Product Name: Mens Camo Mesh Vest Fishing Photograply Climbing Tactical Casual Outdoor Sports Vest Material: Cotton Package: 1pc* Vest Functions: High quality vest for multi use Suit for: men, boy, women, girl Occasion: Hiking, backpacking, climbing, camping, running, jogging, cycling, fishing, traveling, hunting Season: summer, spring, autumn, winter Size: S/M/L/XL Color: 3 colors for your selectionSize Chart: (Measurement in INCHES) US S/Label L: Chest 44.

    3 Attention: please allow around 1 inch difference in measurement due to different measurement methods; as different computers display colors differently, the color of actual item may vary slightly from the images.

    14. Mens Vest Summer Cotton Leisure Outdoor Plus Size Fish Vest Khaki US XL/Label

    SIZE TIPS: This vest is in Asian Size, we have made some exchanges to US Size. US M=Label XL/ US L=Label 3XL/ US XL=Label 4XL/ US 2XL=Label 5XL/ US 3XL=Label 7XL. For example, if you usually fit a 3XL, you need to choose US 3XL/Label 7XL, and you may received a Tag 7XL labeled on the clothes that fits in a 3XL body. All in all, it is needed to choose the US Size for reference.

    By :- InMoo

  • Customer Service: Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions with your purchase, we are here to help in any way we can.
  • Product Detail: Product Name: Mens Vest Fishing Photograply Climbing Tactical Casual Outdoor Sports Vest Material: Cotton Package: 1pc* Vest Functions: High quality vest for multi use Suit for: men, boy, women, girl Occasion: Hiking, backpacking, climbing, camping, running, jogging, cycling, fishing, traveling, hunting Season: summer, spring, autumn, winter Size: M/L/XL/2XL/3XL Color: 3 colors for your selectionSize Chart: (Measurement in INCHES) US M/Label L: Chest 42.

    3 Attention: please allow around 1 inch difference in measurement due to different measurement methods; as different computers display colors differently, the color of actual item may vary slightly from the images.

    15. Zoulee New Men’s Oversize Outdoor Photographers Vest With Multi Pockets Fishing

    Fabric: 100% Cotton

    By :- Zoulee

  • Size Information: Size XS Fit : Height:160cm-170cm//5’3”-5’7”,Weight:55kg-65kg//121-143lb.
  • Size M Fit : Height:175cm-180cm//5’9”-5’11”,Weight:70kg-75kg//154-165lb.
  • Size XL Fit : Height:185cm-190cm//6”-6’3”,Weight:80kg-85kg//176-190lb.
  • Cotton lightweight and easy carry on vests could wear both sides, suitable for hiking, sightseeing, fishing, traveling, mountaineering and other outdoor sports Style 7 and style 8 is suitable winter.
  • Other style and style 8 thin suitable for the spring、summer,fall.
  • Size S Fit : Height:165cm-175cm//5’5”-5’9”,Weight:60kg-70kg//132-154lb.
  • Size L Fit : Height:180cm-185cm//5’11”-6”,Weight:75kg-80kg//165-176lb.
  • Size 2XL Fit : Height:190cm-195cm//6’3”-6’5”,Weight:85kg-95kg//190-210lb.
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