Top 10 Best bug bomb 2018

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Best bug bomb 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 bug bomb

1. Original Indoor Insect Trap: Fruit Fly, Gnat, Mosquito, Bug Killer – UV Light,

🔷TRIPLE TRAPPING POWER: Works best for catching gnats, fruit flies and mosquitoes. The UV light lures them above the fan that sucks them in and the super sticky glue boards make sure they don’t escape. Be warned that the trap is not as effective for house flies – especially killing the bigger ones!


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2. Aspectek – Most Favored – Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Bed Bug Trap With 2 Glue

NON-POISONOUS – 100% effective indoor flea control solution. Natural and odorless glue trap. Safe to use around children & pets.

By :- Aspectek

  • The Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Trap lets you control fleas in your home without having to resort to chemical sprays or putting potentially harmful chemicals on your pet.
  • – Plugs into any standard household outlet for convenience and portability.
  • How Does It Work The Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Trap monitors and controls flea infestations by using light, heat and the powerful sticky traps to catch and trap fleas.
  • The heat and light lead the fleas to the sticky trap pad and, once they land on the sticky trap, its biting days immediately come to an end.
  • Product Features – Non-poisonous, 100% effective flea control solution.
  • – Package includes 1 trap and 2 glue discs, with refills readily available.
  • The Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Trap controls indoor flea problems by simulating the warmth of a tasty meal and luring fleas out of furniture and carpeting.
  • The Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Trap is non-toxic and odorless, making it safe to use around children and pets.
  • About Trapest Trapest is a North American pest control brand.
  • Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Trap refills can be stored for up to 12 months, so the trap is ready to go if an infestation should happen again, making the Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Trap a very economical option for getting rid of fleas.

    3. Bug Bingo


    By :- Chronicle Books

  • This beautifully illustrated bingo game features 64 species of bugs from around the world.
  • Identify all kinds of insects – from the Giant Hawker Dragonfly to the Kissing Bug and the Orchid Bee to the Sacred Scarab – mark them off on your card and bingo!Bug Bingo brings a fun and educational twist to the traditional game as players learn the names and colorings of both favorite species like the Honey Bee and more exotic bugs like the Vampire Moth.

    Contains 64 superbly illustrated bug tokens, one board, 12 bingo cards and brightly colored counters for you to mark up your card, as well as a leaflet containing basic information and a few quirky traits for all of the bugs featured.

    4. Black Flag 11079 HG-11079 6 Count Indoor Fogger

    Kills on contact

    By :- Black Flag

  • The Black Flag Concentrated Fogger is a dual action fogger, because it penetrates cracks & crevices to kill bugs where they live & breed and leaves a fresh scent.
  • It is perfect to use in apartments, attics, basements, garages and household storage areas.
  • Continues killing German cockroaches for up to 12 weeks on non-porous surfaces.
  • Pack of 4 includes 4 individual packages of 6 foggers each.
  • It kills the following insects by contact: spider (except brown recluse), ants (except fire, carpenter, harvester and Pharaoh ants), roaches, fleas, house flies, mosquitoes, brown dog ticks, silverfish and firebrats.

    5. ElementDigital MJX Bugs 5W GPS Drone App Operation IOS Android 1080P 5G WiFi

    POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: Adjustable 1080P 5G Wi-Fi camera HD camera (300m FPV distance), GPS smart return, one key return, point of interest, altitude hold, bugs go app(ios, android), track flight, headless mode, follow me, mechanical gimbal stabilization, long control distance (about 300m), 6 bright LED lights.

    By :- ElementDigital

  • Join us, another way to see the wonderful world, different scenery! Package List: 1 * MJX Bugs 5W RC Quadcopter 1 * 1080P 5G WIFI Camera 3 * 7.
  • GPS Global positioning system offers 3 types of Return-to-Home(RTH) are designed to protect your Bugs 5W.
  • Bugs Go You can control the camera and flight all from your mobile device if you install this App.
  • Point of Interest With Point of Interest, your aircraft will continuously circle clockwise around the preset point.
  • What Are You Waiting For? Get this drone for your fun.
  • 5in / 350 * 350 * 95mm Package Information Package size: 14.
  • 93lb / 1330g Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization You can adjust the camera angle by remote control, equipped with single-axis mechanical gimbal, which can reduce shake and keep shots stable effectively.
  • RTH Return-to-Home, remote positioning system can record return on takeoff point.
  • Follow Me The aircraft’s camera will lock on your mobile phone, when using this function, the aircraft will track you automatically.
  • Track Flight In the track flight mode, B5W will fly to the target or fly in the direction you tapped on the screen.
  • 4V 1800mAh Li-po Battery 1 * Transmitter 1 * Phone Holder (studdle *1 + holder *1) 8 * Propeller blade (include 4 extra propeller blades) 1 * Screwdriver Tool 1 * Propeller Changing Tool 4 * Soft Gasket 1 * USB Cable 1 * Balance Charger 1 * Charging Converter 1 * Paster 1 * Quick Start Guides 1 * User Manual B5W Drone Weight: 0.

    6. Harris Natural Bed Bug Killer Value Bundle Kit – Gallon Spray, Silica Powder,

    Natural Products – Silica’s naturally occurring diatoms dry bugs out while the spray’s uses natural plant oils to kill bed bugs (FIFRA Products Exempt from EPA Registration)

    By :- Harris

  • The Harris Natural Bed Bug Kit contains FIFRA products that are exempt from EPA registration.
  • Whereas diatomaceous earth powder cuts the exoskeleton of the insect causing gradual dehydration, silica powder pulls the moisture out of the insect.
  • Harris Natural Bed Bug Killer Spray contains cedar wood oil, clove oil, geranoil and sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Always follow label directions and shake well before use.
  • Harris bed bug silica powder is part of the Harris Green Label lineup.
  • This item is registered with the EPA in states that require registration for products exempt from FIFRA.
  • These are all natural ingredients that work together to kill bed bugs effectively and offer residual protection.
  • The spray is great to use in combination with a bed bug fogger, bed bug traps, bed bug interceptors, bed bug powder, bed bug bombs and bed bug mattress encasement covers to eliminate these bugs from your home.

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