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1. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter,

256 Pages

By :- Hot Topic

  • The beloved first book of the Harry Potter series, now fully illustrated by award-winning artist Jim Kay.
  • He knows no spells, has never helped to hatch a dragon, and has never worn a cloak of invisibility.
  • Harry’s room is a tiny closet at the foot of the stairs, and he hasn’t had a birthday party in eleven years.
  • Rowling’s beloved Harry Potter books will be presented in lavishly illustrated full-color editions.
  •   Harry Potter has never been the star of a Quidditch team, scoring points while riding a broom far above the ground.
  •   All he knows is a miserable life with the Dursleys, his horrible aunt and uncle, and their abominable son, Dudley — a great big swollen spoiled bully.
  • Kate Greenaway-award-winning artist Jim Kay has created over 100 stunning illustrations, making this deluxe format a perfect gift as much for a child being introduced to the series, as for the dedicated fan.

      But all that is about to change when a mysterious letter arrives by owl messenger: a letter with an invitation to an incredible place that Harry — and anyone who reads about him — will find unforgettable.

    2. Streamlight 692602 69260 TLR-1 HL Weapon Mount Tactical Flashlight Light 800

    C4 LED delivers 12,000 candela peak beam intensity; 800 lumens

    By :- Streamlight

  • Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL High Lumen Rail-Mounted Tactical Light.
  • Its wide beam pattern, lights up large areas so you can identify who or what is nearby.
  • TIR optic produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination.
  • It has an ambidextrous momentary/steady On-Off switch.
  • Securely fits a broad range of weapons; includes keys for Glock-style, Picatinny, Beretta 90two, S&W 99 and S&W TSW.
  • One handed snap-on and tighten interface keeps hands away from muzzle when attaching/detaching.
  • Tethered battery door and latch mechanism prevents battery door loss while providing easy battery replacement.
  • Powered by two 3V CR123A lithium batteries (included).
  • The TLR-1 HL provides a 800 lumen blast of light for maximum illumination while clearing a room or searching an alley.
  • C4 LED delivers 12,000 candela peak beam intensity; 800 lumens.
  • Solid-state current regulation for consistent illumination level.
  • Mounts directly to handguns with Glock-style rails and to all MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails.
  • Made up of 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with anodized finish and shock-mounted glass lens.
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +120 Degree Fahrenheit.
  • 3. The 1 Hour Trade: Make Money With One Simple Strategy, One Hour Daily

    By :-

  • The secret is to adopt a laser beam focus on ONE specific strategy until you’ve mastered it.
  • But if you follow the strategy, and maintain discipline & patience, the setup taught in this book will make you a better, profitable trader.
  • The best part? It can be done in as little as an hour after the market opens each morning.
  • Ready to Get Started?Scroll to the top of the page and select the ‘buy button’.
  • But it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ strategy that will get you there.
  • In “The 1 Hour Trade,” you’ll get a detailed, step-by-step blueprint that works.
  • This Book Is Not a “Black Box” Automated Trading SystemYou will need to use your brain, and work hard practicing the analysis process in order to be successful.
  • “The 1 Hour Trade” details a short term investment system for getting into stocks making big price gains.
  • How to Generate an Income, or Grow Your Account Balance – Trading as Little as 1 Hour DailyIs the market beating you up? Do you feel like you’re taking one step forward, two steps back with your investment income? Would you like a proven, step-by-step strategy for generating consistent trading profits? Trading is one of the few ways to realistically create your own “Rags to Riches” Story.

    Unlike other trading books giving you investment theory, you’ll be taught a successful strategy in its entirety, including the specific scanning parameters for locating the trades, the exact analysis decisions you’ll need to qualify the trade, and the specific steps to take to execute the trade and come out with a profit.

    You’ll learn how to:Scan in real time for stocks poised for huge intraday gainsAnalyze chart history to identify whether a setup is likely to succeed or notIdentify areas that allow for optimal exits in order to maximize profit”Listen” to what the price action and volume are saying about what’s likely to unfoldYou can be a successful trader!Follow this guide and you will learn a proven system for generating profits in the market.

    4. SureSeal By FireKing SS104-A 1 Hour Fireproof Waterproof Safe Chest, Fits

    Designed to meet the security needs of today’s consumer

    By :- FireKing

  • Complete fire and waterproof protection for both paper documents and digital media.
  • The SureSeal waterproof safe has been water tested, having been completely submerged; only to emerge with a completely dry interior.
  • SureSeal offers a warranty you can count on, with free lifetime replacement chest after fire guaranteed and a 7 year limited warranty against defects.
  • Protect your assets in a water resistant and fireproof box.
  • SureSeal fireproof/waterproof chests will protect irreplaceable items such as a passport, birth certificate, warranty, insurance information, or vital business records as well as any digital media used to store sensitive or important data from fire and water damage.

    5. 『60 Minutes 』Metal Hourglass Glass Timer Christmas Gift, KOP Sandglass

    ◕‿-Christmas Gift 60 Minutes Hourglass Timer: Material: zinc alloy, glass, sea sand. Size: 10×5 inch. The glass is sealed so it will not leak or suffer the effects of moisture under normal usage conditions. And the sand timer will be wrapped by beautiful gift box, can be given as a Christmas gift directly

    By :- KOP

  • he passage of time, youth short, I hope you to cherish yourself.
  • ◕‿◕Christmas presents for family,friends Material: Pure zinc alloy, glass, sea sand Size: 5.
  • *These sands timers are designed for games, decorations, souvenirs, not a precision timing device, so may be a little time deviation.
  • I always thought that the hourglass remembers the goodness of the past Once the pain picked up the hourglass memories of everything will be beautiful of.
  • Meanwhile, sand flowing speed can be affected by temperature.
  • ◕‿◕Metal Europe Retro Style Hourglass Glass TimerThe hourglass glass has many different meanings, such as friendship, affection, love, pessimistic people think that love is like the hourglass of the sand as captive.

    2kg Time: 60 minutes ◕‿◕Features -Sea sand -Translucent bubble bottle body -High temperature plasticity ◕‿◕Kindly Attention: *Please put these hourglass in a safe and flat place and keep away from children’s reach.

    6. 1-Hour WordPress 2019: A Visual Step-by-step Guide To Building WordPress

    By :-

  • This book teaches on a strictly need-to-know basis, so you won’t get bogged down in the technical aspects of WordPress.
  • This book covers all of the important basics like:1.
  • This is important as it will make your site intuitive for visitors, and the search engines.
  • Creating custom menus and adding them to your site.
  • Using widgets to add new features to your web pages.
  • WordPress defaults to a blog style homepage, but I’ll show you how to set up a more traditional static homepage where you control 100% of the content.
  • Using plugins to extend the functionality of WordPress.
  • In short, this book is a complete beginners guide to WordPress.
  • Take anyone, even a complete beginner, and teach them how to build a fully functional WordPress website in an hour or less.
  • With around 250 screenshots, you also won’t be wondering what the heck I am talking about.
  • Just watch what I do, and follow along as you build your own website.
  • Setting up with a domain registrar and host, and installing WordPress.
  • Logging into your WordPress dashboard and finding your way around.
  • Exploring the demo content that WordPress installs, including the post, page and comment.
  • Planning your website before you start working in WordPress.
  • Working your way through the important settings, and getting the site set up for success.
  • Posts v Pages are one of the most confusing aspects of WordPress for many beginners, but we cover those in depth, and you’ll learn when to use a post and when to use a page.
  • Using the WYSIWYG editor or the new Gutenberg editor to add content, and how to use categories and tags to classify and group your content.
  • We’ll look at a number of essential plugins that I use on most of my own websites.
  • Customizing the look and feel of the site with WordPress themes.
  • How you can make money with your website by adding affiliate programs and/or Google Adsense.
  • Follow as you go through the book, and you can have your very own, professional looking website, in an hour or less.
  • 7. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution – One Hour Rapid, 1 Liter Box

    TANNING HANDHELD SOLUTION: Innovation combined with convenience results in a technological sunless breakthrough product known as ONE. Formulated using a proprietary amino acid propulsion system, xLa-R8R, to boost rapid tan development, this solution prepares the skin while providing instant and long lasting color gratification. You can choose your color, as you are able to shower in as little as one hour. Fragrance – Allergen-Free Raspberry Almond.

    By :- Norvell

  • Prepare to transform your alter ego into reality with our technological sunless breakout product, ONE.
  • This enhanced compound prepares the skin while infiltrating its outer walls, resulting in instant color gratification.
  • ONE puts the level of color choice directly into the clients hands.
  • Although cosmetic bronzers wash away during the warm water rinse, color continues to develop over the 24 hours following application, and results last between 5 to 7 days.
  • We are a “true manufacturer” of all the products, meaning we manufacture and control the production and formulation of our products from the beginning to the very end.
  • With Norvell’s state-of-the-art handheld machines, leading solutions and range of ingenious guns, you can customise sunless tanning results.
  • The combination of the 3 – DHA, oxygen, and amino acids – begin a process by which the amino acids darken and a sunless tan is revealed.
  • Mastering these influences, Norvell has formulated recommendations, as well as a vast array of products to PRIME, ENHANCE, and OPTIMIZE a sunless tan from beginning to end.
  • ONE utilizes a proprietary amino acid propulsion system, xLa-R8R, to boost rapid tan development.
  • A first of its kind, rapid development sunless solution introduced specifically for clients who just can’t wait the usual 8-12 hours for their post-session warm water rinse.
  • Designed for all skin tones, clients can rinse in 1-hour for Light Bronze, 2-hours for Medium Bronze, and 3 or more hours for Darkest Bronze.
  • Norvell is the largest purchaser of DHA in the entire world.
  • With a comprehensive selection of tested and proven products providing the best results in the industry, Norvell offers premium solutions that build customer loyalty.
  • When you apply Norvell sunless tanning products, you are adding DHA.
  • This development process can be influenced by several factors such as skin type, pH levels, medication, and dryness of the skin.
  • 8. 60 Minutes Sand Timer, 1 Hour Hourglass With Green Sand For Mantel Office Desk

    Well Made: Has a nice quality “feel” and tested to be tough! Will not break under normal usage conditions, but don’t drop it off the high.

    By :- Enjoy Best Time

  • Specification: Material:Plastic + Glass Tube + Sand.
  • Feature: -This colorful hourglass sand timer is great for a kids toy, birthday gift, children’s gift, valentines gift, Christmas gift, souvenir etc.
  • If you’re timer arrives broken, we will send you a new one or a refund immediately.
  • For more timer product,please welcome to our store ! Enjoy Best Time With You !.
  • Style:1/3/5/10/15/30/60 minute sand timer (optional).
  • – Hourglass symbolizes love and friendship, as well as happiness.
  •  If you are not satisfied in any way, Gravity Glass is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • This hourglass is not accurate timer, so there may be ±10% error.
  • And this refers to that we should be eternal happiness, and forever cherish the love and friendship!  – Time elapsed, things are changing, time flies, memory disappear, when the miss is no longer, the memories are extravagant hopes, and the forgotten time will be sink in my heart.

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