Top 10 Best bench scraper 2018

So you have decided to Buy bench scraper and you are looking for the bench scraper to use?
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What if I tell you that choosing the perfect bench scraper should not be so confusing?
Even though there are a lot of bench scraper out there on the market?
Sounds interesting right?
Well, we have spent more than 10 hours on researching and reviewing these bench scraper!
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If you buy the one which we suggest, then you will surely be having the best bench scraper!
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Best 2018 – Editior Choice!

So here is our list of the Top 10 bench scraper

1. Ala Teak Indoor Outdoor Patio Garden Yard Bath Shower Spa Waterproof Stool Bench

20x16x13 Sustainably Harvested 100% Solid Teak Wood Shower Bench Stool Fully Assembled


  • This teak shower seat includes all stainless steel hardware for safety and stability.
  • As the world’s leading manufacturer of teak furniture and accessories, we offer different styles and sizes of teak shower benches, stools and patio seating.
  • Our imported and environmentally-friendly solid teak wood is durable and naturally water resistant, so you will be able to enjoy your teak bath stool for years to come.
  • You’ll love using it as a perfect patio or pool accent or as a convenient seat in your bathroom shower.
  • 20x16x13 100% Solid Teak Wood Shower Bench Naturally Water Resistant & Durable (Indoor or Outdoor Use) Our traditional Teak shower bench is a stunning combination of modern design and ancient tradition.

    2. Spring Chef Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper/Bench Scraper Chopper, Best As Pizza

    GREAT FOR MORE THAN JUST SCRAPING DOUGH: Use it to gently chop soft fruits and veggies, avocados, cut even brownies, cut dough for pastries/cinnamon rolls/dinner rolls/pizza/pasta and cookies, scoop up chopped vegetables or herbs to transfer to a pot, clean counters of crumbs and dried dough, smooth out frosting on cakes or use as a mini cake lifter. Lift pie dough, chop nuts, mash cooked beans or hard boiled eggs, temper chocolate, chop grilled chicken, divvy up butter and much more!

    By :- Spring Chef

  • What Makes Ours Better? * HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: Not all Stainless Steel is the same and we use High Quality Stainless Steel so you won’t have to worry about bending or rusting.
  • * COMFORTABLE HANDLE: Absorbs pressure so you can save time and energy.
  • * BONUS SILICONE BOWL SCRAPER: This soft silicone scraper can help you pour out every last bit of batter from your bowl more cleanly than using your hands.
  • It also has a convenient conversion chart printed on it so you can spend less time looking up this vital info.
  • Scroll to the top now and click Add to Cart to begin your favorite kitchen experience.
  • Easily cuts dough, sections pizza or pie crusts, and more.
  • * HANDY MEASUREMENTS: Convenient measurement markings right on the scraper so that you can evenly divide cookie or pastry dough – and the markings won’t fade or wear off.
  • You can also use it to spread batter in a pan or smooth out frosting.
  • * LIFETIME WARRANTY: We stand behind all of our products and if you are unsatisfied in any way, simply contact us and we will be happy to help.
  • 3. Chef Pomodoro Multi-Purpose Pizza Dough Scraper, Stainless Steel Chopper, Heavy

    ✔ PRECISE MEASUREMENT – Chef Pomodoro’s bench scraper measures inches and centimeters, down to millimeters! For your most precise recipes, get the best measurement tool down. Metric or imperial, get it all with Chef’s best baking tool!

    By :- Chef Pomodoro

  • Make a variety of everyday kitchen tasks more fun and efficient with the Chef Pomodoro’s Multi-Purpose Stainless-Steel Bench Scraper & Chopper.
  • Ideal for bakers, chefs, and everyday cooks, the popular multi-purpose tool excels when it comes to working with dough-from scraping it off a floured board to cutting it into measured sections.
  • It’s the perfect tool for making fresh dough, separating crusts and chopping vegetables.
  • The handy tool can also be used to quickly and efficiently chop fresh fruits and vegetables or even to cut a pan of brownies or bars into neat, even squares for serving.
  • KEY FEATURES: Multi-Purpose Bench Scraper for a variety of tasks Precise measurement with both inches and centimeter measurements High grade stainless steel for durability Contoured Non-Slip Handle for comfort Dishwasher safe – save time when it comes to clean up.

    4. Bread Proofing Basket Set, PROKITCHEN 10″ Cane Round Brotform Banneton with

    BEST BREAD BAKING KIT AVAILABLE – The bread set includes a large banneton bowl with a removable cloth liner. Proofing basket set is perfect for bread baking lovers, professional and amateur bakers – Works for proofing, banneton, or brotform baking techniques.


  • Description Battenton bread proofing basket is made of natural rattan cane which will help you make a more crispy round crust with its natural antibacterial properties.
  • This allows your dough to remove and release nicely, stick less so you can use less flour to dust your banneton, and rise to unlock the baker inside of you! Feature ►Holds Up to 1.
  • Do not let another warm loaf deflate on you, again! You’ll want to buy another one as a great gift for each family member and friend.
  • 5″(H) size, proof easier in the 1st/2nd/final rise, gluten free bread friendly, and plop dough to a Dutch oven with ease GET YOUR HANDS ON THESE MUST-HAVE BAKER TOOLS! ►Healthy Bread Complies with Food Safe so Bakers with any level of experience can continue to make healthier bread and a beautiful experience with brotform baskets! ►Handmade Craftsmanship Crafted ridges and depth allow the brotform to produce floury ring patterns and thousands of European style loaves — lasting you a long time! The Ultimate Baker’s Kit This bread proofing basket will make you score more boules with bannetons of this lovely quality.

    Package Including Banneton Proofing Basket (10″ Inch) Washable linen cloth (to provide lesser sticking) After Sale Service If you aren’t completely satisfied with the banneton basket set, contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

    5. Ateco Stainless Steel Bench Scraper

    Bench scraper by Ateco

    By :- Ateco

  • This Bench Scraper, by Ateco, is made of durable stainless steel.
  • Since 1905, Ateco has supplied fine restaurants and bakeries with quality built, specialty baking tools.
  • It can also be used to scrape excess flour and dough from work surface.
  • Ateco products are internationally renowned for their high quality.
  • When you use Ateco products, you’re not only enjoying quality craftsmanship, you’re also enjoying quality design; the products are a result of over one hundred years and four generations of innovation and development.

    6. Dough Scraper Bench Knife: Professional Quality Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose

    DIVIDE and SCRAPE PASTRY AND BREAD DOUGH QUICKLY AND EASILY with a full 6 by 3 inch blade, unlike other scrapers which are only 150 cm wide

    By :- Cestari Kitchen

  • Multi-Purpose Scraper/ChopperTool for Working with Dough, Chopping, Cutting, and Measuring Baking can be a messy task.
  • Our sharp (and sharp-looking!) bench knife makes quick work of cleaning.
  • However, THIS bench knife is an essential kitchen tool that does much more than divide cookie dough and scrape up pie crust.
  • *Measurements are etched into the blade so you can measure both length and thickness of dough and pastry.
  • *Durably made with a surgical steel blade and a wide, comfortable nonslip rubber handle, the knife is comfortable to hold and work with.
  • *The wide blade makes for easy transfer of things from a cutting board to pan.
  • *It is also good for smashing garlic cloves, and then finely mincing them.
  • Ask any baker: Leftover dough is a stubborn thing to clean, and will cling to your countertop.
  • It scrapes off loose bits of dough, flour, and butter, leaving your counters ready for a brief wipe down.
  • It can also be used for crushing, chopping, lifting, scooping, and even measuring.
  • *Unlike most bench knives, this Cestari Kitchen bench knife is a full 6 inches wide.
  • *The sharp beveled edge means that the bench knife can be used for chopping, but it also makes sure you will get clean cuts when you use it to slice brownies and bar cookies right in the pan.
  • You dont have to try to use the broad side of your chefs knife to try to transfer the food and you can worry less about cutting yourself during the transfer since a bench scraper/knife is duller than your regular knives.

    7. Bush Furniture Salinas Hall Tree With Storage Bench In Antique White

    Shoe storage Bench and hall Tree finished in Antique white with a slightly distressed touch for a Casual look

    By :- Bush Furniture

  • Let the Bush Furniture salinas hall tree with storage bench welcome you home.
  • Four cubby shelves organize your entryway so you’re not tripping over footwear when you walk in the door.
  • The hall tree has three double Prong hooks to hold your family’s jackets, scarves, hats and more.
  • A pair of adjustable shelves hold various items in any space, including a bedroom, dorm or hallway.
  • Inspired by timeless Mission styling, the hall tree boasts eye-catching vertical accents.
  • Have a seat on top of the spacious bench while you put on or take off your shoes.
  • Set your bags down on top of the shoe bench while you hang up your coat and get comfortable.
  • Finished in antique white with a slightly distressed touch, the country feel of the hall tree with storage bench looks great even beyond your entryway.
  • Tapered legs, a curved base and decorative wood detailing complement the casual homes of today.
  • Backed by a Bush Furniture 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, the hall tree and shoe storage bench will have you feeling relaxed wherever you call home.
  • 8. Last Confection Pastry Bench Scraper – Dough Cutter Divider For Pizza, Pasta,

    PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN: Crafted of 100% professional grade 430 stainless steel. The high-quality, straight-sided rectangular blade provides a firm and steady cut. Effortlessly divide dough and effectively scrape your cutting area clean for hassle-free, enjoyable baking.

    By :- Last Confection

  • Whether you’re a professional baker or home enthusiast, everyone will love the versatility and efficiency of this stainless steel dough scraper from Last Confection.
  •  Easily chop, scrape, divvy up, and lift dough and other foods.
  •  Use this hard-working, multi-tasking bench scraper to clean flour and crumbs off your block or counter surface, dice  vegetables, chop nuts, herbs, and more.
  • You’ll even have measurements right at your fingertips, as this scraper / chopper has etched ruler measurements for quick reference.
  • Last Confection is your trusted source for professional-grade kitchen bakeware and accessories that provide lasting quality and exceptional value.
  •  Featuring a firm, sharp and sturdy blade with an easy-grip handle, this handy kitchen gadget means less frustration and faster preparation.
  •  The straight-sided rectangular blade of this dough knife is ideal for chopping and dividing prepared cookie, pasta, and pastry dough.
  • Avoid over-handling dough and prevent it from becoming tough.
  • This dough scraper from Last Confection can also be used to cut baked goods, such as brownies, dessert bars, and other mouth-watering goodies.
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