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1. The 5 Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts

The 5 Love Languages The Secret to Love That Lasts

By :- Moody Publishing

  • – Over 11 million copies sold- #1 New York Times Bestseller for 8 years running- Now celebrating its 25th anniversary Simple ideas, lasting loveFalling in love is easy.
  • Gary Chapman’s proven approach to showing and receiving love will help you experience deeper and richer levels of intimacy with your partner—starting today.
  • Updated to reflect the complexities of relationships today, this new edition reveals intrinsic truths and applies relevant, actionable wisdom in ways that work.
  • Whether your relationship is flourishing or failing, Dr.
  • The 5 Love Languages is as practical as it is insightful.
  • Includes the Couple’s Personal Profile assessment so you can discover your love language and that of your loved one.
  • How can you keep your relationship fresh and growing amid the demands, conflicts, and just plain boredom of everyday life?In the #1 New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages, you’ll discover the secret that has transformed millions of relationships worldwide.

    2. A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After

    By :-

  • What if falling in love meant almost losing everything?Where does a moderately popular internet star who never leaves her house look for potential suitors? Online.
  • ’” Let’s also say that they “feel the same way” about you.
  • ” Something was telling me to run—but for two years, the only running I did was straight into his arms.
  •  My thirty-one-year-old self clicked and swiped her little heart out, leading to more dates than I could count, and more disappointment than I was prepared for.
  • Maybe you know all too well the perils of modern dating.
  • You think to yourself, “Wow, they’re perfect! Take me off the market, put a ring on it, knock me up, the whole enchilada, because they are ‘the one.
  • Your life starts to make sense! All the pain, heartbreak, and frustration from past failed relationships was worth it.
  • For him it was “love at first sight,” but for me, it was “anxiety on every date.
  • 3. The Greatest Love Story Ever Told: An Oral History

    By :-

  • At the first rehearsal she surveyed her fellow cast members, determining if any of the men might qualify to provide her with a satisfying fling.
  • Megan loved books and art history; Nick loved hammers.
  • This is not only the intoxicating book that Mullally’s and Offerman’s fans have been waiting for, it might just hold the solution to the greatest threat facing our modern world: the single life.
  • A gorgeous virtuoso of an actress agreed to star in a random play, and a basement-dwelling scenic carpenter said he would assay a supporting role in the selfsame pageant.
  • Her gaze fell upon the carpenter, and like a bolt of lightning the thought struck her: no dice.
  • Yet, unbeknownst to our protagonists, Cupid had merely set down his bow and picked up a rocket launcher .
  • The players were Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, and the resulting romance, once ignited, was .
  • How did they do it? They came from completely different families, ignored a significant age difference, and were separated by the gulf of several social strata.
  • Presented as an oral history in a series of conversations between the couple, the book features anecdotes, hijinks, photos, and a veritable grab bag of tomfoolery.
  • *A New York Times Bestseller*Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman reveal the full story behind their epic romance–presented in a series of intimate conversations between the couple, including photos, anecdotes, and the occasional puzzle.

    It resulted in a coupling that has endured to this day; a sizzling, perpetual tryst that has captivated the world with its kindness, athleticism, astonishingly low-brow humor, and true (fire emoji) passion.

    But much more than these seemingly unsurpassable obstacles were the values they held in common: respect, decency, the ability to mention genitalia in almost any context, and an abiding obsession with the songs of Tom Waits.

    Eighteen years later, they’re still very much in love and have finally decided to reveal the philosophical mountains they have conquered, the lessons they’ve learned, and the myriad jigsaw puzzles they’ve completed.

    4. Love


  • “Love can be found in many areas of our life–in music, in nature, in the people around us.
  • A comforting and thoughtful book to keep on a child’s bookshelf for years to come.
  • “In the beginning there is light and two wide-eyed figures standing near the foot of your bed and the sound of their voices is love.
  • A cab driver plays love softly on his radiowhile you bounce in back with the bumps of the city and everything smells new, and it smells like life.
  • With a lyrical text that’s soothing and inspiring, this tender tale is a needed comfort and a new classic that will resonate with readers of every age.
  • This beautiful picture book, created by an award-winning author/illustrator duo, celebrates the many ways love buoys us throughout our lives.
  • ” – Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER”[A] poetic reckoning of the importance of love in a child’s life .
  • “—People “Everything that can be called love — from shared joy to comfort in the darkness — is gathered in the pages of this reassuring, refreshingly honest picture book.
  • “—The New York Times Book Review, Editors’ Choice / Staff Picks From the Book Review“Lyrical and sensitive, ‘Love’ is the sort of book likely to leave readers of all ages a little tremulous, and brimming with feeling.

    ”—The Wall Street JournalFrom Newbery Medal-winning author Matt de la Peña and bestselling illustrator Loren Long comes a story about the strongest bond there is and the diverse and powerful ways it connects us all.

    “In this heartfelt celebration of love, Newbery Medal-winning author Matt de la Peña and bestselling illustrator Loren Long depict the many ways we experience this universal bond, which carries us from the day we are born throughout the years of our childhood and beyond.

    5. Love Story: A Novel

    By :- Howard Books

  • Their whirlwind romance started when they were young college students and lasted nearly thirty years.
  • Back to the breathless first moments, but also to the secret heartbreak that brought John and Elizabeth together.
  • He is determined to move on when a chance sighting changes his plans—and heart.
  • It is a tale that touches the hearts of the entire family, and one that causes Cole to better understand his own beginning.
  • From the day they met, John and Elizabeth were destined to fall in love.
  • So when John Baxter is asked to relive his long-ago love story with Elizabeth for his grandson Cole’s heritage project, he’s not sure he can do it.
  • But he agrees and allows his heart and soul to go places they haven’t gone in decades.
  • At the same time, Baxter family friend Cody Coleman is working through the breakup of his complicated relationship with Andi Ellison.
  • From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes a new romantic story featuring everyone’s favorite family—the Baxters—which tells the story of how John and Elizabeth first fell in love.

    Can Cody convince Andi to give their love another try, or is it time for them to say goodbye for good? As school comes to an end, Cole presents his report on the love story between his grandparents John and Elizabeth Baxter.

    Whether you’re meeting the Baxter family for the first time or finding them all over again, Love Story will stir your heart and remind you of the generational impact of love and the eternal bond of family.

    6. For The Love: Fighting For Grace In A World Of Impossible Standards

    By :-

  • For the Love is now a New York Times bestseller! Don’t miss Jen’s latest title, also a New York Times bestseller, Of Mess & Moxie.
  •  She reveals with humor and style how Jesus’ embarrassing grace is the key to dealing with life’s biggest challenge: people.
  • Jen knows how the squeeze of this life can make us competitive and judgmental, how we can lose love for others and then for ourselves.
  • Learn to engage our culture’s controversial issues with a grace-first approach.
  •  Identify the tools you already have to develop real-life, all-in, know-my-junk-but-love-me-anyway friendships.
  • For the Love is also available in Spanish, Por el amor de .
  • Best-selling author Jen Hatmaker is convinced life can be lovely and fun and courageous and kind.
  • She reveals how to:Break free of guilt and shame by dismantling the unattainable Pinterest life.
  • Be liberated to love and release the burden of always being right.
  • Escape our impossible standards for parenting and marriage by accepting the standard of “mostly good.
  • The majority of our joys, struggles, thrills, and heartbreaks relate to people, beginning with ourselves and then the people we came from, married, birthed, live by, go to church with, don’t like, don’t understand, fear, compare ourselves to, and judge.

    In this raucous ride to freedom for modern women, Jen Hatmaker bares the refreshing wisdom, wry humor, no-nonsense faith, liberating insight, and fearless honesty that have made her beloved by women worldwide.

    7. Love Story (Love Story Series Book 1)

    By :-

  • Oliver Barrett IV, a wealthy jock from a stuffy WASP family on his way to a Harvard degree and a career in law .
  • Opposites in nearly every way, Oliver and Jenny are kindred spirits from vastly different worlds.
  • and explore the wonder of a love that must end too soon.
  • Jenny Cavilleri, a sharp-tongued, working-class beauty studying music at Radcliffe .
  • Falling deeply and powerfully, their attraction to one another defies everything they have ever believed—as they share a passion far greater than anything they dreamed possible .
  • One of the most adored novels of our time, this is the book that defined a generation—a story of uncompromising devotion, of life as it really is .
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