Top 10 Best beverage cooler 2018

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Best beverage cooler 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 beverage cooler

1. HOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator And Cooler – 120 Can Mini Fridge With Glass Door

MODERN ELECTRIC BEVERAGE COOLER – This 3.2 cubic feet, free standing beverage refrigerator features an elegant see through, left hinge glass front door with a stainless steel frame for you to view your wine, beer or soda at a glance. Its blue LED interior light illuminates for easy, nighttime selection of your favorite chilled drink

By :- hOmeLabs

  • Spruce up your style and enjoy the luxurious convenience of this hOmeLabs Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler.
  • Equipped with high quality, durable materials and rack accessories with an elegant decorative finish that greatly matches and lights up any kitchen, room or office decor.
  • 2 cu ft, electric beverage cooler has a silver and black finish and a large capacity interior to conveniently hold your various wines, beers and other drinks.
  • With adjustable feet for level placement and advanced one touch, user friendly cooling controls, this beverage cooler is a useful necessity for any party or living space.
  • The coolest solution if you don’t have room in your fridge or freezer for a variety of entertainment beverages during indoor or outdoor parties.
  • Smartly constructed with a powerful cooling compressor and small fan for consistent and uniform air circulation, which can chill your beverage faster than other coolers, chillers or refrigerators with freezers.

    30 Deep (front to back) Voltage: 120V, 60Hz, 240W Capacity: Up to 120 Standard Size Cans, or 60 Wine Bottles Temperature Range: 33°F to 50°F (1°C to 13°C) Materials: Stainless Steel Frame, Glass Door Color: Silver and Black Compressor-based with Adjustable Temp Control and Auto Defrost Function Features 3 removable shelves, air convection fan, LED digital display & adjustable feet Product Safety & Care Unplug the cooler Wipe the door seal with smooth damp cloth Remove the shelves and wipe the interior with smooth and clean cloth Reconnect when the cooler is clean and dry IMPORTANT: If the unit has been in any other position than upright, leave it upright for 24 hours before plugging in for the coolant to settle .

    2. NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Cooler, Stainless Steel

    Cools down to a chilly 34 degrees Fahrenheit, lower than other beverage coolers, ensuring your beverages are perfectly frosty.

    By :- NewAir

  • With the New Air AB-1200 126 can beverage cooler, you’ll be able to keep a large supply of your favorite soda, beer, water or other beverages chilled and ready to drink.
  • This compressor cooling system chills down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit, with seven thermostat settings so you can select the perfect chilly temperature for your drinks.
  • For your home bar, man cave, office break room or dorm, the New Air AB-1200 beverage cooler the answer to all your refreshment needs.
  • This freestanding unit is both durable and attractive, featuring a black and stainless steel finish that is sure to enhance any decor.
  • Whether you’re preparing for a party, or just want to stock up in the rec room, the AB-1200 has plenty of room, with five removable racks and a spacious storage bin that’s perfect for oversized bottles or cartons.

    3. EdgeStar BWC70SS 62-Can Beverage Cooler – Stainless Steel

    Capacity: 62 – 12 oz. standard cans, 32 – 20 oz. bottles (VitaminWater/Gatorade style), 51 – 12 oz. slim cans (Red Bull style), 40 – 16 oz. “tall boy” cans

    By :- EdgeStar

  • The EdgeStar Beverage Cooler with stainless steel trimmed door (BWC70SS) stores up to 62 standard 12 oz.
  • One of the smallest beverage refrigerators to offer a reversible door, the BWC70SS can be adjusted for free-standing installation in any location.
  • This freestanding beverage center has an approximate temperature range from the high 30s to mid 50s degrees Fahrenheit which can be managed using the thermostat control knob on the back of the unit.
  • Overall, the EdgeStar 62 Can Beverage Cooler is ideal for entertaining guests with limited space.
  • “Tall-Boy” Beverage Capacity: This unit is perfect for cooling 20 oz.
  • tall-boy beers thanks to the shelf configuration Compact Size: Small size offers high capacity storage using minimal space.
  • Complete with a double paned glass door and chrome shelving this refrigerator offers an excellent professional display of your beverage selection.
  • The slide-out chrome self can be removed or adjusted as needed, depending on the size of the items being stored.
  • Low Temperature Operation: While most beverage coolers don’t go below 42 °F, this beverage cooler goes to the high 30s for frosty-cold beverages Powerful Compressor: The compressor-based cooling system ensures optimum beer and beverage temperature and quick cooling times.

    4. EdgeStar BWC120SSLT 103 Can And 5 Bottle Freestanding Ultra Low Temp Beverage

    Holds 103 standard 12 oz. cans and five (5) 750 mL bottles

    By :- EdgeStar

  • With an extra large capacity of 103 standard 12 oz.
  • With precise, manual temperature controls, this 3.

  • The BWC120SSLT features six (6) fully removable slide-out chrome wire shelves, enabling you to change out the storage space to fit small and large cans and bottles.
  • The bottom storage area has an additional 28 can capacity, maximizing storage options and making this EdgeStar 103 can and 5 bottle beverage cooler ideal for frequent entertaining.
  • The high power compressor and internal fan combine to create an evenly cooled space ensuring the most consistent temperatures throughout the cooler.
  • cans and up to five (5) 750 mL bottles, you can easily store all of your favorite beverages including soda, juice, and water or even beer and wine.
  • The door is equipped with a lock to keep your contents safe and secure, and is also reversible so you can increase your options when deciding where to place the fridge.
  • freestanding beverage refrigerator is capable of creating an environment ranging in temperature from approximately 32ºF to the mid 50s ºF.
  • Of these shelves, five (5) have a 15 can per shelf capacity, and the additional removable slide-out scalloped chrome shelf can store up to five (5) standard 750 mL wine bottles.
  • The sleek stainless steel front, chrome shelving and unique interior lighting combine to give this ultra low temperature beverage cooler a refined and stylish appearance that’s sure to turn heads.
  • Unlike any other comparably sized beverage cooler, the EdgeStar 103 Can and 5 Bottle Ultra Low Temperature Beverage Cooler (BWC120SSLT) is capable of reaching temperatures as low as 32ºF to help you store your beverages in the absolute coolest possible environment without freezing them.

    The stainless steel trim dual-pane glass door and cool blue LED lighting allow you to see what is inside the cooler without having to open the door so you can keep the cold air in to protect the contents and save you money on energy costs.

    5. Avallon ABR241SGRH 152 Can 24″ Built-in Beverage Cooler – Right Hinge

    Temperature range from 34F 50F; Single-zone unit; Can function as built-in or freestanding unit

    By :- Avallon

  • With a large, well-lit interior, this Avallon 152 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler (ABR241SGRH) may just become your favorite new appliance.
  • The actual range of temperatures (34F-50F) is impressive as well.
  • You’ll never have to worry about hot spots or uneven cooling with this unit due to its powerful circulation fans, which work with the compressor to evenly distribute cool air throughout.
  • Includes a true-key lock so you needn’t worry about who’s accessing your collection.
  • The door is made from double-paned, Low-E glass, with Argon gas between the two panes in order to ensure maximum insulation.
  • Can store as many as 152 standard sized soda or beer cans.
  • Monitoring and adjusting the temperature of this unit is simple thanks to the touch control panel.
  • It’s easy to operate and maintain thanks to the touch control panel and the white LED temperature display.
  • It’s not often you can find such an expansive unit with such a low temperature setting.
  • Able to reach temperatures as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit, letting you get your beverages as cold as possible without freezing.
  • Alternate your lighting between a bright, white LED or a soft, blue LED – the choice is yours.
  • Make sorting your collection a convenience by utilizing the three sanded glass shelves.
  • In addition to a durable, seamless stainless-steel door, the sturdy handle is made from stainless steel as well.
  • While this model is made for built-in installation, it can be used as a freestanding unit as well.
  • A top LED light bar, along with two LED lights on the right side and two on the left, provides soft illumination.
  • 6. EdgeStar CBR901SG 80 Can 15 Inch Wide Built-in Beverage Cooler – Black/Stainless

    Reversible tempered glass door; Black dotted glass door tint; Blue LED interior light

    By :- EdgeStar

  • EdgeStar 80 Can Built-In Digital Beverage Cooler (CBR901SG) offers a front-venting undercounter refrigeration solution at an affordable price.
  • A soft touch electronic control panel with digital display ensures beer and beverages are as cold as desired, while a safety lock ensures protection.
  • cans cold at a temperature range between 38 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A built-in carbon filter acts as a natural barrier between your drinks and odors from the air, so none of those odors will tamper with the drinks stored in the unit.
  • This EdgeStar built in beverage refrigerator keeps up to 80 12 oz.
  • The CBR901SG offers three (3) glass shelves for easy-to-access beverage storage, so you can be sure to grab a cold one whenever.
  • Ideal for a game room, garage, kitchen, and many other places, this beverage cooler will be great for you and your friends to relax with a few cold drinks.
  • LED lighting, reversible tempered glass door with stainless steel trim and flat bar handle showcase beverages, while the black dotted glass door tint prevents UV rays from getting into the beverage cooler and heating up or harming your drinks.

    Slim 15″ Width: A slender 15″ width fits perfectly into small undercounter areas, perfect for replacing a space formerly filled by a trash compactor Built In and Freestanding Capabilities: Fan-Forced front ventilation allows flush with cabinet installation for undercounter wine storage or freestanding application Digital Controls: Soft touch electronic controls allow easy temperature adjustment and monitoring through digital display Rubber Bushing Installed Compressor: Compressor-based cooling system ensures optimum beer and beverage temperature while rubber bushing minimizes vibration and noise Upscale Display Features: Elegant glass shelves and blue LED interior lighting showcases beer, beverages, and wine External Dimensions: 32″ H x 15″ W x 23 3/4″ D Internal Dimensions: 25 1/2″ H x 12″ W x 18″ D.

    7. EdgeStar BWC90SS 84 Soda Can Beverage Cooler – Stainless Steel

    Capacity: 84 standard 12 oz. cans; Freestanding application; Reversible double paned glass door; NOT suitable for food storage

    By :- EdgeStar

  • The EdgeStar Compact Beverage Cooler with stainless steel trimmed door (BWC90SS) stores up to 84 standard 12 oz.
  • The BWC90SS is the smallest EdgeStar beverage refrigerator to offer a reversible stainless trimmed dual paned glass door.
  • This freestanding beer refrigerator offers a temperature range of 39 – mid 50s Fahrenheit that is managed with mechanical controls.
  • The EdgeStar 84 can beverage cooler is ideal for entertaining with limited space.
  • Chrome shelving and LED interior lighting, in addition to stainless finish, offer excellent presentation and easy accessibility to beer, soft drinks, wine and other beverages.
  • External Dimensions: 25 1/4″ H x 17″ W x 18 1/2″ D Internal Dimensions: 21 1/4″ H x 14″ W x 14 3/4″ D.
  • This EdgeStar beverage cooler offers 3 fully removable slide-out chrome wire shelves, including 2 shelves with 25 cans per shelf capacity, one half size 14 can capacity shelf, and a 20 can capacity bottom shelf.

    8. CELSIUS Sparkling Watermelon Fitness Drink, ZERO Sugar, 12Ounce. Slim Can, 12

    Proven to Accelerate Metabolism & Burn Fat

    By :- CELSIUS

  • CELSIUS is a fitness drink that’s been clinically proven to accelerate metabolism and burn body fat.
  • It’s low in sodium and contains zero sugar, no aspartame, and no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  • Ingredients Fit for Active Lifestyles CELSIUS’ proprietary formula uses green tea extract with EGCG to boost your metabolism and help your body burn more calories.
  • A uniquely blended formula with healthy energy and key vitamins make CELSIUS an ideal pre-workout drink as well as a refreshing alternative to coffee and other caffeinated beverages.
  • CELSIUS energy drinks are also Certified Vegan, Kosher, and non-GMO.
  • It also includes guarana seed extract, ginger root for flavor and digestion, vitamin C to support your immune system, vitamin B for energy production, and chromium to help control hunger.
  • Refreshing Watermelon Flavor Boost your energy and enjoy the refreshing taste of watermelon with CELSIUS Sparkling Watermelon Fitness Drink! It’s carbonated and has the perfect balance of flavor and energy that serves as an awesome pick-me-up for active lifestyles.

    9. Worthyeah Wine And Beverage Cooler Dual Zone Built-in Or Freestanding 24 Inch

    【Dual Independent Cooling Zones】 This wine and beverage cooler can store up to 18 standard Bordeaux wine bottles and 55 cans of beer. The two zones feature different temperature so that your drinks are perfectly chilled at their optimal temperatures(Left zone 41-72°F, right zone 40-50°F).

    By :- Worthyeah

  • WORTHYEAH’s collection of built-in undercounter wine and beverage centers offers versatile choices for elegant storage in the home.
  • -Child Safety Lock The wine and beverage cooler also features a child safety lock, avoiding the cold air leaking when the door is opened frequently by children or others.
  • –Compressor protection grid With this gird, the wine and beverage cooler can be protected perfectly from kicking or other mistake operation.
  • –Adjustable feet You can adjust the height of the wine and beverage cellar to the position you’d like to, the fridge will match your furniture perfectly.
  • Once the light is turned on, it will automatically off after 10 minutes all out of protecting wines inside.
  • 1A · Weight: 128 pounds · Dimensions(W×D×H): 23.
  • This will alter the chemical makeup of your drinks and affect its taste and maturation.
  • The compressor and the components in the cabinet could be stayed still.
  • –White LED interior light with ON/OFF switch The interior cool white LED light can beautifully showcase your collection and help you find your drinks easily at night.
  • This wine cooler also comes with a 12-month warranty! If you need any help, please contact us via [email protected]
  • Other Highlights of WORTHYEAH HC-36B :  -Evaporator With Copper Pipes Copper pipes can prevent the potential risks of Freon leaks, unlike most of other compressor refrigerator using the evaporator with aluminum pipes, and save a lot of money for repairs or after-sale service after the cooler run one or several years.

    Specifications:· Material: Stainless Steel · Capacity: Up to 18 standard wine bottles and 55 cans · Temperature range: Left zone 41-72°F,right zone 40-50°F · Refrigerant: R600a · Input voltage: 110-120V,60Hz · Input power: 90W · Rated current: 1.

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