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1. Aguaphile Prescription Swim Goggles Soft And Comfortable – Anti-Fog UV

SEE CLEARLY UNDERWATER! – Without the high price of custom prescription goggles. Made with the same quality craftsmanship as the other Aguaphile goggle models.

By :- Aguaphile

  • You can finally See Clearly Underwater – Without the high price of custom prescription goggles! “I can see better with these goggles than I can with my regular glasses” – Rui C.
  • 00 If we don’t have the exact diopter number as your prescription, choose the one with the next lower number.
  • For example: if the prescription of your left eye is -2.
  • Just click the Aguaphile brand name on the listing above to see our other models and the RAVE reviews that they get.
  • These are made with a very substantial, robust, High Quality Silicone which makes the eyecups very comfortable, good for sensitive skin.
  • Sousa “Not only can he see but they comfortable with no leaking or fogging” – GluReview Be sure to pick the goggles with the correct diopter number.
  • If you have a different prescription in each eye, choose the one with the lower number.
  • Soft and Comfortable These goggles are made with the same quality craftsmanship as the other Aguaphile goggles models.
  • They are comfortable without being heavy, form a waterproof seal without leaving a deep indentation on your face.
  • The lenses are Anti-Fog with UV protection, designed for wide peripheral vision.
  • If you are ready to experience Great Feeling comfortable and also durable prescription swim goggles, go ahead and order!.
  • UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME REFUND OR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE! – We’re so sure that you will Love these goggles, that if at Any Time you have a problem and want a Refund or Replacement, reply to the email we send, or click the Synergistic Visions company name above to contact us.

    2. Love Beyond Compare (A Scottish, Time Travel Romance): Book 5 (Morna’s Legacy

    By :-

  • Unknowingly transported through time by the meddling witch, Morna, Jane chooses to stay in the past so she can remain in her beloved nephew’s life.
  • Eager for purpose, she takes work at the village inn.
  • Adwen MacChristy doesn’t want to be laird of Cagair Castle.
  • He would rather spend his days as a penniless wanderer than take on the responsibilities handed to him by his father.
  • Suddenly, he finds himself believing that responsibility might not mean a life spent in chains if he has a fiery lass like Jane by his side.
  • 5)Love Beyond Hope (Book 3)Love Beyond Measure (Book 4)In Due Time – A Novella (Book 4.
  • 5)Love Beyond Reach (Book 8)Morna’s Magic & Mistletoe – A Novella (Book 8.
  • Jane Mitchell has many dreams for her life, but living in the seventeenth century was never one of them.
  • Castle life doesn’t really suit her, and Jane quickly finds that her love for her family isn’t enough to fill her hungry soul.
  • One frigid evening, she takes in the most infuriating man she’s ever met…never suspecting for a moment that he could be the one her soul hungers for.
  • With a youth spent traveling the world and sleeping beneath the stars in the company of loose women, nothing weighs on Adwen’s heart like knowing the life he loves is about to come to an end.
  • On his last night of freedom, Adwen stops at the inn near McMillan Castle and meets the only lass to ever deny his advances, bewitching him in an instant.
  • You should read them in the following order:Love Beyond Time (Book 1)Love Beyond Reason (Book 2)A Conall Christmas – A Novella (Book 2.
  • 5)Love Beyond Compare (Book 5)Love Beyond Dreams (Book 6)Love Beyond Belief (Book 7)A McMillan Christmas – A Novella (Book 7.
  • 5)Love Beyond Words (Book 9)Love Beyond Wanting (Book 10)Love Beyond Destiny (Book 11)The following collections are also available:Morna’s Legacy Books: 1, 2, 2.
  • Don’t Miss This Romantic Tale in Morna’s Legacy Series of Scottish Time Travel Romance Novels by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Bethany Claire She left her whole world behind to find the one thing that really matters.

    Will Jane allow herself to fall for a man who is the very embodiment of the reckless life she left behind, or will fate make the decision for her when it sends her through time once again? Scroll up and grab your copy today.

    3. Beyond Compare (The Mad Morelands Book 2)

    By :-

  • Rafe McIntyre has enough charm to seduce any woman, but his smooth facade hides a bitter past.
  • But even he is mesmerized by the events that unfold as Kyria begins to sort out the mystery put to her by the arrival of a priceless antiquity.
  • When she receives a strange package under mysterious circumstances, she is confronted with danger, murder and a handsome American whose destiny is entwined with hers….
  • Still, he has seen enough of the world to know Kyria is in danger, and he refuses to let her solve the riddle of this package alone.
  • Who sent her this treasure steeped in legend? And who is willing to murder to claim its secrets and its glory for themselves?Originally published in 2004.
  • Book 2 in the fan favorite Mad Morelands series from New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp!Though Kyria Moreland is beautiful enough to earn the sobriquet “The Goddess” and rich enough to attract London’s most sought after gentlemen, she has yet to find love and refuses to marry without it.

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