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1. 24: The Complete Series With Live Another Day

By :-

DVD Collection includes (60 discs): ·         24 Season 1  (6 discs) ·         24 Season 2  (7 discs) ·         24 Season 3  (7 discs) ·         24 Season 4  (7 discs) ·         24 Season 5  (7 discs) ·         24 Season 6  (7 discs) ·         24 Season 7  (6 discs) ·         24 Season 8  (6 discs) ·         24 Redemption  (2 discs) ·         24 Live Another Day  (4 discs) ·         24 Series Bonus Disc  (1 disc): ·         Chloe’s Arrest ·         Comic-Con 2009 Panel ·         Season 8 Wrap Party Reel ·         Eight Days (4 Segments) ·         Jack Bauer: Evolution of a Hero ·         Presidents Friends and Villains ·         Memories and Moments ·         Goodbye .

2. SunF Power.I ATV/UTV All-terrain Tires 24×8-12 Front & 24x10x11 Rear, Set Of 4

Front Size: 24×8-12 – Rear Size: 24×10-11 | Wheel (Rim) Diameter: Front 12 in – Rear 11 in

By :- SUNF

  • Model Description:The SunF A033 is among the worlds most popular footprints.
  • Tire Specifications:Total Number of Tires: 4Front Size: 24×8-12Front QTY: 2Front Rim Size: 12 x 6.
  • 5Rear Ply Rating: 6Rear Diameter: 24Rear Tread Depth: 18Rear Max Load: 737 (335kg)Rear Max PSI: 14Rear Weight: 24.
  • Its aggressive, non directional tread pattern maintains even braking and a smooth ride while providing maximum traction.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
  • 5Front Ply Rating: 6Front Diameter: 24Front Tread Depth: 18Front Max Load: 638 (290kg)Front Max PSI: 14Front Weight: 18Rear Size: 24×10-11Rear QTY: 2Rear Rim Size: 11 x 8.
  • 3. Bohn Cool-Air Armored Riding Pants – Medium

    See “SPECIAL OFFERS AND PRODUCT PROMOTIONS” section below for discounts.

    By :- Bohn

  • *** All features are the same as our Adventure Pants with the addition of our Magical Mesh! Hips, tailbone, thighs, knee/shin armor included and completely removable for easy washing.
  • They work GREAT! These are absolutely perfect if you ride in the heat and humidity of the summer.
  • You have heard about Bohn Adventure Pants – one of our best selling products, and a favorite of riders who like to ride in blue jeans? *** Our Cool-Air Series uses our exclusive elastic mesh material which lets the air pass right on through! *** We have tested these in all climates, conditions and different kinds of riding.

    4. CoolAir AC SmartSeal QuickShot With Cool Enhancer – OEM Approved Non-Clogging

    NON-CLOGGING NON-POLYMER FORMULA is proven and engineered for even the harshest conditions
    and extreme vibrations. Seals leaks effectively and permanently the first time,
    every time.

    By :- Coolair

  • Commercial, residential, industrial, transport – AC SMARTSEAL seals them all.
  • Simply inject the product into the low-pressure port side with the system running, and watch your leak disappear in 30 minutes.
  • Add CoolAir AC SMARTSEAL QuickShot to your cart today.
  • AC SMARTSEAL is also ideal for direct pinhole repairs as well as the prevention of new refrigerant leaks.
  • Safe for All Refrigerant Types
    AC SMARTSEAL QuickShot is a non-clogging, polymer-free formula that is compatible with all refrigerant types that is safe and simple to use.

  • Ideal for Pinhole Leak Repair
    CoolAir AC SMARTSEAL QuickShot is a revolutionary product that travels with any type of refrigerant to seek out and permanently seal leaks in air conditioning or refrigeration systems.

    OEM Approved
    AC SMARTSEAL QuickShot is OEM approved to ensure safe and effective sealing of refrigerant leaks and has been engineered and tested to remain effective in rugged, harsh, and vibrating conditions.

    5. Lemebo Mini Portable Air Conditioner Fan, Small Desktop Fan 3 Degree Changeable

    【Only electric fans will not go out】In addition to using it as an ordinary fan, you can also use it as a cool-air fan with cool feeling by putting water in the tank and utilizing heat of vaporization when water evaporates. It is much cooler than the fan, so it will not be as cold as air conditioning so you can comfortably use it even during the day, bring water to the top limit and hold it for 6 hours as a cold air fan.

    By :- Lemebo

  • Parameters: Voltage: DC24V (DC adater included) Power: 18W Water tank capacity: 0.
  • ❤It will have mist and water drop while using, please open the front sink to catch the water, and will not drop it around.
  • Although it is not an air conditioner, it blows cooler winds cooler than ordinary fans, humidifies the surrounding air, and reduces the sensible temperature.
  • Design: It can be used even at bedtime because the silent engine is installed and the sound is not concerned.
  • When not in use, you can close the blinds to prevent contamination of the vaporization ports and feathers.
  • The air volume can be adjusted in 3 steps, and it can be adjusted up to 90 ° in the vertical direction of the wind direction.
  • 11 us gal (420ml) Winds speed: 3 modes (I/ II/ III) Spray:About 70ML/Hour Net Weight: 27.
  • 93 inch(145*100*243mm) Spray Time:3-5 hours (“I” little wind speed approx.
  • 3 hours) Warm Reminder: ❤This fan is for Personal Use, it is not used as any coolant that can’t cool down a room, please put it beside you not over than 3ft-4ft.
  • Function: It is recommended for those who have a headache because the room with the cooler gets too cold.
  • Sophisticated design and simple look like appearance are especially suitable for salaried workers, according to various places, such as office and home.
  • To prevent accidents and injuries, there is a blind in the front, and a special design on the back.
  • Even if raising the set temperature of the air conditioner in the summer, if you use it together with this cold blower, cooling efficiency will be improved.
  • There is a water reservoir to keep the desktop from getting wet in the front.
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