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1. Republicans Buy Sneakers Too: How The Left Is Ruining Sports With Politics

By :-

  • National Bestseller!Sports media superstar Clay Travis wants to save sports from the social justice warriors seeking to turn them into another political battleground.
  • Whether it’s in the stadium or the studio, the conversation isn’t about who’s talented and who stinks.
  • And we know which side is playing referee in that game.
  • Travis argues it’s time for right-thinking fans everywhere to put down their beers and reclaim their teams and their traditions.
  • It’s about who said the right or wrong thing from the sidelines or on social media.
  • Having ruined journalism and Hollywood, far left-wing activists have now turned to sports.
  • In Republicans Buy Sneakers, Too he replays the arguments he’s won and lays out all the battles ahead.
  • Travis hopes that if we can stop sports from being just another political battlefield, and return it to our common ground, we can come together as a country again.
  • Have you ever tuned into your favorite sports highlights show, only to find the talking heads yammering about the newest Trump tweets or what an athlete thinks about the second amendment? The way Clay Travis sees it, sports are barely about sports anymore.

    Travis wants sports to remain the great equalizer and ultimate meritocracy—a passion that unites Americans of all races, genders, and creeds, providing an opportunity to find common ground and an escape from polarizing commentary.

    He takes readers through the recent politicization of sports, controversy by controversy and untalented-but-celebrated hero by hero, and skewers outlets like ESPN which spend more time mimicking MSNBC than covering sports.

    2. Buy Then Build: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart The Startup Game

    By :-

  • Despite the popularity of entrepreneurship, we haven’t engineered a better way to start.
  • Almost all startups either fail or never truly reach a sustainable size.
  • What if you could skip the startup phase and generate profitable revenue on day one?In Buy Then Build, acquisition entrepreneur Walker Deibel shows you how to begin with a sustainable, profitable company and grow from there.

    You’ll learn how to: ● Buy an existing company rather than starting from scratch● Use ownership as a path to financial independence● Spend a fraction of the time raising capital● Find great brokers, generate your own “deal flow,” and see new listings early● Uncover the best opportunities and biggest risks of any company● Navigate the acquisition process● Become a successful acquisition entrepreneur● And moreBuy Then Build is your guide to outsmart the startup game, live the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and reap the financial rewards of ownership now.

    3. Buy Jewels 14k Gold Dainty Half Band Natural Diamond Wedding Anniversary Ring

    Half-band and Comfort Fit.

    By :- Buy Jewels

  • The most delicate things in the world are the most precious including your loved ones.
  • With a color grading of G-H, it is considered in the upper bracket of near colorless diamonds therefore it appears dazzling white after setting is completed.
  • The skilled setting is crafted in 14k Solid White Gold metal making the ring sturdy for diamond setting and highly durable.
  • Surprise them today with this beautiful dainty & delicate natural diamond half-band wedding ring.
  • 08 cttw this ring is a perfect dainty valentine’s day surprise with an added touch of delicacy.
  • The clarity is in the I1-I2 range however the luster of the diamonds makes up the shine for it.
  • 4. Buy 2 Pay For 1 – Sugar Substitute Stevia Powder 8 Oz (1520 Servings) – Pure

    COMPLETELY NATURAL STEVIA POWDER extracted from naturally grown stevia leaves and chemical free process which gives you pure sweetness and no after taste experience.

    By :- Nature Scholar

  • Nature Scholar gives you completely natural Stevia powder, extracted naturally from grown stevia leaves and chemical free process which gives you pure sweetness and no after taste experience.
  • It can be used for baking,sweeten the drinks and as topping in many other food items.
  • We assure you that our stevia is completely pure and natural.
  • It is tested by a third-party accredited laboratory in the USA.
  • Diabetes Control – Nature Scholar Stevia is a zero-calorie sweetener that does not affect your blood glucose and it makes insulin sufficient in your body so it helps you fight diabetes.
  • Weight Control – Attention to diet and physical activity is important to help ensure a healthy body weight.
  • Its purity makes it calorie free and up to 300 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Quality Guarantee: Quality and customer satisfaction come first.
  • Our stevia exceeds all the required quality control and testing.
  • Zero Calorie Nature Scholar stevia proves itself as a weight buster being a sweetener without sacrificing taste.
  • Metabolism – Research has shown that there is no accumulation of stevia (or any by-product of stevia) in the body during metabolism.
  • Blood Pressure – Nature Scholar stevia helps you lower blood pressure because stevia plant contains the qualities of cardiotonic actions which keep your blood pressure normal.
  • No Allergies – Nature Scholar Stevia in not reactive and not metabolized to reactive compounds.
  • Anti-Oxidants – Nature Scholar Stevia is rich in Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Sceptic, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Oxidants which keep you young for a long time.
  • Dental Health – Stevia retards plaque accumulation on the teeth and suppresses bacterial growth that causes cavities.
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