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Best bj 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 bj

1. The Book With No Pictures

By :- Penguin Books

  • “It’s nearly a requirement that The Book with No Pictures be read out loud, and with this much laughter and fun on the pages it’s perfect for taking turns with a new reader.
  • You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious.
  •  Cleverly irreverent and irresistibly silly, The Book with No Pictures is one that kids will beg to hear again and again.
  • ” – Seira Wilson, Amazon EditorA #1 New York Times bestseller, this innovative and wildly funny read-aloud by award-winning humorist/actor B.
  • Everything written on the page has to be said by the person reading it aloud.
  •  Even if the words are a preposterous song about eating ants for breakfast, or just a list of astonishingly goofy sounds like BLAGGITY BLAGGITY and GLIBBITY GLOBBITY.
  • 2. Claiming Mia

    By :-

  • Newly divorced Mia Reynolds doesn’t like Chief Nolan MacGregor.
  • After her husband’s betrayal, she’s sworn off getting involved with anyone, and certainly isn’t going to trust her fragile heart with the town’s reformed bad boy.
  • Once he entices her into an affair and shows her the benefits of submitting to him, her off-the-charts responses prove he was right all along – she is the one for him.
  • Nolan wants Mia and refuses to let her prickly stubbornness stand in his way.
  • When his investigation into an illegal drug ring implicates Mia’s business, he never stops believing in her innocence.
  • His arrogance gets under her skin, but it’s her body’s instant reaction every time he levels that cobalt gaze upon her or hints at giving her what he keeps insisting she wants that really gets to her.

    When the Feds go around him, Mia refuses to believe he hadn’t been with her just to keep an eye on her and her nursery for proof the drugs were coming in on the trucks carrying her landscaping orders.

    Mia’s reluctance to trust Nolan completely lands her in trouble with a drug trafficker and it isn’t until she is kidnapped that she realizes what her insecurities and refusal to let go of the past might have cost her…Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.

    3. Clint Wolf Boxed Set: Books 4 – 6

    By :-

  • While it isn’t odd to find drowned bodies floating in the vast waterways of Louisiana from time to time, it is unusual to find a body with six bullet holes in its back.
  • The only problem? The truck has seemingly vanished into thin air and no one can find the piece of paper.
  • As Clint Wolf and Susan Wilson investigate, the list of suspects begins to grow and it includes the victim’s estranged wife.
  • As though the twist in the case weren’t enough, Clint finds an old photograph that turns his personal life on its head and sets him on a dual quest for answers.
  • One thing is certain…no one will be the same after this is over.
  • With only eight days to go until they say their vows, Clint and Susan go to work trying to find out who might want to kill the victim.
  • As they work their way through the evidence in search of the truth, they are unknowingly headed for a deadly confrontation.
  • and if they’re not careful, one of them might not make it to the altar.
  • This first case back for Clint won’t be a walk in the park, but a blue truck and a single piece of paper might be the key to everything.
  • BUT NOT FOR NAUGHTThe only thing worse than being stabbed in the back is being shot in the back; and that’s exactly what happens to local bar owner Mitch Taylor.
  • Just when it appears Clint is closing in on the killer, things takes a surprising turn and the entire complexion of the case is changed.
  • Not only is he interrogating suspects, but he also interrogates his mother, and he begins to wonder what will be more difficult—discovering the secret to his past or solving Mitch Taylor’s murder.
  • There are a number of likely suspects and they all seem to have good reasons for wanting the man dead, but Clint and Susan must figure out who hated him the most.
  • Before it’s all over, bullets will start flying and people are going to die.
  • Books 4-6 (But Not Forever, But Not For Naught, and But Not Forbidden) of the Clint Wolf Mystery Series by award-winning author BJ Bourg now available as a boxed set!BUT NOT FOREVERAfter a year of working as a tour guide in the swamps of Louisiana–and the day after a man’s body is found in a canal–former Police Chief Clint Wolf realizes he can’t stay away from law enforcement work forever.

    Ditching his paddle for a pistol, he rejoins the Mechant Loup Police Department, but this time as their chief investigator, and he works beside Police Chief Susan Wilson as they seek to solve the mystery in the canal.

    BUT NOT FORBIDDENThe only thing Clint Wolf and Susan Wilson want to do is get married, but when a man is murdered in a most embarrassing way–shot to death while sitting on a porta potty–their wedding plans are placed in serious jeopardy.

    4. Waterproof Snow Sneakers Boots Fur Lined Ankle High-Top Outdoor Slip-on Booties

    FASHION DESIGN:snow sneakers boots uppers are made of high-quality waterproof fabrics,stylish embroidered letters, and exquisite craftsmanship make this winter boots stylish,so you can stay energized on cold days.

    By :- WAWEN

  • insoles are made of warm short plush,you will feel the warm everytime.
  • OCCASION: Perfect for Indoor Outdoor activities in cold winter,such as,playing in the snowfield,daily walking,leisure working.
  • Size description: 36 EU/ 5 US Women / Heel to Toe – 9 in 37 EU/ 6 US Women / Heel to Toe – 9 1/8 in 38 EU/ 7 US Women / 5.
  • 5 US Me / Heel to Toe – 10 in 41 EU/ 9 US Women / 8 US Men / Heel to Toe – 10 1/4 in 42 EU/ 10 US Women / 8.
  • COMFORT&WARMTH: Comfortable and sturdy full fur lining with cute fur trim top line for ultimate comfort and a warm walking experience.
  • EASY TO WEAR:Winter Shoes with a high quality elastic band, it’s more convenient to wear and off, repeated pull is not deformed.
  • DURABLE WEAR-RESISTANT:The outsoles are made of non-slip and wear-resistant rubber, bouncy and soft, the bottom designs with texture,anti-skid waterproof,moreover do not hurt the floor.
  • Just go anywhere you want and you will fall in love with this warm but stylish snow boots.
  • 5 US Men / Heel to Toe – 9 3/4 in 40 EU/ 8 US Women / 7.
  • 5 US Men / Heel to Toe – 10 1/2 in 43 EU/ 11 US Women /9 US Men / Heel to Toe – 10 5/8 in 44 EU/ 9.
  • 5 US Men / Heel to Toe – 11 1/4 in 46 EU/ 11 US Men / Heel to Toe – 11 1/2 in Please choose the right size according to your foot length!.
  • WAWEN Waterproof Snow sneakers Boots Fur Lined Ankle High-Top Outdoor Slip-on Booties Anti-Slip Winter Shoes for Womens Men FASHION DESIGN:sports snow boots uppers are made of high-quality waterproof fabrics, stylish embroidered letters, and exquisite craftsmanship make this winter boots stylish, so you can stay energized on cold days.

    5. SCOUT BJ Bag, Large Multi Pocket Utility Tote For Beach And Pool, Reinforced

    Measures 18-1/2-inches wide by 14-inches high by 8-1/2-inches deep

    By :- SCOUT

  • SCOUT The BJ Bag: A favorite (and namesake) of our President, Ben Johns, this tote bag is a SCOUT original.
  • SCOUT is a lifestyle brand known for bright colors, original patterns and functional products.
  • New and exclusive patterns are developed each season, making the stylish bags unlike anything else.
  • There are 4 exterior pockets and the top can be left open or zipped closed.
  • Everyone has stuff, SCOUT gives them a place to put it.
  • The collection of bags, coolers, accessories and storage is designed with ease in mind – ideal for those with active lifestyles (yes, you!) and growing families.
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