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Best burning man goggles 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 burning man goggles

1. Fire DVD – Fireplace XL – Extra Long Open Hearth Fires With Burning Wood Sounds

DVD FEATURES 6 GREAT FIRES : Fireplace xl features three long fireplaces of 25 minutes and three themed fireplaces: – christmas fireplace – classic fireplace – log cabin fireplace

By :- The Ambient Collection

  • PERFECT BACKDROP: A Great party entertainment for guests, bonding moments with the kids, favorite book reading to relax, or a romantic evening with a loved one.
  • VIDEO LOOP : Our DVD were programmed to give you a continuous fire on your TV.
  • EXTRA-LONG FIRES AND THREE DIFFERENT SOUNDTRACKS OF PEACEFUL MUSIC Create a nice cozy place, sit back and let the flickering flames relax you.
  • QUALITYFireplace XL, one of our bestselling Fireplace DVDs, is recorded in 1080p Full HD to give you the most realistic experience possible.
  • You will have the same experience as if it was a real fireplace, but without having to chop the logs and clean up in the morning.
  • HD DIGITAL : All tracks filmed with HD cameras and professional digital audio equipment.
  • Overwhelming, wonderful, intoxicating, chaotic and fantastic.
  • Step on your stationary bike and submerge yourself in all the wonders of one of the most diverse cities in the world.
  • This fireplace DVD creates the right ambiance for any situation.
  • The three extra-long fires have four extra soundtracks of specially composed ambient music.
  • All tracks play continuously for an endless fire on your TV.
  • DVD FEATURES 6 GREAT FIRES : Fireplace XL features three long fireplaces of 25 minutes and three themed fireplaces: – Christmas fireplace – Classic fireplace – Log cabin fireplace VIRTUAL FIREPLACE : Turn your TV into a realistic fireplace.

    FIREPLACE XL FEATURES 3 LONG FIREPLACES OF 25 MINUTES AND 3 THEMED FIREPLACES: – Christmas Fireplace- Classic Fireplace- Log Cabin Fireplace (crackling Fire Sounds Are Complemented By Soothing Bird Sounds) SOUNDTRACKS All fireplaces can be played with the original fire sounds, recorded on location, peaceful music or a mix of both.

    2. Mississippi Burning



  • Telling each other to stay calm, they have no way of knowing that in minutes they will disappear into the night and spark one of the most explosive murder investigations in history.
  • Can these two philosophically opposed FBI agents overcome their differences and uncover the chilling mystery of a small Ku Klux Klan-ridden community before an entire town is torn apart by racism?.
  • Enter straight-laced Ward (Dafoe) and deceptively easy-going Anderson (Hackman).
  • Starring two-time OscarÂ(r) winner* Gene Hackman and Academy AwardÂ(r) nominee** Willem Dafoe, Mississippi Burning ranks as one of the most potent and insightful views of racial turmoil yet produced (Variety).

    Nominated*** for six OscarsÂ(r) and winner of an Academy AwardÂ(r) for Best Cinematography, this emotionally charged film vividly captures acrucial chapter in American history (Time)! As three civil rights activists drive down a desolate stretch of highway, headlights ominously draw near.

    3. Burning [Blu-ray + DVD Combo]

    By :-

  • When Jongsu learns of Bens secret fetish of burning down greenhouses and Haemi suddenly disappears, his confusion and obsessions begin to mount, culminating in a stunning finale.
  • Based on a story by international best-selling author Haruki Murakami, BURNING is the searing examination of an alienated young man, Jongsu (Ah-in YOO, The Throne), a frustrated introvert whose already difficult life is complicated by the appearance of two people into his orbit: first, Haemi (newcomer Jong-seoJUN), a spirited woman who offers romantic possibility, and then, Ben (Steven YEUN, The Walking Dead, Sorry to Bother You), a wealthy and sophisticated young man she returns from a trip with.

    4. Burning Man: Art On Fire: Revised And Updated

    Race Point Pub

    By :- Race Point Pub

  • Experience the scorching art of Burning Man with this visual history.
  • This vastly inhospitable location, called the playa, is the site of Burning Man, where, within a 9-mile fence, artists called Burners create a temporary city devoted to art and participation.
  • In 2015, over 70,000 people attended — the highest number ever allowed on the playa.
  •  Burning Man: Art on Fire is an authorized collection of some of the most stunning examples of Burning Man art, now updated to include 2015.
  • Get lost in a rich gallery of images showcasing the best examples of playa art with over 200 photos.
  • Every August, tens of thousands of participants gather to celebrate artistic expression in Nevada’s barren Black Rock Desert.
  • Braving extreme elements, artists create over two hundred wildly ambitious works intended to delight, provoke, involve, or amaze.
  • As Burning Man has created new context, new categories of art have emerged, including Art to Ride, Collaborative Art, and of course, Art to Burn.
  • Experience the amazing sculptures, art, stories, and interviews from the world’s greatest gathering of artists.
  • Interviews with the artists reveal not only their motivation to create art specifically for Burning Man, but they also illuminate the dramatic efforts it took to create their pieces.
  • Featuring the incredible photography of long-time Burning Man photographers Sidney Erthal and Scott London, an introduction from Burning Man founder Larry Harvey, and a foreword from Will Chase, this stunning slipcased edition with a frameable print allows Burners and enthusiasts alike to have a piece of Burning Man with them all year around.

    5. Blue Feather Body Harness Wings Epaulettes Shoulder Tops Steampunk Goth Festival

    Material: Feathers+Strppy

    By :- BBOHSS

  • We strictly control each production steps to guarantee that the product is delivered to you without any defect for your satisfaction is our driving force.
  • We have our own factory and we can receive OEM orders for any customized size.
  • Quality Guarantee: Made with manual work, it is 100% brand new.
  • Services: Please feel free to contact us anytime no matter it is in pre-sales or after-sales stage, and we are pleased to answer each of your questions.
  • This is a Sexy Feathers body Harness Material: Feathers and Strappy Chest Circumference: (70-120 cm)( 27-47 inches ) Waist: ( 60-100 cm ) ( 24-39 inches) Shoulder width : (13-18)inch = (33-46cm) Recommended Height: 150 cm – 180 cm (59 inches – 71 inches) Recommended Weight: 35kg-70kg(77lb-154lb) Size: The size can be adjusted freely, suitable for S-XXL.

    Occasions: Night Clubs, Balls, Parties, Carnivals, Festivals, Bedroom or routine occasions Reason for recommendation: The sexy Sexy Feathers Harness is born for your beauty, It can make you look more beautiful and sexy.

    6. Disco Ball Holographic Men’s Leggings Music Festival Meggings (Gold, Medium)

    Quick/Drying Swim Quality Spandex

    By :- Revolver Fashion

  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Comfortable to get sweaty in, easy to get the sweat out! All of our men’s leggings are machine washable for easy care.
  • We recommend cold, gentle cycle if you have one, and holographic flip holographic prints inside out before washing.
  • JUST FOR MEN: Revolver Fashion Meggings are made SPECIFICALLY for MEN! 
While we at Revolver Fashion do also make women’s leggings, we use an original, specially cut pattern for guys that leaves a little extra room in the crotch and a comfortable fit in the legs meant for guys bodies.

    WEAR THEM EVERYWHERE! Perfect for music festivals, parties, and nightclubs, but don’t forget about yoga, running, circus, acro, skydiving, use them for it all! Our meggings look great at events but also function great during sweaty activities and quick dry for your comfort.

    7. GloFX Royal Gold Padded Kaleidoscope Goggles Raver EDM Eyewear Rainbow

    Royal Gold Kaleidoscope Goggles with Extreme-Comfort Rubber Pads (White)

    By :- GloFX

  • Our Royal Gold Kaleidoscope Goggles are perfect for any EDM or festival event.
  • These goggles feature our high-quality optical grade glass crystals that will send your vision into a prismatic rainbow for a truly immersive experience.
  • By blocking out all exterior light, these Kaleidoscope Goggles provide an unparalleled experience that has to be seen in person to truly understand.
  • Grab a pair today, you won’t regret it! These high-quality Royal Gold Kaleidoscope Goggles feature 100% real glass lenses and are proudly assembled in the USA!.
  • We have taken our Flat Back Kaleidoscope crystals and outfitted them into our GloFX Goggles.
  • Very similar to steampunk, gothic or cyber goggles, our Kaleidoscope goggles are a huge hit at any festival or event.
  • Plus you won’t have to worry about losing these awesome goggles; each pair is assembled with an adjustable headband so you only focus on having fun.
  • 8. GloFX Chrome Padded Kaleidoscope Goggles Bug Eye Lens – Silver Frame – Rave

    Chrome Bug Eye Kaleidoscope Goggles with Extreme Comfort Rubber Pads

    By :- GloFX

  • Surround yourself in a prism of fractal beauty with our Chrome Kaleidoscope Goggles.
  • These steam punk style goggles have a unique cyber look that will make you truly stand out at your next EDM festival or rave.
  • By blocking out all exterior light, our Kaleidoscope Goggles provide an unparalleled experience that has to been seen in person to truly understand.
  • These high quality Kaleidoscope Goggles feature 100% real glass lenses and are proudly assembled in the USA!.
  • Our Flat Back glass crystals offer a clear transmission of light for added clarity.
  • These goggles feature our high quality optical grade glass crystals that will send your vision into a prismatic rainbow for a truly immersive experience.
  • With its adjustable headband and high quality chrome plastic, you can rest assured that your new goggles will stay put no matter how wild your night gets.
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