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1. Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals Of Artisan Bread And Pizza

Ten Speed Press

By :- Ten Speed Press

  • From Portland’s most acclaimed and beloved baker comes this must-have baking guide, featuring recipes for world-class breads and pizzas and a variety of schedules suited for the home baker.
  • There are few things more satisfying than biting into a freshly made, crispy-on-the-outside, soft-and-supple-on-the-inside slice of perfectly baked bread.
  • In Flour Water Salt Yeast, Forkish translates his obsessively honed craft into scores of recipes for rustic boules and Neapolitan-style pizzas, all suited for the home baker.
  • Pizza lovers can experiment with a variety of doughs and sauces to create the perfect pie using either a pizza stone or a cast-iron skillet.
  • For Portland-based baker Ken Forkish, well-made bread is more than just a pleasure—it is a passion that has led him to create some of the best and most critically lauded breads and pizzas in the country.

    Forkish developed and tested all of the recipes in his home oven, and his impeccable formulas and clear instructions result in top-quality artisan breads and pizzas that stand up against those sold in the best bakeries anywhere.

    Whether you’re a total beginner or a serious baker, Flour Water Salt Yeast has a recipe that suits your skill level and time constraints: Start with a straight dough and have fresh bread ready by supper time, or explore pre-ferments with a bread that uses biga or poolish.

    If you’re ready to take your baking to the next level, follow Forkish’s step-by-step guide to making a levain starter with only flour and water, and be amazed by the delicious complexity of your naturally leavened bread.

    Flour Water Salt Yeast is more than just a collection of recipes for amazing bread and pizza—it offers a complete baking education, with a thorough yet accessible explanation of the tools and techniques that set artisan bread apart.

    Featuring a tutorial on baker’s percentages, advice for manipulating ingredients ratios to create custom doughs, tips for adapting bread baking schedules to fit your day-to-day life, and an entire chapter that demystifies the levain-making process, Flour Water Salt Yeast is an indispensable resource for bakers who want to make their daily bread exceptional bread.

    2. Oster Expressbake Bread Maker With Gluten-Free Setting, 2 Pound, White

    650W bread maker with up to a 2-pound loaf capacity is ideal for larger families

    By :- Oster

  • Make bakery-style artisan bread at home with the Oster Expressbake Bread Maker with Gluten-Free Setting.
  • This bread machine features an ExpressBake cycle that bakes delicious loaves in as little as one hour.
  • The bread maker comes complete with measuring tools, kneading blades, and delicious recipes.
  • Ideal for larger families, the Expressbake bread maker has up to a 2-pound loaf capacity.
  • With its compact, user-friendly design, 13 settings including express and gluten-free options, and 3 crust selections, this countertop bread maker makes it easy to bake a variety of breads whether you want cinnamon raisin bread in the morning, whole wheat sandwich bread in the afternoon, or buttery dinner rolls.

    The large LCD display allows you to easily navigate the settings, while the programmable timer lets you delay the bake time by up to 13 hours–so you can prepare ahead and enjoy a freshly baked loaf exactly when you want it.

    3. Zojirushi BB-PAC20BA BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker With Gluten Free

    Bakes a large traditional rectangular shaped 2-pound loaf; Gluten Free and Custom Menu settings will accommodate gluten free and organic baking ingredients.

    By :- Zojirushi

  • Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker BB-PAC20BA Get performance like you’ve never seen from a breadmaker.
  • With perfectly browned crust every time, anyone can be a master baker.
  • A double-ended teaspoon/tablespoon measuring spoon, an 8-ounce measuring cup, and a user manual with a variety of recipes come included.
  • It can even be used to make homemade meatloaf, strawberry jam, chocolate cake, and more.
  • In certain models, you can also program your own cycles as well.
  • Jam Don’t sweat over the stove stirring the pot; the Home Bakery will do it for you automatically.
  • Cake No need to get out the whisk or mixers; the Home Bakery will mix the ingredients AND automatically bake the cake for you.
  • It even lets the Home Bakery work like an oven and bake meatloaf in it! Dough Prepares dough for you to shape and bake in the oven.
  • Bake Bread with Ease Use Fresh Ingredients First, prepare fresh ingredients.
  • The more accurate the measurements are, the better the finished bread will be.
  • Through trials and errors, we found a right order for adding ingredients.
  • Select Course Finally, make sure to choose the right course setting.
  • Dual kneading blades to knead the dough thoroughly.
  • Other Features Bakes a large traditional rectangular shaped 2-lb.
  • A revolutionary heating element built into our Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker changes the way you can bake bread at home.
  • From novice to expert, now any home baker can take advantage of our most technologically advanced breadmaker, loaded with menu settings and options for the ultimate in versatility.
  • Pizza Strawberry Jam Meatloaf Pre-Programmed Baking Options Breads, cakes and other menu options are pre-programmed.
  • Whole Wheat The extended kneading time helps knead heavier flour such as whole wheat and rye flour thoroughly.
  • Enjoy preservatives and additive free jam all year round.
  • Home Made The Home Made cycle allows you to program the knead, rise and bake times to create your own menu setting.
  • Enjoy fun recipes such as pizza, bagels, pretzels and cinnamon rolls.
  • Quality of the finished bread will depend on ingredients used.
  • Attach Blades Blades are especially important parts of the breadmakers.
  • Measure Ingredients Next, measure ingredients accurately.
  • Please add in the order of liquids, powders, and yeast to be assured your bread comes out the way you want.
  • Zojirushi’s Home Bakery Supreme Features Large Open Lid There is a large viewing window to watch the baking process.
  • Inner Cooking Pan Handles on the baking pan for easy handling and removal.
  • User-friendly LCD control panel Choose from three crust shades, 10 pre-programmed settings, and set the timer.
  • For a basic bread recipe, simply add in measured ingredients, close the lid, make a selection from the user-friendly LCD control panel, and the Home Bakery Supreme takes care of the rest–baking up a rectangular-shaped 2-pound loaf of bread to perfection.

    Choose from three crust shades–light, medium, or dark–and from 10 pre-programmed settings that consist of Basic, Basic Wheat, Basic Dough, Quick, Quick Wheat, Quick Dough, Jam, Cake, Sour Dough Starter, and Home Made.

    Best of all, the machine’s timer can be set to delay the end of the baking cycle by up to 13 hours, which makes it possible to wake up to the smell of freshly baked, homemade bread in the morning or to come home to a warm loaf at the end of a long day at the office.

    The bread maker provides two blades for thorough dough kneading and a higher rise, a large viewing window, an “on” indicator light, a start/reset button, and a removable nonstick bread pan for easy cleaning.

    Bake a Variety of Recipes From cinnamon-raisin bread for breakfast to buttery dinner rolls or garlic bread sticks to serve with dinner, this counter top appliance makes it easy to create delicious bakery-style artisan bread right at home.

    loafExclusive Home Made Menu function includes 3 memory settingsAdditional heater on lid for even bakingQuick baking cycle prepares bread in a little over 2 hours13-hour delay timerLCD clock makes it easy to check the completion time and set up the TimerIncludes as easy-to-follow instructional DVD, manual and recipe bookletMenu settings include: basic bread, wheat bread, gluten free bread, sourdough starter, dough, jam, cake, quick bread and 3 home made menus .

    4. SKG Automatic Bread Machine 2LB – Beginner Friendly Programmable Bread Maker (19

    THE REAL PLEASURE OF HOMEMADE BREAD IS CLICKS AWAY – For newbies and pros alike, simply follow the Easy-to-Follow recipes to add ingredients, click a few buttons, and then let the bread maker take care of the rest (preheat, kneading, rising, baking, etc.). – 19 Automatic Programs (BASIC, FRENCH, WHOLE-WHEAT, GLUTEEN FREE, CORN BREAD, JAM, YOGURT, etc.) – 3 Loaf Sizes (1 / 1.5 / 2LB) up to 2-pound (for larger families) – 3 Crust Colors (Light / Medium / Dark).

    By :- SKG

  • HOME SWEET HOMENothing says “home” like warm, fragrant, just-baked bread.
  • Simply follow the Easy-to-Follow recipes to add ingredients, click a few buttons, and then let the bread maker take care of the rest.
  • Bake Light, Medium, or Dark crust color and 3 loaf sizes (1 / 1.
  • INTELLIGENT15-hour delay timer, 1 hour automatic “Keep Warm”, and 15-minute Power Interruption Recovery allow for fresh breads anytime.
  • COOKING ENHANCED DESIGN & HIGH QUALITY BUILD The bread pan is designed to make the bread evenly dense inside out during cooking.
  • 6 LB in weight and 13″ inches tall (H x W x D: 13″ x 11″ x 9″)PP food grade housing with brushed stainless steel accentsADDED VALUESSleek design and piano varnish in silver color.
  • Non skid feet prevent the bread maker from dancing on your countertop.
  • Working power is 550W, which requires a 1500W or above transformer if used in a 220V country.
  • Now you can enjoy the real pleasure of freshly baked homemade bread without time-consuming efforts.
  • TASTIER & HEALTHIERHomemade bread is not only tastier but also healthier (fresher & less chemicals); will always put a smile on your face.
  • This attractive bread machine looks great on the countertop.
  • The user manual includes 19 carefully developed and easy-to-follow recipes for all the 19 programs.
  • Before first use, operate the bread maker on the BAKE (#19) program and bake empty for 10 minutes to burn off the manufacturing oils.
  • These will damage the non-stick pan and other parts.
  • 5. Tartine Bread

    Chronicle Books CA

    By :- Chronicle Books

  • The Tartine Way – Not all bread is created equalThe Bread Book “.
  • The bread at San Francisco’s legendary Tartine Bakery sells out within an hour almost every day.
  • Chad Robertson developed his unique bread over two decades of apprenticeship with the finest artisan bakers in France and the United States, as well as experimentation in his own ovens.
  • Bread making the Tartine Way: Now it’s your turn to make this bread with your own hands.
  • If you liked Tartine All Day by Elisabeth Prueitt and Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish, you’ll love Tartine Bread!.
  • , Chad Robertson’s rugged, magnificent Tartine loaves are drawn from the oven.
  • Clear instructions and hundreds of step-by-step photos put you by Chad’s side as he shows you how to make exceptional and elemental bread using just flour, water, and salt.
  • ” — The New York Times, December 7, 2010Tartine – A bread bible for the home or professional bread-maker, this is the book! It comes from Chad Robertson, a man many consider to be the best bread baker in the United States, and co-owner of San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery.

    Only a handful of bakers have learned the techniques Chad Robertson has developed: To Chad Robertson, bread is the foundation of a meal, the center of daily life, and each loaf tells the story of the baker who shaped it.

    6. Sunbeam Programmable Bread Maker, 2 Pound, White (005891-000-000)

    600W programmable bread maker makes 1-1/2- or 2-pound loaves

    By :- Sunbeam

  • Bake fresh, artisan-style bread at home with the Sunbeam Programmable Bread Maker.
  • It features an ExpressBake cycle that bakes delicious loaves in as little as one hour.
  • And thanks to its programmable timer, this artisan bread maker can delay the bake time by up to 13 hours–allowing you to prepare ahead and enjoy a freshly baked loaf exactly when you want it.
  • With its user-friendly design and 12 cooking functions, this convenient bread machine helps you bake a wide variety of breads–from cinnamon raisin bread to buttery dinner rolls.
  • The large LCD display allows you to easily navigate the settings and shows each stage of the bread-making process, while the large glass viewing window lets you take a sneak peek as the bread is baking.

    7. Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

    Automatic fruit and nut dispenser releases ingredients at the right moment during the knead phase so they are evenly incorporated within the dough. Voltage : 110-120 Volts

    By :- Breville

  • There’s nothing like waking up to a freshly baked loaf of bread.
  • A very clever interface computes temperature and baking time when you make a selection, while a super easy Turn and Confirm dial gets you started on any recipe in seconds.
  • But when there are over 60 different recipes to choose from, how do you make sure you get it right.
  • It even lets you select what time you want the bread to be ready, adds fruits and nuts at the appropriate time, and lets you create your own recipes.
  • 8. VIVREAL Bread Maker, Automatic Express Bake Bread Machine 1.5LB, Home Bakery Pro

    【World-Leading Home Appliance Brand】 Aiming to demonstrate high standard of product performance, VIVREAL focuses on the innovation of design and technology to provide the best shopping experience to customer from all over the world. VIVREAL has sold more than 6,000,000 home appliances and been favorably reviewed by more than 5,000,000 customers.

    By :- VIVREAL

  • WHY CHOOSE OUR PROGRAMMABLE BREAD MACHINE? If you like the smell, taste and texture of homemade bread but don’t want to spend hours preparing it, a bread machine is a worthwhile investment.
  • A variety of delicious bread will satisfy your different tastes, one bread machine is enough for the whole family .
  • And its four non skid feet prevent the bread maker from moving on your desk.
  • This is one machine that does all the work for you: mixing, kneading, proofing and baking.
  • Do not worry about the problem after owning this excellent automatic programmable bread machine.
  • LONG-LASTING LIFE! The stainless steel bread maker is remarkably durable, brushed stainless steel food grade housing ensures safe and long-lasting life.
  • Please feel free to enjoy the process of making bread and delicious , totally no need to worry about damage to the machine.
  • EXTREMELY SIMPLE! This programmable bread machine keeps things extremely simple and easy to clean.
  • ONE BREAD MAKER IS ENOUGH FOR ALL OF YOUR FAMILY! An excellent bread machine should meet a family’s different needs for bread, maybe your husband likes whole wheat bread, your children prefer french bread, and you like gluten free bread most.

    Automatically mixes, kneads, rises and bakes bread with just a press of button! Indicator lights will show when the bread or dough is done! So, if you want an easy way to make delicious homemade bread, purchase this VIVREAL Bread Maker today! This bread maker is a MUST BUY, offering you all the comforts you could ever want from this perfect and very convenient device! We are confident that this tasteful bread machine will quickly become an indispensable addition to your home! ADD IT TO CART NOW!.

    9. Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Breadmaker

    Programmable breadmaker produces 1 pound loaves of cakes or breads

    By :- Zojirushi

    Wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread with this programmable breadmaker%2C which features a 13%2Dhour advance timer for delayed baking%2E The unit produces one pound loaves%2D%2Dperfect for smaller households to enjoy the taste of freshly baked bread every day without waste%2E The machine provides automatic settings for preparing a wide variety of breads%2C cakes%2C and fresh fruit jams as well as doughs for rolls%2C croissants%2C pizza%2C pasta%2C cookies%2C and more%2E When time is limited%2C its quick baking cycle bakes bread in under two hours%2E%0D%0A%3CP%3E %0D%0AThe breadmaker also offers three bread textures to choose from%2D%2Dregular%2C firm%2C or soft%2C as well as a crust%2Dcontrol function that allows for selecting regular or light crust%2E The machine%27s nonstick kneading blade ensures that dough is thoroughly kneaded for consistent results%2C while its nonstick baking pan releases bread effortlessly%2E For added convenience%2C the appliance comes equipped with a viewing window%2C an easy%2Dto%2Dread control panel and LCD screen%2C and a sturdy handle for simple transport%2E Accessories include a simple%2Dto%2Dfollow instruction video%2C manual%2C and recipe booklet%2E The compact breadmaker measures 8 by 11 by 12 inches and carries a one%2Dyear warranty%2E.

    10. LATITOP Programmable Bread Machine With Removable Non-stick Pan- 1.5-Pound Loaf,

    ▶Two different loaf sizes and three crust colors- The bread maker can make 1 and 1.5pound bread and 3 bread crust sizes(light, medium or dark crusts)

    By :- LATITOP

  • ITEM SPECIFICATION: ● Brand: LATITOP ● Pan Material: Alluminum alloy and coated with non-stick teflon ● Color: White ● Voltage: 120V ● Power: 500W ● Product Size: 13.
  • Warranty Our product comes with three-month money back and & 2-year warranty for all parts and accessories.
  • Plug the machine into power supply(A beep will be heard and ” 3:00 ” will be displayed on the led screen) 2.
  • Please feel free to contact us for any problems or questions regarding the product, we would be happy to help you.
  • 8*12inch●Weight: 3kg Main Features: ✔ Makes large variouty of bread, jam, yogurt, cake and other dessert with 19 programs ✔ 15 hours delay timer ✔ 2 loaf sizes and 3 crust colors ✔ 1 hour keeping warm function ✔ 10-minute Power Interruption Recovery ✔ Non-stick parrel with handle & kneading blade ✔ Sound reminder when the bread is ready ✔ Anti-slip feet to prevent machine from sliping on the counter Package List: 1 * Bread Maker 1 * Bread Maker 1 * Measuring Cup 1 * Measuring Scoop 1 * Kneading Blade 1 * Hook/Manual Easy to Operate 1.

    How to Take out the Barrel ☞ Push down and turn it anti-clockwise, then lift out it from machine How to install the Barrel ☞Put the bread barrel back into the breadmaker, turning clockwise to lock into place.

    11. Sailor Boy Pilot Bread

    No prep! Ready-to eat, large unsalted cracker

    By :- Sailor Boy

  • Originating as an emergency ration item for pilots and sailor, Sailor Boy Pilot Bread has become a classic.
  • Sailor Boy is a beloved and popular snack cracker, a delightful, wholesome, and versatile food.
  • It has been described as a saltine cracker without the salt, or a flat dry biscuit.
  • As the timing suggests, Sailor Boy Pilot Bread was sustenance for the doughboys, sailors, and US service members overseas.
  • Each delicious, versatile biscuit sustains and delights.
  • This kind of pilot bread cracker is often in military MRE, emergency food ration kits, and long-term food storage supplies.
  • Pilot bread is a kind of biscuit, or cracker, with simple wholesome ingredients and very little moisture.
  • It is crunchy and mild, but nowhere near flavorless.
  • Sailor Boy Pilot Bread originated in 1919, in Virginia.
  • It is no wonder that when those folks came back home they had a sentimental feeling for Sailor Boy, and continued to put it on the table at mealtime.
  • Stored in a cool, dry place, like freeze-dried foods it has an extraordinarily long shelf life up to decades, or longer! Its resistance to spoilage and versatile use makes it a favorite for household emergency kits, preppers’ survival supply cache, disaster-relief food supply, earthquake preparedness kits, and the like.

    Especially in harsh weather, remote locations, and economic hardship conditions Sailor Boy was, and is, a convenient, hardy, and life-sustaining food easily transported, stored, and always ready to eat.

    Sailor Boy Pilot Bread – for some, it’s soul food: Mothers give it to their babies to teeth on or as baby food, back-country hikers stock it in their kit, and seldom does a hunting party venture out in the woods without a supply stowed away in someone’s bag.

    12. Tastefully Simple Bountiful Beer Bread Mix

    Best-ever beer bread mix is a Tastefully Simple top 10 best seller.

    By :- Tastefully Simple

  • Just add beer or any carbonated beverage to our best-loved bread mix and you’ll enjoy warm, buttery, beer bread fresh from the oven in under an hour.
  • Create your own flavored artisanal versions with simple additions like our signature seasonings.
  • In large bowl, combine first 3 ingredients; stir 20-30 seconds to combine.
  • Product Ingredients:Enriched unbleached flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, malted barley flour, enzymes, ascrobic acid), sugar, less than 2% of sodium acid pyrophosphate, baking soda, monocalcium phosphate, salt, sanola or soybean oil, dextrose, malted barley flour.

    RECIPE: Bacon Bacon Cheddar Beer Bread Hands On: 10 minutes Ready In: 1 hourRecipe Ingredients: 1 package Bountiful Beer Bread Mix 12 ounces beer or club soda 2 tablespoons Bacon Bacon ½ cup shredded sharp Cheddar cheese 3 tablespoons butter, melted Directions: 1.

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