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1. Josh And Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating

By :-

  • If her army of pets and thrill for the absurd don’t send them running, her lack of filter means she’ll say exactly the wrong thing in a delicate moment.
  • Because setting each other up on progressively terrible double blind dates means there’s nothing between them.
  • With the energy of a toddler and the mouth of a sailor, they’re often too timid to recognize her heart of gold.
  • Hazel Camille Bradford knows she’s a lot to take—and frankly, most men aren’t up to the challenge.
  • Josh Im has known Hazel since college, where her zany playfulness proved completely incompatible with his mellow restraint.
  • But now, ten years later, after a cheating girlfriend has turned his life upside down, going out with Hazel is a breath of fresh air.
  • New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Christina Lauren (Roomies, Beautiful Bastard) tells the story of two people who are definitely not dating, no matter how often they end up in bed together.

    From the first night they met—when she gracelessly threw up on his shoes—to when she sent him an unintelligible email while in a post-surgical haze, Josh has always thought of Hazel more as a spectacle than a peer.

    2. Paranormal Dating Agency Volume 1 (BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance)

    By :-

  • She uses the services of the Paranormal Dating Agency hoping for a decent guy to take to a family wedding.
  • Connor and Theron want Tally to complete their Alpha triad.
  • She uses the Paranormal Dating Agency and hopes they can help her where all others have failed.
  • Alyssa Moran is tired of being the old cat lady with no man.
  • Who is he to argue when someone as delectable as Alyssa decides she wants to give herself to him? Daniella Flores is looking for a good man.
  • So far she’s had no luck in the romance department and is worried she might never find the right one.
  • Wilder of the PDA offers to help, Dani is all for trying anything.
  • Wilder promises to find her love, romance and hot sex.
  • If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, don’t get this.
  • A wedding her ex-husband has wormed his way into as a guest.
  • And they’re not sure she’ll go for a relationship with two men at the same time.
  • She’s tired of the superficial relationships and is ready to give true romance a try.
  • What she didn’t expect was to find her date flat on his back in nothing more than a towel.
  • Shockingly enough, she is promised a man who likes cats, wants kids, likes curves and will be wild in bed.
  • That is, until a curvy funny woman shows up in his territory saying she’s there for him.
  • A man who will accept her as she is and go crazy for her curves.
  • What woman in her right mind would say no to that?Reader Note: These books contains wild and growly sex (the hot and sweaty kind), adult language (dirty talk is our middle name), and violence.
  • However, if you like domineering Alpha males on mouthy curvy girls, then this is right up your alley.
  • 3. The Dating Playbook For Men: A Proven 7 Step System To Go From Single To The

    By :- Unknown

  • Unlike the other “dating advice” books on the market, the Dating Playbook For Men isn’t packed with fluff and filler content that leaves you even more confused before you picked up the book.
  • It’s just raw, actionable content designed to turn you into the strongest version of yourself capable of dating the women you truly desire.
●  How to understand what women really want and desire at their core from men.
●  How to go out, meet women and get them to chase you without being needy.
●  How to have a perfect first, second and third date – and beyond.
●  How to have a happy and loving relationship and be the Grounded Man that she’ll 
never want to cheat on.
  • Where will you be in 30 days? 
Will you be in the same old situation, scared of talking to women, desiring the girl you saw at the coffee shop or gym, but being crippled by your approach anxiety.
  • A man who doesn’t hesitate when he sees a woman he desires, and has a calendar filled with exciting dates with beautiful women who are fighting for your attention? It’s up to you.
  • ●  Make you a confident grounded man who goes after what he wants in life.
  • Would it be worth it? 
●  Help you overcome your fear of approaching women.
Get ready for the time of your life and join Andrew Ferebee now on the greatest adventure you’ll ever have and one that every man must 
fully commit to at least once in their lives.
  • One word of warning: If you expect a magic “push of a button” formula that will require no effort on your part then you are completely mistaken and you may want to exit this page.
  • Inside this action packed book you’re about to learn: ●  How to deepen your masculine polarity to become a stronger Grounded Man.
●  How to build an adventurous social life that women can’t get enough of.
●  How to go from getting her phone number to the setting up the first date.
●  How to naturally transition from dating and into a relationship.
  • Would it be worth it? 
●  Have weekends packed with adventurous social activities with fun and beautiful women.
Would it be worth it? 
●  Stop you from experiencing a heart wrenching breakup that steals years away from your 
  • Would it be worth it?Enough is enough, it’s time to create the dating life and ultimately have the relationship you’ve 
always wanted.
  • You’re going to like the man you become after reading this book.
  • Is It Worth $15 To Learn How To Meet, Attract and Keep the Women You Most Desire?
Is it worth $15 to have access to a proven strategy that can help turn even the shyest man into an attractive social man capable of dating the women he really wants.

Is it worth $15 to learn how to turn your biggest obstacle (fear of rejection and not being enough) into your #1 asset?
To eliminate your approach anxiety, increase your social confidence, and to develop the single most important trait (no it’s not what you think) required to improve your dating life and relationships.

    What you will receive is a mindset shift and a Proven 7 Step Strategy that will give you the courage to take action and change not only your dating life – but who you are as a man, which will positively affect every other aspect of your life as a bonus.

    4. Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Navigating Life And Love In The Modern Age

    Single Dating Engaged Married Navigating Life and Love in the Modern Age

    By :- HarperCollins Christian Pub.

  • Why? For the first time in history, the average age for an American woman having her first child, 26, is younger than the average age of her first marriage, 27.
  • The Center for Disease Control also recently reported a dramatic rise in sexually transmitted disease nationwide.
  • Though many young people can avoid early pregnancy and STDs, most cannot dodge the depression and feelings of isolation that characterize this modern generation.
  • All of our technological connectivity has not made us feel more connected.
  • Many have discovered that where there is a lack of intimacy,addiction often rises to take its place.
  • We need the skill-set to know how to journey through life and how to select the right people to journey alongside.
  • In each of these phases, we will look at what eternal purposes should be pursued in each stage, and how to pursue them.
  • Yet they are delaying marriage longer than any generation in human history.
  • More children than ever are growing up in fatherless homes, despite the overwhelming evidence that in every measurable way this is bad for the child.
  • In Rhode Island alone, since the onset of online dating, reported cases of Syphilis has risen 79%, and HIV has increased by 33%.
  • Studies show a dramatic rise in self-reported loneliness among the young.
  • In many ways, the very screens that are meant to link us to others have become shields blocking us from the deep intimacy we crave.
  • Our satisfaction and our safety will be ensured if we can aim these powerful desires toward divine purposes.
  • ECPA Bestseller Navigating the Four Critical Seasons of RelationshipThe vast majority of young people will still pass through the key phases of singleness, dating, engagement and marriage in their twenties.

    How can a young person navigate such troubled waters? Is there hope out there?Like a sailor on turbulent seas, we need to look up and see the North Star: the fixed points in the sky whereby we might navigate the objective realities in life.

    In this book we will chart a course through the four relational phases that the vast majority of human beings on the planet will pass through in their twenties: singleness, dating, engaged and married.

    5. The Secret To Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister

    By :-

  • From USA Today bestselling author Meghan Quinn comes a deliciously delightful romantic comedy centered in New York City about falling in love with your best friend’s sister.
  • Step one: Pretend you want her to set you up with someone else.
  • Step two: Go on date with lots of random women, proceed to get stupid drunk and talk about your best friend’s sister, thus gaining the courage to finally make a move.
  • At least–that’s what I thought was going to happen.
  • The thing about Julia? She’s smart–really smart–and her wicked gaze cuts through all the charm I’ve tried slinging her way.
  • She might want me too; but she’s not giving in that easy.
  • Step three: Randomly show up at her apartment and confess your love.
  • A fool-proof three step process that will guarantee the love of you life to fall madly in love with you.
  • But my attempts to win over Julia Westin backfired in more ways than I can count.
  • She’s not interested in games, my gifts, or my stories.
  • 6. Boundaries In Dating: How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Relationships

    ISBN13: 9780310200345

    By :- HarperCollins Christian Pub.

  • Rules for Romance That Can Help You Find the Love of Your LifeBetween singleness and marriage lies the journey of dating.
  • If many of your dating experiences have been difficult, Boundaries in Dating could revolutionize the way you handle relationships.
  • Want to make your road as smooth as possible? Set and maintain healthy boundaries–boundaries that will help you grow in freedom, honesty, and self-control.
  • Even if you’re doing well, the insights you’ll gain from this much-needed book can help you fine-tune or even completely readjust important areas of your dating life.
  • Written by the authors of the bestselling book Boundaries, Boundaries in Dating is your road map to the kind of enjoyable, rewarding dating that can take you from weekends alone to a lifetime with the soul mate you’ve longed for.

    7. Speed Dating The Boss (Cowboys And Angels Book 1)

    By :-

  • Cowboys and Angels: Book OneWill a mix of privilege and blue collar be a recipe for love… or disaster?Dan’s pretty satisfied with his job at the working-class bar Cowboys and Angels.
  • When Dan’s friend prepares to tie the knot, everyone insists that Dan needs a date for the wedding.
  • The unforeseen revelation that Gideon is bisexual raises Dan’s hopes, especially when Gideon announces that he wants to accompany Dan to the wedding.
  • Teaming up to save the wedding from a hungover groom and intolerant parents, can Gideon convince Dan they’re the best match since beer and pizza?.
  • Before he can protest, Ariel arranges a gay speed-dating event at the bar with Gideon as a participant.
  • Could Gideon really be interested in Dan? When Dan needs someone most, Gideon offers his unconditional support, and with genuine commitment, he shows Dan the kind of man he really is.
  • He enjoys his simple life, his apartment, and his cat, but he could do without the fights that break out in the bar, his boss’s meddling daughter, Ariel… oh, and a brutal, unrequited crush on his straight alpha boss, Gideon.

    8. The New Rules For Love, Sex, And Dating


    By :- HarperCollins Christian Pub.

  • Best of all, he offers the most practical and uncensored advice you will ever hear on this topic.
  •  In The New Rules For Love, Sex & Dating, Andy Stanley explores the challenges, assumptions, and land mines associated with dating in the twenty-first century.
  •   Not for the faint of heart, The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating challenges singles to step up and set a new standard for this generation.
  • “Are you the person the person you are looking for is looking for?” —Andy Stanley Single? Looking for the “right person”? Thinking that if you met the “right person” everything would turn out “right”? Think again.

     “If you don’t want a marriage like the majority of marriages, then stop dating like the majority of daters!” —Andy Stanley Also includes a four-session small group discussion guide to be used with The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating video (sold separately).

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