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1. Portable Mini Projector [Laser Beam Pro C200] 2017-2018 CES Awarded Focus-Free

√ WINNER OF CES INNOVATIVE AWARDS 2018: 3 CONSECUTIVE YEARS, our projector won CES Innovative Awards. We are THE ONE AND ONLY IN THE WORLD that uses patented EYE-SAFE CLASS 1 LASER (FDA Accessed #1611158-000) harmless to human eyes. It provides a much safer experience when using projection in a business meeting, viewing a movie or playing on gaming console. Our projector can be installed on a robot or drone for narration or advertisement with complete safety to the viewer’s eyes.

By :- Laser Beam Pro

  • The Laser Beam Pro was designed with THE WORLD’S FIRST & ONLY CLASS 1 LASER TECHNOLOGY (FDA CERTIFIED) / completely SAFE TO THE NAKED EYES and offers a FOCUS-FREE viewing experience.
  • It even charges your smartphone or tablet as a power-bank.
  • – Easy Wireless screen mirroring with smartphones and tablets for both iOS and Android devices.
  • There is also an audio jack for headphones and auxiliary cords.
  • Equipped with the latest Android operating system, it is the world’s smallest and most powerful; portable COMPUTER LASER PROJECTOR.
  • Even in a fairly bright environment, projected image appear vibrant and sharp.
  • – The USB port can be used with a USB flash drive, for a mouse, and a keyboard.
  • – The projector comes with an 8GB internal memory, to store your files, photos, and videos, and there is also a slot for a micro – SD cards to increase the storage capacity of your projector.
  • – The device comes with a built-in 1 wattage speaker, or you can connect it to an external speaker directly to the projector using the Bluetooth feature.
  • It offers the brightest viewing experience among all other competitor’s portable laser projectors, equipped with 200 Lumens, 768 HD resolution, and a screen size capable up to 150 inches when 10 feet away from the projection wall.

    Even more; with the “focus-free feature”; the viewer will be able to see a focused projected image, all the time while even in movement! – This pocket-sized projector is equipped with numerous connectivity options and features – A Micro HDMI port for connecting with laptops, computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, tablets, Roku, or any of your favorite devices with an HDMI output.

    – It has its own Android operating system, you can connect the projector directly to Wi-Fi which enables you to surf the web, stream videos, download files & apps from the internet, and send emails! Get yours today and enjoy the latest technology!.

    2. NASM Essentials Of Corrective Exercise Training: First Edition Revised

    Jones Bartlett Publishers

    By :- imusti

    NASM Essentials of Corrective Exercise Training introduces the health and fitness professional to NASM’s proprietary Corrective Exercise Continuum, a system of training that uses corrective exercise strategies to help improve muscle imbalances and movement efficiency to decrease the risk of injury.

    This textbook includes several new chapters that were not included in NASM’s previous corrective exercise materials, including the rationale for corrective exercise training, assessments of health risk, static postural assessments, range of motion assessments, and strength assessments (manual muscle testing) as well as corrective exercise strategies for the cervical spine, elbow, and wrist.

    There are more than 100 corrective exercise techniques in the categories of self-myofascial release, static stretching, neuromuscular stretching, isolated strength training, positional isometrics, and integrated dynamic movements included in the text.

    These, along with corrective exercise strategies for common movement impairments seen in each segment of the body, make this text the premier resource for learning and applying NASM’s systematic approach to corrective exercise training.

    3. Catastrophic Event Specialists

    By :-

  • Brand new album from hip-hop duo CES Cru on Strange Music.
  • The pair appeared on a string of local releases before releasing its next album, 2009’s The Playground.
  • In 2010, Tech N9ne featured CES Cru on his Bad Season mixtape and had Ubiquitous and Godemis open for him at Kansas City’s The Beaumont Club.
  • The acclaimed collection features several singles whose videos have become viral hits: ‘When Worlds Collide,’ ‘Seven Chakras’ and ‘Juice’ among them.
  • Buoyed by such songs as the break-up anthem ‘DYT,’ the chest-thumping ‘Float’ and the politically-charged ‘Teeter,’ The Playground impressed Strange Music co-owner Tech N9ne.
  • The group then joined the Strange Music roster in 2011, released the 13 EP in 2012 and followed that up with 2013’s Constant Energy Struggles.
  • Follow up to Codename: Ego Stripper sees Ubiquitous and Godemis crafting a strong statement for 2017 and beyondThe group formed in the early 2000s and became a duo after the release of its debut album, 2004’s Capture Enemy Soldiers.

    4. CES VÉRITÉS QUI NOUS MENTENT (French Edition)

    By :-

  • Il parle de lui et de son pays avec une lucidité sincère, parfois désinvolte.
  • Du témoignage des premiers lecteurs, il y a, dans cet autoportrait congolais, la même perception que certains maliens, guinéens, sierra-léonais, ivoiriens, tchadiens.
  • Les lecteurs l’ont qualifié de ” LIVRE QUE CHAQUE CONGOLAIS DEVRAIT LIRE!”.
  • Mais au-delà des frontières congolaises, ces « vérités qui mentent » sont africaines.
  • Le défaitisme est assumé : “Ce n’est pas moi qui vais changer les choses”.
  • Les 2 premiers tirages ont trouvé écho auprès des acteurs politiques, des acteurs de la société civile, des étudiants et même des congolais de la diaspora.
  • elles piquent, interpellent et s’acharnent à réveiller tout un peuple, tout un continent.
  • Pour peu que l’on soit africain, de surcroît congolais, ce livre apporte un essaim de vérités quelque peu dérangeantes qui pourraient secouer, tellement le lecteur a l’impression d’entendre sa propre voix.

    S’appuyant sur des analyses simples ponctuées d’anecdotes tirées du quotidien, l’auteur apporte un message que de nombreux lecteurs ont qualifié de “touchant”, “inspirant” ou “interpellateur” pour le citoyen ordinaire.

    Il extirpe de l’ombre le mal invisible qui gangrène de l’intérieur l’émergence du Congo, son pays; il pointe du doigt les « fausses vérités » qui égarent tout un peuple et font de ce grand Etat au cœur de l’Afrique un géant aux pieds d’argile.

    Cette expression populaire et désenchantée reflétant une séculaire résignation “c’est ça le Congo!” a des versions variées comme “C’est ça le Mali !”, ou “en Guinée, c’est toujours comme ça”.

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