Top 10 Best iphone batteries 2018

So you have decided to Buy iphone batteries and you are looking for the iphone batteries to use?
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What if I tell you that choosing the perfect iphone batteries should not be so confusing?
Even though there are a lot of iphone batteries out there on the market?
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Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these iphone batteries!
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If you buy the one which we suggest, then you will surely be having the best iphone batteries!
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Best 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 iphone batteries

1. Portable Charger Jackery Bolt 6000 MAh – Power Bank With Built In Lightning

Jackery Portable Power Station, Power Outdoors.

By :- Jackery

  • Jackery – the premium charging band on amazon What is BOLT? Not all external battery chargers are created equal.
  • And one battery pack with built-in lightning and micro cables is just the best, bar none.
  • Now you can charge your iPhone & mobile devices without having to bring extra charging cables.
  • 4A Jackery Bolt allows you quickly charge your mobile devices anywhere anytime.
  • Seamlessly pack the 6000 mAh of power into your mobile life, without getting tangled by all the extra cables or heavy weights in your pocket.
  • Extended Warranty At Jackery, we provide an 24-months warranty and customer-friendly support.
  • Freedom, convenience, and extra pocket space, yay! Fast Charging, Time-Saving At up to maximum output of 2.
  • Elegant Design Following the footsteps of its popular brother Jackery Bar, the Jackery Bolt has the Jackery signature aluminum surface, is stylish and elegantly designed to fit in your pocket.
  • 4A max Suggestions and Tips In order to avoid the unfitness with your particular case, it is better to take off the case of a thick cover before inserting the cable to the port.
  • Package Contents Jackery Bolt Battery Pack Micro USB charging Cable User Guide & Warranty Thank You Card.
  • That is Jackery Bolt! Say Goodbye to Cable Mess Your iPhone and other mobile devices will love you because of your Bolt! Built-in Apple Lightning Cable & Micro-USB Cable Say goodbye to cable mess with a built-in Apple Lighting cable for iPhones, a built-in micro-USB cable for other mobile devices.

    2. Battery Case For IPhone 7/8, 4000mAh Portable Protective Charging Case

    【For iPhone 7/8 ONLY】: Only compatible with iPhone 7/8. Please NOTE iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus is NOT compatible,Carplay and CarCharger are not supported.Press the back power button for 3 seconds to start charging ,LED indicator will show how much juice is left.

    By :- Lonlif

  • Lonlif Ultra Slim External Protective Portable Charger Battery Case is designed to improve the performance and battery life for your iPhone 7/8 (4.
  • Charge replacement technology, add more than 120% battery life.
  • Just press the button for one second,then the LED indicator will show how much juice is left,one LED light means 25% power.
  • When you want to charge your phone through the battery case,please be sure the phone tightly close the bottom of the case, and then press the power button about 3 seconds to start charging.
  • Press the back button for 3 seconds to start or stop charging.
  • Please use Lonlif iPhone 7&8 battery case in proper temperature range (under 40℃) and do not put it under heat, source or into any liquid.
  • Lonlif iPhone 7&8 battery case Does Not Support Car Charger, High Voltage or Quick Charge deployed adapters.
  • Pros: No excessive bulk perfectly fits all type headphones.
  • 100% compatible with all iOS versions, and future iOS software updates.
  • Use original charging cable to charge your iPhone 7/8 and battery case at the same time, as well as sync your iPhone to iTunes without removing the battery case.
  • Do not carry or use the product when you are participating an activity in extreme environment, like snowboarding, ski, swimming, diving.
  • We recommend that you can use original charger cable and wall adapter (5V/1A ONLY) to charge Lonlif iPhone 7&8 battery case.
  • 3. IPhone 6S 6 Battery Case 6000mAh,Rechargeable Charging Case For IPhone 6

    【IPHONE 6S /6 ONLY】iPhone 6s / 6 battery case 6000mah provides extra 17 hours talktime, 60 hours music time and 13 hours video time, only fits well for iPhone 6s/6(★NOT works on iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6S-Plus★).

    By :- Pxwaxpy

  • 6000mAh iPhone 6s / 6 Battery Case, Rechargeable Charging Case for Apple iPhone 6s / 6 [4.
  •  Compatible with iPhone 6s / 6 (Not works on iPhone 6s plus/iPhone 6 plus phone.
  •  4 LED power indicators shows power status of external battery case(25%–50%–75%–100%).
  •  ON/OFF Button for Optional Power Output Control,iPhone 6s / 6 battery use Grade A+ batteries with CE and RoHS certification.
  •  Full protection to corners and sides, protecting your iPhone from drops and impacts.
  •  Smart Battery Case,the battery case intelligently stopping charging when your iPhone is 100%.
  •  Sleek, Low-Profile design; Rechargeable up to 500 times.
  •  This battery case is just fit for iPhone 6s / 6 [4.
  • 5mm lighting headphones or wireless Bluetooth headphones to listen to music.
  • 7inch] (★NOT works on iPhone 6 plus/ iPhone 6s plus ★)- Black ★★★Features: 1.
  • Please fully charge the battery case before using the product.
  • Please charge the battery case with the apple cable.
  • Pressing the power button on the bottom of the iPhone 6 / 6s battery case for 3 seconds, the case will start charge your iPhone.
  • Pressing the power button of the iPhone 6 / 6s battery case in 3 seconds again, the case will stop charging.
  • ★★★Package Included:  1 x 6000mAh iPhone 6s / 6 Battery Case Black 1 x User Manual.
  • 4. 2200mAh High Capacity Battery For IPhone 6S With Complete Replacement Tool Kit,

    COMPATIBILITY – this High Capacity battery is compatible with iPhone 6S, models A1633, A1688 and A1700. It is not meant for use with a standard iPhone 6. If unsure, please identify your phone model by carrying out an internet search

    By :- Loctus

  • Replacement 6S battery Loctus batteries are reliable replacements when your current battery is failing.
  • There’s no reason why you should have to pay expensive phone store prices for a replacement iPhone battery, nor should you have to pay for a new phone entirely.
  • If your phone loses it’s power quickly, if the final 10% battery just disappears and if you find yourself charging frequently throughout the day then the time has come to get a new battery.
  • 9 mm BUY NOW and change your failing iPhone 6S battery for a reliable replacement .
  • Forget about charging your phone constantly throughout the day and instead change your old battery easily for a new, powerful option, all from the comfort of your own home.
  • You can purchase our Loctus 6S battery which comes complete with a tool kit, instructions and adhesive tape so you can save money and keep your current phone.
  • Toolkit Our handy toolkit makes replacing your battery a breeze.
  • The toolkit consists of: 1 Li-ion Battery – 24 moths warranty 1 Step-by-step instruction 2 Sets of adhesive tapes 4 Screwdrivers with different heads 1 Spudger 1 Metal tweezer 1 Opening tool 1 Suction cup 1 Sim eject tool 2 Screws for LCD Digitizer 2 Screws 2.

    5. Battery Case For IPhone X/Xs/10 6500mAh, IPosible Portable Charging Case

    ➤【6500mAh High Capacity Last Longer】:This iPhone X/Xs charging case is 6500mAh high powerful capacity.More than doubles your iPhone’s battery life.And never worried about your iPhone ran out of battery in daily life.It’s Portable charging anytime and anywhere.

    By :- iPosible

  • This battery charging case is just fit for iPhone X/Xs(5.
  • Features:●Upgraded 6500mAh High-capacity,More than double your iPhone battery life.
  • Is your Best Power Companion On-The-Go!●4 LED indicator(25%-50%-75%-100%),you can know exactly the power condition of the battery case.
  • ●ON/OFF switch power button for optional power output control.
  • full charge the case at first several times,its normal if the battery drops fast after first several charge.
  • 8 inch Battery Charging Case 1*User Manual(Cable NOT included) Pls Note:24 month warranty.
  • NOT compatible with iphone lightning headphone or traditional 3.
  • ONLY works with Apple Airpods or other wireless Bluetooth headphone.
  • Do not carry or use the product when you are participating an activity in extreme environment, like snowboarding, ski, swimming, diving.
  • Long time standby,keep you going throughout the day, essential for traveling, camping, road trips or business trips.
  • Package Include: 1*iPhone X/Xs 6500mAh Rechargeable 5.
  • iPhone X/Xs Portable charging case 6500mAh Rechargeable Extended Battery Pack Backup charger Case How to take off:Open to a seam of the elastic frame edge of the battery case,at the same time put your index finger behind the hole of the camera,use your index finger to push your iphone will be ok.

    ●360°Full Protection and Sleek design:The iPhone X/Xs charging case offer edge-to-edge protection(except the screen),fitting securely and comfortably in your hand,protect the iphone from drops and bumps.

    Specifications: Capacity: 6500mAhOutput Voltage/Current:5V/1A Input Voltage/Current:5V/1A Connector: LightSync (compatible Apple’s lightning cable) About charging:Use up all the power of battery for the first times of charging.

    6. Rongmao Battery Replacement Kit For IPhone 5S – With Complete Repair Tools Kits

    Rongmao battery for iphone 5s (Not 5 or 5c)

    By :- Rongmao

  • Rongmao Brand Battery Parts – High Quality and For your healthWe are a professional company for Battery products Manufacture and selling.
  • Due to limitations on space, the instruction only provides some key steps,it is unable to describe vividly how to replace the battery.
  • Especially pay attention to the details of removing adhesive strip.
  • We have a complete engineering facility for product testingNOTE:1.
  • In order to replace the battery more easily, we strongly recommend you to watch more relevant video about replacing the battery on YouTube before you replaced.
  • A charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire and/or explode if accidentally punctured.
  • If you are unable to turn your phone on after installed, please try to reconnect the battery connector and charge the phone.
  • At the first beginning, the battery will drain quickly, this issue is caused due to the li-ion of a new battery is unstable, it will become normal after long-term use.
  • To use the battery longer, please use up all the energy of battery until your phone shuts down automatically, then charge it for up to 10 hours, repeat this 3-5 times, thus the battery can be reached the optimum effect of using.

    If there is any help you need, please click on “Rongmao US” next to “Sold by”, then click on “Ask a question”, we will answer your inquiry by sending you a message to your Amazon message center within 24-hour.

     What You Get-1 Battery-1 Set of Adhesive-1 Spudger-1 Pentalobe Screwdriver-1 Philips Size Screwdriver-1 Opening Tool-1 Suction Cup-1 Sim Eject ToolRongmao Customer Service Guarantee-24-Hour Reply-30-Day Money Back-2-Year Warranty.

    7. Carvesky High Capacity 2200 MAh Li-ion Battery For Ip 6s Replacement With

    COMPATIBLE MODEL: This battery is compatible with all models of the iphone 6s.Download the app “Battery care” to check the real capacity or use the computer software.Some app cannot read our high capacity.

    By :- Carvesky

  • Say to our customer As time goes on, the battery of the cellphone become abnormal.
  • At this moment, Carvesky was thinking to make a good quality replaced battery to help a lot of customers to solve this battery problem.
  • After hard work , the high quality and prefect for ip 6S battery appear.
  • We promise every battery is 0 cycle with good quality!  SpecificationsModel No.
  • Suddenly power off , cannot support you the whole day job.
  • It built-in the top level chip to control the PCB, use the best battery cell to give the power as surance.
  • 82V/ 2200mAhImplementation of standards: GB/T18287-2013Suit for : Ip 6S Pack list- 1 Battery- 1 User Manual- 1 Customer Service Card- 1 Spudger- 1 Suction Cup- 2 Blue Opening Tool- 1 Triangle Opening Gasket- 1 Metal Tweezer- 1 Set of Adhesive- 1 Pentalobe Screwdriver- 1 Size Screwdriver- 8 Pcs screws( 6* Bottom screws 2* Batteryconnecter screws)- 1 Steel film Screen protector WARNINGAuthorized Service Provider Only Potential forfire or burning.

    8. Apple Smart Battery Case (for IPhone 7) – (Product) RED

    The Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 gives you extra battery life with the look and protection of an Apple-designed case.

    By :- Apple

  • The Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 gives you extra battery life with the look and protection of an Apple-designed case.
  • You can even connect it to any Lightning accessory, such as the Lightning Dock.
  • Combined with the Smart Battery Case, iPhone 7 provides up to 22 hours of battery life for browsing the web, up to 24 hours of watching HD video, and 26 hours of talk time.
  • The soft elastomer hinge and one-piece design make it easy to put the case on and take it off.
  • And iOS 10 or later allows you to see the battery status of your iPhone 7, your Smart Battery Case, and even your Apple Watch, all in one place.
  • The Smart Battery Case also works intelligently with your iPhone to charge simultaneously when you’re plugged in, so both case and iPhone will have more than enough battery life to get you through the day, and then some.

    9. 3400mAh High Capacity Replacement Battery Compatible With IPhone 7 Plus, LeeVee

    ✅COMPATIBILITY – Replacement Battery for iPhone 7 PLUS only (A1661, A1784, A1785). Not 7.

    By :- LeeVee

  • 2,Question: Before replacing the iPhone battery,What should I pay attention to? Answer: Before you begin, discharge your iPhone battery below 20%.
  • Especially pay attention to the details of removing adhesive strips.
  • A charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire or explode if accidentally punctured.
  • 4,Question: Why my iPhone heat up and some blue spot on the screen ? Answer: Battery connector connect with iPhone motherboard too tight or too loose properly.
  • Common Questions & Answers 1,Question: How can it be easier to replace the iPhone battery? Answer: There is a whole set of iPhone battery replacement kits and instruction in our package,In order to replace the iPhone battery more easily, we recommend you to watch more relevant video about replacing the iPhone battery on YouTube before you replaced.

    3,Question: Why my iPhone can not turn on after Installed? Answer: When replacing the iPhone battery,if you are unable to turn your iPhone on after installed,please try to reconnect the iPhone battery connector or LCD flex cable again.

    5,Question: How can I extend iPhone battery life? Answer: To use the battery longer, please use up all the energy of battery until your phone shuts down automatically, then charge it for up to 10 hours, repeat this 3-5 times, thus the battery can be reached the optimum effect of using.

    The kit includes: 1 x Step by Step Instructions 1 x Battery 1 x Pentacle Screwdriver 1 x Phillips Screwdriver1 x Y-Shaped Screwdrive 1 x Suction Cup 1 x SIM Card Tray Opener 1 x Tweezers 1 x Wedge 1 x Adhesive Strips 1 x Spudgers 2 x Finger Cots.

    10. IPhone 7 Battery Replacement 2050mAh With Complete Repair Tools Kit, Adhesive,

    Compatible model: iPhone 7 models A1660, A1778, A1779. Not for 7s or other iPhone model. (Please check carefully model number on the back cover of your iPhone. If unsure, please identify your iPhone model by carrying out an internet search.)

    By :- AY

  • Please note that this battery is compatible ONLY with the iPhone 7 (Not 7S, 7 Plus, or 7S Plus).
  • Product description Model: iPhone 7 Battery Battery type: Li-ion Capacity: 7.
  • 79Wh / 2050mAh Compatible Part Numbers A1660 / A1778 / A1779 Package Contents 1 x Battery for Apple iPhone 7 (Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint) 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Set of Adhesive 1 x Spudger 1 x Metal Tweezer 1 x Pentalobe + Philips Screwdriver 1 x Y Screwdriver 4 x Screws 1 x Opening Tool 1 x Suction Cup Warranty 1-Year Worry-Free Warranty  30-Days Refund or Replacement 24 x 7 Email Support.

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