Top 10 Best natural body lotion 2019

So you have decided to Buy natural body lotion and you are looking for the natural body lotion to use?

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What if I tell you that choosing the perfect natural body lotion should not be so confusing?

Even though there are a lot of natural body lotion out there on the market?

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Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these natural body lotion!

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Best natural body lotion 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 natural body lotion

1. Puracy Natural Body Wash, Sulfate-Free Bath And Shower Gel, Citrus & Sea Salt,

The Puracy Difference: Join the 1 million+ enjoying our award-winning, plant-powered formulas

By :- Puracy

  • Puracy Natural Body Wash is a balanced blend of luxurious cleansers, emollients, and essential oils which clean, soften, and refresh all skin types.
  • Packed in this world-class blend of ingredients is Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, which naturally exfoliates, hydrates, and balances your skin.
  • When you disrupt this layer with a needlessly harsh cleanser, you create irritation, dryness, and redness.
  • This allows your skin to feel soft, fresh, and moisturized.
  • This clinical-grade formula is safe for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.
  • We designed it to be versatile enough to wash every body part.
  • This thick liquid formula also features Coco Glycinate, an exclusive coconut-based surfactant which produces lot of foam without disrupting the stratum corneum layer of your skin.
  • Our formula thoroughly cleans yet leaves this crucial layer unfazed.
  • Designed for men and women to be used as a daily body wash, shower gel, or bubble bath.
  • The balanced citrus aromas brighten and energize your bathing experience.
  • The proprietary blend of renewable ingredients is family friendly and free from harsh chemicals and fumes.
  • 95% Natural, per Puracy’s ‘What Natural Means to Us’ definition available on our website.
  • The food-grade, plant and mineral-based ingredients were carefully chosen and developed into a premium solution by Puracy, a trusted source for natural and organic, plant-based, child & pet safe, hypoallergenic, and effective household essentials.

    Puracy products are: Better for your family (plant-based / free of harsh chemicals / child & pet safe) Better for the environment (biodegradable, sustainable ingredient sources) Better for your community (proudly made in the USA / for every purchase, we make a donation to local children and families that are less fortunate / the artwork on every bottle helps support local artists).

    2. Brown Sugar Body Scrub For Cellulite And Exfoliation – Natural Body & Face Scrub

    Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Body Scrub is pure and natural; with powerful nourishing ingredients such as sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, etc.; no harmful chemicals

    By :- Majestic Pure

  • Keep your entire body soft and moisturized with Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Scrub! Real brown sugar crystals and natural humectants help prevent moisture loss while gently buffing away dry skin cells.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children.
  • This revitalizing formula contains superior blend of carrier and essential oils nourish and moisturize the skin.
  • Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use.
  • If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.
  • In addition, ginseng root extract and peppermint invigorate the senses and revitalize skin cells while citrus oils help to brighten and tone the skin while leaving behind an unforgettable natural scent.

    Benefits of Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Scrub Includes: Reduce toxins and impurities Moisturizes skin Can be used on delicate and sensitive areas such as face or lips Can be used as facial and body scrub Dissolves easily, does not leave any residue to clog pores Smells great Click the button at the top of this page to buy with confidence.

    3. Nordic Naturals – Ultimate Omega, Support For A Healthy Heart, 180 Soft Gels

    THE BENEFITS OF OMEGA-3: Omega-3s are fatty acids found in fish oil. These essential fats include EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and have been shown to support overall wellness, including heart, brain, joint, eye, and mood health.

    By :- Nordic Naturals

  • , Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega provides high-intensity support for both body and mind.
  • Concentrated Ultimate Omega soft gels include 1,280 mg of omega-3s per serving, more than most other omega-3 products, giving you more health benefits in a smaller serving.
  • Nordic Naturals is committed to delivering the world’s safest, most effective nutrients essential to health.
  • We strive to provide high-quality products straight from the manufacturer to your home through sustainable methods and using nothing but natural ingredients.
  • Our continued innovation is proof that when values are aligned with action, great things can happen.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Without solicitation, doctors and researchers worldwide consistently choose and recommend this powerful formula.
  • Nordic Naturals also offers this formula with added vitamin D3, and in a liquid.
  • Nordic Naturals makes over 150 products in a variety of flavors and doses to meet everyone’s nutritional needs.
  • Nordic Naturals incorporates ethical and socially responsible practices with regard to the environment, corporate transparency, philanthropic partnerships, and education.
  • *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • 4. M3 Naturals Activated Charcoal Scrub All Natural Body & Face Skin Care

    THE PREMIUM CHARCOAL SCRUB (12oz)- Our activated charcoal combines with dead sea salts to provide the ultimate oil and impurities cleanse for your skin*. Superior and all-natural, watch as it detoxifies, removes blackheads, and rejuvenates your skin!*

    By :- M3 Naturals

  • This natural, easy-to-use scrub works in synergy with your body to fight back and remove these harmful pollutants.
  • More Bang For Your Buck: 12 oz Bottle compared to competitors 10 OZ Bottle Bring a healthy glow back to your skin using M3 Naturals All Natural Charcoal Face and Body Scrub!  During the day our faces are exposed to endless chemicals, pollutants, bacteria, sunlight, and more.

    Experience that moisturized, refreshing feeling and restore a youthful glow!* Powerful Benefits of M3 Naturals Charcoal Scrub Include: Fight against acne, blemishes and blackheads* Detoxify your skin from daily bacteria, chemicals and dirt*Support anti-aging properties to reduce wrinkles*Minimize pores and brighten skin tone*Supports the elimination of dry skin and irritations*Supports reduction in oil and skin impurities .

    5. Love Beauty And Planet Majestic Moisture Body Wash, Shea Butter & Sandalwood, 16

    Love Beauty and Planet Shea Butter & Sandalwood moisturizing body wash provides hydration and indulgent skin care

    By :- Love Beauty And Planet

  • At Love Beauty and Planet we are committed to acts of love that make you and our planet a little more beautiful, everyday.
  • We started our journey by loading our beauty products with goodness.
  • Our caps and pumps aren’t made from recycled plastics yet, but we’re working on it.
  • Enjoy instantly nourished skin throughout the day with our Majestic Moisture Body Wash.
  • Give your dry, parched skin a dose of majestic moisture with the sensual and mysterious scent of ethically sourced Australian Sandalwood Oil.
  • At Love, Beauty and Planet, we are starting a beautiful movement.
  • Our goal is a carbon footprint so small it’s like we weren’t even here.
  • Every one of our bottles is made from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable.
  • We started our journey by loading our products with mild cleansers and ethically sourced fragrances.
  • Our Shea Butter and sandalwood moisturizing body wash is made with no sulfate cleansers, no parabens and is infused with plant based cleansers, leaving you and the planet a little more beautiful.
  • Are you in? To learn more visit lovebeautyandplanet.
  • Don’t stop with deliciously soft skin! For brilliantly beautiful and moisturized hair, try our Love Beauty and Planet Shea Butter and Sandalwood Purposeful Hydration Shampoo and Love Beauty and Planet Shea Butter and Sandalwood Purposeful Hydration Conditioner to complete your beauty routine.

    6. Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee Scrub – All Natural Body Scrub For Skin Care,

    Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee Scrub is natural and specifically formulated for cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins, acne, age spots & eczema with caffeine from only the best Arabica beans; blended together with highly moisturizing, regenerating & exfoliating oils & salts; for men and woman; manufactured in USA in GMP lab

    By :- Majestic Pure

  • Arabica Coffee Scrub – “Natural Body Scrub for Cellulite, Spider Veins, Eczma.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • [FDA Statement]: These Statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.
  • Click the button at the top of this page to buy with confidence.
  • ” Say goodbye to cellulite and other skin blemishes while enjoying the invigorating scent of coffee! Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee Scrub is natural and specifically formulated to actively target cellulite, stretch marks, acne & eczema with caffeine from only the best Arabica beans; blended together with highly moisturizing, regenerating & exfoliating oils & salts & brown sugar; the best natural skincare cellulite treatment Benefits of Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee Scrub Include: · Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins and psoriasis · Reduces dead skin, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts and other skin blemishes · Hydrates and moisturizes the skin · Nourishes and protect the skin, promoting cell repair and rejuvenation Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee body Scrub is natural and specifically formulated and blended together with highly moisturizing, regenerating & exfoliating oils & salts.

    7. ArtNaturals Men’s Natural Body Wash – (16 Fl Oz / 473ml) – Shower Gel That

    FOR MEN – ArtNaturals Men’s Body Wash is created especially for men’s skin. It deep-cleans, softens renews and refreshes and deodorizes in an easy-to-use, lathering formula.

    By :- ArtNaturals

  • But clean, re-freshed and deodorized is-and that’s where our Men’s Body Wash comes in.
  • And pack along another bottle in your gym bag-lather away dirt and sweat, and you’re ready for another peak per-formance.
  • Aloe, shea and cocoa butters combine with a whole team of other cleansers, bacteria fighters and hydrators to make sure that when you step out of the shower, you’re ready to get out there.
  • Add in natural skin-healer collodial oatmeal and inflammation-fighter kaolin clay.
  • Give yourself a luxuri-ous-but-affordable start to your day.
  • Our Men’s Body Wash uses aloe vera, which is packed with nutrients like glycerin, sodium palmate, sodium carbonate, sodium palm kemelate, and sorbitol that sooth, help clear up acne and redness, and protect skin.

    Combine that with shea butter, chock-full of Vitamins A and E, targeting dry skin and itch as it deeply hydrates skin, and cocoa butter, high in antioxidants, and your skin will be clean, not stripped.

    World-famous tea tree oil’s stimulating, healing and anti-fungal qualities work with fragrant blue cypress wood oil, peppermint, spearmint and rose-mary extracts to make you de-germed and smelling fresh, not perfume-y.

    8. Puracy Organic Hair & Skin Care Set (4-Pack), Natural Body Wash, Shampoo,

    The Puracy Difference: Join the 1 million+ enjoying our leading plant-powered formulas

    By :- Puracy

  • the state of pure About Puracy Puracy is a small, Austin, Texas-based company specializing in safe and stylish household products that work.
  • Our entire line of products carries a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • We regularly donate our eco-friendly products to local organizations in need, such as Austin Children’s Shelter, to help support their cause.
  • Are you looking for a set that delivers high performing, luxurious, organic bath and body products? Our natural and organic products are powered by plants and natural minerals, safe for your family and the environment, and stylish enough to show off.

    Includes: (1) Puracy Natural Body Wash – Citrus & Sea Salt (1) Puracy Natural Shampoo – Citrus & Mint (1) Puracy Natural Conditioner – Citrus & Mint (1) Puracy Organic Hand & Body Lotion – Fragrance Free What does Puracy mean? pu-ra-cy [pyoo r-uh-see] noun 1.

    Our products are: Better for your family (plant-based / free of harsh chemicals / child & pet safe) Better for the environment (fully biodegradable) Better for your community (proudly made in the USA / for every purchase, we make a donation to local children and families that are less fortunate / the artwork on every bottle helps support local artists) We’re passionate about our mission, and so are the people whose lives have been positively impacted by it.

    9. Organic All Natural Body Wash Soap. Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial. Aloe, Shea

    BENTONITE CLAY – Known For Centuries For Its Natural Healing and Detoxifying Properties, Helps Absorb and Wash Away Bacteria, Fungus, Grime and Sweat of Everyday Living.

    By :- Fieldworks Supply Company

  • This organic body wash contains beneficial clays, natural essential oils and plant extracts that cleanse gently and give a generous lather.
  • And it’s concentrated, so a little goes a long way.
  • It’s the perfect carrier for our beneficial oils and plant extracts.
  • and it naturally wicks away grime for a gentle, natural clean.
  • and go ahead and rub some into your head, too, and lather it up for nice, clean hair SAPONIFIED oils of Coconut, OLIVE and SUNFLOWER are what cleans you.
  • VETIVER is a natural-born antiseptic, with a masculine scent.
  • Gentle and Pure – safe for people with Diabetes, Undergoing Radiation Therapy or have other sensitive skin concerns.
  • It’s an all-natural castile soap: no harsh detergents parabens chemicals or synthetic fragrances.
  • Bentonite Clay (a signature ingredient in all of our products) is finely-weathered volcanic ash that’s found in great abundance throughout the American West.
  • Hose Off is scented with our proprietary essential oil blend that features Vetiver for a scent that smells right at home in the great outdoors.
  • Rub a bit into your skin in the tub or shower, of course, like a regular body wash.
  • ALOE and SHEA BUTTER are great for hydration, so you’re not left high and dry.
  • BENTONITE CLAY naturally draws grime away from your skin.
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