Top 10 Best no lye relaxer for black hair 2018

So you have decided to Buy no lye relaxer for black hair and you are looking for the no lye relaxer for black hair to use?

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What if I tell you that choosing the perfect no lye relaxer for black hair should not be so confusing?

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Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these no lye relaxer for black hair!

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Best no lye relaxer for black hair 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 no lye relaxer for black hair

1. ORS Olive Oil Built-In Protection New Growth No-Lye Hair Relaxer System – Normal

Utilizes olive oil to protect the hair from damage

By :- ORS Olive Oil

  • The Olive Oil range contains the naturally-extracted pure olive oil, which moisturizes scalp, prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth.
  • Resulting in softer, shinier hair that is less prone to tangle, develop split ends or suffer from drying and dullness.
  • Olive Oil, historically known as a healing elixir, is rich in essential fatty acids that impart moisture directly into the scal and hair shaft for stronger, after hair with beautiful shine.
  • Rich in Vitamin E, hydrating and moisturizing, the use of pure Olive Oil throughout the range helps promote hair elasticity and cuticle smoothness.
  • The ORS Olive Oil Built-In Protection New Growth No-Lye Hair Relaxer kit is light-sized for touch-ups, short hairstyles, and ZONE RELAXING retouching a target section or “zone” of the head.
  • 2. Gentletreatment No Lye Relaxer (twin Pack)

    For Fine and Normal hair.

    By :- Gentle Treatment

  • Gentle Treatment Regular No Mix No-Lye Relaxer Twin Pak has the same patented formula enriched with Aloe Vera Gel and conditioning agents that result in silky, smooth hair with body and shine.
  • HOW: Removes unwanted curl, yet repairs and conditions during the relaxer process.
  • Spread generous amounts of relaxer evenly down the entire hair shaft, section by section.
  • Use Dual Purpose Shampoo with Colour Alert immediately following relaxer as a neutralizer or between touch-ups.
  • USAGE: Apply relaxer to the hair with the back of a wide-tooth comb, starting close to scalp.
  • Gently comb relaxer to the ends of the hair with short strokes.
  • To finish, apply Ultra Sheen Supreme Setting and Styling Lotion to achieve maximum body and bounce.
  • 3. Luster’s No Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer

    No-Lye Conditioning & Creme Relaxer Kit

    By :- Luster’s

  • PCJ No-Lye Conditioning & Creme Relaxer Kit – Adult Formula Adult Formula with Nutrient Sheen(tm) ‘Now You Can Relax About Relaxing Your Hair’ NutrientSheen is a miraculous discovery in hair relaxing.
  • NutrientSheen is used right after you rinse the relaxer from your hair.
  • NutrientSheen penetrates the hair shaft and evens porosity, helps stablize the pH level, and replaces moisture-binding protein.
  • Our chemists have discovered a way to help repair damage which may result from the chemical process.
  • At this point, the hair shaft is open and very receptive to rebuilding treatments.
  • Therefore, you’ll have shine, bounce, and styleability like you’ve never had before.
  • 4. No Lye: The African American Woman’s Guide To Natural Hair Care

    By :-

  • For years, African-American women have relied on harsh chemicals and relaxers to “manage” their hair–which more often than not did more damage than good.
  • Improper braiding techniques have also contributed no small amount of harm, resulting in frail, damaged hair and even pattern baldness in women.
  • In this hair-care and styling guide Tulani Kinard reveals the secrets to obtaining and maintaining beautiful healthy hair–naturally.
  • The art of making braids, terrific twists and lovely locksEasy recipes for products that clean, strengthen, and condition the hairWays to heal damaged hairPainless methods of caring for your children’s hairFast, easy styles for all lengths and textures of hairThe pros and cons of using hair extensionsAsk me your hair-care questions.

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