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1. Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Tri-ply Hammered Stainless Steel Copper Oven Safe

Giada De Laurentiis Inspired Cookware

By :- Lagostina

  • This range presents offers tri-ply stainless steel construction with a thick radiating core and copper exterior to ensure fast and even heating throughout the whole pan.
  • Each of our Lagostina hammered copper products are carefully crafted to provide you with a durable, timeless Product.
  • This does not effect the performance of our products in any way, but we understand the importance of retaining the beauty of copper.
  • Next, using a small sponge or cloth, apply a copper cleaning solution to the Product.
  • If there are still areas that seem to be discolored, repeat the process until the original Color and shine are restored.
  • The set includes: 8″” skillet, 10″” skillet, 2Qt saucepan with lid, 3Qt saucepan with lid, 3Qt deep saute pan with lid, 6Qt stockpot with lid.
  • While copper is outstanding at conducting heat, the metal does become naturally discolored after normal use.
  • To do so, follow these three easy steps: to restore our copper cookware to its original glow, first, rinse the pot or pan thoroughly.
  • Once the copper cleaner has been fully administered to the pot or pan, rinse it and dry.
  • 2. Lagostina Q9409064 Giada Stainless Steel Broiler Safe Covered Dutch Oven With

    Giada De Laurentiis inspired cookware

    By :- Lagostina

  • The Lagostina Giada 4qt Dutch Oven cooks as beautifully as it presents on the table, featuring a premium polished stainless steel vessel and a hammered copper lid.
  • The premium stainless steel cooking surface maintains the purity of food’s flavor, so you can savor every bite.
  • The stay-cool riveted stainless steel handles are built for comfort and stability.
  • Designed with a thick, tri-ply copper base for superior heat conduction, it allows you to sauté, braise, slow cook, roast and more.
  • The hammered lid is bi-ply copper, providing a tight seal to retain moisture, heat and nutrients.
  • You’ll appreciate the flared edges when easily pouring gravy or sauces.
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 500°F, the Giada 4qt Dutch Oven can accommodate generous portions of risotto, soup, up to four chicken breasts and a 4 lb chuck roast, making it the perfect one-pot meal companion for families.

    3. Lagostina Stainless Steel Copper 8-Inch And 10-Inch Fry Pan Set Cookware,

    Hammered Copper Exterior looks beautiful and reacts quickly to changes in heat, making it a great choice for cooking delicate sauces or precise recipes

    By :- Lagostina

  • With a beautiful hammered copper exterior and a stainless steel interior, the fry pans look stunning in the kitchen and on the table.
  • Highest-grade 18/10 stainless cooking surface keeps flavors pure.
  • The pans are designed with a generous cooking surface and curved shape to make cooking eggs and other sautéed foods simple.
  • Skillet Set is inspired by generations of passionate Italian cooking.
  • The tri-ply stainless construction with copper reacts to heat quickly and provides even heat throughout the pans to give you great cooking performance.
  • Comfortable stay-cool handle is built for strength and stability over a lifetime of use.
  • 4. Lagostina Made In Italy Risotto Pan – 4 Qt.

    Hand crafted in Italy, the Heritage range is a collection of items dedicated to classic, universally renowned Italian dishes. Each piece is specially designed for a particular dish, an invitation to explore the many and varied flavors of the Italy’s culinary heritage.

    By :- Lagastino

  • Hand crafted in Italy, the Heritage range is a collection of items dedicated to classic, universally renowned Italian dishes.
  • Inspired by its namesake recipe, the risotto pan makes a creamy risotto and many more dishes.
  • The pan’s walls are three layers for even heating throughout.
  • The lid is designed to work as a trivet and moves perfectly from the stovetop to table.
  • The pan is hand crafted in the Lagostina factory in Omegna, Italy to a high quality standard designed to last a lifetime of memorable meals.
  • LagoFusion Five Layer Bonded Base is constructed of alternating layers of stainless steel and aluminum, providing even heat throughout the pan.
  • Each piece is specially designed for a particular dish, an invitation to explore the many and varied flavors of the Italy’s culinary heritage.
  • The pan’s shallow shape is designed to make stirring easier so your arms won’t get tired.
  • The beautiful lid is crafted from European cherry wood and is double wall insulated to keep food warm before serving.
  • Patented LagoFusion five layer base provides even heat distribution, making the risotto pot a versatile piece for braises and side dishes.
  • The cherry wood lid is double-walled insulated to keep food warm before it’s ready to be served The wooden lid becomes a trivet for flawless oven to table serving.
  • Stainless construction with elegant high polish surface exterior is durable to last a lifetime and looks stunning on your table.
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