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Best mixology books 2018 – Editior Choice!

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1. Mixology Dice® (pouch) // Cocktail Inspiration, Christmas Gifts For Him, Men,

By :- Two Tumbleweeds

  • Whether you’re a newbie or a pro behind the bar, Mixology Dice will take your cocktail game to the next level.
  • 5 million combos!), this set of dice is actually a clever system for actually learning the art of mixology.
  • Along with providing seemingly endless inspiration (over 1.
  • Having too much fun mixing drinks? Substitute sparkling water for alcohol and make it a Mocktail Laser engraved wooden dice are made in the USA, and come packaged in a cotton muslin pouch.
  • Eight laser engraved birch wood dice (spirit, sugar, liqueur, citrus, fruit, herb, spice, and bitters) that provide inspiration for creating hand-crafted cocktails made with fresh ingredients Shows you how to make traditional drinks that have been around for hundreds of years-Cocktail, Sour, Fizz, Smash, Punch, Flip, Swizzle, and Rickey-and then craft your own interpretations.

    Did you know that a Margarita and a Lemon Drop are Sours and a Mint Julep is a Smash? Instruction booklet shows you exactly which dice to roll to make specific types of traditional drinks, what ratios of ingredients to use, and general mixing tips Dice are numbered to make following the instructions easy, even if you’re on your third drink If you’re already a pro, roll all the dice at once for seemingly endless inspiration.

    2. The Art Of Mixology: Classic Cocktails And Curious Concoctions

    By :-

  • Cocktails have an unwavering, timelss style, so become a purveyor of fine drinking with this collection of CLASSIC and CONTEMPORARY recipes.
  • You’ll find an informative introduction packed with all the essential knowledge any experienced or novice mixologist could ever need and over 200 recipes to suit every occasion.
  •   The Art of Mixology offers a stunning anthology of cocktail recipes to make at home.
  • The drinks are grouped within sections on Gin & Vodka; Rum, Whiskies, and Brandy; Bubbles; Something Different; and Mocktails, and the drinks range from a Singapore Sling, a Buck’s Fizz, and a Cosmopolitan to a Highland Fling, a Brandy Julep, and a Baby Bellini.

    • CLASSIC AND CONTEMPORARY RECIPES: For the novice or experienced mixologist • STYLISH GUIDE: Whether it’s creating a cocktail hour martini or fixing a Brandy Alexander nightcap, this is the stylish guide to exclusive drinking • OVER 200 RECIPES & PHOTOS:  Recipes for every mood and a photo for each drink will keep mixology enthusiasts excited to try new recipes • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Birthdays, holidays, Mother’s/Father’s Day and more, the Art of Mixology makes a great gift for any occasion.

    3. Amuletto Kiss (The Magic & Mixology Mystery Series Book 5)

    By :-

  • Hold your loved ones close, islanders…Life for Lily Locke has not been normal ever since she learned of her witchy heritage, but now more than ever, her world is spiraling out of control.
  • However, as Lily begins the hunt for the Master of Magic, she encounters a prophecy that could destroy everyone she’s come to know and love.
  • ****************************************************************************************************************************Amuletto Kiss is the fifth book in The Magic & Mixology Mystery Series.
  • This novel is a full-length, humorous cozy mystery featuring a splash of magic, a handful of witches, and a dash of romance.
  • When a series of strange events begins to tear her beloved island apart, it’s up to the famed Mixologist to seek out the most powerful wizard in the world and spare him from death.
  • Though it can be read as a standalone, it’s best read in series order.
  • It’s rated PG-13 due to mild language and some romance.
  • 4. Long Isle Iced Tea (The Magic & Mixology Mystery Series Book 4)

    By :- Unknown

  • beg Lily for her help, she agrees, taking on a load of problems that pile up faster than she can say Abracadabra.
  • Lily’s barely hanging on by a thread, juggling life, love, and the pursuit of magic, when islanders start disappearing—one at a time.
  • I wish I may, I wish I might…have the wish I wish tonight.
  • Though it can be read as a standalone, it’s best read in series order.
  • This novel is a full-length, humorous cozy mystery featuring a splash of magic, a handful of witches, and a dash of romance.
  • When a man warns her the next disappearance is imminent, Lily must crack the curse…before she’s next.
  • ** **Long Isle Iced Tea is the fourth book in The Magic & Mixology Mystery Series.
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  • It’s rated PG-13 due to mild language and some romance.
  • Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight…A childhood chant turns near deadly for Lily Locke when she’s swept into The Faction’s latest triumph—the overthrowing of the hidden, magical city of Wishery.

    A new revolution in black magic stumps the island’s burgeoning Mixologist, while a haunted house, a surprise birthday party, and rising familial troubles back on The Isle compete for her already-limited time and attention.

    5. The Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem: The Story Of John Morrissey And The World’s

    By :-

    A groundbreaking graphic novel-style cocktail book from world-renowned bar The Dead Rabbit in New York City   The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog in lower Manhattan has won every cocktail award there is to win, including being named “Best Bar in the World” in 2016.

     Since their award-winning cocktail book The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual was published in 2015, founders Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry, along with bar manager Jillian Vose, have completely revamped the bar’s menus in a bold, graphic novel style, now featured in their newest collection The Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem.

     Based on “Gangs of New York”-era tales retold with modern personalities from the bar world (including the authors) portrayed as the heroes and villains of the story, the menus are highly sought-after works of art.

     This stunning new book, featuring 90 cocktail recipes, fleshes out the tall tales even further in a collectible hardcover edition—making it a must-have for the bar’s passionate fans who line up every night of the week.

    6. Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule 100% Pure Copper Mugs (Set Of 4)- 16 Ounce With 2

    QUALITY AND WEIGHT – Advanced Mixology copper mugs give you the most copper for every dollar you spend. Using 22 gauge, 100% pure copper sheets, we make sure that each mug is solid copper. No filler metals, no metal linings. Our mugs undergo a 32 point quality check to ensure that you get the highest quality mug always.

    By :- Advanced Mixology

  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE All our authentic moscow mule mugs come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Excellent choice for fathers day gifts, groomsmen gifts, valentines gift for him or as a gift for boyfriend.
  • If at anytime you feel that the moscow mule copper mugs do not satisfy you, we will give you a 100% refund on your money.
  • SUPPORT It is our promise to you that all your support requests will be responded to within 12 hours.
  • MOSCOW MULE MUGS Manufactured in a high tech manufacturing unit in a no hands operation, these copper mugs come with a beautiful box and a coaster.
  • MOSCOW MULE RECIPE Squeeze lime juice into Moscow Mule Copper mug Add 2 or 3 ice cubes Pour in 2 oz of vodka Fill with 4 to 6 oz of cold ginger beer Garnish with a wedge of lime and serve with a stirring rod.

    7. The Joy Of Mixology, Revised And Updated Edition: The Consummate Guide To The

    By :-

  • A thoroughly updated edition of the 2003 classic that home and professional bartenders alike refer to as their cocktail bible.
  • A prolific writer on all things cocktails, Gary Regan and his books have been a huge influence on mixologists and bartenders in America.
  • Gary Regan, the “most-read cocktail expert around” (Imbibe), has revised his original tome for the 15th anniversary with new material: many more cocktail recipes–including smart revisions to the originals–and fascinating information on the drink making revival that has popped up in the past decade, confirming once again that this is the only cocktail reference you need.

    This brand-new edition fills in the gaps since the book first published, incorporating Regan’s special insight on the cocktail revolution from 2000 to the present and a complete overhaul of the recipe section.

    With Regan’s renowned system for categorizing drinks helps bartenders not only to remember drink recipes but also to invent their own, The Joy of Mixology, Revised and Updated Edition is the original drinks book for both professionals and amateurs alike.

    8. The One-Bottle Cocktail: More Than 80 Recipes With Fresh Ingredients And A

    By :-

  • A collection of more than 80 wonderfully creative, fresh, and delicious cocktails that only require a bottle of your favorite spirit, plus fresh ingredients you can easily find at the market.
  • Conversational and authoritative, this book puts simple, delicious, and inventive drinks into your hands wherever you are, with ingredients you can easily source and no more than one spirit.
  • These recipes won’t break the bank, won’t require an emergency run to the liquor store, and (best of all!) will delight cocktail lovers of all stripes.
  • In The One-Bottle Cocktail, Maggie Hoffman brings fancy drinking to the masses by making cocktails approachable enough for those with a tiny home bar.
  • Organized by spirit–vodka, gin, agave spirits, rum, brandy, and whiskey–each chapter offers fresh, eye-opening cocktails like the Garden Gnome (vodka, green tomato, basil, and lime), Night of the Hunter (gin, figs, thyme, and grapefruit soda), and the Bluest Chai (rye whiskey, chai tea, and balsamic vinegar).

    9. Handcrafted Bitters: Simple Recipes For Artisanal Bitters And The Cocktails That

    By :-

  • Seasonal bitters and cocktail recipes, professional tips and tricks, and plenty of cocktail lore and wisdom demystify the art of making bitters at home.
  • Recipes include: Orange-Fennel Bitters, Habanero Bitters, Lemongrass Bitters, Rhubarb Bitters, Chocolate Bitters, Grapefruit Bitters, and more!.
  • With more bitters recipes than any other book–and twice as many cocktail recipes to try them out–Handcrafted Bitters belongs on the shelf of every cocktail enthusiast, kitchen crafter, foodie, and happy drunk.

    An expert at simplifying professional techniques for the DIYer, Will Budiaman has created an easy-to-use and adventurous guide that provides all the tools needed to craft your own bitters and take your cocktails to the next level.

    Complete with a foreword by Doug Dalton, owner of Future Bars–including San Francisco’s Bourbon & Branch, Local Edition, and Swig–and expert advice from the founders of Scrappy’s Bitters and Hella Bitters, Handcrafted Bitters is your complete guide to making your own bitters.

    10. The Vodka 1000: The Ultimate Collection Of Vodka Cocktails, Recipes, Facts, And

    Used Book in Good Condition

    By :- Brand: Sourcebooks

  • From the #1 name in Never before has this much information on vodka been collected in one place.
  • From the #1 name in bartending, The Vodka 1000 is a must-have for bartenders, cooks, and vodka enthusiasts.
  • Ray Foley, publisher of Bartender magazine, presents 1,000 cocktails, food recipes, fascinating facts, and resources about the spirit that inspired such marvelous inventions as the Martini, the Cosmopolitan, and Vodka Lemon-Meringue Layer Cake.

    Discover: 50 fascinating facts about vodka750 unbeatable vodka cocktails50 delicious food recipesInformation on 50 producers of vodka100 vodka websites and resourcesNever before has this much information on vodka been collected in one place.

    11. Boozehound: On The Trail Of The Rare, The Obscure, And The Overrated In Spirits

    Ten Speed Press

    By :- Ten Speed Press

  • While some may wonder, “Does the world really need another flavored vodka?” no one answers this question quite so memorably as spirits writer and raconteur Jason Wilson does in Boozehound.
  • ) A unique blend of travelogue, spirits history, and recipe collection, Boozehound explores the origins of what we drink and the often surprising reasons behind our choices.
  • These recipes are presented alongside a host of opinionated essays that cherish the rare, uncover the obscure, dethrone the overrated, and unravel the mysteries of taste, trends, and terroir.
  •  In addition, Boozehound offers more than fifty drink recipes, from three riffs on the Manhattan to cocktail-geek favorites like the Aviation and the Last Word.
  • Through his far-flung, intrepid traveling and tasting, Wilson shows us that perhaps nothing else as entwined with the history of human culture is quite as much fun as booze.
  •  In lieu of odorless, colorless, tasteless spirits, Wilson champions Old World liquors with hard-to-define flavors—a bitter and complex Italian amari, or the ancient, aromatic herbs of Chartreuse, as well as distinctive New World offerings like lively Peruvian pisco.

    With an eye for adventure, Wilson seeks out visceral experiences at the source of production—visiting fields of spiky agave in Jalisco, entering the heavily and reverently-guarded Jägermeister herb room in Wolfenbüttel, and journeying to the French Alps to determine if mustachioed men in berets really handpick blossoms to make elderflower liqueur.

    12. Shaken Not Stirred (Mixology Book 1)

    By :-

  • *A New Adult Romance mixed with humor and garnished with a twist*Finding the perfect guy is like mixing the perfect drink.
  • Maddy’s gone off the deep end, at least that’s what her family thinks when she handles her med school rejections by moving to the Outer Banks.
  • It doesn’t help that she’s paying her bills by bartending and is sharing walls with two guys, even if one of them is her childhood best friend.
  • Maddy believes everyone has a perfect drink—and finding Lyle’s isn’t a challenge she’s willing to lose.
  • Her choice of men seems more balanced on the surface—Colin is driven, sexy, and gainfully employed, but she can’t help spending her Thursday nights searching for the perfect drink for Lyle, whose music captivates her with its haunting lyrics.

    13. Keaton (Mixology Book 2)

    By :-

  • Working at Mixology he gets more than his fair share of ‘surf bunnies’, but he dreams of being the No1 World Surfing Champion.
  • She too is a world-class surfing champion, who happens to not only be stunningly beautiful, she has a body that men lust over.
  • He loves the waves, the breeze, the feeling of floating in the air and he also loves the women that surfing attracts.
  • She’s also his arch nemesis and, she’s the only person standing in the way of his World Championship domination.
  • What happens when these two arch-rivals end up being washed ashore, lost and stranded on a desert island? Can they work together to save themselves or do they really hate each other enough to let the other one die?.

    14. Hunter (Mixology Book 1)

    By :-

  • Hunter James’ passions include cocktails, women, fucking, women, cocktails and family.
  • Until he sees her! Scarlett Parrish is sick of her controlling boyfriend.
  • Hunter James is the one man she shouldn’t want, but she does.
  • She didn’t count on Hunter James wanting the same thing!.
  • This week is singles week in Mixology and Hunter is determined to enjoy all the single women throwing him the eye across the bar.
  • He pushes her around too much and when a handsome man comes to her rescue one night, he is all she can think of.
  • He should be the one man she stays away from, but she can’t.
  • 15. The Merry Martini Mixology Book: 24 Holiday Martinis With Seasonal Spirit!

    Used Book in Good Condition

    By :- Brand: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

  • A Holiday Happy Hour of 24 Unique & Colorful CHRISTMAS MARTINI RECIPES with Merry Martini Making Tips & Tricks along with Christmas Trivia, Quotes & Fun.
  • Each facing page has a Merry Martini Making Tip as well as holiday trivia and interesting tidbits relating to each martini.
  • Full Color throughout and illustrated in joyful style by Pop Art Diva, every recipe page gives you the ingredients, tools and directions to a perfect Christmas cocktail.
  • THE MERRY MARTINI MIXOLOGY BOOK is: Twenty four merry drinks and jolly high jinks that brighten the way to a fun holiday! Packed with good taste and laughs, this book will add class and some sassy libations to all celebrations! Why serve up dull eggnog when you can wow them with fun grog? No need to grinch, you can give as a gift and share the fun for a holiday lift! Now, don’t wait or delay please buy it today and start doing cocktails The Martini Diva way!.

    16. The Complete Bartender (Updated): Everything You Need To Know For Mixing Perfect

    By :-

  • Features:Exciting New DrinksFrozen Blender DrinksBeer and WinePunchLow-Calorie DrinksAfter-Dinner DrinksNon-Alcoholic DrinksHot DrinksAperitifsHoliday and Seasonal DrinksPlus.
  • Stocking the BarSelecting BarwareA Guide to IngredientsMaking ToastsResponsible BartendingResponsible DrinkingParty PlanningCreating Theme Parties.
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