Top 10 Best personal cooling product 2018

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Best personal cooling product 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 personal cooling product

1. Chilly Towel – 47″ X 14″ Cooling Bandana Neck Cooler – Personal Cooling Device –

20% LONGER & WIDER THAN REGULAR SIZE, 47″ long by 14″ wide. It is easy to tie if you will be moving around a lot. Works like a charm as golf club head cover, cooling bandana or neck wrap. Longer inches make the towel perfect for athletes, runners, sports fans into workout, gym and fitness, females suffering with side effects of heat stress, hot flashes; patients who need cold therapy after operations, surgeries; gardeners doing yard work, mowing the lawn and workers working out in summer heat

By :- Alfamo

  • Alfamo cooling towels are different from traditional towels.
  • It is a best choice for sports fans and outdoor workers.
  • This new technology will give a new experience for your gym sessions and hot summer time.
  • ❖ SUPER SOFT, it is different from most of the old style cooling towels that are crunchy hard when dry.
  • ❖ ABSORBENT AND BREATHABLE, the special mesh fabric retains enough water that is required for the cooling effect.
  • ❖ SIMPLY SNAP IT THREE TIMES, it cools, up to 30 degree below body temperature and it lasts for up to 3 hours until the next rehydration if not under direct sun.
  • ❖ FIRST COOLING TOWEL WITH WATERPROOF CASE, The towel comes in water resistant plastic case, with D shape carabiner, easy for storage when you go climbing, cycling or hiking.
  • They are easy to clean and wash and due to the superior material with the feature of cooling your body quickly.
  • The super absorbent Alfamo cooling towel provides cooling effect through the evaporation of absorbed water to keep you comfortable up to several hours.
  • Highlights of the Alfamo cooling towel: ❖ FOUR SIZES & MULTIPLE COLORS TO CHOOSE, We listen to our customers and provide what you want.
  • Alfamo cooling towel is always soft both wet and dry.
  • ❖ HIGH QUALITY EDGE STITCHING, towel edge is improved to avoid any possible sloppy threads.
  • ❖ ALSO GREAT FOR CELLPHONE STORAGE, Though the case is not 100% water proof, it is water resistant enough, great for mobile phones storage as well.
  • Four Sizes: Small: 33*11 inches Medium: 40*13 inchesLarge: 47*14 inchesExtra Large: 60*29 inches Package Contains: 1*Cooling Towel 1*Waterproof Carrying Case and 1*Carabiner Take advantage of our Lifetime Hassle Free, No Questions Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Hurry because supplies will run out! Simply click the Add to Cart Button Now!.

    2. OPOLAR Battery Operated And USB Powered Rechargeable Desk Fan With Two

    【 Long Working Hours】 This fan can work with one or two batteries. The fan can run for 3 to 6 hours with one battery and both combined batteries can last for 6.5 to 9.5 hours.

    By :- OPOLAR

  • It is a good supply when there is hurricane season.
  • To ensure that we meet your needs, OPOLAR offers one year warranty for defective products.
  • Specification: Model: F531 Speed Mode: Two Speeds Battery: 2pcs 2200mAh 18650 Li-ion batteries Working Hours: 3-9.
  • It can be operated by micro USB cable and rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery.
  • Save you form hot flashes and beat the heat when there is no power.
  • Incorrect human operation, including but not limited to disassembling, burning, soaking, and dropping it, is not covered by the warranty.
  • 3. O2COOL Licensed Avenger Girls Misting Fan, Handheld Misting Fan, Battery

    Fine Mist Sprayer

    By :- O2COOL

  •   Its large reservoir holds more than 1,000 mists and has a large enough opening to fill with both water and ice.
  •   There is a risk of leakage from the batteries if they are installed incorrectly.
  • For 25 years, O2COOL has been a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of creative consumer products that solve unique problems.
  •   Founded in 1992, we are a market leader in the portable cooling and hydration industries.
  •   In 2017, we added bobble and Zing Anything to our family of products solidifying our commitment to the active lifestyle consumer.
  • Our fan has a powerful one-speed motor with flexible fan blades, fine-mist sprayer, and thumb activated pump trigger with comfort grip.
  •   Perfect for adults and kids alike, this is a must have for camping and any outdoor activities.
  • Product Care: For best performance, always use fresh alkaline batteries.
  • When storing the fan for more than 2 weeks, please remove the batteries and ensure fan is in the “off” position.
  •   Our products are innovative, multi-functional and cool by design.
  •   In 2015, we expanded into the Pool, Patio & Beach as well as Pet categories for the active consumer.
  • O2COOL’s Licensed Avenger Girls Misting Fan is a great accessory for the outdoors O2COOL’s misting fans provide a fine mist of water and a powerful fan to keep you cool when you can’t jump in the pool.

    4. Powshop Portable Necklace Multi-functional Rechargeable Mini Fan 3 Speeds

    {Note}-Before Use, please install the 18650 battery (included) on the fan, and then plug the USB charging cable (included) to give the fan full charge. It can prolong the fan’s life.

    By :- Powshop

  • 5W ◎ Package size: 145*99*38mm ◎ Charging Time: about 4 hours ◎ Battery Specification: 18650 Li-ion(Recharegable) Use Note Tips: 1.
  • Press the “ON” button again, it will enter the second range (Medium wind); And then press the “ON” button again, it will enter the third range (Strongest wind); 4.
  • No matter when the fan in which range, once press the “OFF” button, it will stop working.
  • Light indicator: light is red when it is charging, the light will change green when charge full.
  • Micro USB is the charging input end and Standard USB is the charging output terminal.
  • Before use, please take install the battery and plug the charge cable to give it full charge.
  • 5-1A ◎ Output Voltage:5-9V ◎ Speed Mode: 3 ranges ◎ Item Weight (including battery):185g/0.
  • 49lbs ◎ Working Time: 2-6 hours ◎ Dimension: 120*88*38mm ◎ Output Power (max): 4.
  • Take off the battery cover and install 18650 battery on the fan, and then close the cover.
  • Press the “ON” button, the fan will start working and enter the first range (Minimum wind) at the same time; 3.
  • If press the “ON” button again, the fan will stop working.
  • Package includes: 1* Portable Mini Necklace Rechargeable Fan 1* String 1* 18650 Li-on Battery 1* USB Charging Cable .
  • Features: ★ Can hang on the neck with string ★ Quiet and low noise ★ 3 speeds winds ★ Rechargable battery and USB charge ★ Mini size but strong winds ★ Good for outdoor activity Specifications: ◎ Color: Black,White,Blue ◎ Material: ABS ◎ Input Voltage: 5V ◎ Input Current:0.

    5. COMLIFE Handheld Misting Fan, Mini Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan, Foldable

    【UNIQUE 3 IN 1 DESIGN】 It’s a mini handheld fan, a beauty humidifier, also a colorful nightlight! Unique versatile design makes it perfect for lasting your makeup, keeping skin fresh or cooling after exercise. The fan has a 17ml water tank which can last for 30 minutes in misting mode. The unique 7-color LED light will help to create romantic atmosphere and can be used as night light.

    By :- COMLIFE

  • The Best Companion in This Hot Summer! COMLIFE Portable handheld misting fan helps to keep skin moist, last your makeup and make you feel cool no matter where you go.
  • Detachable water tank for easy cleaning: Just pull out the rubber on the top of the fan and clean the tank.
  • Enjoy the summer fun! Specification: Fan diameter: 9.
  • 86in Input current: 5V/1A Working time: 2-13H Charging time: 3 hours Battery: 18650 lithium ion battery(built in), 2000mAh Product weight: 190g/0.
  • Fan+light+mist Mode Indicator Light: Red: fan mode Green: mist mode Yellow:fan+mist mode Charging Indicator Light: When it is fully charged, the green light will be on.
  • Please turn off the fan before cleaning and avoid soaking the fan.
  • When you hang the fan upside down, the mist mode won’t work because of the special shape of water tank.
  • Before refill water, please turn off the fan, mist and light to prevent the fan from getting wet and short circuit.
  • Package Contents: 1* Handheld fan 1* Metal clip 1* USB Charging cord (80cm) 1* Water bottle 1* User Manual If you have any problem about our product, please feel free to contact us, we will get back to you within 24 hours and provide you with our best service.

    6. O2-Cool® Deluxe Water Misting Fan, Red

    By :- O2COOL

  • The O2 Cool Deluxe misting fan has an ergonomically designed round face and comfortable grip to provide maximum cooling power.
  • Ultra lightweight & portable, this personal mister keeps you comfortable in hot weather at the beach, pool, or at sporting events.
  • This great deluxe misting fan will be your best friend in the summer heat.
  • O2COOL’s misting fans provide a fine mist of water and a powerful fan to keep you cool when you can’t jump in the pool.
  • 75 inches Number of speeds: 1 Uses 2 AA-Cell batteries (not included) Product Dimensions (retail packaging): 3.
  • Manufacturer Item Number: FML0001 Old Item Number: 8101.
  • Reduce air temperature near the body by up to 30 degrees Water-fill opening accommodates ice cubes Safety blades (great for kids!) Over 1000 “mists” in one filling Powerful high speed battery operated fan runs on 2-AA batteries Thumb activated misting trigger Perfect for camping and outdoor activities Comfortable hand grip O2 Cool is know for high quality personal cooling products.

    7. Grabber Cooling Magic Cool Personal Cooling Towel- Khaki

    Simply wet with water, squeeze out the excess water, and wave the cloth in the air to activate the rapid cool down process


  • Magic cool personal cooling cloths are a high-performance cooling cloth that can be used in any application where rapid personal cooling is desired.
  • to activate magic cool, simply wet with water, squeeze out the excess water, and wave the cloth in the air.
  • personal cooling cloth measures 25” x 15” and has a velcro loop for easy attachment.
  • it requires no refrigeration and is renewable with any water source.
  • the unique, hollow-fiber weave has high water absorption, retention, and wicking characteristics to maintain the cool temperature of the cloth.
  • magic cool will cool down rapidly and remain cool as long as the fabric is moist.
  • can be washed in washing machine with regular detergent.
  • 8. Black Ice MaxSys Personal Cooling System

    Black Ice MaxSys Personal Cooling System

    By :- Ice Black

  • The Black Ice MaxSys Level 3 Cooling System is everything you need to beat the heat in all hot weather conditions.
  • UltraCooler UC1: The UC1 may be best soft-sided cooler on the market.
  • Includes 1 UltraCooler, 1 Neoprene CoolSwap Cover and 2 CPX Personal Cooling Packs Regulated 57 Degree Cooling Super-Fast 20 Minute Recharge Cooling Anywhere Lasts up to 1.
  • 5″ The Black Ice Cool Collar is a comfortable two-piece personal cooling system worn on the neck.
  • 24/7 Personal Cooling: Looking for a personal cooling solution that can go the distance? The MaxSys MS1 is the answer.
  • Constructed of tough, premium-grade materials, it’s leak-proof, and it’s the perfect solution for recharging Black Ice whether you’re on the job or on the go.
  • By combining the cooling power of the twin-pack CCX-S Personal Cooling System and the insulating power of the UC1 UltraCooler, Black Ice has created the first true turn-key 24/7 personal cooling system ? Just add ice water! CCX-S Personal Cooling System: The Cool Collar CCX-S included with the MaxSys MS1 comes with two CPX Personal Cooling Packs so you can wear one pack while the other is recharging in your UC1 UltraCooler.

    With a soft neoprene wrap and a detachable CPX Personal Cooling Pack that delivers regulated 57?F cooling with a quick 20 minute recharge, the CCX-K provides refreshing cooling so effective, you just have to feel it to believe it.

    Hundreds of products promise relief when it’s hot, but how many actually deliver? Black Ice does?It’s engineered to take advantage of advanced materials and thermodynamic principals to produce refreshing, long-term cooling you have to feel to believe.

    CoolSwap Wrap: Ergonomically designed for extreme comfort during even the most rigorous activity, this soft and flexible neoprene wrap keeps the cooling element in place?whether you’re driving for the green or watching the kids play soccer.


    Just soak in cold water to activate!

    By :- Miracool

  • This is the original #1 cooling bandana! Can also be used as a cooling headband.
  • Cooling Sensations pass to pulse points and are carried throughout your body.
  • Each bandana in the pack has its own instruction card.
  • Just soak in cold water to activate and tie the MiraCool Bandana around your neck.
  • Turn over occasionally to refresh cooling sensations.
  • 10. Tombert Mini Handheld USB Misting Fan With Personal Cooling Mist Humidifier

    Innovative Spray Design — 20ml water tank for 18 minutes sustainable spray without putting extra pressure on fans. Offer a true cooling solution to keep nice and cool in torrid and crowded places

    By :- Tombert

  • WHEREVER YOU GO, YOU CAN TAKE IT WITH IT!OUTDOOR:This fan is especially mini,it can be easily taken to other places.
  • Maintain power is beneficial for extending battery life;3.
  • Fan blades will be at high-speed rotation while working.
  • Don’t use battery when the surrounding temperature is over 60 degrees centigrade.
  • It would be a good partner for you, when going outdoors like travelling, hiking, climbing, camping, exercising etc.
  • 3 hoursCharger: input: 5V output: 5V-9VBattery: Li-ion 18650-3.
  • If the fan is not used for long time, please fully charge the battery and remove it from the fan, store in cool and dry place;4.
  • Don’t put anything into the fan,otherwise,it may be serious damaged;5.
  • INDOOR:You can fold the fan up and put it on the computer desk to make you enjoy your leisure time better(Play games, go to the movies, read books and so on)SPECIFICATIONS:Material: ABSFan diameter: 12cm/4.

    Otherwise,it will lead to environmental pollution or explosion;CUSTOMER GUARANTEE: We are confident you’ll love our ManualCoffee Grinder, However, customer satisfaction is our top priority and ifyou’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we’ll give you a 100%refund within 30 days of purchase–NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

    11. Extreme Mist Personal Cooling System (PCS) Fits Most Hydration Packs, Includes

    An on-the-go misting system that’s perfect for everyone from extreme sports enthusiasts to cheering parents on the sidelines.

    By :- Extreme Mist

  • Extreme Mist (PCS) system attaches to almost any backpack hydration system or bladder.
  • The ExtremeMist PCS (Personal Cooling System) provides a continuous fine mist in front of you, creating a cooling cloud with reduced temperatures of up to 30°F.
  • Its high-PSI pump has 8 speed settings, all controlled via wireless key fob.
  • 5 to 2 cups per hour and the battery lasts approximately 16 hours.
  • We set up the system to alert you when the battery is low by reducing access to higher speeds.
  • This retrofit kit can be installed in your favorite hydration bladder pack – leaving the drinking hose intact for dual use.
  • (BLADDER IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT) It is Compact, lightweight, hands-free, and professional-grade.
  • , including its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.
  • On the recommended hiking/running/cycling speed, water consumption is only about 1.
  • Even at the highest speed, the battery can last about 6 hours.
  • This also makes sure you can still use it to stay cool as the charge diminishes, rather than it just cutting out.
  • The kit includes everything you’ll need to head out in the heat.
  • Here are the cold facts about what’s included:  ExtremeMist PCS unit (including a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack)  2 hoses  Quick-disconnect Y-connector  Plug for using without drink hose or PCS  Elbow for mist head  L-connector for mist nozzle  Mist nozzle  Mist nozzle clip  Adjustable lanyard  Key fob remote control  Wall charger  Hose reducer for Y-connector  2 adapters for packs with larger diameter drink hoses.


    Just soak in cold water to activate!

    By :- Miracool

  • Each bandana in the pack has its own instruction card.
  • Just soak in cold water to activate and tie the MiraCool Bandana around your neck.
  • Turn over occasionally to refresh cooling sensations.
  • Great to celebrate the 4th of July (White Stars on Blue).
  • This is the original #1 cooling bandana! Can also be used as a cooling headband.
  • Cooling Sensations pass to pulse points and are carried throughout your body.
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