Top 10 Best carpentry books 2018

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Best carpentry books 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 carpentry books

1. Milescraft 8401 Trim45 Trim Carpentry Aid

The Trim45 trim carpentry aid is the handiest tool in the toolbox when it comes to installing door and window casement trim

By :- Milescraft Inc.

  • The Trim45 Trim Carpentry Aid Is The Handiest Tool In The Toolbox When It Comes To Installing Door And Window Casement Trim As Well As Decorative Trim Work Projects Such As Fireplaces Or Book Shelves.
  • Unique Measuring And Marking Device Eliminates Fumbling With Tape Measures When Determining Length Of Finish Trim.
  • Stick Pins, Tape Measure Slots, And Rare Earth Magnets Make Accurate Installation Of Even The Largest Windows A One Person Job.
  • Unique To The Trim45 Is An Adjustable Reveal Setting Ranging From 1/8″ To 1/2″ In 1/8″ Increments, Allowing It To Be Used On Any Project In Any Home Or At Any Job Site Adding Versatility And Usability.

    Other Uses Include A Built In Miter Gauge For Marking 45 Degree Angles, A Built In Square For Marking 90 Degree Angles Or Setting Miter Blades, And Tape Measure Slots Allow Marking Straight Lines At The Depth Of The Set Reveal.

    2. The Art Of Japanese Joinery

    art of japanese joinery (nail-less carpentry)

    By :- Weatherhill Tankosha

  • This lively introduction to Japanese joinery not only delves lovingly into the unique history and development of Japanese carpentry, but also reveals many secrets of Japanese joinery.
  • Presenting 48 joints, selected from among the several hundred known and used today, this visually exciting book will please anyone who has ever been moved by the sheer beauty of wood.
  • With the clear isometric projections complementing the 64 pages of stunning photographs, even the weekend carpenter can duplicate these bequests from the traditional Japanese carpenter, which can be applied to projects as large as the buildings for which most of them were originally devised or to projects as small as a sewing box.

    3. Trim Carpentry And Built-Ins: Taunton’s BLP: Expert Advice From Start To Finish

    ISBN13: 9781561584789

    By :- Taunton Press

  • Learn how to get tight miters and crisp details when casing doors and windows, running baseboard, and putting up crown molding.
  • You’ll also learn how to design and build custom built-in bookcases and cabinets to enhance any room in the house.
  • Trim Carpentry and Built-Ins shows you how to get professional results with all of your common trim projects.
  • Detailed instructions with hundreds of photos and drawings can help you overcome challenges like out-of-square walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Among the latest in Taunton’s Build Like a Pro series, Trim Carpentry and Built-Ins is filled with trade secrets and tried-and-true methods from carpenter and author Clayton DeKorne’s 25 years in the industry.

    This book brings you: professional tips and trade secrets for installing trim with precision advice on common trim projects, including window and door casing, baseboards, crown molding, and wainscoting detailed instructions for built-in bookcases and cabinets .

    4. DEWALT Carpentry And Framing Complete Handbook (DEWALT Series)

    By :-

    With abundant, full-color diagrams and an easy-to-understand writing style, the DEWALT CARPENTRY AND FRAMING COMPLETE HANDBOOK, Second Edition, is an ideal resource to help today’s students master the basics of carpentry and framing.

    The text is logically organized to provide a comprehensive, yet concise, introduction to the trade, from foundations and floors to walls, rafters, and roofs–as well as special topics such as stairs, railings, porches, and decks.

    In addition, students can take advantage of the free DEWALT Mobile Pro™ app, a construction calculator with integrated reference materials and access to hundreds of additional calculations as add-ons.

    5. America’s Covered Bridges: Practical Crossings – Nostalgic Icons

    By :-

  • As many as 15,000 covered bridges were built in North America over the past 200 years.
  • Knapp tell the fascinating story of these bridges, how they were built, the technological breakthroughs required to construct them and above all the dedication and skill of their builders.
  • North American covered bridges were marvels of engineering long before modern civil engineering was invented.
  • These systems, called trusses, were critical to bridge construction of the day and had to be protected from the elements by a roof and siding.
  • The Permanent Bridge in Philadelphia, considered by most as the first covered bridge in America, figures prominently, as do the bridges of Lancaster County&#8212heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country.
  • Some, like the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge over the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, were a mile long.
  • An American icon, many covered bridges became obsolete and were replaced&#8212others simply decayed and collapsed.
  • America’s Covered Bridges is absolutely packed with fascinating stories and information passionately told by two leading experts on this subject.
  • Few people today realize that bridges were covered to protect the trusses&#8212not the people using the bridge! The unprotected trusses soon degraded and the bridge would collapse.
  • Most of the contemporary photography is by master photographer A.
  • This compendium of classic Americana includes many of the most astounding and iconic bridges ever built in the United States, including those by Timothy Palmer, Theodore Burr and Lewis Wernwag.
  • Over time, wooden bridges eventually gave way to ones made of iron, steel and concrete.
  • Many more were swept away by natural disasters and fires.
  • The book will be of tremendous interest to anyone interested in American history, carpentry and technological change.
  • Each wooden bridge, whether still standing or long gone, has a story to tell about the nature of America at the time—not only about its transportation needs but the availability of materials and the technological prowess of the people who built it.

    Early American bridge builders developed revolutionary new carpentry methods to join timbers into patterns consisting of triangles or continuous arches that resulted in structures rigid enough to span long distances.

    Illustrated with some 550 historical and contemporary photos, paintings, and technical drawings of nearly 400 different covered bridges, America’s Covered Bridges offers five readable chapters on the history, design and fate of America’s covered bridges, plus related bridges in Canada.

    55 photo essays on the most iconic bridges remaining, including: Cornish-Windsor Bridge between Vermont and New Hampshire Porter-Parsonsfield Bridge, Maine East Paden and West Paden (Twin Bridges), PennsylvaniaPhilippi Bridge, West VirginiaHortons Mill Bridge, AlabamaMedora Bridge, IndianaRock Mill Bridge, OhioKnight’s Ferry Bridge, CaliforniaPerrault Bridge, Quebec, CanadaHartland Bridge, New Brunswick, CanadaAmong the featured bridges are two that were destroyed before the book could be published, New York’s Blenheim Bridge during a storm and Ohio’s Humpback Bridge by arson.

    6. Modern Carpentry

    By :-

  • Modern Carpentry is a colorful, easy-to-understand source of authoritative and up-to-date information on building materials, tools, and construction methods.
  • The text also familiarizes you with other aspects of the building trades with chapters on plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.
  • A career chapter and construction Careers features throughout the text introduce student to the on-the-job success factors, including basic skills, safety, attitudes, and career opportunities.
  • It provides detailed coverage of all aspects of light construction.
  • Detailed, step-by-step procedures break down complex operations into easy-to-follow tasks, ensuring student success.
  • Changes for this edition include a new Green Building and Certification Programs chapter, new Thinking Green features, increased coverage of IRC and OSHA requirements, and increased safety and rigging content.

    7. DEWALT Carpentry And Framing Complete Handbook (DEWALT Series)

    By :-

  • Whether you are a seasoned professional or just entering the construction industry, this is the ultimate handbook for residential wood framing and related topics.
  • The accompanying text is clear, straightforward, and accessible, clarifying and elaborating on the visuals.
  • The book concludes with a chapter on special topics, which includes an exploration of the construction of stairs, railings, porches, and decks.
  • Coverage begins with a discussion of house types and foundations, gradually progressing to more complex areas, such as wall and floor framing.
  • Logically organized for easy reference, this is a thorough yet concise introduction to the world of carpentry and framing for professionals.
  • Packed with powerful, full-color diagrams and an easy-to-understand writing style, DEWALT Carpentry and Framing Complete Handbook does just that by spelling out, through pictures, the step-by-step procedures associated with key carpentry concepts.

    8. The Genius Of Japanese Carpentry: Secrets Of An Ancient Craft

    Tuttle Publishing

    By :- Tuttle Publishing

  • This new edition of an architectural classic is by Azby Brown—one of the world’s leading experts on Japanese architecture.
  • It contains a new preface and many new text materials and photographs—most of them now available in color for the first time.
  • The Genius of Japanese Carpentry tells the story of the 1200-year-old Yakushiji monastery in Nara and the dedicated modern-day craftsmen who are working to restore what has been lost to the depredations of time, fire and warfare.

    Although the full monastery reconstruction will not be completed until 2030, one of the primary temples, the Picture Hall, has been wholly restored employing the same woodworking technology used to create the original building.

    Azby Brown chronicles the painstaking restoration of the temple through extensive interviews with the carpenters and woodworkers along with original drawings based on the plans of master carpenter Tsunekazu Nishioka.

    An inspiring testament to the dedication of these craftsmen and their philosophy of carpentry work as a form of personal fulfillment, The Genius of Japanese Carpentry offers detailed documentation of this singular project and a moving reminder of the unique cultural continuity found in Japan.

    9. Wood: Craft, Culture, History

    By :- Green, Harvey

  • A rich, authoritative look at a material that plays an essential role in human culture Wood has been a central part of human life throughout the world for thousands of years.
  • In an intoxicating mix of science, history, and practical information, historian and woodworker Harvey Green considers this vital material’s place on the planet.
  • What makes one wood hard and one soft? How did we find it, tame it? Where does it fit into the histories of technology, architecture, and industrialization, of empire, exploration, and settlement? Spanning the surprising histories of the log cabin and Windsor chair, the deep truth about veneer, the role of wood in the American Revolution, the disappearance of the rain forests, the botany behind the baseball bat, and much more, Wood is a deep and satisfying look at one of our most treasured resources.

    10. Easy Carpentry Projects For Children (Dover Children’s Activity Books)

    By :- Dover Publications

  • “All projects have been pretested for school use and are suitable for youngsters.
  • What better way to learn than by doing? This thoughtfully conceived woodworking primer by educator Jerome E.
  • New carpenters will beam with pride and accomplishment at having constructed useful, tangible objects to keep or to give as presents to parents or friends.
  • ” — Bulletin of National Association of Secondary School Principals.
  • Leavitt makes learning basic carpentry skills enjoyable and rewarding for boys and girls ages 8 and up.
  • Carefully planned to appeal to young woodworkers, each project includes clear, simple directions, enhanced by clean, accurate diagrams and attractive line drawings.
  • With special sections on basic hand tools, squaring a block of wood, and wood finishing, this unique how-to book presents step-by-step instructions for making 15 popular wooden items — all scaled to the beginner’s capabilities: Sailboat, Clock Shelf, Bird Feeder, Candlesticks, Hot Dish Coaster, Towel Holder, Steamboat, Cart, Toy Sled , Birdhouse for a Wren, Book Rack, Shoeshine Kit, Table Lamp, Flower Box, and Tie Rack.

    11. The Ultimate Guide To Trim Carpentry: Plan, Design, Install (Creative Homeowner

    Creative Homeowner Press #CH277516 Trim Carpentry Book

    By :- Creative Homeowner Press

  • Ultimate Guide to Trim Carpentry shows how easy it is to enhance any home by adding decorative trimwork or molding–the right way.
  • Sections on specific styles help readers choose the type of molding that best suits the design and character of their homes.
  • Renowned woodworker Neal Barrett details the techniques that ensure a professional-looking job every time.
  • This book takes a practical, no-nonsense approach to trimwork design and construction.
  • The beautiful, eye-catching photographs of real rooms provide inspiration for dressing up any space that lacks texture or ornament.
  • Even novices will be able to install door and window casings, chair rails, crown moldings, and much more like a pro.
  • 12. At Your Best As A Carpenter: Your Playbook For Building A Successful Career And

    By :-

  • The only series of step-by-step guides to succeeding in the skilled trades and achieving the American dream.
  • 5 million unfilled jobs in the skilled trades in the US.
  • Moreover, plenty of opportunity exists for established tradespeople to start their own business, but they have no guidance.
  • At each step of the way, your At Your Best playbook and its companion, www.
  • com, provide the information, recommendations, outside resources, and concrete actions needed for taking the next successful step in You, Inc.
  • Despite being well-paying and secure, these jobs remain open because enough qualified candidates with the skills, attitude, and experience required do not exist.
  • At Your Best as a Carpenter is your playbook for learning if a career as a carpenter is right for you, progressing from pre-apprentice to journeyman to master carpenter, and launching your own small business.

    Learn:What does a career as a carpenter look like?Why should you consider becoming a carpenter?How do you become a successful craftsman as a carpenter?How much can you make as a carpenter?What are your career options once you become a carpenter?How long does it take to be successful at each stage in a carpenter’s career?How and where do you find work as a carpenter?What does it take to strike out on your own? What does it take to launch and build a successful small business?At Your Best is the only step-by-step handbook to finding if a career in the trades is right for you, educating yourself and earning the proper certifications, establishing yourself as an excellent apprentice and journeyman in the industry, and moving on to start your own small business in the trades.

    Whether you are beginning your first career, changing careers, or ready to move up and start your own business as a carpenter, plumber, HVAC/R tech, or other tradesman, this is the book that will tell you how.

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