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1. Battlefield China: Book Six Of The Red Storm Series

By :-

  • Is the third world war really winding down?With the recent change in political tide for Russia, the threat of nuclear weapons coming from the Kremlin seems to have dwindled.
  • Is there any way to end this conflict without a full-blown nuclear war?Despite enormous military losses in Europe and the Russian Far East, the Indian government is determined to stand by the Chinese.
  • If you like adrenaline-pumping combat and battle-worn characters, you’ll enjoy this final installment in Rosone and Watson’s modern world war series.
  • ————The Red Storm Series is best enjoyed when read in the correct order as each book builds on the previous work.
  • However, more than one leader in Asia still holds nukes in their possession, and the communist leader of China seems more determined than ever to save face.
  • Is there any way to finish the war without another horrific massacre? Will our favorite characters survive? Grab your copy and find out.
  • Reading order:Book 1: Battlefield UkraineBook 2: Battlefield KoreaBook 3: Battlefield TaiwanBook 4: Battlefield Pacific Book 5: Battlefield RussiaBook 6: Battlefield China – End of Series.
  • When the people learn of the tremendous loss of life in the Battle of Chennai, will there be a rebellion from within? Or will the citizens of India galvanize to defeat the Allies?“Battlefield China” is the riveting conclusion to the action-packed Red Storm military thriller series.

    2. China Rich Girlfriend (Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy)

    China Rich Girlfriend

    By :- Kwan Kevin

  • From the bestselling author of Crazy Rich Asians (Now a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE) comes a deliciously fun story of family, fortune, and fame in Mainland China.
  • She has a flawless Asscher-cut diamond, a wedding dress she loves, and a fiancé willing to thwart his meddling relatives and give up one of the biggest fortunes in Asia in order to marry her.
  •  Book Two of the Crazy Rich Asians TrilogyIt’s the eve of Rachel Chu’s wedding, and she should be over the moon.
  • Still, Rachel mourns the fact that her birthfather, a man she never knew, won’t be there to walk her down the aisle.
  • Suddenly, Rachel is drawn into a dizzying world of Shanghai splendor, a world where people attend church in a penthouse, where exotic cars race down the boulevard, and where people aren’t just crazy rich … they’re China rich.

    3. AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, And The New World Order

    By :-

  •    In AI Superpowers, Kai-fu Lee argues powerfully that because of these unprecedented developments in AI, dramatic changes will be happening much sooner than many of us expected.
  • Most experts already say that AI will have a devastating impact on blue-collar jobs.
  • Is universal basic income the solution? In Lee’s opinion, probably not.
  • Kai-Fu Lee—one of the world’s most respected experts on AI and China—reveals that China has suddenly caught up to the US at an astonishingly rapid and unexpected pace.
  • Indeed, as the US-Sino AI competition begins to heat up, Lee urges the US and China to both accept and to embrace the great responsibilities that come with significant technological power.
  • But Lee predicts that Chinese and American AI will have a strong impact on white-collar jobs as well.
  •   But he provides  a clear description of which jobs will be affected and how soon, which jobs can be enhanced with AI, and most importantly, how we can provide solutions to some of the most profound changes in human history that are coming soon.

    4. Sorbus Dinnerware Storage 5-Piece Set For Protecting Or Transporting Dinnerware

    DINNERWARE STORAGE SET (GRAY, 5-PIECE) – Store and organize cherished dinnerware and fine china with quilted 5-piece storage case set – This set keeps plates and mugs in mint condition and ready to shine for special occasions

    By :- Sorbus

  • Store and organize your cherished dinnerware with the Sorbus 5-Piece Storage Set.
  • A top loading design allows for easy access and the gentle nylon zippers keep your cases sealed and protected from dust.
  • With proper placement, cases can be stored in hutches, cabinets, pantry closets, or the buffet.
  • Keep your dishes in mint condition and ready to shine for special occasions.
  • When the meal is over and you’re ready to hang up your hostess apron, return your dishes to its safe home in storage.
  • It’s ideal for precious china, expensive dinnerware, or priceless inherited heirlooms from generations before.
  • Providing service for 12, this quilted set is designed to hold dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, saucer plates, and cups.
  • It features padded felt protectors to cushion plates and cardboard dividers to protect glassware and mugs from damage.
  • For added convenience, add a chic label using the content label insert to quickly identify dishes for your next dinner party or afternoon tea.
  • No more time-consuming searches for your prized tableware! This set is allows you to arrange your place settings with ease whether the meal is casual or formal.
  • Dishes can be switched out as seasons or decorating tastes change throughout the year.
  • 5″ Dessert Plate Case (for up to 12 dessert plates) 7″ Saucer Plate Case (for up to 12 saucers) Cup Storage Case (for up to 12 cups) .
  • For china sets that only come out during special occasions or holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, consider storing all your pieces with durable quilted protection instead of old boxes and newspaper.

    This special piece is destined to make a great housewarming, hostess, or bridal gift! 5-Piece Set Includes: 12″ Dinner Plate Case (for up to 12 dinner plates) 10″ Salad Plate Case (for up to 12 salad plates) 8.

    5. The China Study: Revised And Expanded Edition: The Most Comprehensive Study Of

    Benbella Books

    By :- imusti

  • The revised and expanded edition of the bestseller that changed millions of livesThe science is clear.
  • You can dramatically reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes just by changing your diet.
  • In 2005, Colin and his son Tom, now a physician, shared those findings with the world in The China Study, hailed as one of the most important books about diet and health ever written.
  • The China Study—Revised and Expanded Edition presents a clear and concise message of hope as it dispels a multitude of health myths and misinformation.
  • The key to a long, healthy life lies in three things: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Colin Campbell and his team at Cornell, in partnership with teams in China and England, embarked upon the China Study, the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease.

    What they found when combined with findings in Colin’s laboratory, opened their eyes to the dangers of a diet high in animal protein and the unparalleled health benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet.

    Featuring brand new content, this heavily expanded edition of Colin and Tom’s groundbreaking book includes the latest undeniable evidence of the power of a plant-based diet, plus updated information about the changing medical system and how patients stand to benefit from a surging interest in plant-based nutrition.

    6. Womens Army Cap Military Winter Hat Men Large Baseball Cadet Camouflage

    Suitable for most of the person’s head from 56-60cm, 7- 7 1/2, 22″- 23.6″inch. Adjustable strap at back is for best desired fit. The hole at back also great for women or girls have ponytail.

    By :- Fancet

  • Fancet Unisex Army Military Hat Baseball Cap OccasionA great daily/safari accessories, which is Packable & Ventilated & Fashionable.
  • Washing instructionWe suggest a hand wash with cool water and mild soap, or spot clean, shape it immediately and then air dry.
  • If you choose “Ships from and sold by Siggi&Fancet” shipping term, the item would be shipped from international address and will need 10-20days to be delivered.
  • Quality is Fancet&reg’s First PriorityTo produce a quality hat for our customers, we always choose more comfortable fabric and NEVER sacrifice detail quality for price.
  • Fancet® Value = trendy design + quality fabric + comfortable sweatband & lining + excellent workmanship + after sales service commitment.
  • If you find ANY OTHER sellers on this page,please help report them to Siggi&Fancet.
  • Big range adjustable size suitable fits most! The basic design also great for outdoor activities such as travel, fishing, golfing, hiking and boating.
  • Shipping InstructionIf you are an Amazon Prime, “Sold by Siggi&Fancet and Fulfilled by Amazon” would be the best choice for you, that means faster delivery and free return service.
  • Fancet&regFancet – Fan of Hat, is a young brand in hats’ field.
  • All products sold by Siggi&Fancet are eligible for free replacements within 45days if it suffers any Non-artificial quality problems.
  • DisclaimerOnly the seller “Siggi&Fancet” has achieved the exclusive authorization of Fancet&reg.
  • As an official partner of Siggi® has designed plenty of trendy hats, covering newsboy, beanies, Ushanka, fedora and sun hats; lots of them are highly recommended by customers from North-America, Europe and Japan market.

    7. China: The Cookbook

    Phaidon Press

    By :- Phaidon Press

  • The definitive cookbook bible of the world’s most popular and oldest cuisine”China The Cookbook is a magnificent insight into the history of Chinese cuisine.
  • I will treasure it in my collection and it will be no doubt be used as valuable reference for many years to come.
  • ” —Ken Hom OBE,Chef, author and tv presenterIn the tradition of bestsellers including Mexico and The Nordic Cookbook comes the next title in the multimillion-selling national cuisine series, China: The Cookbook.

    Featuring more than 650 recipes for delicious and authentic Chinese dishes for the home kitchen, this impressive and authoritative book showcases the culinary diversity of the world’s richest and oldest cuisines with recipes from the 33 regions and sub-regions.

    China: The Cookbook celebrates popular staples such as Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs and Dim Sum, as well as lesser-known regional classics like Fujian Fried Rice and Jiangsu’s Drunken Chicken, and features additional selected recipes from star chefs from around the world.

    8. China: A History

    By :-

  • An authoritative account of five thousand years of Chinese historyMany nations define themselves in terms of territory or people; China defines itself in terms of history.
  • Keay’s authoritative history examines 5,000 years in China, from the time of the Three Dynasties through Chairman Mao and the current economic transformation of the country.
  • Taking into account the country’s unrivaled, voluminous tradition of history writing, John Keay has composed a vital and illuminating overview of the nation’s complex and vivid past.
  • Crisp, judicious, and engaging, China is the classic single-volume history for anyone seeking to understand the present and future of this immensely powerful nation.
  • 9. China And Weapons Of Mass Production: The “China Price” Is The “Cheating Price”

    By :-

  • This Element is an excerpt from The Coming China Wars: Where They Will Be Fought and How They Can Be Won (ISBN: 9780132359825) by Peter Navarro.
  •   The horrific truth behind the “China Price”: dangerous, oppressive working conditions, and outright slave labor.
  •   If China is winning on the basis of a cheap, well-disciplined labor force and superior manufacturing methods, that’s one set of facts.
  • In fact, however, much of the “China Price” advantage is the result of slave-labor conditions coupled with a potent array of unfair trade practices that violate virtually every tenet and norm of international trade.

    10. Lefton China: Price Guide

    Used Book in Good Condition

    By :- Brand: Collector Books

  • This price guide covers virtually every piece of Lefton China produced.
  • AUTHORBIO: Loretta DeLozier is the author of a three-volume series on Lefton China, as well as a the Lefton China Price Guide.
  • REVIEW: This book covers 95 years of glassmaking from the Fostoria Glass Company, 1887 – 1982.
  • The glass presented is divided alphabetically into 19 sections.
  • A brief history is provided, as well as information on the changing market place, Lefton factories, and marks.
  • Her research on this company has been invaluable to collectors.
  • This identification guide of the company’s products is easy to use.
  • Cut, Etched, Needle Etched, and Pressed categories are featured.
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