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1. HEM Incense Newly Launched Exclusive Fragrance Mantra Masala Agarbatti Sticks

Creation of incense is a sacred art and the method to create them comes through a constant passion and dedication to deliver best fragrance for our senses.

By :- HEM

  • Our Incense sticks are made from bamboo sticks and charcoal.
  • The combination of all these creates an amazing and pleasant aromatic smell offering you the best experience for all your purposes.
  • We manufacture a wide range of incense products for our consumers.
  • They are made by creating the best mixture of essential oils, barks, flowers, resins and they are worked into a tar like roll, or they are just blended together.
  • Usage of the Incense sticks – For spiritual or meditational purpose – Used for conveying prayers to god every morning – For creating inviting and refreshing aura Why Choose HEM Incense Sticks? Over a period of 35 years, HEM has pioneered the art of incense making.

    2. Christmas Gifts Wooden Incense Stick & Cone Burner Holder Coffin With Storage

    ✅ SIZE – 12 Inches in Length. Just the right size for all Incense Sticks & Cones as well as an attention grabbing decorative & conversation piece

    By :- The Great Indian Bazaar

  • Support child education in India, and the preservation of this age old craft.
  • This industry is highly labor intensive, cottage based and decentralized – what it needs is Global Awareness, Strategy and Innovation – and that is what we are here to achieve.
  • Spread the word, and let’s celebrate the spirit of Christmas together!Visit our store to see our full selection of beautiful & unique handicrafts!www.
  • Your purchase directly helps a young childs education in rural India!By purchasing from The Great Indian Bazaar, a portion of your purchase amount is used to support the basic education of the Artisans young children, as well as the development of the arts and crafts industry in Rural India.

    3. Storeindya Thanksgiving Gifts Decorations Wooden Incense Holder Incense Tower

    ♥ ELEGANT DESIGN, PRACTICAL AND FUNCTIONAL INCENSE TOWER: This incense tower and organic ash catcher beautifully handmade from mango wood by experienced craftsman. Made in India with strong and resistant Mango Wood with antique gold finish. This slender tower has jaali crafted in an elegant design and the aroma gently wafts through the opening. This Wood Incense Holder collects ashes to avoid mess. It is both practical and decorative. Dimensions: Length 3″ X Width 3″ x Height 12″

    By :- storeindya

  • “Store Indya presents brilliantly crafted incense holder with antique gold foil finishing.
  • The small vents allows the pleasant aroma of the incense to be out.
  • With all the sticks burning inside the holder, there won’t be any mess around.
  • It is a combination of both creativity and elegance that will keep your surrounding scented all the time.
  • Comes with 4 holes for holding 4 incense sticks together and one hole for cone.
  • As you just have to dismiss the ash collected at the base of the tower.
  • The beautiful floral design engraved on the stand will definitely blend with your home décor perfectly.
  • On the occasion of festivals, you can use this holder to light the incense sticks and other time you can just use this piece of art for display.
  • Gifting incense stand is always in trend and this floral design stand is surely the best option you got! “.
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