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1. JoePaul’s Crafts 18 Inch Greek Paddle – Fraternity/Sorority Paddle – Solid Pine

ROUGH, UNPOLISHED & READY TO WORK ON! – Made from grade-A quality unfinished pine wood, our Sorority/Fraternity paddles come to you naked and ready to be stained and decorated as you see fit. No cracks, no scratches, no knots – just a perfect Greek 18 inch paddle surface waiting for you to get utterly creative!

By :- JoePaul’s Crafts

  • Get Your Hands On The Best Quality Wooden Greek Fraternity/Sorority Spanking Paddle By JoePaul’s Texts Today! No worries mate, your search for the highest-end quality paddle is now finally over.
  • JoePaul has just the paddle you’ve been looking for; sturdy construction, high quality greek pine, 18″ inches long with 3 different sizes for small, medium or large personalities! Original, Authentic & Honest! What you see is what you get – that’s always the case with JoePaul’s products, since we’re no fans of tricks and schemes.

    You check out our pictures, you know what you’re in for; an excellent wooden plank that will demonstrate and underline the value you hold for the American ways! Superior Construction Quality! When you are a person of principle, you want to offer your members the best damn Sorority/Fraternity paddles to hang into their dorms and showcase with pride.

    When you’re a company of principle, you want to offer your customers exactly what they need and that’s where these two worlds meet; JoePaul makes a point of using nothing but the best quality pine wood, so that we can be sure that our paddles are gonna stand tall through all the studying, parties and shenanigans during the absolute best years of your life!We Demand Your 100% Satisfaction – Or You Get Your Money Back! Let’s be honest here, no company ever made it based on one-time customers.

    It’s the loyal, satisfied, recurring clientele that will keep you going – and that’s why, if you aren’t perfectly satisfied with our products, we offer you full money back guarantee or replacement! What Are You Still Scrolling Down For? Hurry Up And Seal The Deal – Before Our Stock Vanishes! .

    2. BamPaddle Bamboo Spanking Paddle – 14″ Spanking Paddle With Airflow Holes, Light

    ALL NATURAL MOSO BAMBOO – BamPaddle 14″ Spanking Paddle is made of pure high quality Moso bamboo.

    By :- BamPaddle

  • This spanking Paddle is the perfect addition to anyone’s collection.
  • At 1/2″ thick, this bamboo wood paddle is incredibly durable and has has a beautiful smooth finish.
  • Ultra-light and thin, yet durable enough to withstand intense use, you will surely be satisfied with the results.
  • Because our bamboo paddles are made from natural bamboo, each one is unique and will vary slightly in color and grain pattern.
  • 5 Inch Bamboo Paddle is light weight and thin making it very easy to handle.
  • BamPaddle 100% Money-Back Guarantee! We are so certain that this bamboo spanking paddle will bring satisfaction that we offer a 90 day no-questions-asked refund policy.
  • Why does bamboo make the best possible spanking paddle? Bamboo is often referred to as the miracle plant as it is naturally anti-bacterial, grows to full maturity in 2 years (highly renewable), and by weight is stronger than steel.

    3. Woodpeckers 22” Inch Fraternity Or Sorority Paddle | Single Greek Paddle |

    GREEK LIFE PADDLE – This Plain Unfinished Wooden Greek paddle is an ideal gift for any sorority or fraternity member. Its large size can accommodate a variety of different designs for any Greek community. Measuring 22″ long, 5 3/8″ wide, and ¾” thick, the paddle has a pre-drilled hole in the handle for easy display.

    By :- Woodpeckers

  • Show off your letters with the Woodpeckers Wooden Paddle! An integral part of the sorority and fraternity life, this standard sized paddle can be customized to represent your community.
  • Sanded down to a smooth finish, it is perfectly safe to handle.
  • Additionally, the solid construction has a pre-drilled hole in the handle for easy mounting and hanging.
  • The unfinished surface is great for painting and decorating with embellishments and ornaments.
  • Unleash your creativity when it comes to making your fraternity or sorority proud!.
  • Proudly made in Hill County, Texas, this paddle is crafted from premium birch rather than particle board or plywood.
  • There’s no need to worry about splinters hurting your hands.
  • Measuring 22″ long, 5 3/8″ wide, and ¾” thick, this wooden paddle is a great gift idea for Big siblings, pledges, and other esteemed members of your fraternity and/or sorority.
  • Display it with pride in your Greek house’s living room! Continue a time-honored tradition of Greek life with the Woodpeckers Wooden Paddle.
  • 4. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick) Universal SUP Wide

    WIDE SUP DESIGN – The SereneLife stand up paddling board is 10′ long and provides 30″ of deck width for improved stability and balance while standing

    By :- SereneLife

  • Enjoy the open water with a premium stand up paddle board from SereneLife and you’ll experience adventures like never before.
  • The freedom to go where you please, get some fun exercise, and look down into the beautiful water is truly unmatched.
  • ​ If you love the open water, there’s nothing quite like enjoying it as you’re standing atop your very own paddleboard.
  • That’s why we created SereneLife Paddle Boards; an inflatable board perfect for every skill level.
  • More importantly, the PVC body makes it stable while standing but gentle enough that if you fall while learning you won’t hit a hard board on the way down.
  •   ​ Great for Beginners and Experienced Paddleboarders  ​ The inflatable design and wide, non-slip top deck provides improved stability and balance for kids and adults, making it easy to glide across the surface with ease.

    Great for the lake, ocean, pond or even slow-moving rivers, get your SereneLife paddle board today and hit the water! ​ Product Details: Standard Single Person (SUP) Design  Inflatable Paddle Board (PVC)  Three (3) Bottom Panel Fins  Dimensions: 10’ x 30” x 6”  Paddleboard Weight: 19.

      ​ Order Includes: Paddle Board  Coiled Ankle Safety Leash  Oar Paddle  Manual Air Pump  Storage/Carry Bag  ​ Get a new SereneLife stand-up paddle board today by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above! .

    5. SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick) With SUP

    EXTRA WIDE FOR BETTER BALANCE: Measuring 10’5 feet long & 30 inches wide, balancing & stabilizing on top of our SUP board is a breeze.

    By :- SereneLife

  • 6 lbs Max Inflation Pressure: 20+ PSI Max Weight Capacity: 275 lbs One Year Limited Warranty Don’t let this limited time deal slip away.
  • Since it’s made out of PVC, the blow up paddle board is gentle enough to break your fall so you don’thit the water so hard.
  • It’s time to get out & see whatyou’ve been missing! SUP BOARD SPECIFICATIONS Made Out Of Strong PVC Plastic Standard Single Person Design Dimensions: 10’ x 30” x 6” Paddleboard Weight: 19.
  • Click ‘ADD TO CART’ to order your easy to inflatepaddling SUP board today!.
  • Fully upgraded, the SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board puts your mind at ease as you row thehigh seas!Complete with everything needed to get started, this 5-in-1 paddle board kit is a top choice amongpaddling beginners.

    SUP Board Set Includes: inflatable paddling board (10ft), paddle board ankle strap, oar,manual pump & carrying bag � EXTRA WIDE STABILIZING DECK – Best Pick for Beginner Paddlers Learning Proper SUPBoard BalanceA wide board deck makes it easier to balance, which is why our stand up inflatable paddle board ispreferred by women& men participating in paddle board yoga.

    Also designed to accommodate youth, the entire family willlove the SUP board! � CUSHIONED NON-SLIP SOFT TOP – Developed for Early Learners, Provides an Anti-SlipSurface for PaddlingFinished with the integration of a cushion top, this 10ft inflatable paddle board helps prevent inevitablepaddling accidents.

    � IDEAL FOR ALL WATER SPORTS – Can Be Safely Used on a Lake, Ocean, Pool, Pond, River,Bayou & MorePortable & accompanied by all of the gear you need to inflate, deflate, store, repair & adjust, the yogamat paddle board isone of the finest paddle board gifts for paddling travelers & adventurers.

    6. Atoll 11′ Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick, 32 Inches Wide)

    NEW ultra light construction used, dual layer PVC on this inflatable paddle board – 40% lighter than comparable models while creating an extra ridgid board. Inflatable stand up paddle board comes with : High Pressure Bravo dual action hand pump (inflates when pushing down AND pulling up) 3rd generation hand pump (up to 15psi), front and back bungee tie downs, travel backpack with waist strap also comes with this standup

    By :- Atoll Paddle

  • Atoll’s flagship ISUP, the Cruiser Deluxe, is 11 foot x 6 inch x 32 inch ISUP ready with everything you need to paddle that same day.
  • Manufactured with a built in state of the art H3 valve.
  • Atoll is now using an extra dourable Universal ( or US fin box) , compatible with aftermarket, river fins, race fins and touring fins and importantly no screws required and extra durable.
  • Fully wrapped with second layer of patented material on the top and bottom, creating a stiff, rigid and sturdy ISUP.
  • Pressure ranges up to15 psi with Korean style drop stitching technology, it provides for an extremely rigid inflatable paddle board.
  • This ISUP board HAS supported ISUP riders at 300 lbs with ease (see image) and has been water tested at over 350 lbs.
  • Become part of the fastest growing lifestyle sport in the world.
  • BRAND NEW NEW Fusion Light Construction – 40% lighter than comparable models weighing in at 19 lbs.
  • It comes with a the industry leading Bravo dual action hand pump.
  • TRI – fin design enables this inflatable stand up paddle board to track ( go straight) easier and with less effort than single fin designs.
  • EVA foam on the top: prevents ISUP rider from slipping and loosing their balance.
  • It also comes with a 3 piece adjustable paddle with nylon blade.
  • Two year manufacturer warranty and product guarantee.
  • 7. Paddle Leash Safety Rod Bungee Rod Holder Gripping Gear Leash With Innovative

    ✔ EASY AND SAFE TETHERING – The leash and the carabiners are easy to attach to the paddles, fishing rod, water craft, or any equipment. Once attached, the leash gives a strong grip that helps in avoiding the loss of your equipment in drifting or turbulent waters.

    By :- Boncas

  • DESCRIPTION Canoeing, kayaking or fly fishing in deep or moving waters are exciting activities.
  • It is easy to lose your items if they are not kept properly.
  • The leashes and carabiners are lightweight, and they have ideal measurements that can allow you to hook up various types of equipment.
  • However, keeping your safety gear, paddles, and water craft close to you can be a challenge, especially in turbulent and moving waters.
  • The kit includes multiple leashes ( x3 ) and carabiners ( x3 ), and therefore you can lock up various equipments to it.
  • SPECIFICATIONS Package: 3 paddle leashes, 3 aluminum carabiners Color: Black Material: Nylon, aluminum alloy, anti-slipping silica-gel Cord Length: 100+ c m including 50 cm elastic part Cord Width: 10 mm Why Should You Choose This Product? The anti – slipping silica – gel design ensures that your equipment does not move from where it is fixed, and thus keeping it safe and secure.

    8. Motorboaters 2 Pack – Greek Life Solid Real Wood – Fraternity/Sorority Letters

    READY TO USE OR DIY – Our paddles come sanded smooth, and are ready to use! Add paint or stain to customize it yourself – there’s plenty of room to fit your Fraternity or Sorority’s letters.

    By :- Motorboaters

  • Need a gift or decoration for your little or big sister or brother? Want to add some custom decoration to your greek life? – We’ve got you covered! Our paddles are the highest quality on the market.
  • The paddles are sanded smooth and beautifully beveled – use them right away, or decorate it yourself! Try painting, staining, carving, burning, glue to it.
  • We’ll make sure you are happy with your order! Click “Add to Cart” to order now!.
  • They are made of solid wood that will last for years.
  • get creative! Add your greek letters or any message you can think of! One to gift, one to keep! – With our two pack, you’ll be able to give one as a gift, and keep one for yourself! Or make a fun night of it with a friend, and each decorate one! Perfect Party Prop – Decorate your rush week events! Our paddles make a perfect photobooth prop for pledges! Have an arts and crafts night and have the entire pledge class decorate a paddle! Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our customer service is second to none.

    9. Pickle-Ball, Inc. Elite Pickleball Paddle (Power, Finesse, Skill) (Finesse II –

    ELITE SERIES II FINESSE – 1 of 2 Great Models: Power & Finesse

    By :- Pickle-Ball

  • The Elite Series II Finesse pickleball paddle is specifically designed to provide light feel, speed and touch.
  • , the Elite Finesse is perfect for players who win points with precise short-game shots dinks and extended rallys.
  • If you value ball control and placement and prefer to win points at the net, this is the paddle for you.
  • We have led the way in product innovation for over four decades.
  • The combination of powerful but lightweight nomex core and responsive control-oriented graphite face gives this paddle unparalleled control characteristics at the net.
  • Available in two colors: Blue and Magenta”Designed and manufactured by Pickle-Ball, Inc.
  • was founded by the co-inventors of Pickle-Ball in 1972.
  • Our products are used by hundreds of thousands of players worldwide, and preferred by top tournament players, clubs, and coaches.
  • 0 oz, ultralight weight for quick reactions, control and maneuverability Durable and powerful nomex honeycomb core Graphite face for soft touch, reliable ball control and solid feel Responsive dynamic teardrop shape Longer handle for increased torque and power, great for tennis converts Performance grip wicks moisture and enhances feel and feedback Low profile edge guard protects paddle while minimizing mis-hits off the edge Quiet performance – meets regulations in most pickleball noise restricted communities Made in the USASpecifications Average Weight: 7.

    2 oz Grip Circumference: 4 1/8″ Paddle Length: 15 3/4″ Paddle width: 8″ Handle Length: 5 1/4″” Core: 3/8″ Nomex Honeycomb Face: Graphite with matte finish BOPP overlay 1/4″ overlapping edge guard Warranty 1 year warranty covering material and manufacturing defects.

    10. Cinch-Lock Pro Paddle Leash – Rod Leash. The Latest In Gear Attachment

    Cinch Lock attachment webbing. Locks on, grips tight. Attaches without taking the paddle apart or the reel off the rod. Grips tight and stays put until You take it off!

    By :- Campingandkayaking

  • The CK Cinch Lock Gear leash is simply the most versatile gear leash you will find.
  • The included carabiner was specially designed for kayaking and camping applications.
  • Whether using as a rod leash, paddle leash or wading leash for your kayak it won’t let you down.
  • , Gear you can be proud of, quality that won’t let you down.
  • The “Cinch Lock” attachment grips tight until you take it off.
  • Its wide opening, aluminum flat bar design and a stainless steel gate is salt water tested and salt water tough.
  • The bungee gives you the length you need while keeping excess leash out of the way.
  • Designed by a Long Time Kayak Angler and built in the USA.
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