Top 10 Best lint remover 2018

So you have decided to Buy lint remover and you are looking for the lint remover to use?

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What if I tell you that choosing the perfect lint remover should not be so confusing?

Even though there are a lot of lint remover out there on the market?

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Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these lint remover!

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If you buy the one which we suggest, then you will surely be having the best lint remover!

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Best lint remover 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 lint remover

1. Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver And Lint Remover With 2-Speeds, Adjustable

Revive Your Garments – Easily remove fabric fluff, lint and bobbles from all types of garments and fabrics, including sweaters, jerseys, blankets, bed sheets, upholstery and much more.

By :- Beautural

  • Come join our family of brands with over 5 million satisfied customers and counting.
  • Ideal for safely shaving off lint and bobbles from a variety of fabrics.
  • Three adjustable shave heights and two speed options.
  • Extra large cutting head allows for quick and easy removal of fuzz.
  • Note: Please place a garment on a flat surface when using the fabric shaver and make sure the surface has no wrinkles as this may cause damage.
  • Beautural’s mission is to create home and beauty products that are both modern and high quality.
  • Includes wool products, linens, furniture, and all types of clothes.
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries so you can take it wherever you go.
  • A happy purchasing experience is our #1 priority and we will happily send you a replacement fabric shaver if any issues arise.
  • Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver: Hate when your favorite clothes or household furniture and linens look old and worn due to excessive lint and bobbles? Keep all your clothes and fabrics looking like new with Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver.

    Removable see-through lint collection container easy to empty Box Contains: 1 x Beautural Fabric Shaver 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Protective Cap 1 x User Manual Beautural Comprehensive Warranty: Here at Beautural, we stand by our products 100% with 30-day full refund and 12-month warranty.

    2. Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Combo Pack, 5-Rollers, 95-Sheets/Roller (475 Sheets

    Picks up lint, fur, fuzz, hair and debris for a crisp, clean look

    By :- Scotch-Brite

  • Look fabulous from day until night with the Scotch-Brite Lint Roller, your little secret weapon.
  • The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand and the roller makes quick touchups a snap.
  • Stash the Scotch-Brite Lint Roller in your home, car and office to look great wherever you go.
  • Swiftly move the roller over residual fur and lint.
  • Whether you have a furry friend at home, or you simply need to freshen up before a big meeting, this lint roller picks up fur, fluff and other stuff so you can put your best foot forward.
  • Plus, it’s equipped with Scotch Brand adhesive so you know you can rely on it to get the job done.
  • 3. Deflecto Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit, Lint Remover, Extends Up To 12 Feet, Synthetic

    Includes a high quality synthetic brush head and 6 durable rods that extend up to 12 feet

    By :- Deflecto

  • The kit includes a high quality synthetic brush head and 6 durable rods that extend up to 12 feet and can be used with or without a power drill.
  • By regularly removing lint buildup from your dryer duct you can reduce the risk of dryer fires and extend the life of your dryer.
  • Easy to use with simple instructions, this dryer vent cleaning kit delivers superior results and will help you prevent costly repairs.
  • Are you worried about dangerous lint buildup in your dryer vent? Does it seem that the dryer is taking longer to dry your clothes? Deflecto’s durable and effective Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit will help you reduce drying time and improve dryer performance.

    4. Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover Fabric Shaver & Lint Remover | Adjustable Clothes

    Quickly and gently remove fabric pills from clothing and upholstery with this 2-in-1 clothes shaver and lint brush. Use its 3 interchangeable edges to safely depill sweaters, coats, sofas, and fabrics of all types: cashmere, wool, cotton, fleece, acrylic, rayon, polyester and more.

    By :- Gleener

  • Restore your favourite clothing and home upholsteries with the Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover.
  • EDGE #1: Perfect for big & bulky pills like those found on heavy knit sweaters, comfy wool coats, as well as synthetics and blends.
  • EDGE #3: Revitalizes your summer t-shirts, silk blends and ultra delicates from fine and gitty pilling.
  • This fabric shaver is completely manual and always ready to use.
  • 3 FABRIC SAFE EDGES target different types of fuzz that develop on any type of fabric.
  • EDGE #2: Best for medium pilling like those found on cherished cashmere, merino and finer wools.
  • A BUILT-IN LINT BRUSH removes pet hair and dusts away lint and dandruff so you always looks your best.
  • BATTERY AND ELECTRICITY FREE – no need to purchase expensive and wasteful batteries.
  • A drawstring travel pouch keeps all accessories together and its completely compact size is great for travel.
  • The ERGONOMIC AND COMFORTABLE over-molded handle makes it easy to safely remove pills, fuzz balls, lint, and pet hair from virtually all natural and synthetic fabrics, keeping your home and wardrobe looking like new.

    5. Fannyc Lint Remover Clothes Fuzz Fabric Shaver Suit For US Standard Fabric

    Always keep elegant – restores your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look excellent for removing fuzz balls on clothes even on the sofa. Buy yourself some new clothes with the money saved by this fuzz buster and keep your moments simple

    By :- Fannyc

  • ❤Save Your Old Clothes!To give your old fabrics new life by giving them a quick shave without damaging the fabric, keeps them clean, soft and looking like new.
  • → Carefully slide downward the lint holder to release the lint, and please kindly know the lint holder is of large capacity and simplifies your life.
  • Remove pilling and lint from sweaters, curtains, carpet, upholstery and more.
  • ❤ Fannyc Electronic Lint Remover Clothes Fuzz Shaver restores your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look!✔Easily removes pet hair, crumbs, lint and more without leaving a sticky residue behind✔Great for cleaning your clothing, bedding, furniture and car upholstery ✔The adhesive surface is strong enough to pick up any mess ✔It even has little rubber fingers to reach deep into carpets to remove ground-in messes✔Stainless steel wire mesh, ensures a long service time ✔Removable type storage box, transparent window for timely clean✔ With charge indicator, more convenient to use ❤ USAGE STEPS AND LINT RELEASING→ Simply press the button which is on the grip handle to switch it on and gently run the shaving head on the clothes or fabrics.

    6. BoJia Lint Remover, Electric Clothes Sweater Fabric Shaver, Portable, Quickly

    【RENEW YOUR CLOTHING】It perfectly removes fabric fluff, fuzz, pill, bobble and lint from all types of clothes and fabric, including sweater, couch, blanket, curtain, socks, legging, wool, cashmere and so on.

    By :- BoJia

  • Maybe you’re very mad that your beautiful blanket is covered with lint balls after using for some time.
  • Maybe you just want a good and clean looking when you start a meeting.
  • Fit for multi materials: sweater, couch, Blanket, curtain, socks, Legging, wool, cashmere and so on.
  • Fast and efficient: stainless steel rotary blade with large Shaving head reduces the working time and makes Shaving faster & easier.
  • Dual protection: Unique design gives you safe experience while working.
  • Modern look & scientific design: Easy to hold by hand.
  • What you will receive: lint remover x 1 cleaning brush x 1 protective cap x 1 instruction manual x 1Note: Please kindly clean The fuzz container when it is 70% full.
  • Maybe now you feel quite sad and angry when you want to wear a lovely sweater or dress for an important dating, but you find it covered with fuzz.
  • Then I think it’s time to bring our product to your life.
  • Keep you working in good mood and give you best experience.
  • Do not forget to clean around the stainless steel blade.
  • 7. SUNHE 40 Pieces Lint Traps Washing Machine Lint Trap Snare Laundry Mesh Washer

    Washing machine lint trap size: Expand length of the lint trap is 29 cm and 5.5 cm in width, fits most washing machine discharge hoses. Cable tie: length is 19.7 cm, good help to securely fasten lint Trap to the drain pipe

    By :- SUNHE

  • SUNHE 40 Pieces Lint Traps Washing Machine Lint Trap Laundry Sink Drain Hose Screen Filter with 40 Pieces Cable Ties Features: 1.
  • Material: galvanized iron Easy to install: No tools needed for installation, traps can slips easily onto end of hose, and they are easy to remove.
  • Package includes: 40 x Lint traps 40 x Cable ties Warm Note: Not intended to be applied with stand pipe drains.
  • Application: When a washing machine drains into a laundry sink, these traps will greatly reduce the risk of drain clogging by catching lint, hair, pieces of tissue, etc.
  • 8. Clothes Dryer Lint Vent Trap Cleaner Kit Brush 2 Pack Gas Electric Long Flexible

    Quantity: 2 Pcs


  • The brush portion is 13-1/3 inches X 1-4/5inches, with 4-3/4 inches left over for the handle.
  • -This brush can fit into an opening as small as 1 inch in diameter.
  • -You can reach under heavy appliances to clean dust and dirt out.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE-If have any question about our brush or services, pls feel free contact us,we will answer within 24 hours and try our best to make you satisfied,thank you.
  • The handle is made by Wood, with a hole at the end for hanging , Easy storage , Weighs 2.
  • -Great For Cleaning You Dryer’s trapped Lint and the Coils Behind Your Refrigerator.
  • -Excellent for many tasks at home-great for clearing cobwebs.
  • -Ideal For washers, dryers, air vents Package includes: 2 x clothes dryer lint vent trap cleaner brush dryer lint brush.
  • -This extra long brush is specially designed for cleaning your dryer’s trapped lint, and also for cleaning the coils behind your refrigerator,accumulating dust and dirt anywhere , this brush can easily reach in and clean it.

    9. 12 Pack Of Washing Machine Lint Traps. Comes With 12 Ties. Attach To Your Washer

    12 TRAPS and 12 TIES: This pack contains 12 traps and 12 clamps / ties. Each trap works as a lint catcher / remover.

    By :- Big Kitchen Sink

  • 12 pack of washing machine lint traps – comes with 12 ties / clamps / cords these washing machine lint traps were created to keep lint, hair, and even “lost” tissues from clogging your laundry sink.
  • These traps will greatly reduce that risk by catching lint, pieces of tissue, etc.
  • How long a trap lasts will depend on how much laundry you do and the types of fabrics you are washing.
  • A grandma can even do it it is important that you do not use these traps on hoses that empty into a wall.
  • Big Kitchen Sink is a very small, family owned company.
  • Normally, when a washing machine drains into a laundry sink (also called a slop sink) you run the risk of clogging the drain.
  • One trap will last about one month for a family of 2.
  • Traps are easy to put on the discharge hose (the hose that drains into your sink) and they are easy to remove.
  • These traps are only made for washing machine hoses that empty into a basin, sink, bathtub, etc.
  • When you purchase our washing machine lint traps you are helping to support a small business.
  • 10. Lint Remover – 5ivepets Pet Hair Remover – 2-Sided Lint Brush With Self-Cleaning

    ▶EFFICIENT PET FUR & LINT REMOVER: You can remove dust, fuzz and pet fur from your clothing, furniture, couch, carpet, bedding, pants or even your car seat anytime and anywhere. Our pet hair remover provide you with great convenience, and your cleaning work will be simpler, easier and faster than ever before!

    By :- 5ivepets

  • Our pet hair remover also captures fur and lint in 2x the time of a single-sided lint brush.
  • Make it as a GREAT GIFT for any occasion!Perfect For:Upholstered FurnitureClothingCarpetsLinensBedsPillowsFabric car seatsAnd more!How to use the brush:1.
  • In order to achieve the best results, do not sweep the brush back and forth.
  • Once the brush is covered with mess, dip it into the self-cleaning base and pull it out to remove any buildup from the brush.
  • What You Get: ★1 x pet hair remover ★1 x Self-cleaning large base ★30 Day money-back guarantee for any reason ★100% Friendly and fast customer service ★100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Our 2-Sided Self-Cleaning lint brush tackles the most impossible tasks of removing unwanted pet fur, lint and hair from your clothes and fabric surfaces.
  • When you use it, you’ll never spend money on another refill again.
  • It saves your time and money! And its base is Bigger than any other brush, which can accommodate more dust.
  • Gently sweep your pet fur remover across the surfaces from which you want to remove pet fur, hair and lint.
  • Once the base is full, simply open the base and empty the contents into a trash can.
  • Are you bothered by your pet’s shedding?Is your couch/ carpet/ bed/ car seat coated with fur? Do you think it’s troublesome to remove the dust from your clothes?Have you ever thought that these bacteria from this furry environment may cause health concerns for you and your pets?Now our pet hair remover will help you solve the above problem.

    11. Zelta Double Sided Lint Remover Brush Velour Surface For Removing Lint Dust In


    By :- Zelta

  • Zelta Double Sided Lint Remover Brush Velour Surface for Removing Lint Dust in Clothes and Furniture (2 Pack) Specification: Material: Velour + Plastic Total size: 9.
  • 1″ Weight: 56g Color: White + Red Advantages: Textured velour surface quickly removes lint, hair and fluff from clothes and upholstery in an instant.
  • Remove the lint from your clothes by brush against with the fabric direction, while get rid of the lint from the brush by along the fabric direction.
  • Quickly and effectively removes lint, dust, dandruff and pet hair from clothing, bedding and upholstery.
  • Keep your clothing and upholstery looking their best with this handy brush.
  • Attention: There arrow tip on the handle to indicate the direction of the velour fabric.
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