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1. TP TOP BEAUTY 50Pcs Abs Musle Toning Replacement Gel Pads Sheet For AB Toner

Gel pads replacement for all abdominal toning muscle trainer, AB trainer, EMS AB trainer, abs toner, hip trainer


  • How to use? The side attached to the white paper should be attached to the gel pad.
  • Tear off the gel pad, rinse with water, dry it and stick back, you will use it for several more times.
  • Package includes: 50Pcs ABs gel pads After-sales service: 100% satisfaction guarantee warranty and friendly customer service.
  • Obviously feel the conduction performance decreased,cause decreased strength.
  • When it loses its adhesiveness, the adhesive surface(gel)dries out or is gouged or dirt/grime that cannot be removed exists.
  • The side attached to transparent film should be attached to the skin Note: Clean/dry your skin before using the EMS Pad;Stick the pad back to the cardboard after using it.
  • Need to pay attention to the positive and negative of the gel pad.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.
  • 2. Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 TENS Pulse Massager & Electro Massaging Belt For Back

    IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF – TENS therapy quickly blocks pain signals sent to the brain providing immediate relief to the affected region. If you’ve been treating your chronic pain with drugs or expensive therapy, TENS may be an alternate solution.

    By :- Smart Relief

  • Smart Relief’s newest Ultimate 1020 TENS massager and back pain relieving belt has been redesigned to provide more power, control, and flexibility over your favorite massage therapies than ever before.
  • The electric ab toner belt works by transmitting electrical pulses through your stomach’s abdominal muscles to contract and relax involuntarily.
  • Easy to use, simply attach the electrode gel pads and connecting electrode wires to your Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 TENS device and select your desired massage mode and intensity level.
  • Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 electric muscle stimulator is an FDA-Cleared Class II device and includes a comprehensive 2-year warranty.
  • Each massage therapy mode features 20 intensity levels which means you can cater your sessions to your exact pain relief needs.
  • Along with the Ultimate 1020’s newest features, the electrostimulating TENS belt has been designed to provide targeted and optimal pain relief to the lower, mid, and upper back region.
  • This back massaging belt can also used to help tone your abdominal muscles by stimulating your core stomach muscles with EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) therapy.
  • This therapy not only helps condition your muscles, but promotes improved blood flow.
  • Massage therapies include Swedish massage, acupuncture pulse therapy, chopping massage, kneading, Reflexology, cupping, Gua Sha, assorted, trigger point therapy, and Thai massage.
  • Smart Relief’s electric belt for back pain allows up to three extra large pads and the device to be held securely in place giving you the freedom to go about your day and continue to receive pain relief for as long as you like.

    We’ve designed the Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 for maximum portability so you can use your TENS machine just about anywhere from the car to your office and with a battery charge lasting up to 42 hours, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy your electro-stimulation therapy for a very long time.

    3. 2 X Resistance Bands | Premium Booty Builder & Ab Toner| Sculpt & Tone A

    ✔️GET THE PERFECT BIKINI BOOTY – Use our booty bands to sculpt and lift your booty and get the perfect bikini bubble butt fast! The booty bands also improve muscle tone and flexibility in a simple workout that takes as little as 5 minutes a day!

    By :- Tone n’ Sculpt

  • We include two levels of resistance (11 lbs & 22lbs) to help you increase or decrease resistance according to your fitness level.
  • What it includes: TWO Booty Bands – 11lbs resistance & 22 lbs resistance Booty Band ACTIVE Wear Bag Comprehensive Exercise eBook Guide 12 Month Warranty & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • The booty band comes with a detailed total body workout PDF eBook with fat burning exercises for your whole body – perfect for home workouts or traveling.
  • The ergonomic design ensures that the booty band is soft and comfortable to use on the skin unlike other waist belts that pinch the skin.
  • SOME OF OUR FAVORITES: “This is one of the best purchases I’ve made this year.
  • WANT A PERFECT BIKINI BODY THIS SUMMER? Well, look no further! The Tone n’ Sculpt Booty Band will sculpt, lift & tone your booty to help you get that small waist/big booty FAST! Our exercises are specially designed to lift & shape your booty while also reducing inner & outer thigh fat and preventing large or bulky thighs.

    It visibly lifted my booty and reduced stubborn cellulite on my thighs! The best part was when my friends noticed the difference” – Jessica, San Francisco SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Scroll Up, Click ‘Add To Cart’ And Get The Body Of Your Dreams!.

    4. Slendertone Abs3 Abdominal Muscle Toner – Core Abs Workout Belt

    FDA Cleared for toning, strengthening and firming abdominal muscles.

    By :- Slendertone

  • Slendertone stimulates the nerves that control all of the major abdominal muscles causing them to contract and relax similar to regular exercise.
  • An advanced training system for beginners to fitness enthusiasts with 7 auto-progressive toning programs and up to 99 customizable intensity levels for an effective and comfortable workout session.
  • Includes: Abs3 belt, controller, AC charger, travel storage pouch, 3 medical-grade adhesive gel pads, 3 AAA batteries, quick start guide and 2 year limited warranty.
  • For best results, combine Slendertone Abs3 workout sessions with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • The result of this repetitive action is tighter, firmer and more toned abs.
  • From the leader in at home muscle toning, the Slendertone Abs3 abdominal muscle toner is a proven system that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to tone, firm and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

    Clinically demonstrated technology to exercise all of the muscles of the abdomen at once (upper ABS, lower ABS and obliques) the patented 3 pad placement technology targets all of the abdominal muscles simultaneously.

    5. Abdominal Toning Belt EMS ABS Toner Body Muscle Trainer Wireless Portable Unisex

    Usage – The ABS muscle toner is for body muscle training. It can help to tone, tighten and strengthen your body muscles, you can gain a better figure after consecutive use of this product for 7-8 months.

    By :- HAKE

  • Not suitable for the person whose body has Medical Device Aids, like heart pacemaker etc.
  • Do not use it when you finished the surgical operation.
  • Be cautious when taken by pregnant women & Skin allergies.
  • Specification: Main Material Body: PET resin gel Pad: Polyacrylamide Glycerin Remote: ABS resin EMS devices: AAA*2 batteries not including Power source Input: 100-240V,50/60Hz Output: DC5V 1000mA Package included: 3 x Main Machine 1 x Big Gel Pad 2 x Small Gel Pad 1 x English User Manual Caution: 1.

    6. Basherry Ab Toner Ab Trainer Abdominal Toning Belts Muscle Training

    Basherry gel sheets–Hydrogel gel sheets,accessory for EMS AB Trainer,Abdominal Toning Belt.

    By :- Basherry

  • Product appearance fashion, portable compact, easy to use, round your charming line of dreams!  specification: Color: Yellow Mode: 6 modes, 10 levels of intensity.
  •   Please read the instruction manual before using the instrument.
  • Time: Set at 23 minutes according to reasonable calcination time Notice: If you want to get machine please choose color: Basherry-Wireless Control 01.
  • Color : gel pad is one of accessories which include 1*Abs Pad+2*Body Pad The Basherry-Wireless Control 01 of accessories:★Main machine: 3 PCS★Remote control: 1 PC ★Big gel pads: 1 PC ★Storage bag: 1 PC ★Small gel pads: 2 PCS ★Instruction manual: 1 PC★Base board: 2 PCS ★USB Line *1 ★Support Beat*1Who Should Use?★New Mothers ★Casual Exercisers ★People with a Sore Back ★Fitness Enthusiasts already in good shape ★Executives who don’t have time to get to the gym ★Anyone that wants more attractive abs, regardless of current fitness levelsNote:Do not use it when you are sleepingThe following people are not allowed to use the product or it may cause accidents, theproblems of skin and body.

    -Internally transplanted electronic medical device, such as pacemakers-Electronic medical life-support equipment such as artificial cardiopuimonary machine-Electronic medical devices attached to the body such as electroncardiogram scanner-Women who are pregnant or give birth to babies recentlyWhen consumables adhesive surface (hydrogel glue) damaged, please purchase separately sold items.

    7. Ab Toner, Muscle Toner, Abdominal Toning Belt, Ultimate ABS Stimulator EMS

    What is it for? Muscle Toning & Fat Burning! Abdominal Muscles Toner through current stimulation, directly send the signal to muscles and promote muscle movement. No harm to human body and just let you enjoy scientific and fitness healthy.

    By :- Bold4U

  • – Internally transplanted electronic medical device, such as pacemakers.
  • – Electronic medical devices attached to the body such as electrocardiogram scanner.
  • Note: Do not use it when you are sleeping 2018 Bold4U Muscle Toner is for body muscle training.
  • All you need to do is to fit the pads to your body and let them exercise your muscles.
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER! Do not settle for anything less.
  • 8mA The following people are not allowed to use the product or it may cause accidents, the problems of skin and body.
  • – Electronic medical life-support equipment such as artificial cardiopulmonary machine.
  • – Women who are pregnant or give birth to babies recently.
  • It can help to tone, tighten and strengthen your body muscles; you can gain a better figure after consecutive use this product.
  • Purchase our Bold4U Abdominal Muscle Training TODAY AT A LOWER PRICE.
  • Click the ‘ADD TO CART’ BUTTON NOW to order your set today.
  • Specification: Main Material Body: PET resin gel Pad: Polyacrylamide EMS devices: 6 AAA batteries (not including) Power source Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz Working time: 12 minutes (per installation time) Output: maximum 9.

    8. Love Handles Waist Trimmer, Waist Trainer Sweat Belt For Increase Sweating For

    ❤️ STYLE:
    Waist Trimmer by Love Handles is a one size fits most Fits waist size 25″-38″ made of the best quality athletic materials, providing a extremely comfortable and stylish wear. By placing the fasteners on the outside of the belt insures there is no uncomfortable rubbing or friction against the skin.

    By :- Love Handles

  • ❤️LOVE HANDLES WAIST TRIMMER:Our waist trimmer was designed for those looking to tone up in style.
  • The anti-slip inner lining allows the belt to stay in place under the most intense sweat.
  • Love Handles sweat belt is a one size fits most cut.
  • ❤️HOW TO WEAR: Love Handles Waist Trimmer should only be worn during exercise for lengths of time not to exceed 3 hours.
  • Do not hand rub the trimmer or place trimmer in the washer or dryer.
  • Love Handles Waist trimmer is not intended to treat, diagnoses or cure any disease.
  • This waist trimmer is designed to provide abdominal and lower back support only during normal athletic style movements, and does not claim to be able to prevent injuries.
  • ❤️ALLERGY NOTICE: Some individuals may be sensitive to neoprene or neoprene blend rubber.
  • Do not wear over open wounds or if you are susceptible to skin dermatitis.
  • Our innovative yet simplistic design makes the belt nonrestrictive allowing for flexibility of movement during your workouts.
  • The dual heart Velcro fastening attachment allows for a tight and secure fasten during exercise.
  • Before exercising, adjust the waist trimmer ( Velcro side up ) to a snug position around the abdomen and fasten placing the hook side of the Velcro into the loop heart shaped felt.
  • ❤️HOW TO WASH: Immediately after use rinse belt in warm water for 1-2 min and hang dry overnight.
  • ❤️SIZING DIMENSIONS: Fits waist size 25″ – 38″ ❤️IMPORTANT NOTE: Before starting a workout regime it is important to consult a physician.
  • This belt is not a back brace nor is it intended to replace a medical or industrial back brace.
  • If you have back ailments, it is important to use a brace as recommended by your physician.
  • If rash develops, please discontinue use and consult a physician.
  • 9. AB Toner 15% 6 Oz

    Clear up blackheads and oily/acne prone skin.

    By :- Platinum Skin Care

  • This is a very effective facial astringent toner recommended only for oily and blemished skin.
  • The high content of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids effectively accelerate the exfoliation of the skin’s dead cells, diminish superficial sun damage and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • The average store bought glycolic toner has only 2% or 3%.
  • Glycolic, Salicylic, and Lactic acids help to accelerate the removal of dead, dull skin, increase collagen, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and hyper pigmentation.
  • They will also help to clear up blackheads and oily/acne prone skin.
  • Its balancing pH helps to fight bacteria, to reduce oil secretion, and to dry up blemishes.
  • Platinum Skin Care’s acid toner has a full 15% of glycolic/lactic/salicylic acid for maximum effectiveness on acne prone and oily skin.
  • It is used before your peels to prepare the skin for further treatment, and also on a daily basis thereafter to help lift away surface impurities.
  • Along with reducing the appearance of large pores and acne scarring.
  • Acne sufferers please note: It takes approximately 3 weeks for a clogged pore in your skin to actually become a pimple/whitehead.
  • When you start using these glycolic acid products you need to remember to give your skin time to rid itself of the clogged pores that have already formed under your skin.
  • Ingredients: Deionized Water, Glycolic Acid Ultrapure(13%) tm, SD Alcohol, Lactic Acid Ultrapure(1%) tm, Salicylic Acid Ultrapure (1%)tm, Propylene Glycol, Aloe Vera Gel, Licorice Root Extract, Eucalyptus Oil, Sepicontrol, Ammonium Hydroxide (buffering agent), Benzyl Alcohol, Methylisothiazolinone.

    10. Spirit TCR Dual Wheel Ab Toner, Silver/Ash

    Allows for complete abdominal workout

    By :- Spirit TCR

  • Most Ab wheels today are either too big, too cheap or too basic.
  • Ideal to work upper, lower, transverse and oblique areas of your abdomen for the ultimate core.
  • 2 wheels are better than one as they provide an unsurpassed smooth and true roll.
  • Ready to challenge yourself at an affordable price it is time to get the spirit tcr dual Ab wheel toner.
  • Perfectly sized so you can improve all areas of your core.
  • We worked tirelessly to make sure the item was made the best possible way to achieve results quickly and effectively.
  • Made out of superior materials so the dual Ab wheel toner lasts and goes on to fulfill your abdominal needs time and time again.
  • 11. SUPVOX 30pcs Abs Trainer Replacement Gel Sheet Pads Abdominal Fitness Gel Pads

    Muscle Abdominal Exerciser Toning Belt Machine Sticker Hydrogel Mat Pad Gel Stickers Patch.

    By :- SUPVOX

  • DescriptionThis kind of gel pad is replacement accessory specially designed for abdominal toner, waist trimmer belt, Abs toner muscle trainer, Abs stimulator.
  • Superconducting conductive layer, soft, skin-friendly and not easy to fall off.
  • You can use it at home, office, in the car or anywhere else you like.
  • – Set of replacement gel pads specially designed for abdominal toner, abdominal toning belts, EMS Abs trainer, waist trimmer belt, Abs toner muscle trainer, Abs stimulator.
  • – Made of medical-grade fine quality hydrogel, thin and lightweight, anti-allergy, odorless and lasting for use.
  • – Superconducting conductive layer, soft, skin-friendly and not easy to fall off.
  • Made of fine quality hydrogel, thin and lightweight, anti-allergy, odorless and lasting for use.
  • The gel pads simulates the kneading and penetrating motions of a real massage therapist’s hands, which helps to relax and relieve muscle tension as well as training abdominal muscle.
  • – Abs gel pads work very well, helps stimulate your muscle contractions when doing abdominal workout.
  • – Each gel pad lasts for an average of 20 to 30 times if you use and maintain them it the right way.
  • Massages and soothes muscles and promotes blood circulation.
  • 12. New Series 2018 Smart Platinum Miracle Slimming Massage Belt

    Are you tired to sweat at the expensive and crowded gym and hope to lie on the couch listening the music or watching TV? Here is the lazy way to keep Core training

    By :- Miracle Belt

  • √ Effective & Convenience – Adopts the EMS technology and it simulates professional fitness exercise.
  • Doing exercise 25 minutes with the fitness machine equals to running 1500 meters, doing the roll of abdominal exercise or swimming for half an hour.
  • You can adjust the intensity according to your own needs.
  • √ Insist on Using – It’s for body muscle training.
  • – Perfect fit the body curve, focus your attention on the location of the need to exercise more.
  • Package Contents: 3 x Sticker Controller 2 x Shoulder Sticker 1 x Abdomen Sticker 1 x Manual.
  • You can burn fat, strengthen muscles and shape body easily in anytime, anywhere due to its thin and light design.
  • √ Easy to Use – Push-button operation with 6 modes, 10 kinds of different intensity.
  • You can do muscle training in office, bedroom, or any place you want.
  • – In view of the training needs from different parts of the body.
  • – It is not affected by time or place, no matter when and where you can follow one’s inclinations of exercise.
  • √ High Quality & Batteries Powered – Made of high-grade soft PU, so it can give you a Skin-friendly experience and improve the compactness & 2 AAA Batteries operated(Not Include), You can do exercise when you are entertaining, working.

    This muscle toner can help to tone, tighten and strengthen your body muscles, you can gain a better figure after consecutive use of this product for about 2 months Features: – EMS Technology: EMS is a technology that uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.

    Especially suitable for: Sports lovers Fitness Enthusiasts Commuters, White collars, no time for gyming Lose weight faster Post-partum and more ★ If the remote control stopped working, please replace the new battery(2 AAA Batteries).

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