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1. African Kaiser: General Paul Von Lettow-Vorbeck And The Great War In Africa,

New American Library

By :- New American Library

  • ” –Michael Dirda, The Washington PostThe incredible true account of World War I in Africa and General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, the last undefeated German commander.
  • And from this very different kind of war, there emerged a very different kind of military leader.
  •   At the beginning of the twentieth century, the continent of Africa was a hotbed of international trade, colonialism, and political gamesmanship.
  • And it was in that unforgiving land that General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck would make history.
  • And of the singular intercontinental voyage of Zeppelin L59, whose improbable four-thousand-mile journey to the equator and back made aviation history.
  • He sets his scenes carefully and describes naval and military action like a novelist.
  • As World War I ravaged the European continent, a completely different theater of war was being contested in Africa.
  • So when World War I broke out, the European powers were forced to contend with one another not just in the bloody trenches, but in the treacherous jungle.
  •   But mostly it is the story of von Lettow-Vorbeck—the only undefeated German commmander in the field during World War I and the last to surrender his arms.
  • “Let me say straight out that if all military histories were as thrilling and well written as Robert Gaudi’s African Kaiser, I might give up reading fiction and literary bio­graphy… Gaudi writes with the flair of a latter-day Macaulay.

      With the now-legendary Schutztruppe (Defensive Force), von Lettow-Vorbeck and a small cadre of hardened German officers fought alongside their fanatically devoted native African allies as equals, creating the first truly integrated army of the modern age.

      African Kaiser is the fascinating story of a forgotten guerrilla campaign in a remote corner of Equatorial Africa in World War I; of a small army of ultraloyal African troops led by a smaller cadre of rugged German officers—of white men and black who fought side by side.

      It is the story of epic marches through harsh, beautiful landscapes; of German officers riding bicycles to battle through the bush; of rhino charges and artillery duels with scavenged naval guns; of hunted German battleships hidden up unmapped river deltas teeming with crocodiles and snakes; of a desperate army in the wilderness cut off from the world, living off hippo lard and saw grass flowers—enduring starvation, malaria, and dysentery.

    2. Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never To Play Football

    By :-

  • In the 1980s and 1990s, Brazil were the most glamorous football team in the world.
  • But Brazil also had the greatest footballer never to have played the game.
  • He lacked the talent to do so by conventional means, so he constructed an elaborate alternate reality that enabled him to join some of the most iconic clubs in the world.
  • Kaiser was immune to embarrassment and afraid of nobody.
  • His scams and lies brought him so much notoriety that he was known as the King of Rio.
  • Players like Zico, Socrates, Romario and Ronaldo turned a team game into performance art.
  • Carlos Henrique Raposo, known to all as Kaiser, grew up in Rio de Janeiro with one dream: to escape poverty by becoming a professional footballer.
  • He duped superstar players, managers and even the most dangerous gangsters in Brazil to achieve his goal of being a footballer – and to enjoy all the trappings of high society that went with it.
  • It is only now, in this film, that the truth can begin to be told.
  • 3. The Popular Handbook Of Archaeology And The Bible: Discoveries That Confirm The

    By :-

  • From two leading Christian apologists, here is a fascinating survey of the most important Old and New Testament archaeological discoveries through the ages.
  • The evidence dug up with a spade can speak volumes—and serve as a powerful testimony of the reliability of Scripture.
  • In a user-friendly format written in popular style, they.
  • Biblical archaeology has always stirred excitement among believers and curiosity among unbelievers.
  • Norm Geisler and Joe Holden have put together an impressive array of finds that confirm the biblical peoples and events of ages past.
  • examine the latest finds and explain their significanceinclude dozens of photographsprovide an instructive chart of artifacts (along with fast facts)sample a variety of finds—papyri, inscriptions, scrolls, ossuaries, and moreIf readers are looking for just one book to cover this topic both concisely and comprehensively, this is it!.

    4. Rejuvenaging: The Art And Science Of Growing Older With Enthusiasm

    By :-

  • The aging process has historically been thought of as a time of slowing down, declining, and “running out the clock.
  • Kaiser emphasizes, growing older is not a spectator sport.
  • ”  By introducing the concept of REJUVENAGING, psychologist Ron Kaiser provides a blueprint for making the aging process an active and exciting one.
  • If you are in the second half century of life, this book will make your children jealous because they’re not old enough toRejuvenage.
  •  With seven keys and countless practical strategies, the book draws upon the exciting fields of Positive Psychology and Neuroplasticity to provide guidance for maximizing physical and emotional health, social involvements, and improved intellectual functioning during the senior years.

    Kaiser’s formula for growing older in an active, accomplishing, healthy, and enthusiastic manner by maintaining a healthy mindset and lifestyle and by:• Owning the aging process• Mastering the 7 keys to Rejuvenaging• Maintaining mind and body productivity throughout your life• Building strengths to overcome adversities• Experiencing the joy of “feeling your age.

    5. The First Plan To End War: To Plan A Peaceful World Civilization

    By :-

  • The reader will encounter a unique method of planning for the future, a vision of the best of democracy and Islamic thought.
  • A book that serious students of world order and international politics are sure to enjoy.
  • Fiction, or possibility? An entirely original and thought provoking analysis of prospects and options.
  • Is the Political Islamic State the Future? Will it Take War to Achieve a New World Order and Lay the Groundwork for a New Utopian Society?The First Plan to End War presents a plan to both defeat political Islam and insure its conquest of the world.

      Beginning with a critique of current world political systems and a history of civilization, Professor Kaiser presents an entirely new type of democracy that is radical, simplistic, and yet realistic.

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