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1. Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 790cc Men’s Electric Foil Shaver/Electric Razor,

Braun Series 7 is a smart shaver that reads and adapts to your beard

By :- Braun

  • The Braun Series 7 is our smart electric shaver with 4 synchronized shaving elements that shave in one stroke what others do in two*.
  • The five Turbo/Sensitive Modes adjust the shaver for extra power and gentleness at the push of a button.
  • Do not expose the shaver to temperatures higher than 122 degree Fahrenheit / 50 degree Celsius for extended periods of time.
  • Innovative Sonic technology and an intelligent AutoSensing motor enable shaving even dense beards with efficiency.
  • The best environmental temperature for charging is between 41 degree Fahrenheit to 95 degree Fahrenheit / 5 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius.
  • *Proven on a 3-day beard; IPI research institute, February 2015.
  • 2. Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 7865cc Men’s Electric Razor / Electric Foil

    If he appreciates quality and style, this will be a great gift for him. The Braun Series 7 is a 100% waterproof smart electric shaver designed for a close and gentle shave – engineered in Germany to last up to seven years.

    By :- Braun

  • A 100% waterproof electric razor designed to last up to seven years, it can be used to shave dry or with water, foam or gel.
  • Five personalisation modes allow him to shave with the power that suits him and it works cordlessly for 50 mins on just an hour’s charge.
  • Travel case with brush included to take with him on the go.
  • Why not treat him to an electric shaver that reads and adapts to his beard, with built-in Responsive Intelligence for a close and gentle shave.
  • It features a skin-friendly precision trimmer to help him easily reach difficult areas, like under his nose or sideburns.
  • The world’s only four-action alcohol-based Clean&Charge station selects cleaning function, cleans, lubricates and charges at the tough of a button – so his shaver feels like new every day.
  • 3. TYZEST 12V Braun Shaver Charger Electric Razor Shaver 350cc-4 390cc 3040s 760cc

    1.FEATURES / POWER SPECS : (PLEASE NOTE: Shaver might not function while being charged) Input Voltage Range: AC100-240V. / Rapid Power: 12V 0.4A / Stable charging, Automatic Overload cut-off

    By :- TYZEST

  • Please cheak product’s Compatibility!ti’s for Braun  changer Series AC Adapter Description 1.
  • Overload Protection with High Quality Components 4.
  • High quality, Small and easy to carry and very convenience to use with a total length of 3.
  • Anti-Interference Feature with better Isolation Materials 5.
  • That’s why we provides 30 Days Money Back Guarantee,12 Month Worry Free Warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach,support,if you have any questions,please feel free to contact us.
  • Compatibility: This product has been tested and validated to ensure it works with Braun Shavers Braun 190, 199, 310, 310s, 320, 330, 340, 350, 360, 370, 370, 380, 720, 730, 1715, 1775, 2675, 2775, 2776, 2778, 2838, 2864, 2865, 2866, 2874, 2876, 2878, 3000s, 3040s, 4735, 4736, 4737, 4739, 4740, 4745, 4746, 4747, 4775, 4776, 4835, 4846, 4875, 4876, 5090/5190cc, 5411, 5412, 5414, 5415, 5416, 5497, 5610, 5611, 5612, 5613, 5614, 5663, 5684, 5691, 5708, 5710, 5713, 5714, 5720, 5721, 5722, 5723, 5724, 5729, 5730, 5732, 5733, 5734, 5735, 5736, 5738, 5739, 5742, 5743, 5745, 5770, 5771, 5772, 5773, 5774, 5775, 5776, 5790, 5791, 5796, 5873, 5874, 5875, 5876, 5877, 5884, 5887, 5888, 5895, 5897, 6610, 6620, 6680, 6690, 9000, 9093, 9290cc, 9565, 9566, 9581, 9585, 9591, 9781, 9782, 9785, 9791, 9795, 79595, 190s, 190s-1, 195s-1, 197s-1, 199s-1, 3050cc, 310-1, 340s, 350cc-4, 390cc, 5030s, 5040s, 720s-3, 720s-4, 720s-5, 740s-7 750cc, 760cc, 760cc-3, 760cc-4, 760cc-4, 760cc-5, 765cc-3, 765cc-4, 765cc-5, 7865cc, 790cc, 790cc-3, 790cc-4, 790cc-5, 795cc-3, 799cc-6, 9090cc, 9095cc, 9293s, BT5050, Z4, Z5, Z20, Z30, Z40, Z50, Z60, Z70, Z80, Z90, Z100 Cruzer Electric Shaver Warranty We believe in our products.

    4. Braun 70S Series 7 Pulsonic Foil & Cutter Replacement Head For 720, 730, 760cc,

    This kit includes: Braun 70S Replacement Head Foil & Cutter Set, Double Ended Shaver Brush & HeroFiber® Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth

    By :- HeroFiber

  • Small investment, peak performance Within 18 months, your Braun shaver will cut an average of 6,000,000 hairs.
  • That’s why Braun recommends changing your shaver’s foil and cutter block every 18 months to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance.
  • To fit new parts, simply carry out the same procedure in reverse.
  • In accomplishing this substantial task, the cutting parts will gradually wear out and your shave may become less close and comfortable.
  • Next rotate the cutter block by 90 degrees and pull it off, holding it at the ends to avoid touching the blades.
  • What’s in the box: – Braun 70S Replacement Head Foil & Cutter Set – Double Ended Shaver Brush – HeroFiber® Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth.
  • How to replace your shaver head? For older models which have a foil and a cutter block as two independent parts you will need to change the parts in two steps: First remove the foil, either by pressing the release button if your shaver has one, or by pulling the foil.

    5. Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Shaver With Cleaning Centre

    ActiveLift trimmer: Captures flat-lying hairs in problem areas

    By :- Braun

  • Using the Clean&Charge Station is 10x more hygienic than just rinsing under running water.
  • Captures more hairs with every stroke 3 personalization modes.
  • Braun 790cc-4 Series 7 Electric Shaver with Clean and Charge Station, Noble Metal/Black, Intelligent Sonic Technology with 10000 Micro-vibrations per Minute, 3 Personalization Modes Key Features Intelligent Sonic Technology with 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute.

    Adjust to personal skin type and shaving style ActiveLift trimmer: Captures flat-lying hairs in problem areas OptiFoil: For perfect closeness that lasts longer Triple Action Cutting System: Twin foils and an integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer Fully Flexible Shaving System.

    Follows contours for maximum facial adaptability MacroMotion: 40° pivoting shaver head effortlessly navigates along larger contours for maximum skin contact MicroMotion: Individual suspension of all cutting elements responds even tot he smallest contours Precision trimmer.

    Rinse under running water Advanced display for battery status & hygiene Powerful Li-Ion battery with no memory effect Corded/Cordless shaving Automatic voltage adaptation Premium leather pouch World’s only 5-action alcohol-based Clean&Charge Station: hygienically cleans, charges, lubricates, selects cleaning program and dries at the touch of a button.

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