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1. OcluVet Eye Drops For Pets – Scientifically Formulated, Patented, And Clinically

4 month supply (maintenance dose – first bottle will last 6 weeks)

By :- OcluVet

  • Why Eye Drops for Dogs? The function and anatomy of your dog’s eye is similar in most to your own.
  • Even with this extra protection, you may still need eye drops for dogs if any issues arise.
  • Eye drops are basically a topical ointment for eyes, but of course, you can’t go slathering cream on there – so we use liquid droppers to administer medication, or clean the eye.
  • They combine antioxidants and nutrients that target the specific reactions inside the eye that trigger the formation of damaged proteins and lead to cataracts.
  •   Ocluvet contains antioxidants which improves quality of life for pets with poor eyesight and improves ocular clarity, and for sure is more affordable and less invasive than cataract surgery.
  • However, some differences are present including the presence of a third eyelid, which provides an added layer of protection.
  • So, sometimes they will need to use some eye drops.
  • Ocluvet Eye Drops help to keep your pet’s eyes healthy and safe from damage.
  • Ocluvet treats ocular degeneration and decreased clarity resulting from age, UV light exposure, disease, trauma, poor nutrition, and other causes.
  • Ocluvet Eye Drops the best option in Eye Drops for your Dog!.
  • 2. LumenPro Pet Eye Drops | Promotes Vision Clarity In Animals With Cataracts |

    REVOLUTIONARY – LumenPro is a new, unique system that provides dual-action support for pets suffering from cataracts, & combines the cataract-fighting power of lanosterol and N-acetylcarnosine (NAC) in one product

    By :- LumenPro

  • Why Go With LumenPro Watching a furry family member suffer from cataracts can be frustrating and heartbreaking.
  • Fortunately, thanks to breakthrough nanotechnology perfected by Heliostatix, we developed LumenPro, a solution to animal cataracts.
  • ✔ LUMENPRO – While not a medication, LumenPro uses cutting-edge nanotechnology and delivers two natural, cataracts-fighting ingredients effectively to the eyes.
  • ** require proof of purchase, refunds are given on a pro-rata basis contact seller for more details Directions: Liberally apply 2-3 drops of LumenPro to each eye twice daily.
  • Order LumenPro now and help your pet see brighter, today.
  • Cataracts surgery is invasive, expensive and is not an option for the average pet owner.
  • LumenPro is here to help restore clarity of vision and quality of life.
  • ✔ SUPERIOR – LumenPro’s laboratory-tested mechanism delivers and retains active ingredients on the lens for a longer time, allowing for better penetration than competitor products.
  • “Efficacy of N-Acetylcarnosine in the Treatment of Cataracts.
  • ✔ SCIENTIFIC – LumenPro uses a scientifically proven formula, shown to dissolve glycoproteins in animal lenses in peer-reviewed studies (1) ✔ RISK FREE – We are so confident in our product’s quality and effectiveness that after 8 weeks, if you don’t love it.

    Proudly made in the USA Note: if your pet’s cataracts are caused by a chronic disease, LumenPro may help manage cataracts, but will not be completely effective unless the underlying condition is treated (1) Nature volume 523, pages 607-611 (30 July 2015) doi:10.

    3. Curing Your Own Cataracts: How To Dissolve, Reverse, & Halt Advancing Cataracts

    By :-

  • Colors seem to be faded, yellow, brown or red tinged.
  • You frequently change your eyeglass or contact lens prescription.
  • Curing Your Own Cataracts lays out the alternatives to surgery to reverse and stop the advancement of cataracts.
  • You find it increasingly difficult to see at night.
  • CATARACT SURGERY IS the most commonly performed surgery in the world today.
  • Of these, serious complications, such as, retinal detachment, corneal edema, or the need for a cornea transplant will claim around 27,000 individuals.
  • This book is well written, well referenced, and FULL of valuable information.
  • I have learned so much about eye care, prevention of cataracts and removing them without surgery by reading this book.
  • AMAZON BEST SELLER!REVERSE, CURE YOUR OWN & YOUR PET’S CATARACTSYou may have cataracts if…Your eyes are sensitive to light and glare, especially when you’re in out the sun or looking into the headlights of oncoming cars.

    And within two years, 30% to 50% of those having had cataract extraction will develop opacification (cloudiness) of the posterior lens capsule that will require further laser treatment which may result in even more complications, including increased eye pressure.

    But cataract Surgery Can be Avoided In this book, you will learn about…*Aging and cataracts *Cataract surgery and how to avoid it *Herbs to reverse cataracts *Cataract eye drops *Pinhole glasses for cataracts *Nutrition for eye health *Advancing cataracts *How to avoid cataracts *Color and light therapy for cataracts *Natural low level radiation stones to reverse cataracts *Cataract eye drops for dogs *Cataract eye drops for cats *Senile cataracts What Readers Are Saying!Put the knife away.

    !This engaging and comprehensive book is testament to how far alternative medicine has come in recent years Scroll Up to “BUY NOW” and Start Reading TodaySEARCH FOR MORE AGE REVERSING BOOKS by JULIA M BUSCH: Natural Skin Care Books, Natural Facelift Books, Alternative Medicine Books, just type in Julia M.

    4. Ethos Bright Eyes™ Carnosine NAC Eye Drops – 2 X 5ml Bottles – NAC Eye Drops

    Ethos Bright Eyes™ Carnosine NAC Eye Drops 2 x 5ml Bottles – NAC Eye Drops

    By :- Ethos

  • Ethos Bright EyesTM Drops are the only genuine NAC eye drops which were featured on the Richard & Judy TV Show trials with Incredible Results! 100% hypo-allergenic and 100% Sterile.
  • Safe for use by diabetics and is compatible with all anti-diabetic drugs.
  • Remove the contact lenses, apply the drops and then wait for 1 minute for the drops to go to work then put the lenses back in again.
  • Recommended course: 6 boxes over 6 weeks – See the Ethos Bulk Discounted 6-Pack.
  • Unopened bottles should be stored in the dark in the refrigerator.
  • Recommended to be used in conjunction with Ethos Élan Vital oral supplement.
  • If it does not say Ethos Endymion Bright EyesTM on the Label & the CE mark, as pictured on this site, then it is NOT the same product.
  • Free of animal ingredients and may be freely used by vegetarians.
  • May be safely used by contact lens wearers (both hard and soft).
  • Safe for use by people with Macular Degeneration (AMD).
  • Directions for use: Apply hourly throughout the day; 8, 9 or 10 times a day is ideal.
  • Safe and suitable for use on pets and other animals – See Ethos Bright Eyes drops for pets.
  • WARNING Many other eye drops suppliers are now trying to cash in on the phenomenal success of our Ethos Bright EyesTM drops.
  • Purchasing these less expensive copy-cat products may lead you to very disappointing results!.
  • 5. Cataract Solutions: Prevention & Reversal Via Accelerated Self-Healing (Natural

    By :-

  • The best news is that when you improve your eye health naturally, not only is vision restored, but years and quality are added to your life.
  • That is why the average life expectancy after cataract surgery is a mere 5 years.
  • This book has been useful to support successful self-healing, as well as being a useful reference guide for caregivers, healers and holistic physicians.
  • Swartwout shares three decades of accumulated knowledge, having helped hundreds of people avoid the most common surgery in Medicare.
  • Modern surgery is wonderful, but it does not remove the underlying causes of cataract, which continue to affect the whole body.
  • Cataract Solutions: Prevention & Reversal Via Accelerated Self-Healing is a comprehensive guide to the science and art of healing cataracts naturally, using nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and light therapy.

    This is not generally thought about or talked about because the focus of our modern medical industry is on heroic intervention, with precious little time spent educating patients about health maintenance and primary disease prevention.

    6. So You’ve Got A Cataract?: What You Need To Know About Cataract Surgery: A

    By :-

  • David RichardsonWhy YOU NEED This Cataract Surgery BookIt’s a curious thing.
  • And yet, their physicians typically ask them to sift through stacks of educational pamphlets and paperwork on cataracts.
  • What’s more, the information is oozing with hard-to-understand medical jargon and procedural terminology.
  • I really want my cataract patients to have an entirely different experience.
  • My goal is to provide the information you need to learn about your eye’s condition and to make good, safe decisions about treatment.
  • If you are considering modern cataract surgery, you’ll find most of what you need to know within the pages of this book.
  • You’ll learn what happens during the actual procedure and what to expect afterwards.
  • When you buy the book, you are not only educating yourself, but helping change lives as well.
  • NO MEDICAL JARGON! NO PROCEDURAL TERMINOLOGY! – from one of America’s Most Compassionate Doctor, Dr.
  • People with cataracts often have very poor vision, making it difficult for them to read.
  • The documents are often single-spaced with small print and thin margins – in short, a nightmare for someone with cataracts.
  • That’s why I went to work on “So, You’ve Got a Cataract?” This is a book about cataracts for people with cataracts.
  • The book covers, in a language that anyone can understand, basic information about how the eye works and what is useful to know about a cataract.
  • The larger page size and Kindle eBook format were specifically chosen for this project as they allow for enlarging the text size making it easier for those with poor vision to read.
  • CHANGE A LIFE!Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to a non-profit organization devoted to preventing blindness.
  • About CataractsHow the Eye WorksWhat Is a Cataract?Cataract SymptomsWhen to Consider TreatmentMyths about Cataract TreatmentWhat You Need To Know About Cataract SurgeryModern Cataract SurgeryA word about no-stitch surgeryPreparing For Cataract SurgeryThe Weeks Before SurgeryThe Night Before SurgeryWhat To Expect The Day of SurgeryAt the Surgery CenterAfter the ProcedureThe Days After SurgeryActivitiesWhy You Might Still Need GlassesIntraocular LensesWhy You Need An ImplantYour OptionsThe Decision PointsRisks of Cataract SurgeryPossible Complications Cataract Surgery and GlaucomaIf You Have Early or Well-Controlled GlaucomaIf You Have Moderate or Glaucoma Requiring the use of Multiple DropsIf You Have Advanced or Poorly-Controlled GlaucomaCataract Surgery with Other DiseasesDiabetic RetinopathyMacular DegenerationProstate MedicationsA Word About Laser Cataract SurgeryEnter the Femto LaserAppendicesHow To Choose A Cataract SurgeonSample Document “INFORMED CONSENT”.

    7. The Cataract Cure: The Russian Eye-drop Breakthrough: The Story Of

    Used Book in Good Condition

    By :- Brand: iUniverse, Inc.

  • Other treatments are now available, specifically, the new Russian breakthrough N-acetylcarnosine.
  • In the past, the only treatment available for this chronic condition was painful and potentially dangerous surgery to remove the cataract.
  • In clinical trials, this treatment has shown dramatic and impressive results in treating age-related cataracts.
  • The answer to curing senile cataract is clear-don’t lose sight of it!.
  • Author Marios Kyriazis brings a wealth of medical expertise to one of the most important breakthroughs in recent times to help combat a disease called “senile cataract”, which affects one in five people over the age of fifty-five.

    The Cataract Cure also covers other associated eye disorders including:GlaucomaMacular DegenerationInfection of the corneaDry eye syndromeComputer vision syndromeEyestrainBlurred visionThe Cataract Cure is an essential resource for those cataract sufferers who are looking for an alternative treatment and want to avoid eye surgery.

    8. Cataract Oar Magnum Blade 7″

    High-density polyurethane

    By :- Cataract

  • Cataract Magnum II Blade – The Magnum II Blade is what customers have been asking for.
  • So get a set of Magnum II Blades and start shredding!.
  • They have also made the blade wider at the tip to give more surface area out at the end of the oar where you can use it.
  • Made with a higher density urethane material for increased durability and a thinner cross-section for slicing the water cleanly, this blade has been designed with the help of all of you, from the private weekender to the professional outfitter.

    The Magnum II Blade still incorporates all the advantages of Cataract’s original blade in that it still floats, is still strong due to the composite core which also provides the desired amount of wood-like flex, is still lightweight, and is still detachable via the standard push button system common to the industry.

    9. Essentials Of Cataract Surgery

    By :-

  • The basic elements of cataract surgery are presented in a clear and easy-to-read format.
  • Bonnie An Henderson brings together advice and teaching techniques from the Harvard Intensive Cataract Surgical Training Conference at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.
  • Additionally, the included images, diagrams, photographs, and tables enhance understanding of specific topics.
  • The book provides both beginning and practicing surgeons with personal tips and expert advice from leading cataract mentors of top US ophthalmology residency programs.
  • Each chapter contains a summary box, highlighting the key points of each topic discussed.
  • The straightforward, concise, and easy-to-read reference manual which is equivalent to having the best instructor offering guidance on what to do next and how to avoid potential complications is now available in an updated Second Edition.

    Essentials of Cataract Surgery, Second Edition comprehensively details every step of phacoemulsification cataract extraction surgery, from preoperative evaluation to intraoperative instruction to postoperative care.

    Inside Essentials of Cataract Surgery, Second Edition are detailed chapters covering fluidics, IOL calculations and design, capsular complications and management, and the latest phaco technology, including femtosecond cataract surgery.

    With detailed information and expert pearls in a user-friendly format, Essentials of Cataract Surgery, Second Edition is perfect for residents, fellows, medical students, and practicing ophthalmologists looking to improve their surgical techniques.

    10. The Cataracts

    By :-

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