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1. Dennis Hopper: Drugstore Camera

Dennis Hopper Drugstore Camera

By :- Martin Hopper

  • Drugstore Camera feels like a stumbled-upon treasure, a disposable camera you forgot about and only just remembered to develop.
  • Shot in Taos, New Mexico, where Hopper was based following the production of Easy Rider in the late 60s, the series was taken with disposable cameras and developed in drugstore photo labs.
  • These images, capturing iconic individuals and wide-open Western terrain, create a captivating view of the 60s and 70s that combines political idealism and optimism with California cool.
  • Hopper was also a prolific photographer and published now-classic portraits of celebrities such as Andy Warhol and Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Yet in this case the photographer is Dennis Hopper and the photographs, remarkably, are never before published.
  • Dennis Hopper (1936–2010) was born in Dodge City, Kansas.
  • In 1988 he directed the critically acclaimed Colors.
  • His works are housed in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The Museum of Modern Art, New York and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among others.
  • This clothbound collection documents Hopper’s friends and family among the ruins and open vistas of the desert landscape, female nudes in shadowy interiors, road trips to and from his home state of Kansas and impromptu still lifes of discarded objects.

    He first appeared on television in 1954 and quickly became a cult actor, known for films such as Rebel Without a Cause (1955), Easy Rider (1969), The American Friend (1977), Apocalypse Now (1979), Blue Velvet (1986) and Hoosiers (1986).

    2. The Drugstore

    By :-

  • In this coming-of-age story, fifteen-year-old Olivia Stephens works behind the soda fountain of a small-town drugstore in rural Oklahoma.
  • Obsessed with boys and a master of self-inflicted drama, she manages to get herself and her grandmother right in the middle of the town’s most notable mystery.
  • The Drugstore is Book One in a series of pilgrimages through the inside workings of small-town life and the Southern, idiosyncratic and lovable people that make it what it is.
  • Livy is surrounded by fascinating, quirky characters who frequent the town’s social hub.
  • Dreaming of the day she can leave her “podunk” town, she is oblivious to the impact the place will have on her life.
  • 3. The Life Of Old Pete: Book Two Of The Drugstore Series

    By :-

  • Old Pete, a full-blood Cherokee Indian is over one hundred years old.
  • Book Two, “The Life of Old Pete,” reveals that this ancient man is not at all what he seems.
  • It will leave you asking yourself if things unrevealed, are more real than those that can be seen.
  • In Book One of “The Drugstore” Series, he is introduced as a shop-lifting ne’er-do-well who resides in small-town Oklahoma.
  • Born to parents who walked the Trail of Tears, and raised by medicine men uncles, Pete has layers deeper than the span of time.
  • “The Life of Old Pete” is a mystical, spiritual journey through one hundred years of richly woven history.
  • Able to commune with things unknown, and more comfortable with the “in-between” than the material world, this highly advanced soul plays an intricate part in helping the town’s inhabitants evolve.

    4. Drugstore Cowboy: A Novel

    ISBN13: 9780385302241

    By :-

  •   It’s an all-too-real examination of the addict’s domain: the euphoria, the paranoia, the busts, the overdoses, the haunting reality of trying to survive your own world.
  • ” Bob, his wife, Diane, Rick, and Nadine have a penchant for robbing drugstores and grabbing pills and capsules to support their habit and relieve their boredom.
  • But James Fogle—who based this extraordinary novel on his own experiences, and who spent thirty-five years of his life in prison—has turned their lives into something darkly comic.
  • His debut novel is a singular work of contemporary fiction.
  • The novel that inspired the major motion picture directed by Gus Van SantBob Hughes, the offbeat, edgy, and slightly skewed leader of a crew of traveling junkies, describes himself as “one of the cleverest and ringiest and most notorious dope fiend drugstore cowboys on the entire West Coast, including Alaska.

      Set in Portland, Oregon, in the early 1970s, Drugstore Cowboy is a resonating evocation of life at the bottom, and yet, by portraying his characters without judgment or glamor, Fogle has illuminated them.

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