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1. The Foundations Of Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Text

Elsevier Churchill Livingstone

By :- imusti

  • This highly successful textbook covers the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and discusses in detail the use of acupuncture points and the principles of treatment.
  • The new edition features new and updated material plus an accompanying website containing over 650 self-testing questions in a variety of formats.
  • The material is based on rigorous reference to ancient and modern Chinese texts, and explains the application of theory in the context of Western clinical practice.
  •  “For the student or practitioner of Chinese medicine this is a definitive text book.
  • com, Aug 201525th Anniversary edition of the Western world’s best-selling book on Chinese medicine! Logical, sequential organization builds from basic theoretical concepts, through functions of individual organs, diagnosis, pathology, pattern recognition & disease categories, and the appropriate use of acupuncture points Clearly explains the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine to Western medical audiences Based on a unique and invaluable combination of extensive clinical experience in the West, current Chinese Medicine textbooks and ancient sources, in particular, the ‘Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine’ (Nei Jing) and the ‘Classic of Difficulties’ (Nan Jing) Includes Pinyin equivalents to make it immediately evident which original term is being translated Abundantly illustrated with over 750 line drawings and more than 1000 tables & boxes designed to emphasize the key facts End of chapter Learning Outcomes point out ‘must-know’ information Cases Studies and Case Histories apply theory to diagnosis and treatment, bringing the subject to life in a realistic context An extensive Glossary explains new terms and their origins from translation Additional Appendices list Prescriptions, Bibliography and Chinese Chronology Authored by Giovanni Maciocia, one of the Western world’s leading subject matter experts An accompanying EVOLVE website provides over 650 self-testing questions and answers to help readers check their understanding of frequently complex information New Case Histories help ‘bring the subject to life’ Expanded subject area coverage including new clinical guidelines and additional acupuncture point combinations Contains further analysis of acupuncture point actions Innovative guidelines aid students learning Chinese Medicine patterns .

    2. A Chinese Diet That Could Be A Good One For You!: This Cookbook Will Educate You

    By :-

  • It can be interesting and beneficial to adopt another country’s diet.
  • Get ready for a lot of healthy cooking and some different cooking methods in some cases.
  • You will be sometimes being able to substitute some ingredients, for example, some Chinese veggies might be hard to find during some of the seasons, so do not worry about always be 100% accurate.
  • We have put in a lot of love and efforts into coming up with the following recipes.
  • In this cookbook, we will talk about the Chinese diet.
  • If you can’t find Chinese cabbage for example, you can use zucchinis or regular cabbage.
  • Do not be intimated about some ingredients we might suggest for you to use, as it may require you to visit an Oriental supermarket or ask your local grocery store and as the manager to order some specific food items.

    3. Chinese Diet Recipes For Healthy Weight Loss (Chinese Herbal Medicine And

    By :-

  • Many Chinese foods are very effective for the diet therapy of obesity and for healthy weight loss.
  • Some are even delicious and can be cooked into different dishes.
  • Many of the recipes are from ancient classical Chinese medicine books and have been proven useful for hundreds of years.
  • Scientific studies of these natural foods are also described.
  • It can be used for overeating (especially of too much meat), abdominal pain, angina pectoris, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.
  • They have been found to decrease serum cholesterol in rabbits fed a high cholesterol diet, probably through inhibiting cholesterol absorption.
  • …can protect the heart and circulatory system, as well as the liver.
  • …has been found to be effective in lowering serum cholesterol concentrations, especially low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, in hypercholesterolemic men.
  • ”“…can clear liver fire, relax the bowels, and improve visual acuity.
  • …can lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
  • Water extract of … has been found to significantly inhibit the weight gain of high-nutriment-fed rats.
  • ”“…can expel wind, clear heat and liver fire, and has detoxification effects.
  • …can clear heat, remove toxic materials, and expel wind and heat.
  • …has sedative and antipyretic properties, and can increase coronary blood flow.
  • These foods are relatively safe and convenient to take.
  • More than 20 foods and diet recipes are introduced here.
  • Their mechanisms in terms of traditional Chinese medicine theories are explained.
  • Many foods can help reduce the levels of blood sugar and blood lipids too.
  • …can reduce the levels of blood pressure and blood lipids, improve systemic circulation and coronary blood flow, and counteract arrhythmias.
  • …have shown promise in the treatment of congestive heart failure (CHF).
  • They have anti-oxidative activities…” “It can reduce levels of blood cholesterol and blood pressure, and promote biliary secretion.
  • It may also have anti-aging effects and improve memory ability in senior people….
  • It is used for constipation, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, atherosclerosis, headaches, bad temper, and redness and swelling of the eyes.
  • The mechanism might be related with its metabolism regulating actions on glucose and lipids….
  • It is used for common cold, febrile diseases, headaches, dizziness, carbuncles, and redness and swelling of the eyes.
  • It is used for healing fever, insomnia, sore throat, skin infections, and dysentery.
  • …have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic effects.
  • Excerpts from “Chinese Diet Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss”:“… can improve digestion, strengthen the stomach, relieve diarrhea and dysentery, remove blood stasis, and promote blood circulation.

    4. The Chinese Chef Diet Plan – How To Cook And Lose Weight With The Nations

    By :-

  • At time of writing this, 30 days later I weigh 13 stone and 1lbs!The best thing is it that it was easy because the food I was and still am eating is amazing, full of flavour and fast and easy to cook.
  • You don’t!!I’m not a chef and 5 months ago I had no real cooking experience at all.
  • When I appeared in the Daily Mail online, Reveal online and in the pages of the Mirror and Mirror online I weighed in at 14 stone.
  • The main reason people fail on diets is because they think they have to eat bland and boring tasteless food.
  • Hi,My name is Matt Riggs and I was recently is the national press as I have lost a lot of weight by using a diet that I created myself- it really works!I was 20 stone 5lbs when I started my diet 5 months ago.

    I believe anybody can do this and I can show you how!I am not a professional chef nor am I a writer but I can get the information to you to get you on your way losing lots of weight, getting healthy and learning to cook like a Chinese chef!I am a normal everyday guy, if I can do it so can you!In this book I will tell you how i did it and show you how to make the fat busting meals I used to help me lose over 7 stone!.

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